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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other + Some Photo Links

ALPERMAN, Geo. Edw., b:11-24-1891, d:5-7-1937, int:5-10-1937 (Source: Holzheimer Records)
ATKINS, Judith (McCauley), d: October 2, 2001, w/o Elvin D. Atkins, (obit below), (McC)
Barthel, Ernest A., 1895-1992, (photo available), (JCA)
Barthel, Lillian A. (Roth), 1897-1982, (photo available), (JCA)
BASTL, Agnes N., 19__-1967, (Jan)
BASTL, Charles, 1886-1961, same stone as Josephine, (Jan)
BASTL, Elsie M., 1909-1993, same stone as James, (Jan)
BASTL, James, 1908-1990, same stone as Elsie M., (Jan)
BASTL, Jarmella Anna, Feb 17, 1916-Jan 28, 1949, (Jan)
BASTL, Josephine, 1884-1981, same stone as Charles, (Jan)
Beck, Dorothy Free, b. 1916 d. 1964, low stone combo, Sec. 2K, (BM)
Beck, Wesley L, b. 1914 d. 1999, low stone combo, Sec. 2K, (BM)
Bell, Elsie P., June 12, 1884 - April 15, 1934, (TM)
Bell, George M., Feb 15, 1871 - June 7, 1956 (No Marker), (TM)
Bell, Sadie E., April 18, 1854 - April 10, 1931, (TM)
Bingham, William J., 1925 - 2000, (RB)
Bingham, Margaret L., 1930 - 1992, (RB)
BLANEY, Carrie M., 16-Feb-1869 / 26-June-1943, (klb)
BLUM, Anna W. 1894-1992
BLUM, Leonard F. 1878-1971
BOURDO, Alphonse, Feb 9, 1884-Feb 9, 1960 [Masonic symbol], (Jan)
Boyer, Samuel E., 1910 - 1989, (RB)
Boyer, Eleanor L., 1915 - 1997, (RB)
CAMPBELL, Alice Seitz, Jan. 18, 1906/Jan. 31, 2001, w/o Willis E., (Source: Sharpsburg Herald)
Caruso, Henry W., June 5, 1919-Jan. 13, 1995, (photo available), (JCA)
Chamberlain, Jennie June, b. 15 Mar 1886, d. 3 Jun 1971, Cousin of Daisy HEYD McQuaid; marker: Block 2J, Sec. 4268, grave 3. (CJT)
Combs, Norma May (Nichols), 1922 / September 29, 2003, Same marker as William, (photo), (BG)
Combs, William Robert, December 29, 1920 / September 30, 2008, Same marker as Norma, (photo), (BG)
COOPER, Audrey Marie, nee SCHELLMAN, Mar 10, 1912-Jul 4, 1990, Wife of Roger Olcott COOPER, (Jan)
COOPER, Roger Olcott, May 1908-1989, Husband of Audrey M. SCHELLMAN, (Jan)
COX, William H. 1926-1991, (ZS)
Cramp, Grosvenor B., 1904 - 1967, (RB)
Cramp, Helen A., 1906 - 1981, (RB)
CRAWFORD, Eileen R. 1926-1981, (ZS)
CRAWFORD, Joseph I. 1892-1977, (ZS)
CRAWFORD, Joseph I 1921-1973, (ZS)
CRAWFORD, Robert F. 1924-2000, (ZS)
CRAWFORD, Virginia M. 1895-1970, (ZS)
CUTENESE, Charlene Jaye [see TURK], (Jan)
CUTENESE, John, 1908-1985, (Jan)
CUTENESE, John Charles, 11 Aug 1955 - 16 Jan 1974 {son of Charles John CUTENESE and Dorothy Mae KISSELL}, (Jan)
CUTENESE, Wanda Sophie, nee KAPELEWSKI, 1913-1977, (Jan)
Dauenhauer, Elsie T., 24 Feb 1881 - 07 May 1956, (RB)
DAYNA, Renee Bettilynn, 10 Apr 1957-25 Apr 1957, (ZS)
Dickey, Charles E., 24 Sep 1871 - 20 Dec 1948, (RB)
Dickey, Della M., 21 Jul 1875 - 20 Apr 1947, (RB)
Dickey, Josephine S., 13 Jul 1901 - 24 Feb 1997, (RB)
Dickey, Lloyd Emmet, 04 Aug 1899 - 07 Jul 1949, (RB)
DIEBOLD, Florence HAIGH, Apr 30, 1901-Apr 24, 1981, (MLG)
DIEBOLD, Jacob L., Jan 1899-Aug 15, 1954, (drowned in Conneaut Lake while saving a girl who fell out of a boat), (MLG)
DIEBOLD, Jacob M. (Jack), 1924-Sep. 23, 1944, (US Navy--killed on the PA Turnpike while returning home on leave), (MLG)
DIETZ, Conrad 1891-1961, (ZS)
DIETZ, Mildred Mae 1910-1995, (ZS)
ELLIOTT, Thomas Morgan III, October 29, 1955 / 1973, (JKD)
Foster, Earl H., 23 November 1923 - 5 August 2002, (EFS)
Foster, Lillian J. (nee Weisensee), 12 September 1924 - 15 May 1997, (EFS)
FREDERICK, Anna M. 1911-1998, (ZS)
FREDERICK, Elmer 1886-1965, (ZS)
FREDERICK, Mary A. 1883-1960, (ZS)
GHELDBERG, Louise 1900-1981, (ZS)
Hansotte, Alice, b. Apr. 26, 1902 d. Feb. 9, 1958, Daughter, low stone, Sec. 2H, 3927, (BM)
Hansotte, Armond J., b. Oct. 24, 1896 d. Dec. 1, 1989, Pvt US Army, W W I, Low stone, Sec. 2H, 3926 #1, (BM)
Hansotte, Constance D., b. Nov. 18, 1863 d. Nov. 13, 1944, Mother, Low stone, Sec. 2H, 3928 #2, (BM)
Hansotte, Ferdinand F. Jr., b. 1899 d. 1985, Together Forever, low stone combo, Sec. 2H, 3929 #3, (BM)
Hansotte, Ferdinand F. Sr., b. Oct. 24, 1854 d. Nov. 30, 1943, Father, Low stone, Sec.2H, 3928 #1, (BM)
Hansotte, Margaret M., b. June 10, 1914 d. Dec. 30, 2000, Beloved Wife & Mother, Low stone, Sec. 2H, 3926 #2, (BM)
Hansotte, Mary R., b. 1909 d. 1992, Together Forever, low stone combo, Sec, 2H, 3929 #4, (BM)
Hartman, Walter C., 1905 - 1978, (RB)
Hartman, Naomi C., 1906 - 1986, (RB)
HESS, Alice Summers, 1864 / 15 Jun 1943, Block 2c Section 8075 Grave 2, (photo), (GL), (NM)
HESS, Eva Marie Garberson, 19 Feb 1902 / 5 Jan 1990 Block N Section 2780 Grave 3, (photo), (GL), (NM)
HESS, Frank G., August 21, 1862 / February 3, 1942, Block 2c Section 8075 Grave 1, (photo), (GL), (NM)
HESS, Lloyd Albert, 13 Jun 1897 / 27 Sep 1960, Block N Section 2780 Grave 4, (photo), (GL), (NM)
Huber, Henry E.; 31 August 1893, 6 October 1966; h/o Viola M.; Common marker with Viola M., (photo), (RH)
Huber, Viola M.; 4 June 1896; 3 August 1965; nee Stevens; w/o Henry E.; Common marker with Henry E., (photo), (RH)
HUDSON, Catherine A. (nee Gilroy), 24 May 1898 / 08 Jan 1965, Blk.2-D, Sec. 8822, Gr. 2, No Marker, (BBW)
HUDSON, Harold J., 30 Jan 1898 / 21 Sep 1981, Blk 2-D, Sec. 8822, Gr. 3, No Marker, (BBW)
HUGHES, Emma Louise (Shook), Aug., ??, ???? - 1986?, Mother
HUGHES, Roy Alonzo, Feb. 29, 1895-Dec. 23, 1976, Father
Hutsenpiller, Spencer W., 27 May 1918 - 19 Dec 1964, Penna Cpl Co C 25 Repl BN WWII, (RB)
JONES, Doris M., (no dates), s/s Norman W., Block R, Section 11075, (DJ)
JONES, Norman W., March 28, 1935 / March 21,2008, s/s Doris M., Block R, Section 11075, (DJ)
Keim, Harold R., 05 Feb 1922 - 10 Jul 1992, 1st Lt US Army Air Corps WWII, (RB)
Keim, William H., 1896 - 1973, (RB)
Keim, Ada E., 1897 - [17 Mar 1991 SSDI], (RB)
Keim, William S., 06 Apr 1926 - 15 Sep 1996, US Navy WWII, (RB)
Klintworth, Ralph B., 1906 - 1979, (RB)
LEASURE, James P. 19 Jun 1949-12 Apr 1966, (ZS)
LEASURE, William G. (Pvt USA) 2 May 1948-15 Aug 1968, (ZS)
LEASURE, William (Pvt USA) 13 July 1923- 2 Feb 1999, (ZS)
LEONARD, THOMAS DOUGLAS, d: March 9, 2001, h/o Martha, f/o Gregory, (obit below), (McC)
Lintelman, Elizabeth M., 1900 - 1996, (RB)
LOVE, John Neal, 25-Mar-1865 / 13-Mar-1935, Blk D, Sec. 1059, Gr6, (klb)
LOVE, Margaret L., 17-Oct-1867 / 5-July-1940, Blk D, Sec. 1059, Gr5, (klb)
Machajewski Catherine (Vukelja) 17-Nov-1917 16-Aug-2003 wife of Frank Machajewski, (PL)
Machajewski Frank 30-Dec-1916 7-Jan-1999 husband of Catherine (Vukelja) Machajewski, (PL)
Mason, Helen Wyman (Scott), 25 December 1890, Sewickley-26 January 1983, Penn Hills, Allegheny County, (photo), (AO)
Mason, Oliver Alexander, 6 March 1887, Johnstown, Cambria County, PA-14 March 1955, East Liberty, Allegheny County, (photo), (AO)
MASSEY, Christine Ann, Apr 7, 1948-Oct 25, 1964, (no marker), Blk D, Sec. 1059, Gr3, (klb)
McCAULEY, Mildred (Nichols), d: Mar. 29, 1996, w/o Robert E. McCauley, (obit below), (McC)
McCAULEY, Robert E., d: Oct 29, 1982, (obit below), (McC)
McQuaid, Anna M. (Fischer), b. 22 Jul 1910, d. 20 May 2009, 8th child (of 11) of William H. and Anna M. (Bauer) Fischer, widow of Edwin H. McQuaid; marker: Block 2J, Sec. 4267, grave 5, (obit below). (CJT/NM)
McQuaid, Daisy Heyd, b. 19 Apr 1884, d. 26 Mar 1976, Wife of George Edwin McQuaid; marker: Block 2J, Sec. 4268, grave 2. (CJT)
McQuaid, Edwin Heyd, b. 16 Dec 1907, d. 9 Aug 1998, Eldest son of Daisy and George McQuaid, husband of Anna M. Fischer McQuaid; marker: Block 2J, Sec. 4267, grave 6. (CJT)
McQuaid, George Edwin, b. 11 Jun 1881, d. 19 Dec 1956, Husband of Daisy HEYD McQuaid; marker: Block 2J, Sec. 4268, grave 1. (CJT)
Megahan, Benjamin III, Sept 17, 1964-Dec 27, 1964, Babyland Block 11, Grave 10, died in Germany where father was stationed with US Army, (photo), (RH)
Mikush, Paul, Nov. 27, 1913 / June 16, 1998, h/o Olga, (photo), (notes below), (BM2)
Mollo, Gudrun (Bilberg)
, b. 11 Jan 1904, Horten, Norway, d. 19 Jan 1993, 89yr, Sec 2054, block G, gr 02, w/o Gunnar Aas Mollo, (I)
Mollo, Gunnar Aas, b. 20 Sep 1899, Grimstad, Norway, d. 26 Mar 1978, 78yr, Sec 2054, block G, gr 01, h/o Gudrun Bilberg, (I)
Mollo, Sonja Christina, b.28 Mar 1933, d.18 Apr 1933, 21da, Sec 2054, block G, gr 03, d/o Gudrun and Gunnar Aas Mollo, (I)
MYNERT, Jeremiah, 1891-1902, son, (I)
Nestor, Dorothy J., 1923 - 1984, (RB)
Nestor, Elizabeth L., 1951 - 1965, (RB)
Newman, Fredrick, b. 1875 d. 1960, low stone combo, Sec. G, #2171, #3, (EM)
Newman, Lena, b. 1877 d. 1958, low stone combo, Sec. G, #2171, #4, (EM)
Nichols, Albert R., 1892 / September 02, 1968, Same marker as Eva, (photo), (BG)
Nichols, Bernice A., (view 2), 1914 - 1967, (RB)
Nichols, Eva May, 1897 / 1971, Same marker as Albert, (photo), (BG)
Nichols, Thomas W., M.D., (view 2), 1911 - 1976, (RB)
POLLOCK, William T., d: abt Feb. 11, 1940, h/o Pauline Leslie, f/o Mariam and William, (obit), (NM)
PHILLIPS, Adelaide Lucretia (RINK), b.31 May 1918 d. 8 Jan 1995 (aunt), (SR)
PHILLIPS, Carrie V. 1898-1969, (ZS)
PHILLIPS, Robert A. 1895-1958, (ZS)
PLATT, Lida Jane (nee Crago), born 12 November 1886, died 24 October 1976, (he)
PURKISS, Arthur F. (D.D.), 4-Dec-1872 / 14-June-1964, (klb)
PURKISS, Margaret B., 19-June-1896 / 23-July-1972, Wife, (klb)
PURKISS, Mary Neal, 31-Aug-1876 / 14-May-1933, (klb)
RABATIN, Andrew, Sr., 1889-1965, same stone as Rose F., (Jan)
RABATIN, Rose F., 1898-1990, same stone as Andrew, Sr., (Jan)
RABOLD, Joseph W. 1923-1975, (Mason symbols on head stone), (ZS)
RABOLD, Naomis (no dates), (ZS)
RIGGS, Minnie L., 27-June-1872 / 8-Feb-1960, Blk D, Sec. 1059, Gr4, (klb)
RINK, Ella Mary N. (SMITH), b.14 Nov. 1886 d. 17 Sept. 1955 (grandmother), (SR)
ROBINSON, Alexander Bailey, Apr. 26, 1899 / Jan. 8, 1968, h/o Olive Mae Riethmiller, (SD)
ROBINSON, Howard Alexander, Nov. 14, 1926 / Dec. 5, 1991, (SD)
ROBINSON, Olive Mae Riethmiller, May 23, 1899 / Oct. 19, 1975, w/o Alexander Bailey, (SD)
ROMMLER, Margarete, d: Nov 22, 1985, (rf)
Rose, Albert, Sr., 1893 - 1972, (RB)
Rose, Martha Ruth, 1893 - 1968, (RB)
SAMSON, Agnes J.,
d. 1999, (I)
SCHAEFER, Conrad S., 23 Mar 1901 / 01 Apr 1965, (BBW)
SCHELLMAN, Audrey Marie [see COOPER], (Jan)
SCOTT, Blanche E., Jun 1, 1882-Dec 22, 1949, (Jan)
SCOTT, Joseph L., Dec 18, 1881-Aug 10, 1957, (Jan)
SCOTT, S. Frances, Mar 12, 1918-Nov 28, 1964, (Jan)
SHUR, CHARLES H., b: 03/24/1913, d: 10/24/1994, h/o Katherine & Elva, Temple of Love, (photo), (RH)
SHUR, ELVA STEVENS MEGAHAN., b: 01/03/1911, d: 12/25/1998, 2nd w/o Charles H., Temple of Love, (photo), (RH)
Shur, Katherine M., 1898-June 14, 1974, Block 2Z Sec 159 Grave 3, 1st wife of Charles H., (photo), (RH)
Simpson, Edna E., 05 Aug 1888 - 21 Jan 1939, contributed by Rich Boyer)
Simpson, Elizabeth J., 10 Feb 1866 - 18 Apr 1930, (RB)
Simpson, John G., 12 Jan 1858 - 17 Sep 1931, (RB)
Simpson, Viola A., 15 Oct 1900 - 23 Nov 1963, (RB)
SMITH, Genna M., Apr 22, 1985-May 28, 2001, d/o Ronald & Deborah Pullano Smith, sister of Dayna, (Webmaster)
SMITH, Ronald, d: June 30, 1996, h/o Deborah Pullano, f/o Dayna & Genna, s/o John & Rose Vacula Smith, (Webmaster)
Stevens, Betty J., 1927-1962, Block 2K Sec 11490 Grave 7, d/o Walter C. & Della M. Stevens, (photo), (RH)
Stevens, Della May nee Unks, May 10, 1893-Aug 22, 1974, Block 2K Sec 11490 Grave 6, w/o Walter C. buried in Hiland Presbyterian, (photo), (RH)
STREB, Howard E.. 1910-1989, (ZS)
STREB, Mildred J. 1916, (ZS)
Stotz, Florence M., 1908 - 1974, (RB)
Stotz, John C., 1906 - 1993, (RB)
THOMAS, Douglas Leonard, d: March 9, 2001, h/o Martha Atkins Thomas, f/o Gregory David Thomas, (McC)
TURK, Charlene Jaye, nee CUTENESE, Feb 28, 1966-Jul 24, 2002 [d/o Janice COOPER and Charles John CUTENESE], (Jan)
WAGNER, Charles C. 1900-1976, (ZS)
WAGNER, Viola M. 1911-196?, (ZS)
Wasilewski, Edward L., 1911 - 1998, (PTW)
Weaver, Charles H. Jr., 09 Sep 1916 - 23 Jul 1983, 1st Lt US Army WWII, (RB)
Weaver, Cynthis Sue, 03 Apr 1954 - 19 Dec 1986, (RB)
Weaver, Elizabeth Keim, 22 Mar 1919 - 08 Jun 1989, (RB)
WEIS, IRENE A. STEVENS, b: 09/17/1901. d: 12/26/1988, w/o William, Temple of Christianity 109D-1, (photo), (RH)
WEIS, WILLIAM, b: 1898, d: 1981, h/o Irene, Temple of Christianity 109D-1 (outside), (photo), (RH)
Williams, Carl S., 1902 - 1968, (RB)
Williams, Charlotte M., 1912 - 1983, (RB)
WOODSIDE, A. Earle, 30 Nov 1890 / 13 Jul 1969, (BBW)
WOODSIDE, Harriet J. (nee Rau), 19 Aug 1900 / 26 Apr 1977, (BBW)
Young, Harry O., 1896 - 1982, (RB)
Young, Mabel G., 1897 - 1986, (RB)
YOUNG, Nancy B., Jan 11, 1931-Dec 14, 1967, (Jan)
Young, Robert, 1923 - 1998, US Navy, (RB)

In Veterans Section:

SCHAEFER, Clementine A. (nee Gilroy)10 Jan 1901 / 17 May 1987, Wife of Wilbert, (BBW)
SCHAEFER, Wilbert J., 07 May 1896 / 08 Aug 1987, (BBW)


On Tuesday, October 2, 2001, Judith McCauley Atkins of West View formerly of Bellevue; beloved wife of Elvin D. Atkins;
mother of Martha Thomas, Kevin A. Atkins, Rebecca J. Klick and Melinda B. Brown; sister of Edward McCauley of DeKalb, IL;
grandmother of Gregory Thomas, Brianne Klick and Emily Atkins. Friends will be received on Friday, from 2-4 & 7-9 pm at
MCDONALD-LINN FUNERAL HOME, INC., 529 California Avenue, Avalon where services will be held Sat., 11 am. Memorial
contributions are suggested to Riding for the Handicapped of Western PA, or the American Cancer Society. (burial in
Alleghney County Memorial Park McCandless.) (Post-Gazette Pittsburgh, PA Friday October 5, 2001). (photo available)
(Source: McCauley-Families Webmaster,

THOMAS DOUGLAS LEONARD On Friday, March 9, 2001, Douglas Leonard Thomas, of Westview; beloved husband of Martha Atkins
Thomas; father of Gregory David Thomas, of Clearwater, FL. Friends received 2-4 & 7-9pm Mon. at the MCDONALD-LINN FUNERAL
HOME, INC., 529 California Avenue, Avalon, where service will be held Tues. 2pm. (burial in Alleghney County Memorial Park
McCandless.) (Source: McCauley-Families Webmaster,

On Fri., Mar. 29, 1996, Mildred N. McCauley, of wife of the late Robert E. McCauley; mother of Edward R. McCauley of
DeKalb, IL and Judith M, Atklns of West View; sister of Myrtle Goettmann of Pgh., Laura Irvin of Bellevue, Helen A Nichols
of Kansas City, MO, Luella Davis of S. Am­boi, NJ and Robert E. Nichols of Emsworth and the late Harrie Nichols and Eleanor
Wall; also eight grandchildren and one great-grand child. Friends received Sun. noon - 4 & 7-9 PM at the Mc DONALD-LINN
FUNERAL HOME, INC., AVALON, 529 California Ave., where service will be Mon. at 11 A.M. (burial in Alleghney County
Memorial Park McCandless.) (photo available).
(Source: McCauley-Families Webmaster,

McCAULEY, Robert E.
Robert E. McCauley, a retired telephone company employee died Friday at Allegeny General Hospital Mr. McCauley, 79. of
128 South Bryant Avenue, Bellevue, retired in 1968 from his job as a cable splicer for Bell of Pennsylvania. He was a
member of the Bell Telephone Pioneers of America, Fort Pitt Chapter. A resident of Bellevue for more than 60 years, be
attended the Emmanuel Baptist Church. Davis Avenue, North Side. Mr. McCauley is survived by his wife, Mildred; a daughter,
Judith M. Atkins of West View; a son. Edward R., of Illinois; and five grandchildren. Friends will be received from noon
to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today and from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 tomorrow at the McDonald-Linn-Funeral Home, 529 California Ave.,
Avalon. Services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home, followed by burial in Alleghney County Memorial Park,
McCandless. (photo available)
(Source: McCauley-Families Webmaster,

McQUAID, Anna Mathilda (Fischer)
Anna Mathilda (Fischer) McQuaid, 98, of Cumberland Crossing, McCandless, formerly of Aspinwall, died on Wednesday, May 20,
2009 at Cumberland Crossing, a few days short of her 99th birthday, July 11. Mrs. McQuaid, 67-year wife of the late Edwin
H. McQuaid, was the eighth of 11 children of the late William H. and Annie (Bauer) Fischer of Pleasant Valley, O'Hara. As a
77-year resident of Aspinwall (one week short of 75 at 37 Western Ave., alone), she and Edwin were often called upon as
costumed, honored guests for Aspinwall parades and were well known AARP dancers in the town. A member of Aspinwall
Evangelical Lutheran Church (now Good Shepherd Lutheran, Fox Chapel), she taught Sunday School, was active in LCW and the
JOY class and was a member of the Eastern Star. She was also a leader in Aspinwall's Brownie and Cub Scouts. She was
predeceased by all her siblings:Sisters Elsa C. Dorner, Mayme A. Griffiths, Lillian A. Fleming-Moodie and Esther S. Brown;
brothers Herman J., William A., Richard F., Raymond F., George W. and Robert J. Fischer as well as grandson Tod E. McQuaid
and Godchild Lois Fischer Templer. Mrs. McQuaid is survived by her sons Robert R. McQuaid (Janet W.) of Gettysburg and E.
Roger (Janet Bailey) of McCandless and daughter Carolyn J. Thomas (David T.) ofSanta Barbara, Calif.; six grandchildren; 16
great grandchildren; her sisters-in-law Florence Fischer of Oakmont and Jane McQuaid of Aspinwall; and numerous nieces and
nephews. The family welcomes visitation from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today (Thursday May 28) at the Weddell-Ajak Funeral
Home, 100 Center Ave., Aspinwall and at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1610 Powers Run Road, Fox Chapel, from 9 a.m. until
the 10 a.m. funeral services Friday. Burial will follow at Allegheny County Memorial Park, McCandless. Good Shepherd's
pastor, the Rev. Robert Musser, will officiate aided by the Rev. William Diehm of St. Johns of the Highlands Lutheran
Church, McCandless, her recently adopted church. The family suggests charitable memorial donations in lieu of flowers.
(Source: The Herald, May 28, 2009)

Researchers' Notes

Notes on Paul Mikush:
Grandpap was born to Hungarian immigrants, Elizabeth and Samuel Mikush, in Pittsburgh, PA. He married Olga and had 3 sons,
Paul, Robert and Richard. He has 7 grandchildren: Brenda, Paul Henry, Robert Jr., Shawn, Matthew, Stephen and Nicole and
4 great-grandchildren, Mikey, Kevin, Rachel, and Sarah. Grandpap worked hard for all of his life and when he retired, he
continued to work hard taking care of elderly relatives. He attended church every Sunday without fail. When he passed,
Grandpap and Grandma had been married for 61 years. -- Brenda Mikush (BM2), July 30, 2008.

Contributors List:

(AO) = Arthur O'Neill,
(BG) = Bob Gartz,

(BM)+(EM) = Betty Miller,
(BM2) = Brenda Mikush,
(BBW) = The Woodsides,
(CJT) = "Carolyn \"Cari\" Thomas",
(DJ) = Doris Jones,
(EFS) = Daughter, Eileen Foster Sieger,
(GL) =
Gale Leigeber,
(he) =
(I) = Internet
(Jan) = Janice Cooper,
(JCA) = Joan Caruso-Alessi,
(JKD) = Jeffrey and Kelly Dine,
(klb) = klbeatty,
(McC) = McCauley-Families Webmaster,
(MLG) = Mary Lou Green,
(NM) = Norm Meinert, Webmaster
(PL) = Patti Lang,
(PTW) =
Paul T. Wasilewski,
(RB) = Rich Boyer
(rf) =
(RH) = Robert Heinsch,
(SD) =
(SR) = S. Righi,
(TM) = Tom Manz,
(ZS) = Zoe Stephens,

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