Ickham, Kent, England

Gramps ID P0187


  1. Coleman, Moses [I0936]
  2. Cox, Anne [I1004]
  3. Fairbrass, William [I0405]
  4. Family of Measdy, Andrew and Reade, Sara [F0224]
  5. Family of Measdy, Paul and Jancocke, Mary [F0231]
  6. Family of Measdy, Paul and Spicer, Ann [F0232]
  7. Glover, Elizabeth [I0253]
  8. Jancocke, Mary [I0349]
  9. Maple, John [I0947]
  10. Measdy, Andrew [I0646]
  11. Measdy, Paul [I0677]
  12. Mesdy, Henry [I0352]
  13. Reade, Sara [I0644]
  14. Spicer, Ann [I0483]