Aspinwall History Pages

The Borough of


(Allegheny County)

Incorporated -- 1892

Source: "The Town That Pride Built"
Aspinwall Centennial Publication

Historical Subcommittee of the
Aspinwall Centennial Committee

    Virginia A. Black              Sandra Fischetti
    Caroline C. Blackmore          Robert N. Kirkland
    Frank M. Bria                  Jane McQuaid
    Chuck Clouse                   Robert McQuaid
    Danette DiMarco                Mary Irene Silverstrin
    Don DiMarco                    Terry Nelson Taylor, co-chairperson
    Terry (Teresa) Esser           Suzanne L. Thomas
                                   Robert H. Wright Jr., co-chairperson

          Gilbert J. Frauenheim, Centennial Committee Chairperson

                   Diana Bridgman, Aspinwall Art
                    Frank M. Bria, Photographer
                    Terry Nelson Taylor, Editor
                 Caroline C. Blackmore, Publisher

History of Aspinwall, In The Beginning
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