War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2002, Noblestown

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Noblestown, PA

                              NOBLESTOWN, PA
                               HONOR ROLL

Located overlooking Noblestown Road in the village of Noblestown near
St. Patrick’s R. C. Church

                  IN THE WORLD WAR II  1941-1946

Argenta, John B
Atrostic, Frank
Bernard, Anthony
Bragg, Clarence J.
*Bragg, Richard C.
*Butterbach, Herbett F.
Christian, John J.
Corbett, James B.
Coachman, Walter
Cousins, Edward W. Jr.
Cousins, Russell P.
Cummings, Robert
Davis, Jack G.
Davis, William H.
Delaney, Raymond D.
Devillars, John J.
Dollich, John H.
Dollich, Michael
Durain, John D.
Devalkeneer, Laverne
Finney, Thomas C.
Flood, Thomas F.
Flood, Joseph P.
Flood, James W.
Franz, Henry
Frazee, Ronald G.
Garrett, Fred
Garrett, Louis O.
Geisler, John R.
Hansford, Charles E.
Harouse, Frank D.
Harouse, Peter
Highfield, John H.
Highfield, Frank L.
Hunter, John H.
Iglar, Albert F.
Iglar, William
Jackson, Donald
Jasper, George
Kessler, William J.
Kotzuk, John S.
Kotzuk, Margaret E.
Kress, Herbert
Lauderbaugh, Clyde D.
Lauderbaugh, Fred M.
Livesay, John O.
Livesay, Roby M.
Lonsogni, Frank
McGrady, Thomas E.
Mullooly, John F.
Manzini, Battis
Marshall, James B.
McCarthy, Charles
Piazza, Warren D.
Piazza, Gilbert
Poppenger, Edward
Powell, Lloyd R
Powell, Wilber L.
Pry, Fred
Pry, Raymer C.
Reinstabler, Henry
Roy, Ralph A.
Sparkenbaugh, Clyde
Sparkenbaugh, Leon
Segui, William R. 
Simpson, William D.
Singer, Walter W.
Sitarik, John P.
Sitarik, Michael A.
Sitarik, Stephen P.
Skintek, Peter
Skoff, Joseph L.
Speer, Elmer M. Jr.
Snezjak, Joseph
Tennyson, Glenn W.
Trusnovic, Albert L.
Toward Robert C.
Toward, George H.
Vercammen, Norman C.
Ward, Robert P.
Wade, John H. Jr.
Wagner, Harry P.
*Ward, John K
Williams, Chester
Young, James H.

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