Fortune Footprints - White Whisperings

FORTUNE Footprints - WHITE Whisperings

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image HER LINES: image HIS LINES:
P=Paternal Lines; M=Maternal Lines
White (IL,IA,TX) P Fortune (VA,IL,MO,OR,CA) - Bridgewater (PA,KY,TN,IL) P
Lavender (VA,NC,SC,AL,TX) P Edwards(NC,MO) P
Baird (NC,TN,KY,TX) P Stiles (VT,MI,MO,CA) - Borden (NY, MI) P
Sloss (NC,KY) P Robertson (NC,KY,CA) P
Hill (TN,TX) P Cutler (NY,IL,CA) M
Cole (NC,TN) P Gardner (NY,IL,WI,CA) M
Meador (VA,NC,AL,MS,TX) M McMurtry (NJ,WI) M
Stults (IN,TX) M Belyea (New Bruns.,MA,CA) - VanWart (New Bruns.) M
Curtis (KY,MO,TX) M Bishop (Nova Scotia,MA,CA) M
Wampler (PA,VA,IL,IN,TX) M Withrow (NC,GA,TN,CA) P
Rawlins (NC,TN,KY,IN,IL,TX) M Ludwig (PA,OH)-Eggerman(Ger,OH) M
Gragg (NC,TX) M Vaughn (NJ,PA,OH)-Wingate(DE,OH) M

We are examples of where the North meets the South; where the ocean meets the plains:

My lines, for the most part, originated before 1800, some even earlier, in the Southeastern Atlantic states of VA, NC, SC and migrated through the south or midwest and finally to Texas where they converged. For example, the Meadors, Bairds and Lavenders all lived in close proximity in North Carolina and made their way separately to Texas and New Mexico, where their descendants met and married. They were farmers who learned to love both the mountains and the plains.

His lines, mostly originated before 1750 in the Northeastern Atlantic states, some went to Canada and back, then migrated through the midwest, converging in Oregon and California. The Bishops were New England Planters that were lured to Nova Scotia by the promise of land. The Belyeas were Tories who were forced out to New Brunswick after the American Revolution. These families lived and flourished in Canada. Their descendants came back to the US where they met and married. The Bishops and Belyeas, plus the Fortunes, Cutlers and Gardners were lovers of water - the ocean and lakes.

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Fortune Footprints - White Whisperings
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