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From Gary Matthews take Cumberland Drive .8 mile to Swift Drive. Turn right, go to Rollins Road. Turn right, go to end of road. Cemetery is on the right.
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We try to keep families grouped together. If someone's last name is listed, it means they have a separate headstone. If it is not listed, they are sharing a headstone with someone else. Sometimes children are on the same headstone as parents.
Since we do not personally know these families, if we aren't sure of a relationship we list who they are buried next to. Any help matching folks with their relatives will be greatly appreciated.
The information is exactly as it appears on the stones. If you know the person's full name, please let us know.
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ADAMS    NICHOLAS    CO. G.  14th  U.S.C.T.

ALLEN    Willis    born Abt. 1825    died Oct.1,1899    aged 74 yrs.
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

ANGUS    William H.
born on the island of Antigua British West Indies
Oct.4,1834   died May 12,1888    At Rest

BAILEY    JOE K.    TENNESSEE  PVT  U.S. ARMY    WORLD WAR II   10-14-1922 - 11-16-1953

BARKER    LUCIEN    CO K.  101st U.S.C.T.

BARKER    Rebecca    Aug.15,1854 - Feb.15,1925

BARKSDALE    Jordan    died Oct.7,1882
aged 55 years    (footstone: J.B.)

BOWLING    William    born May 20,1878   died Oct.4,1907
At Rest

BROWN    Cleo M.    born Apr.27,1917   died Jul.28,1918
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

BROWN    Reuben    born Apr.1865   died Mar.23,1903


BUCKNER    Nedon

MARSHALL    CO. I  15th  U.S.C.T.
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

THOS.    CO. H.  16th  U.S.C.T.

CARNEY    Clara    born March 4,1895   died Sep.3,1919   age 24 yrs.

CARNEY    Mary W.    Nov.19,1865 - Feb.17,1940

CARR    Alexander    born Feb.22,1842   died June 3,1903    
(footstone: A.C.)
Mary Ann    wife of Alexander Carr
born 1849   died May 23,1912
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

CHILTON    Gracie    daughter of Anthony & Mary Chilton
died June 29,1903    aged 43 yrs    (footstone: G.C.)

CLARK    SHELBY    CO. C  15th  U.S.C.T.

COBB    Ann Stewart    died Nov.24,1912    age about 85 years
(This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

COBB    Eliza    wife of Redic D. Cobb
born abt 1843   died May 1883    aged 40 yrs
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

COLEMAN    Rosa A.    born 1869  died Sep.17,1906
YOUNG    Martha Frances    born 1851    
(footstone: M.F.Y.)

CROUCH    Millie    wife of Geo. W. Crouch    died Aug. 27,1899
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

DABNEY    Mary    wife
DABNEY    John    son

DABNEY    Judith    born 1823 died Feb.27,1889    
Our Mother
Dearest mother thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal

DABNEY    Luther    son of Mary Jane Dabney
born Oct.27,1876   died Apr.25,1877

DIGGS    Ella B. Hunter    born Sept.18,1873   died Dec.14,1912
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

DIX    Lavertie G.    Jan.23,1891- Mar.10,1905
At rest    (This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

DORRIS    JOSEPH (Joab)    CO. B  13  U.S. CLD. VOL. INF.

DOSS    Clemey    born June 10,1886   died Jan.14,1909    At Rest

DUDLEY    Frances    daughter of Carter & Mary Drane
born Jan.1837   died May 16,1910
Death has come and taken our dear mother from us all
But then we hope to meet again in that eternal bliss
Rest in peace    (footstone: F.D.)
(This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

ELLIOTT    Laura    born 1826   died 1894    At Rest

ELLIOTT    Rosa A.    born 1869   died 1894

ROBT.  (Roderick)    CO. H.  101st U.S.C.T.

FORKNER    Eddie    died 1902    At Rest

FOSTON    Louise    wife of W.M. Foston
born June 12,1868   died Jan.12,1909

FRAZIER Henry born 1892 died 1907 E.F.F.

FRAZIER    Martilla    
(footstone: M.F.)
A faithful servant    The Johnsonís black mammy

FREM    Jim    died May 31,1897

GARDNER    James    born Nov.20,1875   died Sept.1,1897

GARNETT    George    died Oct.24,1898

GARRETT    Emmer    born Oct.3,1867   died May 5,1900
A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled

GLASS    Mrs. Keziah    born Apr.24,1829   died Nov.16,1892
age 64 yrs.    Gone to rest    (stone shaped like a tree trunk)

GLASS    Melvina Bell    wife of Robert Glass
born Feb.9,1872    died Nov.11,1904

GOLD    Mary    wife of M.R. Gold
born 1854   died Mar.12,1915
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

GOLD    Mishia    daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gold
born Aug.1871    died Feb.8,1888
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

GRIFFEY    CORPíL CHAS.    CO. A.  16th U.S.C.T.

GUPTON    Berry    died July 31,1894
aged 63 years    (footstone: B.G.)
Kittie    wife of Berry Gupton
born Sept.20,1830   died May 9,1923


HAYNES    Chesterfield    born June 25,1870   died Aug.20,1898
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

HIGH    ??    HIGHDLASAOAMS??????    CO. C.  14th U.S.C.T.

HITER    Susan    born 1849   died Jan.4,1919

HOLMES    D.W.    born 1862   died Jan.8,1916
(footstone: D.W.H.)
Sallie    born Apr.5,1874   died May 24,1918
(footstone: E.H.)

HOLMES    Oscar Jasper    died Mar.16,1902
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

HOWARD    John H.    born Mar.11,1844   died Nov.12,1879
A kind and affectionate father dear in sweet repose is sleeping here.
As painful loss we deeply feel but God can all our sorrow heal
Jessie E.    daughter of J.H. & M. Howard
born Nov.9,1866   died Apr.17,1888
John Luke Jr.    son of J.H. & M. Howard
born Jun.25,1868   died Nov.9,1885
Remember man as you pass by as you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.

HUNT    James    died Sep.8,1817

JOHNSON    Silvey    born Mar.16,1822   died Nov.26,1906
Erected by Hiram Johnson
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

KEESE    Alice    born May 13,1874   died Dec.30,1875
Gone home to rest

Sammie    born Oct.24,1879   died July 18,1880
Sleep on Sweet babe and take thy rest
God called thee home when He thought it best
Eddie    born June 10,1886   died Sept.11,1887
He past from our site like a dream or a story
From a bosom of love to a mansion of glory

KIMBROUGH    STEPHEN    Co. D  16th U.S.C.T.

KING    A.W.    CO. B.  16th U.S.C.T.

LOGAN    Wm.    CO. H.  12th U.S.C.T.

LOGAN    Eliza    wife of Wm. Logan    Jan.24,1896

CORPíL LEONARD    CO. B.  15th U.S.C.T.

MARTIN    Harry    born Dec.14,1850  died Jan.30,1919
At Rest
Louise    born Mar.3,1855   died Jan.13,1901
At Rest

MARTIN    Jack    born June 1856   died 1880
MARTIN    Caroline    born 1836   died Jan.6,1883
She was a kind affectionate mother,
Sheís gone to her reward to live with God above
DIXON    Mollie    wife of Nace Dixon    (footstone: M.D.)
born May 1858   died July 14,1880
(These three are on a tall stone with names on the sides)

McCLURE    Emma    mother of Lealia M. Grant
At Rest

McNEIL    ALEX    CO. C  59th U.S.C.T.

MEANS    MARTIN    CO. H  101st  U.S.C.T.
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

METCALF    Mrs. Hanner    born June 4,1821   died May 19,1905

BENJ.    CO A.  14th U.S.C.T.

NORTHINGTON    Caroline    born July4,1823   died June 21,1884
A faithful wife and a loving mother dear In sweet repose is sleeping here
Her painful loss we deeply feel But God can all our sorrows heal

OUTLAW    Robbie Mae    daughter of Robt & Mary Outlaw
born Mar.26,1896   died Mar.8,1910

PARRISH    W.H.    born Feb.14,1872   died Feb.1,1910

PAYNE    Marty    died August 27,1927

PERSONS    Anna    wife of John Persons
died Mar.22,1894   aged 36 years
(headstone broken)

PHILLIPS    Victoria    wife of A.B. Phillips    died Apr. 28,1890
married: Jan.3,1874

RADCLIFFE    Ella    daughter of J. & A. Radcliffe
born May 2,1865   died Nov.15,1888
Tis sweet to gaze upon the sod
That wraps thy moldering clay
To think thy spirit rest with God
Who called it hence away
(footstone: E.R.)

ROBERTS    Richard    Mar.10,1838 - Apr.2,1899
(footstone: R.R.)    (headstone broken)

ROBERTSON    Jim    born 1893   died 1939

ROBES    James    born?    
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

SCOT    Jane    wife of Thad Scot    died Jan.14,1894

SEALS    Rev. George W.

SILSBY    Harry    born 1886   died Aug.21,1908
(information from Erin Hintonís transcription)

STOCKER    Louis    Feb.9,1865 - Mar.6,1915
Dobie    Oct.25,1870 -

STUBLEFIELD    Bell    died July 3,1902

TAYLOR    Hattie Taylor    daughter of Mrs. Ann Prowdy
died Apr.25,1910

WILSON    Co. I  15th U.S.C.T.

THOMPSON    Reed    born Nov.14,1904   the hour of 10:20
died Aug.5,1909

VANCE    Lucy    Nov.12,1852 - May 26,1886

VASS    ROBT.    CO. H  101 U.S.C.T.

WALTON    Horace T.G.    May 4,1822 - May 20,1914
At Rest    (This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

WATKINS    GIVEN    CO. H  101st U.S.C.T.

WEED    Tamer    wife of Wm. Weed
born Feb.19,1897   died May the 30 1886

WHEELER    Woodson    born Nov.?,1822   died Mar.23,1889

WILCOX    Laura    died Oct.3,1912

WILLIAMS    Katie Taylor    daughter of Ann Proudy
born May 29,1882   died Feb.25,1910

WILSON    Elizer    May 2,1842   died Feb.18,1905

WILSON    Laura    died 1912
daughter of Willie

THOMAS    CO. I  15th U.S.C.T.

YOUNG    Francis
YOUNG    Delyner    daughter of Frances Young    
(footstone: D.Y.)
born Apr.24,1879   died Aug.9,1879
Sleep on sweet babe, and take th rest
God called thee home, He thought it best

????    ????    died Sept.10,1911    (stone broken)
A precious one from us is gone A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled

JOHNSON    ????    born Mar.1818   died ????

Ruby    died Feb.10,1886
She was a kind and affectionate mother
She is gone to her reward to live with God forever






Footstone: C.Y.





Footstone: J.B.C.    
(This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

Footstone: J.R.    (This grave is on other side of a very deep gully.)

Footstone: R.B.



Footstone: M.R.




Willie daughter

Transcribed: December 18,2003

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