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ALEXANDER NISBET minister Tarbolton Irving b 1623+1669 will is 1669 married to Agnes Walkinshaw

testament-23-Sept-1669-NISBET---Alexander-------Irvine-Irvine---minister-minister at Irvine; TD; Glasgow Commissary Court
apprentice-5-June-1678-NISBET-James-son of umq Mr-Alexander-Nisbet------Irving-Irving---Minister-late minister

Deeds Durie 16-Mar-1680-NISBET-James--Alexander-Nisbet-----at-Irvine-Irvine----AN minister at Irvine
Deed 1687 mentions daughter Elizabeth and son James
Deeds Dalrymple -1687-NISBET-Elizabeth--Alexander-Nisbet-----at-Irvine-Irvine----dtr of minister at Irvine
Deeds Dalrymple -1687-NISBET-James--Alexander-Nisbet-----at-Irvine-Irvine----son of minister at Irvine
Deeds Dalrymple -1687-NISBET---Alexander-Nisbet-Agnes-Walkingshaw---at-Irvine-Irvine---minister-minister at Irvine
Deeds Dalrymple—1688-NISBET-James--Alexander-Nisbet-----at-Irvine-Irvine----AN minister at Irvine

Testaments 23-9-1669-NISBET---Alexander-------Irvine-Irvine---minister

 Alexander Nisbet married to Agnes Walkinshaw

Known children



Dictionary of Scottish Church History and Theology_, "organizing editor" Nigel M. de S. Cameron (Edinburgh: T & T Clark,  1993), p. 628:

 Nisbet (Nesbitt), Alexander (1623-69) Covenanting minister.
Little is known of Nisbet's life. He graduated MA from Edinburgh University in 1643, and was ordained to the Second Charge of Irvine, Ayrshire, before  or during 1646. In 1650 he moved to Irvine's First Charge. He was  ejected in 1662 on the re-establishment of Episcopacy. He is remembered  today for _A Brief Exposition of the First and Second Epistles General  of Peter_ (E[dinburgh], 1658), and _Exposition with Practical  Observations upon the Book of Ecclesiastes (E[dinburgh], 1664).

Alexander Nisbet, Scottish Presbyterian (1623 - 1669) was a Covenanting minister and one of the select Biblical commentators in David Dickson's group of Scottish expositors. He published commentaries on Ecclesiastes and 1 & 2 Peter. He ministered at Irvine but was ejected from his pulpit for nonconformity in 1662

DECEMBER 31, 1666

TWO Covenanters found guilty of taking part in the so-called Penbtland Rising and captured at Rullion Green died today. Cornelius Anderson, the Ayr tailor who saved his own neck by hanging his seven colleagues, carried out the execution.
Local minister Alexander Nisbet spoke to the condemned men before their death. He said: “They were ignorant and very much discouraged and damped with the near views of death and eternity.”



 ALEX. NISBET, minister of the Gospell at Theysmshay married to Marion Graham

Marion Graham, spouse to Mr Alex. Nisbet, minister of the Gospell at Theysmshay mentioned in will of 4th of February 1719, the will dative of Harie Grahame of Breckness



 ANDREW NISBET bca 1744 +1800 single

1775 ANDREW NISBET, bapt. 9th Sept. 1733, third son of William N., schoolmaster at Long-Yester; pres. by George, Marquess of Tweeddale, 7th Feb., and ord. 20th July 1775 ; died unmarr. 26th Jan. 1800. Publication-Account of the United Parish (Sinclair's Stat. Acc., xiii.).



 CHARLES NISBET b 1736 Haddington + 1804 USA minister at Montrose

The first president of Dickinson college, Pennsylvania, United States, was Charles Nisbet, D.D., born at Haddington in 1736, and educated at Edinburgh. After being for some years minister of Montrose, in 1783, when Dickinson college was instituted, he was invited to become its president, and in 1785 he went to America. He held the appointment till his death, January 17, 1804.

CHARLES NISBET was born in Haddington, in Scotland, on the 21st day of January,  1736. He was the third son of William Nisbet, and *ftli- son, his wife, who, for many years, resided in that place. His father had two other children besides Charles; one elder and the other younger. The elder was Andrew, afterwards the Rev. Andrew Nisbet, pastor of the parish of Garvalcl, in the Presbytery of Haddington, who never married, and who died several years before his brother Charles. The young er son was William, who devoted himself to mercantile pursuits, and who died about the time that Charles came to USA

Mr. Nisbet s first engagement as a stated preacher, was to supply a church in the Gorbals of Glasgow. Here he remained about two years before going to Montrose



RITCH, William, sought by George Dundas NISBET, Minister of John Knox Parish, Aberdeen Scotland, on behalf of his wife. He left there two years ago a steward on board ship. He was 'far from temperate'. Wife is supporting the family and has no desire for his return, but wants to know if he is still alive.




HUGH NISBET bca 1639 +1696

HUGH NISBET, A.M., obtained his degree at the Univ. of Edinburgh 14th July 1659; he gave in an attested list of disorderly in his parish in Sept. 1684, was outed by the rabble in 1689, and is said to have been received into communion; he died at Edinburgh 4th Feb. 1696, aged about 57.-[Edin. Grad., Dumfries Sess., and Edin. Reg. (Bur.), MS. Ace. of Min. 1689, Hist. Gen. Ass. 1690, Crichton's Mem. of Blackadder, &c.]

Burial Grayfriars-6-Feb-1696---Mr-Hugh-Nisbet----Greyfriars--Edinburgh-Edinburgh-Edinburgh-Midtlothian-minister -late



JAMES NISBET +ca 1680 same as Balmaclellan?

1645. JAMES NISBET, A.M., took his degree at the Univ. of Glasgow in 1642, he was a member of Assembly 16th July 1651, continued 15th Sept. 1656. His daugh. Elizabeth and Margaret were served heirs-portioners 20th May 1680.-[Mun. Univ. Glasg. iii., Dumfries Presb. Reg., Wodrow MSS., Peterkin's Records, Inq. Ret. Gen. 6219.]



JAMES NISBET at Balmaclellan

Deeds Mackenzie 13-Jul-1668-NISBET-Elizabeth--James-Nisbet-----at-Balmaclellan-Balmaclellan---minister

Deeds Mackenzie 13-Jul-1668-NISBET-Margaret--James-Nisbet-----at-Balmaclellan-Balmaclellan---minister






JAMES NISBET b ca 1676  +1756 married 1707 to Mary Pitcairn

JAMES NISBET, born 1676, probably brother-in-law of following; (David Blair married to Eupham Nisbet of Hillhead parish of Bothwell dtr of Archibald of Carphin) educated at Univ. of Edinburgh; M.A. (13th July 1625); chaplain to the Laird of Woolmet; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 25th Feb. 1702; ord. to Innerwick 15th April 1703; called 23rd May, and adm. 27th Sept. 1713; died from fracture of the skull caused by a fall on a stair two days before, 8th Aug. 1756. He marr. June 1707, Mary (died 10th Jan. 1757), daugh. of David Pitcairn of Dreghorn, Colinton, and had issue-David; William; Mary (marr. her cousin, Principal Robertson); Patrick, min. of Hutton and Corrie; Janet, died 23rd April 1775. Publication - The Perpetuity of the Christian Religion, a sermon (Edinburgh, 1737).[Innerwick Sess. and Edin. Reg. (Bur.); Murray's Biog. Ann.]

JAMES NISBET, M.A.; ord. 15th April 1703; trans. to Old Kirk Parish, Edinburgh, 19th Aug. 1713.
















Sasine General 16-11-1705----James-Nisbet----Innerweik--Innerweik-Innerweik--Berwick-minister


Burgess and Guild Brethern Edinburgh 10-9-1708-NISBET-James-Burgess and Guild-brother Mr-James-Nisbet----Innerwick--Edinburgh-Innerwick--Midtlothian-minister


Daughter Mary married cousin William Robertson  son of William and Heleanor Pitcairn

Robertson, William (1721–1793), Scottish historian, clergyman, and educator. William Robertson was born on 8 September 1721 in Borthwick, Midlothian, where his father, William, was a parish minister in the Church of Scotland. The Robertson name was descended from the Robertsons of Gladney in Fifeshire and, more distantly, from the Robertsons of Struan in Perthshire. His mother, Heleanor, was the daughter of David Pitcairn of Dreghorn and Mary Anderson. The eldest of eight children, Robertson was educated in the Borthwick school and in nearby Dalkeith. In 1733, his father was called to Edinburgh as minister of Lady Yester's Church, and two years later Robertson entered the University of Edinburgh. According to his biographer Dugald Stewart, his dedication as a student was aptly demonstrated by his prefixing to his commonplace books the motto vita sine literis mors est (life without literature is death). As was typical of many students at the time, Robertson did not take a degree, but in 1740–1741 he studied divinity and subsequently took his examinations to become a minister of the Church of Scotland. In 1744 he was ordained minister of Gladsmuir, and seven years later he married his cousin Mary Nisbet, daughter of James Nisbet, minister of the Old Church, Edinburgh, and Mary, daughter of David Pitcairn. Together they had six children.

DAVID BLAIR, born 1637, eldest son of Robert B., min. of St Andrews, and his second wife, Katherine Montgomerie of Braidstone, daugh. of Viscount Montgomerie of Airds; educated at Univ. of St Andrews; M.A. (28th July 1656). He emigrated to Holland and made his residence at Leyden. On the erection of a second charge in the Scots Church at the Hague in 1688, he was ord. 20th June of that year; elected to Rotterdam in the following year, but refused, having been called, 28th June 1689, to Edinburgh (New Meeting-house); chaplain to His Majesty 1st Aug. 1690; a member of Assembly 16th Oct. 1690; adm. 9th Aug. 1691; declined call to Inveresk Feb. 1693; Moderator of Assembly 2nd Feb. 1700; died 10th June 1710. He marr. 10th Feb. 1697, Eupham Nisbet of Hillhead, Parish of Bothwell (Macfarlane's Top. Coll., i., 421 (died 2nd June 1740, aged 75), daugh. of Archibald Nisbet of Carfin, and had issue - Robert, min. of Athelstaneford, author of The Grave; Archibald, min. of Garvald; Eupham (marr. Robert Hunter, min. of Livingston); Katherine (marr. 23rd Feb. 1725, Andrew Dunlop, min. of Ormiston).-[Blair's Autob., Hill's Life of Blair, Blair's Serm.; Steven's Ch. Rotterd.; Privy Seal, v.; Peterkin's Constitution, Wodrow's Anal. and MS., Hamilton's Lanark; Hist. Gen. Ass., 1690; Leven and .Melv. Pap.; Acts Part., ix., xi.]



JAMES NISBET Irvine deed 1685

Deeds Mackenzie -1685-NISBET---James-Nisbet-----at-Irvine-Irvine---minister

Possibly  ---Apprentices Edinburgh 5-6-1678-NISBET-James-umq Mr-Alexander-Nisbet------Irving-Irving---Minister



JAMES NISBET minister of Stromness Sandwich  married Marion Graham bca 1662

Marion Graham , born 1662, married James Nisbet, minister of Stromness, Sandwich

Deeds Durie -1693-NISBET---James-Nisbet-----at-Sandwich and Stromnes-Sandwich and Stromnes--minister




JAMES NISBET mentioned will 1781

Testaments 6-12-1781-NISBET-Janet-dec-James-Nisbet---------Edinburgh-minister



JAMES NISBET b 8 Sept 1823 Hutchesontown Glasgow +30 Sept 1874 missionary founder of Prince Albert

In memory of the Rev. James Nisbet, the first foreign missionary of the Canada Presbyterian Church and the founder of Prince Albert, born at Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland. Sept. 8th, 1823, arrived at Prince Albert, 1886. Died at Kildonan, Manitoba. Sept. 30th, 1874. This tablet erected by relations and friends in Ontario.



JOHN NISBET minister Tarbolton will 1615 x Margaret Dunbar





Testaments 10-5-1615-NEISBITE--Mr-Johnne-Neisbite-----at-Torboltoun----minister
mentions wife Margaret Dunbar




JOHN NISBET sasine 1732 Sandwich and Str

Sasine General 8-3-1732----John-Nisbet------Sandwich and Stromness-Sandwich and Stromness-Orkney-minister




JOHN NISBET minister Crawford John church 1682-1686


John Nisbet A.M 1682-1686
Detail from a panel in the Crawfordjohn Church
To the Glory of God and in memory of the ministers of the parish of Crawfordjohn since the Reformation

Deeds Dalrymple -1684-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----of-Crawfordjohn-Crawfordjohn---minister

Deeds Dalrymple -1686-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----at-Crawfordjohn-Crawfordjohn---minister

Deeds Durie -1687-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----at-Crawfordjohn-Crawfordjohn---minister

Deeds Mackenzie -1687-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----at-Crawfordjohn-Crawfordjohn---minister

Deeds Dalrymple -1695-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----at-Crawfordjohn-Crawfordjohn---minister





JOHN NISBET at New Abbey b ca  1671 +1725 married Catherine Grierson

JOHN NISBET, A.M., studied and got his degree at the Univ. of Edinburgh 13th July 1691, licen. by the Presb. 17th Nov. 1696, called in July and ord. 7th Sept. 1697; died 3d Feb. 1725, aged about 54, in 28th min. He had two silver jugs and six silver spoons, weighing xxvii. oz. avoirdupois at iii s ix d per oz., lx li xv s, and some other household furniture, liiij li xiv s. He marr. Catherine, daugh. of John Grierson of Barjarg, and had a daugh. Grizell.[Presb., and Test. Reg. (Dumf.), Tombst., Edin. Grad., &c.]

Testaments 24-6-1729-NESBET---John-Nesbet-----at-Newabbey----late minister

Testaments 12-7-1731-NISBET-Grizell-dec-John-Nisbet-Katherine-Grierson--New Abbey---New Abbey---minister




JOHN NISBET at Houston mentioned 1690 deed

Deeds Dalrymple -1690-NISBET---John-Nisbet-----at-Houston-Houston---minister



PATRICK NISBET, b ca 1723 +1795 Minister of Hutton Parish 1767-1799, formerly merchant in Glasgow married Janet Stirling+ 13 Apr 1795 age 72

Janet Stirling, d/o Wm. Stirling, late Surgeion on Glasgow and spouse to the Rev. Doctor Patrick Nisbet, Minister of his Parish, died 13 Apr 1795 age 72 y Hutton and Corrie Cemetery

Rev. Patrick Nisbet, who was minister of Hutton from 1767 to 1799. Mr. Nisbet had been a merchant of Glasgow, became bankrupt, and was placed in Hutton Parish as its minister by his brother-in-law, the Principal of Glasgow University, who held the living of Hutton. He was not a success as a minister. "The parishioners were filled with consternation at discovering that if deprived of his papers he could not speak for five minutes commonsense

 PATRICK NISBET, cousin of Principal Robertson, was a merchant, and failed in Glasgow, Ares. by the Curator for George, Marquis of Annandale, in Dec. 1766, and ord. 14th May thereafter; had D.D. conferred, and died 2d Jan. 1803, in his 82d year, and 36th min. He marr. Janet, daugh. of William Stirling, surgeon, Glasgow, she died 13th April 1795, aged 72, and had a son James, and three daugh. Mary, marr. Mr Laurence Dinwoodie, Glasgow; Elizabeth, and Margaret.-Publications-Seasonable Address to the citizens of Glasgow upon the present important question, Whether tire churches of that city shall continue free, or be enslaved with patronage, 1762, 4to. An abridgement of Ecclesiastical History, Edin. 1776, 8vo.-[Presb., and , Syn. Reg., Tombst., &c.]









PHILLIP NISBET minister of Kirklington 1646

Ordinance for Nisbet to be Minister of Kirtlington.

"Whereas the Parsonage of Kirtlington, in the North Riding of the County of Yorke, is now void, by Death of the late Incumbent thereof; and the next Presentation thereof belongeth to George Wandesford Esquire, who hath been, and yet is, in actual Arms against the Parliament: Therefore the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament do Order and Ordain, and it is Ordered and Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, That Phillip Nisbett, Master of Arts, a godly, learned, and orthodox Divine, shall be Minister of the said Church and Parish of Kirtlington; and that he shall hold, possess, and enjoy, the said Parsonage and Parsonagehouse, with the Appurtenances, and all Glebe Lands, Tithes, Rents, Stipends, Pensions, Profits, and Commodities whatsoever, to the said Parish Church and Parsonage belonging, or in any Wise appertaining, in as large and ample Manner as the late deceased Minister thereof, or any other Minister or Incumbent thereof, lawfully, or of Right, hath had, or ought to have had and enjoyed the same; any Thing contained in any Ordinance, or any other Matter or Thing whatsoever to the contrary thereof, in any Wife notwithstanding: Provided always nevertheless, and saving to all and every other Person and Persons, Bodies Politic and Corporate, and his and their Heirs and Successors respectively, other than than the said George Wandesford, and Sir Edward Osborne Baronet, and Alice Wandesford Widow, Guardians and Committees of the said George Wandesford, their and every of their Heirs and Executors, all Rights, Titles, and Demands whatsoever, to the said Rectory and Parsonage of Kirklington aforesaid; any Thing in this present Ordinance contained to the contrary in any Wife notwithstanding."

From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 3 July 1646', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 8: 1645-1647 (1802), pp. 408-411. URL:  Date accessed: 23 April 2009.




ROBERT NISBET b 1814 +1874 married 1848 to Elizabeth Tawse

ROBERT NISBET, born Auchterarder, 7th Jan. 1814, son of Christopher N. and Margaret Sime; educated at Auchterarder School, and Univs. of St Andrews and Edinburgh; licen. by Presb. of Edinburgh 29th June 1836; assistant at Lanark; ord. (assistant and successor) there 4th May 1842 ; trans. and adm. 7th Dec. 1843; D.D. (St Andrews 1853); died 22nd Nov. 1874. He marr. 18th July 1848, Eliza (died 26th June 1883), daugh. of John Tawse of Stobshiel, advocate, and had issue-Eliza Margaret, born 5th Aug. 1849, died 18th May 1860; Christopher Charles, of Stobshiel, Writer to the Signet, born 31st Aug. 1851; Jessie Anne, born 5th Jan. 1853; Christian, born 23rd -May 185-1 (marr. James Paisley, son of Robert P., D.D., St Ninians); John Tawse, M.D., born 12th March 1856, died 13th Feb. 1909; Robert, born 29th Oct. 185 7, died 22nd July 1858; Robert James, born 11th June 1859. Publications - The Songs of the Temple Pilgrims (London, 1863); Studies on the Epistle of Pail to Philemon (Edinburgh, 1876, posthumous); Youthful Builders Instructed, sermon preached before the Governors of George Heriot's Hospital; Sermon (preached under the auspices of the S.P.C.K.).



WILLIAM NISBET Tarbolton +bef 1660

burg of edinburgor apprentice Robert Nisbet burgess and guildbrother son to umq. William Nisbet minister at Tarbolton gratis 12 Oct 1660








WILLIAM NISBET +1869 married Catherine Arthur+1859

WILLIAM NISBET, only son of William N., Glasgow; educated at Univ. of Glasgow; licen. by Presb. of Glasgow 25th April 1832; assistant at Clarkston Chapel; ord. 25th Sept. 1834. Joined the Free Church; min. of Canongate Free Church 1843; died 27th Sept. 1869. He marr. Catherine Arthur, who died 6th Jan. 1859. Publication - The Voluntary Support of the Christian Ministry, the Only Method Acceptable to God, and Beneficial to the Church (Edinburgh, 1835).


baopr-2-2-1840-Nisbet-William--William-Nisbet-Catherine-Arthur-M-Leith South

baopr-28-10-1841-Nisbet-David Arthur-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-U-Canongate

baopr-26-11-1843-Nisbet-Catharine Muirh-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-F-Canongate

baopr-23-4-1846-Nisbet-Janet Roxburgh-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-F-Canongate

baopr-23-4-1846-Nisbet-Janet Roxburgh-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-F-St Cuthbert's

baopr-10-2-1850-Nisbet-Arthur Gains-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-M-Canongate

baopr-10-2-1850-Nisbet-Arthur Gains-William-Nisbet-Catharine-Arthur-M-St Cuthbert's





Deeds Dalrymple -1693-NISBET-Mary--William-Davidson-Mary-Nisbet--Birsay-at-Birsay-Birsay---minister



Testaments 2-4-1645-NISBITT---George-Jonstoun-Katherine-Nisbitt---at-Kirkwall----minister