Cowell, Beaton

Birth Name Cowell, Beaton
Gramps ID I0325
Gender male
Age at Death 43 years, 2 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0883] 1717 Thanet, Kent, England Birth of Cowell, Beaton
Burial [E0884] 1760 St. Johns, Margate, Kent, England This tomb is erected in memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, who died the 4th of November 1765 aged 69 years. Here also lies the remains of Mr. Beaton Cowell, who departed this life the 4th of March, 1760, ages 42 years, Also Elizabeth his wife, Daughter of Set
Death [E0885] 1760-03-04 Thanet, Kent, England Death of Cowell, Beaton


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Cowell, John [I0271]
Mother Troward, Alice [I0444]
    Brother     Cowell, Benjamin [I0611]
    Sister     Cowell, Sarah [I0458]
    Brother     Cowell, Edward [I0661]
    Sister     Cowell, Martha [I1038]
    Brother     Cowell, John [I0893]
    Brother     Cowell, William [I0145]
    Sister     Cowell, Jane [I0018]
    Brother     Cowell, Troward [I0300]
    Brother     Cowell, Joseph [I0457]
         Cowell, Beaton [I0325]


    Family of Cowell, Beaton and Baker, Elizabeth [F0120]
Married Wife Baker, Elizabeth [I0697]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2929] 1747-02-04 Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England Marriage of Cowell, Beaton and Baker, Elizabeth


  1. Cowell, John [I0271]
    1. Troward, Alice [I0444]
      1. Cowell, John [I0893]
      2. Cowell, Sarah [I0458]
      3. Cowell, Edward [I0661]
      4. Cowell, Benjamin [I0611]
      5. Cowell, Jane [I0018]
      6. Cowell, William [I0145]
      7. Cowell, Troward [I0300]
      8. Cowell, Martha [I1038]
      9. Cowell, Beaton
        1. Baker, Elizabeth [I0697]
      10. Cowell, Joseph [I0457]