Deze blz in het Nederlands

Herman Verbaere's Meetjesland Farm

Here you see the drawing of a now beautifully restored Meetjesland farm.  We use this drawing as the background for our pages on our Meetjesland.

This drawing is by Herman Verbaere.  He was born in Wetteren on 13 March 1905.  He died in Zottegem on 26 August 1993.  This Belgian artist is well known especially for his innumerable paintings and drawings of the towns and cities of Flanders.

He didn't have a very high opinion of what some call modern "art" and he was disapponted with the rapid disappearance of so much beautiful countryside to make way for efficient high-yield agriculture or impersonal villas and concrete.

We have two more examples of his work: reproductions of aquarelles,
one of the townhall and church spire of Kaprijke
and the other a view of the town center of Assenede.

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