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including Janse/Jansen/Janzen van Vuren/Vuuren

I owe a lot of the work in this tree to J.P.J van Vuren
and his book,
Gerrit van Vuren

Gerrit van Vuren married Susana Jacobs in 1689
among the French community in the Drakenstein, Cape Colony

Susanna Jacobs was the daughter of Pierre Jacobs and Susanna de Vos.
Susanna was born 1671 in Vieille Eglise, Calais, France
Pierre Jacobs and family were among the Hugenot settlers at the Cape Colony and emigrated on the ship "De Schelde", which arrived at Table Bay on 5 June 1688

Gerrit and Susana had two children
Susanna b. 1691 and Johannes b. 1694

Their daughter Susanna married Ignacé Maré

Their son Johannes married Catharina Maré on 29 Oct 1713 and they had TEN children

Tree of
Gerrit van Vuren

Stamboom van Gerrit van Vuren / Tree of Gerrit van Vuren

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