Eeklo receives its twin cities in 2011

Seven cities are in fact all twinned with each other.  Bagnols sur Cze (Gard, France) and Braunfels (Hesse, Germany) set the ball rolling when they twinned with each other in 1959.

In 1964 the Newbury Twin Town Association was formed as the Newbury Braunfels Association.  That will make 50 years of twinning in 2013.  Feltre in Veneto in northern-Italy joined in 1961.  Newbury (Berkshire, UK) twinned with Bagnols sur Cze in 1970.  And so it grew as they all got to know each other.  Eeklo (in the Meetjesland in Belgium) came in in 1976.  Since 1982 there is also Carcaixent (Spain) and last but not least Kiskunfelegyhaza (Hungary) also joined.

In 2011 Eeklo received the other six.  So many of those present were very happy to see each other again and a good time was had by one and all.  The pictures below which were taken on 15 August in Eeklo's City Hall and on its Grand'Place prove that.

We congratulate alderman An Van den Driessche and all the others of Eeklo's organising committee.  They clearly did a superb job.

Next year they all hope to see each other again in Feltre.  In 2016 they'll all go to Newbury.  We think this is really marvelous and we wish these twinning associations and their participants all the happiness in the world.


Pictures from Eeklo
Bagnols sur Cze
Here we have the complete selection: 112 photographs.

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