Cornwall Book List

Books on Cornwall
mostly Cornish Genealogy

‘Boskenna & the Paynters’ by J.M. Hosking, Penzance 1999 ISBN0 9501296 4 X
"A GENEALOGY of the QUICK FAMILY In America" 1625--1942 317 years by Arthur Craig Quick (F.I.A.G.)
Family History Book Benjamin & Lydia (Lovett) Quick and their Descendants 1750 - 2001
Lists names, dates and locations throughout the world.
325 pages, spiral bound     Contact
Cornish Pioneers in South Africa:
Gold and Diamonds, Copper and Blood
(Paperback) by Richard Dawe
Cornish Hillside Publications (May, 1998) ISBN: 1900147092
PAYNTER, WILLIAM. Old St. Ives. - Penzance : Oakmagic, 1999. - ISBN 1901163873 - Class: 942.375. - Publisher: 2 South Place Folly, Penzance TR18 4JB.

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