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The genealogical part of this website is largely  the result of many years of research by Marijn Claeys.

Marijn's first book was called "De Familie Van Damme, Kaprijke - Eeklo - Sint-Jan-in-Eremo" ("The Van Damme Family, Kaprijke - Eeklo - St-Jan-in-Eremo").  For those who speak Dutch here is the website.

Then followed a book entitled "Een Stam CLAEYS uit Waarschoot, bijna vier eeuwen in Kaprijke" ("A CLAEYS Tribe from Waarschoot, almost four centuries in Kaprijke"), privately published in 1987.

This was followed in 1990 by a book on our NoŽ Family.  Here is its translation in English.

In 1995 Marijn published a volume on the Gyssels family which you can find here (in Dutch only I'm afraid).

His research on the Van Zele family from Bassevelde was first published here in 2012.

He has given us also something about the De Clerck family and the Cauwels family both from Maldegem.

The article on the Van Hootegem / Van Ooteg(h)em family from St.-Laureins was first published by the periodical "De Levensboom" (The Tree of Life), 2007, Year 20, number 1.  It was written by Mr. Jozef Dobbelaere with important additions by Alois van den Oever.  Here you may read the English language version with further additions for which we wish to thank members of the Van Hootegem family and Mrs. Judi McDowell (U.S.A.).

And finally it was Father Nicolas Van Hulse who in the early 1950s wrote and published a brochure about his Van Hulse ancestors and other family members.  Van Hulse-Bruyntjes en nakomelingen in Dutch only.


"Historische verkenningen in het Meetjesland" ("Historical Reconnaissance Trips in the Meetjesland"), 1982, pp. 351 by DaniŽl Verstraete published by the "Heemkundige Werkgroep DaniŽl Verstraete" ("Regional Committee DaniŽl Verstraete")

"Bezoek aan de Moerdorpen Sint-Laureins, Sint-Jan-in-Eremo and Sint-Margriete" ("Visits to the peat villages Sint-Laureins, Sint-Jan-in-Eremo en Sint-Margriete") by Luc Stockmans, 1997 published by the "Heemkundig Genootschap van het Meetjesland" ("Regional Society of the Meetjesland")

And here is an excellent guide to our Meetjesland: "Streekgids Meetjesland" (Meetjesland Regional Guide) by Walter Notteboom, Toon De Kesel, Marc Schoonackers, Robert De Lust, Jacques Cleppe and Ivan Hoste, published in 1998 by "Natuur en Landschap Meetjesland vzw" (Meetjesland Nature and Landscape") and the "Uitgeverij de Eecloonaar" ("uitgeverij" = publisher; "Eecloonaar" or "Eeklonaar" in the latest revision of our spelling means "inhabitant or native of Eeklo").

We sincerely hope there will soon be a new expanded edition of this marvelous guide.

And then there is "Watervliet, Koningswens en Ridderdroom" ("Watervliet, a King's Wish and a Knight's Dream"), a great book by Mr. Jozef De Paepe, published in 1999 by Taptoe.  It is an invaluable source of information not only on Watervliet but on much of our Meetjesland because it goes into such great detail.

We also received permission to quote here on this website at length from yet another marvelous Taptoe book called "Karel Lodewijck LEDEGANCK" by Marc Van Hulle.  Ledeganck was Eeklo's most famous son.

Then there is the "Geschiedenis van de Parochie Wachtebeke-Overslag en het Kerkgebouw" (History of the Wachtebeke-Overslag Parish and the Church building) by the Heemkundige Kring "Oud-Wachtebeke", the Old-Wachtebeke Regional Circle, 1996.  We are most grateful also to them and especially to Mr. P. Hesters for their permission to quote extensively from their work especially on the history of Wachtebeke and the Overslag.

"Brandende Polders" (Burning Polders) by Jozef De Paepe, Ivan De Wilde and Marc Van Hulle was published by Uitgeverij Taptoe in 1994.  It tells us about some of the things that happened in the last few few weeks leading up to the liberation of our Meetjesland in September 1944.

"Het Meetjesland, per gemet gemeten" by Jacques Cleppe (photography), Robert De Lust (text), Ronny De Schuyter (poetry selection) and Marc Schoonackers (photography) published in 2003 by the Uitgeverij de Eeclonaar.  The last word in the title "gemeten" means measured.  A "gemet" is about half a hectare.  The plural of "gemet" is "gemete" or "gemeten" and the second syllable is pronounced exactly like the first syllable of "Meetjesland".  Indeed some people think that's where the name Meetjesland comes from.  This is a beautiful book with plenty of gorgeous pictures, poems and informative texts.  Perhaps you can still get a copy somewhere:  ISBN: 90-74128-97-1.

We also want to mention a book called "Napoleon", by Paul Johnson, an eminent historian.  (Penguin Group, 2002, ISBN: 0-670-03078-3)  It shows us a less glorified side of this failed dictator.

We are most grateful to Mr. Romano Tondat for allowing us to publish here all the issues of "Ons Meetjesland" (Our Meetjesland), a periodical which he edited for many years.

We also owe a lot to Mr Martin Acke whose excellent and ever so detailed website on Zelzate (in Dutch) can be found here.

"Heemkundige bijdragen uit het Meetjesland", 2003, Number 1 (Regional Contributions from the Meetjesland) has a great contribution by its editor, Mr. Paul Van de Woestijne entitled "Meetjesland Painters in the Memoires of J.B. Lybaert".  We are most grateful to him for permission to use his information.


If the author of a color picture is not mentioned next to it then the picture was taken by Denis NoŽ.

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