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Are these photographs of your long lost relatives?  I have collected these pictures from the different relatives over the years.  Some of these old photographs have inscriptions that give the person's name but I still do not know if there is a relative or friends. Maybe you have a connection to these people.


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Inscription: Esther and Norma Anderson 
Date: Unknown 
Photographer & Location:  Unknown 
Original owner of this picture: Amanda (Matthies) Dufty 
Inscription: August Benz 
Date: 1888 
Photographer & Location:  W.E. Wolcott, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 
Original owner of this picture: Amanda (Matthies) Dufty 
 Inscription: Willis Berthold 
Date: Unknown 
Photographer & Location: Hartley, 309 W. Madison St., Chicago 
Original owner of this picture: Amanda (Matthies) Dufty
Inscription: Ed Busse Wedding picture 
Date: Unknown 
Photographer & Location:  W.A. Riechel, Red Lake Falls, Minn. 
Original owner of this picture: Amanda (Matthies) Dufty
Inscription: Adelhide Dhoeler 
Date: Unknown 
Photographer & Location:  Frank McDonald, Ahnapee, Wis. 
Original owner of this picture: Amanda (Matthies) Dufty

I have listed the names where written on the back of these pictures, which I have listed below.  On the pages that I have shown
the photographs, I have tried to list any hints that the picture itself has given, such as photographic studio, location and possibly date.
Anderson, Ester and Norma 
Benz, August 
Berthold, Willie 
Busse, Ed 
Dhoeler, Adelhide 
Gomoll, Ed at sisters wedding 
Gomoll, Aunt and Uncle 
Hastings, Emma 
Heagele, Arthur, Martha, and Leo 
Heagele, Aunt Lena 
Heagele, Henry, Augusta, and Ella 
Heagele, John 
Hofferman, Mrs 
Homes, Mr. 
Jenson, Ray and Margaret 
Kerba, Children 
Kuehl, Children 
Kuehl, Mary 
Kuehl, Mary, Hulda and Virgina 
Leaprad, Mrs 
Miller, Ella 
Miller, Lena 
Norman, Family 
Peterson, Ida 
Rahn, Amelia
Rahn, Emma 
Rahn, Minn 
Rahn, Uncle, Aunt and Cousin 
Rummler, Amelia and Cousin 
Schroeder, Minnie, Lena, and Emma 
Shadler, Karl 
Skala, Henry 
Smith Family 
Sussength, Mrs. C. 
Utich, Mr & Mrs 
Vicklands, 1946 
Wies, Anna 
Welch, Mrs

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