Doughty, Sarah

Birth Name Doughty, Sarah 1a
Also Known As Douty, Sarah
Gramps ID I0736
Gender female
Age at Death about 83 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Residence [E1922]   of Winghern Residence of DOUGHTY, Sarah
Birth [E1925] about 1753 Margate, Kent, England Year of birth as recorded at her burial.
Baptism [E1923] 1756-06-06 St Johns, Margate, Kent, England Baptism of DOUGHTY, Sarah
Death [E1926] 1836 Margate, Kent, England Death of DOUGHTY, Sarah
Burial [E1924] 1836-03-07 St John the Baptist, Margate, Kent, England KFHS CD28


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Douty, John [I0932]
Mother Castle, Elizabeth [I0948]
    Brother     Doughty, John [I0949]
         Doughty, Sarah [I0736]
    Brother     Douty, William [I0241]


    Family of Cowell, Troward and Doughty, Sarah [F0026]
Married Husband Cowell, Troward [I0088]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2849] 1775-05-30 Margate, Kent, England KFHS CD 28
  1. Cowell, William Castle [I0766]
  2. Cowell, Thomas [I0242]
  3. Cowell, Sarah Elizabeth [I0767]
  4. Cowell, Susanna [I0898]
  5. Cowell, Troward [I0823]


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  1. Douty, John [I0932]
    1. Castle, Elizabeth [I0948]
      1. Doughty, Sarah
        1. Cowell, Troward [I0088]
          1. Cowell, Troward [I0823]
          2. Cowell, Susanna [I0898]
          3. Cowell, Sarah Elizabeth [I0767]
          4. Cowell, Thomas [I0242]
          5. Cowell, William Castle [I0766]
      2. Douty, William [I0241]
      3. Doughty, John [I0949]


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