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From Gary Matthews,take Hwy. 48/13 South to Highway 149, turn right and go 6.6 miles to Palmyra Road. Turn left. Go .6 mile to Oakridge Road. Turn right, go 2.4 miles to Wickham Road. Turn right, go .4 mile. Cemetery is on the right.
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We try to keep families grouped together. If someone's last name is listed, it means they have a separate headstone. If it is not listed, they are sharing a headstone with someone else. Sometimes children are on the same headstone as parents.
Since we do not personally know these families, if we aren't sure of a relationship we list who they are buried next to. Any help matching folks with their relatives will be greatly appreciated.
The information is exactly as it appears on the stones. If you know the person's full name, please let us know.
Click on the tombstone icon for additional information.
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More Information AVERITT    Betty Arnold    Apr.13,1911 - Sept.25,2004

More Information BLACK    Lester R.    May 18,1915 - Mar.3,1971
Betty W.    Apr.13,1911 -      (footstone: Mother)
BLACK    Freddy Ray    Jan.9,1942 - Feb.29,1944
Our Darling    Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
Son of Lester and Betty Black
Inside a wrought iron fence

JOHNSON    Luther S.    Apr.28,1919 -      (footstone: L.S.J.)
Rita W.    Mar.30,1919 -      (footstone: R.W.J.)

LIVINGSTON    D.R.    1863 - 1900     (footstone: D.R.L.)
Belle    1866 - 1919    (footstone: B.L.)

More Information REVARD    Judy    Nov.21,1947 - Sept.2,2006
REVARD    Joseph Patrick “Pat”    Dec.13,1966 - Dec.13,1986
(footstone: JOSEPH P. REVARD “PAT”
DEC.13,1966 - DEC.13,1986

SCHIBIG    Herman J.    Oct.27,1913 - Apr.23,1991
   Iris May    May 24,1916 -
Mother    (footstone: Mother)
Married Dec.4,1945    Inside a chain link fence

WEEMS    Ada    1868 - 1953    Mother

WORLD WAR II  JAN.26,1907 - MAY 16,1971

More Information WHICKHAM    Harvey Tanner
July 31,1908 - Dec.31,1980

WHICKHAM    Susan Eloine    June 12,1948 -
In a concrete curb. Headstone is homemade with a cross of blue stones

More Information WICKHAM    A. Porter    1894 - 1967

WICKHAM    Bertha May    
(footstone: B.M.W.)
born May 26,1920   died Aug.16,1922
age 2 yrs. 3 mos. 21 das.    Within a concrete curb

More Information WICKHAM    DeWitt T.    1902 - 1972

WICKHAM    Elizabeth
born Sep.25,1841 died Apr.19,1920    Headstone is homemade

More Information WICKHAM    Enoch T.    Pray for the soul
born June 11,1883   died Aug.27,1970
At the entrance of the cemetery there is a wrought iron arch with the words:
In Memory of Mr. E.T. Wickham
(Full name: Enoch Tanner Wickham)
More Information WICKHAM    Annie Lena    1884 - 1968
Headstone is homemade. Inside concrete wall with a big homemade angel
Pray for the soul

WICKHAM    Harvey    born     headstone is broken
died Apr.23,1874
(footstone: H.W.)
WICKHAM    Imah    Nov.8,1878 - July 20,1879
WICKHAM    Maud    born July 1,1880   died
    headstone is broken
These three are in a concrete curb together

More Information WICKHAM    James Lyddy    Mar.13,1899 - Dec.8,1971
(footstone: J.L.W.)    In loving memory

WICKHAM    James M.    funeral home marker: Jas. M. Wickham 1922
Nave Funeral Home, Erin, Tennessee

WICKHAM    Jessie H.
born-Mar-28-1863   died-Nov-7-1938
Headstone is homemade

WICKHAM    John T.    born Jan.6,1815   died Mar.6,1898
(footstone: J.T.W.)    Mason Symbol
His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory
Headstone is homemade

More Information WICKHAM    Dr. John W.    
born Jan.16,1860   died Nov.30,1915
Fannie E.
Nov.11,1861 - died Mar.20,1936
Fannie Pearl
born Feb.25,1897   died Dec.27,1903
(footstones:  F.S.  F.C.W.  P.P.W.  J.W.W.)

More Information WICKHAM    Johnnie Sr.    Apr.24,1922 - Jan.9,2004

WICKHAM    L.D.    Oct.10,1906 - Jan.1,1994
At Rest

WICKHAM    Lelia    1882 - 1961

WICKHAM    Mary Florence    
(footstone: M.F.W.)
Feb.28,1870 - Nov.14,1914
She was and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all
Within a concrete curb

WICKHAM    Omer    Oct.15,1892 - Jun.1,1959
Mason Symbol    U.S. Flag

WICKHAM    Robert Anderson    Father
June 11,1861 - Nov.21,1916
Sarah Eliza    Mother
Aug.22,1865 - Feb.22,1904
Thy will be done

WICKHAM    Robert L.    (footstone: B.L.)
born June 26,1828   died June 19,1892

WICKHAM    S.G.    born Mar.2,1823   died Feb.?9,1904
Too good for earth, God called him home

WICKHAM    Walter W.    (footstone: W.W.)    At Rest
born Nov.13,1869   died Mar.2,1824
WICKHAM    Mattie    wife of W.W. Wickham
born May 5,1872   died May 24,1905
(footstone: M.W.)    At Rest
WICKHAM    Dorris    has a footstone but it is broken
daughter of Walter W. & Mattie Wickham
Oct.27,1901 - died Dec.5,1903
These three are in a concrete curb together

WICKHAM    Wayne    born Aug.5,1872   died Feb.2,1950
Headstone is homemade

O.D.    Headstone is homemade


Large Memorial Stone:
In memory of the ancestors of the R.L. Wickham family buried in unknown graves and outside this cemetery.
Harvie Wickham came from England to America October 1787 buried in John Nolen Cemetery. East Fork of Yellow Creek. Nathanal Wickham buried in Missouri; Wife Mary Thompson. Bill Marsh buried in New Madrid, Missouri; wife Sally Spicer.

At the base of a flagpole:
They say I would forsake the flag of my native land but woe unto thee, foe or stranger, whose sacrilegious hand would touch thee or endanger the flag of my native land.Base is homemade

You can find out more information about E.T. Wickham and his statues at these three links.

Wickham Angel       Wickham Stone Park

Transcribed: June 10,2000

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