Family of Neame, Henry and , Alice


Married Husband Neame, Henry [I0174]
Married Wife , Alice [I0213]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2875] 1539 Woodnesborough, Kent, England Marriage of NEAME, Henry and , Alice
  1. Neame, Willyam [I0207]
  2. Neame, Lawrence [I0131]
  3. Neame, Richard [I0420]

Source References

  1. OneWorldTree [S0005]
      • Source text:

        Birth date:
        Birth place: Suffolk, England
        Death date: 11 Jan 1791
        Death place: Aldington, Kent, England
        Marriage date: 27 Aug 1750
        Marriage place: Smeeth, Kent, England