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Andreas Lodowich Kasselmann Direct Descendancy (1698-1789)
to William Benjamin Castleman Sr,
AKA: Ben Castleman (1899-1978)
including LINKS to following family pages

Castleman - David (1734-1826)
and Margaret Johnson (1737-1808)

Castleman - John Stephen (1766-1840)
and Sarah Shepherd (1766-1842)

Castleman - George William Benjamin (1868-1944)
and Anna Mae Fiddler (1871-1929)

Nesmith - Nellie May - Ancestors
Wife of William Benjamin Castleman, Sr.

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GIVEN NAMES - Castleman

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SURNAMES - Castleman Related

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Castleman Given Names

Alfred, Amanda, Amelia, Ann Eliza, Bannister, Ben, Benjamin, Benjamin C, Beulah, Buddy, Catherine, Charles McCormick, Charles S, Charles William, David, David C., David Frost, David J, David James, David Jr, Edward Prebble, Eleanor, Eleanora, Elizabeth, Emeline F, Franklin, George, George William, George William Benjamin, Hannah Elizabeth, Henry William, James, James Daniel, James H, Janet, Jimmy, Joann V, John Burchell, John Randolph, John Stephen, Junious, Lewis Marshall, Lizzie, Louis, Louis Bushrod, Louise Theresa, Lucinda/Lucinder/Lucindle/Lucy, M N, Mann R P, Mary Elizabeth, Margaret, Margaret, Margaret Ann, Margaret C, Marshall N, Martha, Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Frances, Maude C, Melvin Thomas, Merenes, Merenes, Mike, Nathaniel Green, Ned, Osborn David, Pauline Richard, Portia Rosemaria, Robert H, Rose, Robert Stewart, Sara, Sarah, Stafford, Stephen, Stephen David, Stewart, Thomas, Thomas T, Virginia Clarke, William, William A Jr., William Alfred, William, William Benjamin Jr., William Benjamin Sr., William Jr, William Marshall,

Castleman Related Surnames

Allemong, Athey, Baker, Baird, Barr, Boyce, Briggs, Brockington, Burchell, Burnet, Camp, Carroll, Cookendorfer, Day Directory, Dorsey, Earhart, Fiddler, Fletcher, Francis, Frost, Giles, Goff, Grantham, Grove/Groves, Hall, Johnson, LaRue, Little, Louthan, McCormick, Milton, Mount, Naismith/Naesmyth/Nesmith/NaeSmyth/NesSmith, Odell,, Patterson, Patton, Petit, Sanger, Sinclair, Sledge, Shepherd, Shively, Smith, Stewart, Stubblefield, Taylor, Thompson, Vance, Walters, White, Welsh, Wigginton, Woodring

Nesmith/Naismith/Naesmyth/NaeSmyth/NesSmith Related Surnames

Bard, Barr, Barthlow, Boltz, Brightwell, Brockington, Burnet, Catlett, Catrow, Cox, Cunighame, Feltner, Finch, Fleming, Fries, Gantt, Grabill, Harrison, Hedges, Horner, Hutzler, Johnson, Kettering, LeMaster, Linton, Loch, Luttrell, Miller, Minghini, Myers, Pitzer, Potts, Richardson, Ripple, Russell, Scott, Shade, Sherrard, Shifflett, Shimp, Snyder, Spiker, Strobridge, Stuart, Stuckey, Summers, Veitch, Weller, Wilson

Book - "Descendants of William Castleman/Casselman"

Printed in 1993, after many years of research, this 700-page semi hard-bound alphabetized and indexed book with heavy vinyl cover with the title embossed in gold includes: narrative, stories, 376 photos, 8,000 names, and 2,235 surnames. It also contains a tree of William's second and third generations. To order, send $50 (includes S&H) with your name and mailing address (since she is not online) to the author: Mrs. Beatrice Castleman Shamlin, 2557 Sixth St., Ceres, CA 95307


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