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You can now search the English language version of our Meetjesland website separately from all the rest.

We thank the good people of Freefind who ever so generously help us out with this indexing task free of charge.  Over the years they have changed and improved their search engine and we appreciate it more and more.

You might also want to try a search for Eeklo AND Lovendegem.  You then search for all the pages with both words, Eeklo and Lovendegem in them.  If you want all the pages that have either the word Eeklo or the word Lovendegem you type Eeklo OR Lovendegem.

And finally, if you ask a search for last will and, you will get a lot of pages that only have the word last or other pages with only the word will.  But if you search for "last will and" surrounded by double quotes, Freefind will search for that sequence of words and you may get far fewer pages but a more meaningful result with less noice.

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