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Descendants of Dempsey Nowell of Haywood Co., TN


1. Dempsey NOWELL

BIOGRAPHY: This Dempsey Nowell is listed in the estate settlement of Jeremiah Rawls, dated Aug. Court of 1830 in Hertford Co.  The amount paid w/wife Elizabeth was $1.38.   There was also cash paid ($2.50) to Dempsey in the esate settlement of Wm. Nowell in the Feb. Court of 1833 in Hertford Co.

Dempsey Nowell sold two tracts of land in April or May of 1832.   (Source: Hertford Co., NC Court Minutes)   Deeds & Conveyances at the May term 1832: One tract was deeded to Seth Nowell and one tract to Isaac Nowell.   This suggests that he sold his land in anticipation of moving to TN.  His sixth child, Sarah Mariah, was born 7 Mar 1833 in Haywood Co., TN (Yvonne's family Bible records).

From Dempsey's Bible, it appears that he married three times.   In the bible pages, the parents of the children are given each time.   Only the names of wives are given in the bible; no dates.

Dempsey was ordained a deacon in Zion Baptist Church March 1839.

Dempsey's will is found in Haywood County, TN Will Book E:7-8.   J.O. White and Lemuel F. Nowell as administrators.   Witnesses: Mathias Baker, William J. Baker.   Bondsmen: Joseph W. Rawls, Mathias Baker, George E. Thomas, George T. Nowell.   Will proved in court 6 Dec 1852, Court Minute Bk E: 245.   Dempsey owned 666 acres of land and slaves at the time of his death.

From the activies that Dempsey participated in, it is evident that he was well educated.   He could read and write (signed will).   There were several "lots of books" in the inventory of his estate.

This family and its descendents have been researched and contributed by Yvonne Nowell Mesler (

7. Sarah Maria Augustus NOWELL

Her name in the Nowell Family Bible is given as Sally Maria Augustus Nowell, but in all court records found, she is Sarah Mariah Nowell or Sara Mariah Moore wife of C.H. Moore.

Elizabeth Caroline MCNEILL

BIOGRAPHY: Elizabeth Caroline is listed as "Caroline" in Yvonne's Family Bible, and she is listed as "Elizabeth C." in the "heirs at law" of Archibald McNeill.   She is probably dead by 1849, because Dempsey is listed with Nancy Outlaw on the 1850 Census of Haywood Co., TN.

Information about Elizabeth Caroline McNeil is found in Haywood county chancery court Minutes, part2, 1842-1867, dated Nov. 11, 1846. Thomas Bond Complaint vs. Neil A. McNeil, Margaret McNeil:
_____ UMquehart(?) and Margaret his wife, John D. McNeil, William P. McNeil, robert A. McNeil, James
E. Stanfield and Mary J. his wife, Edward J. Harper & Jennie(?) his wife, Dempsey Nowell & Elizabeth C., his wife, Sophia T. McNeil, David L. McNeil and George McNeil.  Heirs at law of Archibald McNeil Deceased.

12. William Arthur NOWELL

DEATH: William Arthur is not on the 1850 census with dempsey and not in his will.


BIOGRAPHY: There were no children from her marriage to Dempsey.   She is listed on the 1850 census with Dempsey and found in the Family Record of David Outlaw in Brownsville, Haywood Co., Tn Library.   They are also listed in the book NICHOLAS COBB DESCENDANTS by Joe Cobb on pp. 327 & 335, but the children that are listed there are Dempsey's and Elizabeth Rawls Nowell's children.   Nancy jpoined Zion Baptist church August 1849 where Dempsey was a deacon.

From "Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers", Vol. 1, 1837-1863 compiled by Betty Couch Wiltshire, p. 5, it says "July 31, 1852 Died at the Lunatic Asylum, near Nashville on the 15th inst., Mrs. Nancy Nowal, wife of Mr. Dempsey Nowel, of Haywood County.   Mrs. Nowal was formerly Mrs. Montogomery of this place."   She was apparently married before to a Montgomery.