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Alameda County.




Leo Weil, Oakland, executes our Surety Bonds

211 Bacon Bldg.








Superior Court-

Department One:

T. W. Harris, Judge:

F. A. Donahue, Clerk:

F. Higuera, Bailiff:

J. Spencer Riley, Reporter.


Department Two:

Henry A. Melvin, Judge:

Paul W. Wuthe, Clerk:

J. D. Scanlon, Bailiff:


Department Three:

John Ellsworth, Judge:

Geo. A. Stricker, Clerk:

Geo. Surtevant, Bailiff:

W. A. Whidden, Reporter.


Department Four (Probate):

Wm. H. Waste, Judge:

A. J. Woolsey, Clerk:

F. Pillot, Bailiff.


Department Five:

F. B. Ogden, Judge:

L. A. Rudolph, Clerk:

E. J. Sweeney, Bailiff:

Hervey Darneal, Reporter.


Law and Motion Day - Friday.


Probate Day - Monday and Friday. Dept. 4.


District Attorney - E. J. Brown.

Chief Deputy - W. H. Donahue


Clerk - John P. Cook.

Auditor - Geo. E. Pierce.

Recorder - A. K. Grim.

Sheriff - Frank Barnet.

Tax Collector - Jas. B. Barber.

Assessor - H. P. Dalton.

Treasurer - M. J. Kelly.

Superintendent of Schools - Geo. W. Frick.

Public Administrator - Geo. Gray.

Coroner - Dr. C. L. Tisdale.

Surveyor - P. A. Haviland.


Supervisors John Mitchell (Chairman), Oakland:

C. F. Horner, Centerville:

W. A. Bridge, Fruitvale:

H. D. Rowe, East Oakland:

J. M. Kelley, Hall of Records.






Township., Name of Justice.

City of Oakland, Geo. Samuels

City of Oakland, Mortimer Smith

City of Oakland,

Murray, W. H. Wright

Oakland, Jas. G. Quinn

Brooklyn, Wm. R. Geary



Alameda, Elmer Johnston

Berkeley, R. Edgar

Eden, Chas. Prowse


Pleasanton, P. C. Quinn

Alameda City, R. B. Tappan

Washington, Thos. J. Powers

Washington, S. Sandhlot

Name of Constable., Postoffice

T. H. Hempstead, Oakland

, Oakland

Morris Lane, Emeryville

G. S. Fitzgerald, Livermore

, Oakland

, East Oakland

Thos. D. Carroll, Fruitvale

W. C. Allen, Elmhurst

Al Kihn, Alameda

, Berkeley

W. J. Ramage, Haywards

J. M. Olimpia, San Leandro

Larkin Locke, Pleasanton

, Alameda

S. B. Vandervoort, Irvington

, Centerville

Jos. Roderick, Niles








Abbott, Carl H., (Fitzgerald & Abbott), Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Acker, N. A., Oakland

Ackerman, J. D., 1603 Brush

Aiken, Benj. R., 957 Bdwy.

Aldrich, H. S., (Aldrich & Gentry), 906 Bdwy.

Allen, John J., (Allen & Walsh), Union S. B. Bldg.

Angwin, W. S., 969 Bdwy.

Bachelder, T. F., 906 Bdwy.

Baum, Alex. R., Central B. Bldg., also S. F.

Bell, Harmon, 1218 Bdwy.

Bell, Traylor W., 1218 Bdwy.

Bergen, B. F., 1003 Bdwy.

Black, P. C., (Reed, Black & Reed), Union S. B. Bldg.

Bledsoe, A. J., 1165 Washington

Boyer, J. H., Bacon Bldg.

Bradford, H. L., Bacon Bldg.

Bradley, Tom M., 906 Bdwy.

Breed, H. L., 861 Bdwy.

Brown, Everett J., District Attorney, Court House

Bruenn, Adolph, Bacon Bldg.

Burke, Bert, 906 Bdwy.

Button, Fred L., Bacon Bldg.

Bryson, A. H., Bacon Bldg.

Campbell, , (Campbell & Fowler), 808 Bdwy.

Chapman, M. C., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Church, L. C., 850 Bdwy.

Church, L. S., (Snook & Church), 906 Bdwy.

Clark, Wm. C., 906 Bdwy.

Clarke & Clarke, (F. E. and J. W.), 856 Bdwy., also Livermore

Clarke, R. 906 Bdwy.

Cloud, A. J., Bacon Bldg.

Cohen, A. H., 906 Bdwy.

Colvin, C. L., 856 Bdwy.

Corson, H. L., 855 Bdwy., also S. F.

Creely, J. H., 906 Bdwy.

Crosby, Peter J., 1003 Bdwy.




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Phone Berkeley 767



Manager and Expert Collector'





Crowell, Clarence, 1101 U. S. B. Bldg.

Davis, Wm. R., Bacon Bldg.

Dean, W. E., Bacon Bldg.

Decoto, Ezra W., Court House

de Freitas, F. L., 921 Bdwy.

De Golia, Darwin C., 906 Bdwy.

De Golia, Geo. E., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

DeLancey, John S., 1101 U. S. B. Bldg.

Devore, Claude W., 1209 Bdwy.

Dibert, J. L. (Dibert & Stiefvater), Bacon Bldg.

Dodge, Clinton G., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Donohoe, W. H., Deputy District Attorney, Court House

Donovan, W. J., 855 Bdwy.

Earle, J. J., 1218 Bdwy.

Ellsworth, John, Superior Judge, Court House

Eliason, E. R., Union S. B. Bldg.

Elston, J. A., 906 Bdwy.

Engs, E. W., 1216 Bdwy.

Engs, Edward W., 1218 Bdwy.

Fowler,(Campbell & Fowler), 808 Bdwy.

Fitch, J. R., Union S. B. Bldg.

Fitzgerald, Robert M., (Fitzgerald & Abbott), Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Fountaine, P. A., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Frick, A. L., 67 Bacon Bldg.

Fry, Fred W., 906 Bdwy.

Fulton, R. S., 906 Bdwy.

Gardiner, J. P., 361 12th

Gaylord, Robt. B., 906 Bdwy., also 20 Montgomery St., S. F.

Geary, Wm. R., 906 Bdwy.

Gehring, E. E., Bacon Bldg.

Gentry, W. H. H., 906 Bdwy.

Gibson, E. M., (Gibson & Woolner) First Natl. Bank Bldg.

Glascock, John R., 906 Bdwy.

Goldsby, Z. N., Bacon Bldg.

Graber, T. F., 856 Bdwy.

Gray, G. H., 1005 Bdwy.

Gray, R. S., (Gray & Rode), Bacon Bldg.

Griffins, B. H., 1104 Union S. B. Bldg.

Griffith, B. H., Bacon Bldg.

Gwilt, John W., 906 Bdwy.

Hall, S. P., Justice District Court of Appeal, First District

Hambilton, M. S., 1113 Bdwy.

Harris, T. W., Superior Judge, Court House

Hennessey, Wm. J., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Hewitt, R. E., 855 Bdwy.

Holland, A. P., (Stocker & Holland), 808 Bdwy.

Holman, Edw. A., Bacon Bldg.

Hood, F. H., 969 Bdwy.

Howard, Cary, 906 Bdwy.

Huxley, Thos. C., Bacon Bldg., also Centerville

Hyde, F. A., 1255 Bdwy.

Hynes, W. H. L., Court House

Ingraham, George, 906 Bdwy.

Jenks, Ira C., 1209 Bdwy.

Johns, Fred, Bacon Bldg.

Johnson, Jas. A., (Johnson & Shaw), 969 Bdwy.

Kennedy, S., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Kern, G. T., Bacon Bldg.

Kiler, W. H., Bacon Bldg.

Kinsell, Dudley, Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Knapp, D. A., 1st Nat'l. Bk. Bldg.

Koenig, Max W., Bacon Bldg.

Kroning, W. H., 906 Bdwy.

Lake, F. W., 909 Linden

Langan, Geo. W., Bacon Bldg.

Leach, Abe P., 1114 Union S. B. Bldg.

Leet, L. C., Bacon Bldg.

Lewis, Austin, 907 Bdwy.

Lukens, G. R., 1214 Bdwy.

Luttrell, H. A., 906 Bdwy.

Manning, L. D., Bacon Bldg.

Marcuse, & Marcuse, (Max and E. M.), 918 Bdwy.

Martin, Harold L., 969 Bdwy.

Matthews, Wickleffe, Bacon Bldg.

Mattos, John G., Jr., Bacon Blk.

McClure, J. W., Bacon Bldg.

McDonald, John J., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

McDonough, Geo. J., 906 Bdwy.

McElroy, J. E., (McElroy & Stetson), Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

McFadden, B., 906 Bdwy.

McGee, R. L., 855 Bdwy.

McGill, H. M., Blake Blk.

McGuire, Frank E., 856 Bdwy.

McKee, Sam Bell, 913 Union S. B. Bldg.

McVey, John L., Union S. B. Bldg.

Melvin, H. A., Superior Judge, Court House

Mendenhall, Asa V., Bacon Bldg.

Merrill, Geo. B., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Metcalf, Geo. D., 913 Union S. B. Bldg.

Meyers, Edw., Bacon Bldg.

Michel, Adolph, Bacon Bldg.



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Successors to Gustave L. Mix & Co., Oakland Abstract Co., Land Title Co., Du Ray Smith.

This company has the only complete Abstract of the Records of Alameda County.



Searchers of Records for Alameda County

Neal J. McKeon, 956 Broadway

Secretary and Manager, Phone Oakland 525




Mitchell, D., 876 Bdwy.

Montgomery, A. A., 968 Bdwy.

Montgomery, H. S., 968 Bdwy.

Montgomery, J. P., 4003 Telegraph

Moreland, W. W., (Walker & Moreland), 906 Bdwy.

Morrison, H. C., Bacon Bldg.

Murcel, Chas., 957 Bdwy.

Murdock, Alex., 1068 Bdwy.

Myers, R. B., Bacon Bldg.

Nichols, E. E., First Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Noyes, B., Albany Bank

Nusbaumer, Emil, Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

O'Brien, W. S., 308 10th

Ogden, F. B., Superior Judge Court House

Ormsby, A. S., Oakland

Page, E. S., Bacon Bldg.

Piersol, H. J., Bacon Bldg.

Powell, M. A., (Wickes, Schwartz & Powell), 957 Bdwy.

Pulcifer, Harry W., Union S. B. Bldg.

Quayle, Charles, Bacon Bldg.

Rawson, Frank L., Bacon Bldg.

Rawson, M. L., 906 Bdwy.

Reed, C. M., (Reed, Black & Reed), Union S. B. Bldg.

Reed, Geo. W., (Reed, Black & Reed), Union S. B. Bldg.

Richardson, G. H., 906 Bdwy.

Richardson, J. B., Bacon Bldg.

Rinehart, W. B., 1004 Bdwy.

Robinson & Robinson, (E. C. and H. S.), First Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Rode, Walter E., Bacon Bldg.

Rose, J. J., Jr., Union S. B. Bldg.

Russell, J. E., 3414 Wilson Ave.

Russell, W. F., 906 Bdwy.

Ryker, E. G., (Hill & Ryker), Bacon Bldg.

Samuels, George, Police Judge, 1015 Union S. B. Bldg.

Samuels, M. J., Union S. B. Bldg.

Satterthwaite, W. T., Bacon Bldg.

Schwartz, Milton H., (Wickes, Schwartz & Powell, 957 Bdwy.

Scott, J. C., 1003 Bdwy.

Scrivner, J. J., 906 Bdwy.

Sears, G. M., 906 Bdwy.

Sessions, E. C., Jr., 969 Bdwy.

Shaw, Geo. M., (Johnson & Shaw), 969 Bdwy.

Shephard, J. H., & Co., (J. H. and E. Shephard), 1021 E 7th

Shephardson, Milton, 420 10th

Silva, H. J., Macdonough Bldg.

Smith, Mortimer, Police Judge, Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Smith, S. J., 1218 Bdwy.

Snook, Chas. E., (Snook & Church), 906 Bdwy., also S. F.

Stetson, John W., (McElroy & Stetson), Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Stuart, W. E., 1603 Brush

Stiefvater, A. P., (Dibert & Stiefvater), Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Street, J. F., 855 Bdwy.

Swalley, A. St. C., 1003 Bdwy.

Tashier, A. G., Oakl'd B. of S. Bldg.

Taylor, E. K., Alameda, also S. F.

Trefethn, E. E., Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Turner, Aaron, 957 Bdwy.

Van Sickle, True, Oakland B. of S. Bldg.

Walker, H. G., (Walker & Moreland), 906 Bdwy.

Walsh, Phil M., (Allen & Walsh), Union S. B. Bldg. (died 1915)

Waste, William H., Superior Judge, Court House

White, C. G., 957 Bdwy.

Whitmore, Welles, 1003 Bdwy.

Whitney, F. E., 857 Bdwy.

Wickes, Thos. P., (Wickes, Schwartz & Powell), 957 Bdwy.

Wise, Herbert D. 906 Bdwy.

Witter, G. F., Union S. B. Bldg.

Wood, Carl F., Central Bank Bldg.

Wood, Fred V., Central Bank Bldg.

Woolner, Ben F., (Gibson & Woolner), First Nat'l. Bank Bldg.

Wyman, Gilbert, Fruitvale

Yule, John, 957 Bdwy.




Berlin, F. A., 1525 Park

Drolla, C. P., 1424 Park

James, H. K., 1410 Park

Simpson, M. W., Park St.

Tappan, R. B., 1332 Park

Taylor, E. K., 1402 Park

Taylor, M. S., 1402 Park



Adams, C. F., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Atkinson, P. H., Berkeley Nat'l. Bk.

Bell, R. B., Wright Bldg.

Boland, Wm. F., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Dorn, Fred'k W., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Elston, F. A., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Fischer, Bros., (P. B. and F. C.), 2190 Shattuck

Hughes, Geo. L., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Keyes, E. E., (Waite, Keyes & Martin), 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Koford, J. M., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Martin, L. E., (Waite, Keyes & Martin), 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Mausley, O. W., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Nichols, E. E., 1st. Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Nutting, F. P., 7st Nat'l. B. Bldg.

Staats, R. C., 2618 Durant

Swinford, Edwin, 2115 Center.


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A. P. Holland, Pres., J. H. Mathews, Vice-Pres., R. B. Stocker, Secy.

Sam. Bell McKee, Advisory Counsel.



Established 1863, Incorporated 1898, Capital Stock, $125,000

Certificates and Abstracts of Title, Conveyancing

Notary Public


808 Broadway, Telephone, Main 315, OAKLAND, CAL.



Waite, H. De H., (Waite, Keyes & Martin), 1st Nat'l. B. Bldg.



Huxley, Thos. C.

Mickle, B. C.



Rees, J. W.

Van Hovenberg, A. A.



Chadbourne, H. F.

Hill, J. B.

Langan, G. S.

Lemas, F. I.

Prowse, Chas.



Clarke & Clarke, (F. E. and J. W.)

Wood, Carl F.



Donahue, Frank (Donahue & Gale).

Gale, C. A. (Donahue & Gale).



Black, John.

Frank, J. M.



Alameda Savings Bank.(Incorporated February 1, 1890). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. E. Baker; Vice-President, I. L. Borden; Cashier, Chas. E. Tabor; Directors, Joseph Knowland, I. L. Borden, J. R. Knowland, Geo. W. Scott, Charles S. Neal, Geo. H. Payne, J. E. Baker.


Bank of Alameda.(Incorporated October 31, 1888). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,00. Same officers and directors as Alameda Savings Bank.


Citizens' Bank of Alameda(Incorporated, March 6, 1906). Capital stock, $100,000: paid in coin, $50,000. S. E. Biddle, Jr., President; F. V. Bordwell, Cashier; Directors, S. E. Biddle, Jr., H. D. Clark, L. A. Konigshofer, J. K. Lynch, A. N. Lewis, W. S. Tibbitts, D. L. Westover.



Bank of Alvardo(Incorporated February 20, 1902). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, F. B. Granger; Cashier, August May; Directors, I. V. Ralph, August May, Geo. Althauser, F. B. Granger, Fred P. Hellwig, D. F. Wiegman, E. H. Stevenson.



Berkeley Bank of Savings(Incorporated January 27, 1892). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, A. W. Naylor; Cashier, F. L. Naylor; Directors, Wm. H. Crocker, R. S. Penniman, J. W. Havens, C. M. Gayley, W. H. Marston, J. R. Little, A. W. Naylor, W. B. Rising.


Berkeley National Bank(Incorporated August 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; surplus and undivided profits, $30,000. President, Geo. P. Baxter; Vice-President, Benjamin Bangs; Cashier, P. H. Atkinson; Directors, Dr. Thomas Addison, W. Palache, W. T. Hotchkiss, P. T. Tomkins, F. L. Lipman, D. McDuffie, A. G. Freeman, J. W. Richards, Louis Titus, Benjamin Bangs.


First National Bank(Incorporated February 1892). Capital stock, $150,000. President, A. W. Naylor; Vice-President, Frank M. Wilson; Cashier, F. L. Naylor; Assistant Cashier, F. C. Mortimer.


South Berkeley Bank(Incorporated March 5, 1893). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, A. W. Naylor; Vice-President, Gad Aylwin; Cashier, E. K. Cole; Directors, A. W. Naylor, Gad Alywin, H. D. Irwin, John M. Foy, F. L. Naylor.


University Savings Bank(Incorporated March 19, 1902). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. Geo. P. Baxter, President; J. S. Mills, Assistant Cashier; Directors, G. P. Baxter, Benjamin Bangs, J. W. Richards, L. Titus, Dr. T. Addison, A. G. Freeman, F. L. Lipman, P. T. Thompkins, J. S. Mills, D. M. McDuffle, W. J. Hotchkiss.


West Berkeley Bank.(Incorporated March 4, 1903). Capital stock, $75,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Francis Ferrier; Vice-President, Andrew Abrott; Cashier, H. H. Camper; Directors, F. W. Foss, C. Hoff, Francis Ferrier, W. A. Gompertz, W. H. Heywood, W. H. Leimert, Edw. F. Niehaus, J. T. Renas, B. E. Underwood.



Bank of Centerville.(Incorporated June 13, 1905). Capital stock, $35,000; paid in coin, $35,000. President, John G. Mattos, Jr.; Cashier, F. T. Dusterberry; Directors, John G. Mattos, Jr., F. T. Dusterberry, Jos. Dias, M. F. Silver, L. C. Morehouse, S. Ehrman, J. E. George.



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The Syndicate Bank(Incorporated July 16, 1903). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, B. P. Miller; Cashier, R. L. Chase; Directors, F. C. Havens, E. A. Heron, F. M. Smith, Henry Wadsworth, W. N. Kelly, R. L. Oliver, B. P. Miller.



Bank of Fruitvale(Incorporated July 17, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. D. L. Westover, President; R. W. Westover, Cashier; Directors, D. L. Westover, C. C. Boynton, S. E. Biddle, Jr., R. W. Westover, W. W. Westover, C. L. Tisdale, G. Gordon.


Citizens Bank of FruitvaleSee Citizens Savings Bank.


Citizens Savings Bank(Incorporated July 26, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. L. W. Forsting, President; L. R. Robertson, Cashier; Directors, L. W. Forsting, L. R. Robertson, J. R. Hodge, G. R. Warren, C. E. Archer, C. Lepori, D. M. Heagerty, P. C. Frederickson, J. M. Carr.



Band of Haywards(Incorporated January 2, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. President, H. W. Meek; Vice-President, I. B. Parsons; Cashier, J. E. Farnum; Directors, H. W. Meek, I. B. Parsons, Chas. E. Palmer, W. E. Meek, Frank C. Winton.



Bank of Livermore(Incorporated December 11, 1885). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000; President, Archibald J. Treat; Vice-President, Chas. S. Wheeler; Cashier, F. Mathiesen; Directors, Archibald J. Treat, Chas. S. Wheeler, A. B. Varney, F. Mathiesen, I. W. Heilman, Jr.


Livermore Savings Bank(Incorporated September 2, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $15,400. A. J. Treat, President; F. Mathiesen, Cashier; Directors A. J. Treat, W. B. Killmeyer, I. H. Hellman, Jr.; E. Pronzini, F. Mathiesen.


Livermore Valley Savings Bank(Incorporated October 5, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. W. G. Palmanteer, President; H. S. Goodell, Cashier; Directors, A. Hagemann, T. Crellin, J. Concammon, W. G. Palmanteer, C. H. Wente, J. F. McKown, F. R. Fassett, D. J. Murphy, J. J. Callagan, H. S. Goodell.



Banca Popolare Operaia Italiana(Incorporated November 3, 1907). I. F. Fugazi, President; F. N. Belgrano, Cashier.


Bankers' Trust Company(Incorporated October 13, 1905). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. W. W. Garthwaite, President; J. A. Thomson, Cashier; Directors, J. K. Moffitt, E. F. Adams, H. Rogers, T. Prather, J. Y. Eccleston, C. E. Palmer, M. L. Requa, J. S. Drum, L. Tasheira, J. P. Edoff, G. H. Collins, W. R. Dunning, A. Borland, A. H. Breed, W. W. Garthwaite.


Central Bank(Incorporated September 8, 1891). Central Bank Bldg. Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $300,000. T. Crellin, President, J. F. Carlston, Cashier; Directors, J. L. Howard, C. D. Pierce, J. W. Phillips, W. G. Palmanteer, T. Crellin, G. C. Perkins, J. Moffit, A. S. Blake, W. T. Vietch, J. F. Carlston.


Farmers and Merchants' Savings Bank of Oakland(Incorporated November 10, 1892). 1103 Broadway. Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $70,000. E. F. Adams, President; G. S. Meredith, Cashier; Directors, S. B. McKee, E. F. Adams, G. S. Meredith, A. L. Stone, A. W. Schafer, C. E. Palmer, J. H. McDonald, H. A. Mosher, C. D. Bates.


First National Bank(Established April 15, 1875). Capital stock, $300,000; surplus and undivided profits, $245,000. President, P. E. Bowles; Vice-President, L. C. Morehouse; Cashier, E. N. Walter; Directors, P. E. Bowles, E. W. Runyon, A. L. Stone, H. C. Morris, W. H. Taylor, L. C. Morehouse, E. A. Heron, L. G. Burpee, W. Everson.


First Trust and Savings BankCapital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $150,000. P. E. Bowles, President; O. D. Jacoby, Cashier; Directors, E. W. Runyon, L. G. Burpee, E. A. Heron, A. L. Stone, W. H. Taylor, H. C. Morris, W. Everson, L. C. Morehouse.


Oakland Bank of Savings(Incorporated August 1, 1867). Twelfth Street, cor. Broadway. Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $1,000,000. H. Rogers, President; J. Y. Eccleston Cashier; Directors, A. Borland, G. H. Collins, H. Davis, W. B. Dunning, J. Y. Eccleston, W. W. Garthwaite, J. K. Moffitt, M. L. Requa, H. Rogers.


Security Bank and Trust Company(Incorporated March 5, 1893). Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $150,000. President H. C. Capwell; Vice-President, A. D. Wilson; Cashier, Chas. A. Smith; Directors, T. W. Corder, A. D. Wilson, H. C. Capwell, C. J. Heeseman, C. E. Snook, Theo. Gier, Dr. H. G. Thomas, W. F. Burbank, J. A. Beckwith, W. H. L. Hynes, F. K. Mott.



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State Savings Bank(Incorporated March 24, 1893). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. C. McMullen; Vice-President, Dudley Kinsell; Cashier, R. J. McMullen; Directors, D. Kinsell, J. B. Lanktree, W. C. Moody, C. H. Jones, J. C. McMullen.


Union National Bank(Established 1875). Capital stock, $150,000; paid in coin, $150,000. J. L. DeFremery, President; E. F. Jordan, Cashier; Directors, J. L. De Fremery, G. D. Gray, Geo. Roeth, J. Abrahamson, F. W. Bilger, J. G. Mattos, Jr., G. M. Perine.


Union Savings Bank(Incorporated May 26, 1869). Thirteenth St., cor. Broadway. Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. W. G. Henshaw, President; A. E. H. Cramer, Cashier; Directors, W. G. Henshaw, C. T. Rodolph, A. E. H. Cramer, E. M. Walsh, H. A. Butters, S. D. Carneal, E. Goodall, H. W. Meeks, W. H. Bissell, C. H. King, H. J. Knowles.


West Oakland Bank and Trust Company(Incorporated March 5, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. O. F. Breiling, President; J. S. Burpee, Jr., Cashier; Directors, W. Long, E. J. Breiling, J. R. Kaelin, H. Flynn, J. S. Burpee, Jr., H. P. Dalton.



Bank of Pleasanton(Incorporated February 23, 1893). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, P. N. Lilienthal; Vice-President, T. W. Harris; Cashier, E. L. Benedict; Directors, P. N. Lilienthal, T. W. Harris, E. L. Benedict, W. H. Cope, C. L. Crellin.



Bank of San Leandro(Incorporated February 23, 1907). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $75,000. President, Solomon Huff; Vice-President, L. C. Moorehouse; Cashier, Chas. H. Hale; Directors, F. P. Cay, J. Heuschet, S. Huff, A. Lucas, J. R. Mendona, L. C. Moorehouse, C. H. Hale.




Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.