War Memorials, Allegheny County, PA, 2003, (WW2-Korea-Vietnam) Swissvale, PA

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Selected War Memorials
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Swissvale, PA

  This memorial is located at the Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale (not a branch of the 
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and it is supported by the Woodland Hills School District),
at the corner of Mononghela and McClure Avenues in Swissvale Borough. It perpetuates the
memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice in World War Two, Korea and in Vietnam. It
should be noted that Swissvale had more men serving in World War Two, per capita,
than any other community in America. This memorial was dedicated on September 7, 1985.
It is located on the left lawn facing the library as a companion to the older World
War One memorial located on the right lawn at the corner.

World War Two:

Alesse, John E.
Ayres, Gordon W.
Balogh, Godfrey S.
Bentz, Joseph J.
Blednick, Leonard W.
Boyer, Henry
Brown, Jack W.
Brown, Robert
Callender, Jack
Catanzano, John F.
Christie, Matthew J.
Cobner, Robert J.
Cohen, Charles G.
Conley, Raymond H.
Cooke, John F.
Creevy, Edward J.
Davis, Charles W.
Davis, Evan
DeCeasare, Thomas
Dolezal, Eugene
Dunbar, Eugene F.
Evans, William H.
Eyler, Clarence R.
Feehler, Maurice
Fetzer, Charles A.L.
Finegan, John P.
Fioretto, Thomas S.
Floss, Dr. George W.
Fugitt, Howard F.
Garo, William H.
Gaydos, Edmund H.
Gerich, George E.
Grana, Mario M.
Glunt, John R.
Hooper, John
Hosper, Stephen
Huggins, James T.
Isenberg, Robert T.
Isles, Harry T.
Isles, Peter J.
Jeremias, Albert M.
Johnson, Charles W.
Jones, Thomas L.
Joyce, Richard J.
Kann, William C.
Kaplan, Donald E.
Kapral, Andrew
Kitchen, Kieth D.
Klein, Maurice
Lane, Andrew L.
Lehman, Michael E.
Levens, Edward J.
Levens, Kenneth
Liles, James S.
Locke, Byron K.
Loesel, William G.
Logan, Charles L.
Loughead, Thomas
Lowrey, Ellis E.
Lyoch, John A.
Marino, Joseph A.
Marino, Leonard A.
Masilon, John F.
Mayer, Raymond D.
Meese, Richard C.
Morrow, Thomas J.
Murphy, Edward R.
Murray, George M.
McBride, John P.
McStea, Alexander
Newton, Jack S.
Nonemaker, John B.
Nord, John R.
Osaja, George S.
Pershke, Kenneth H.
Petty, Robert T.
Pulsinelli, Joseph F.
Ridley, Richard C.
Russell, R. I.
Seeger, Eugene W.
Seese, Robert L.
Sharlock, Robert O.
Shipman, Donovan T.
Simone, Frank J.
Swaney, John F.
Tamilitis, Norman
Tilley, William H.
Toomey, William
Vinciquerra, Silvio R.
Wilson, John M.
Wissinger, Roy V.


Connelly, Charles K.
Earley, Lawrence
McDonough, Jerry
Rudge, Fredrick A.


Abraham, James
Greeley, Dennis A.
Horvath, William

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