Mingo Cemetery, Finleyville, PA (Wash. Co.)

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Finleyville, PA

(Washington County)

(Compiled by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hoffman, Monongahela, PA, May 27, 1961)
(Contributed October 2, 2007 by Mary Ann Bumgarner of South Carolina)

Contributor's Note: "Attached is a MINGO CEMETERY listing.  I did not do the footwork. Those who did are long gone, but we are all thankful to them.  I merely scanned the information for publication to everyone who can (for free) use the information as they see fit. It appears accurate to me.  I personally found several ancestors!  Happy hunting!  The listing is quite extensive!"

Viewers Note:  The 52 pages of image files submitted for this cemetery posting are extracts from a larger unknown publication. The pages within, relative to Mingo Cemetery, are represented from p.77 thru p.128.  Since these are image files they can NOT be searched. Please refer to the searchable file located on this website at:

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1901 Funeral Home Card for Susan Gillie (submitted by Gloria Burnley, sg5burn@ver-nospam-izon.net)

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