Mount, John

Birth Name Mount, John
Gramps ID I0398
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1068] about 1786   Birth of Mount, John
Baptism [E1067] 1786-01-15 St Nicholas at Wade, Kent, England Baptism of Mount, John


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mount, John [I0380]
Mother Lamb, Margaret [I0669]
    Sister     Mount, Margaret [I0556]
    Sister     Mount, Maria [I0443]
    Sister     Mount, Mary [I0584]
    Sister     Mount, Ann [I0833]
    Sister     Mount, Alice [I0732]
         Mount, John [I0398]
    Sister     Mount, Mary [I0141]
    Brother     Mount, William [I0068]
    Brother     Mount, James [I0266]
    Brother     Mount, Thomas [I0372]
    Brother     Mount, Isaac [I0341]


  1. Mount, John [I0380]
    1. Lamb, Margaret [I0669]
      1. Mount, Thomas [I0372]
      2. Mount, Isaac [I0341]
      3. Mount, William [I0068]
      4. Mount, Alice [I0732]
      5. Mount, Mary [I0141]
      6. Mount, John
      7. Mount, Ann [I0833]
      8. Mount, James [I0266]
      9. Mount, Mary [I0584]
      10. Mount, Maria [I0443]
      11. Mount, Margaret [I0556]