Dogs of Our Lives


Dogs of Our Lives

     I love dogs. There have been four dogs with whom I have shared my life so far, one dog at a time, and these pages are a tribute to them. Each one was special in his or her own way, and I greatly miss the ones that have passed on. Meet my furry friends --


Half Poodle, half unknown (but probably Schnauzer), Cuddles was an energetic and tolerant companion for my 10-year-old self, even if she did prefer sleeping on my sister's bed.


Cherrie was a mix of Chihuahua and Terrier. She was small but amazingly smart and athletic, and she lived to be 17 1/2 years old.


Tessa was a true Mystery Mutt. I believe her mother was probably a Cocker Spaniel, but the rest was anybody's guess. Sweet and gentle, Tessa broke my heart when she died of a chronic lung disorder.


The irrepressible Tramp is possibly a Tibetan Terrier. An exuberant but somewhat clumsy cutie who follows me everywhere and trips me in the process.