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Biggest and Best, "Open 24 hours a day"






221 W. Third St., LOS ANGELES, Home A6941, Main 9165











Note.—For Appellate Courts and United States Courts see front of this book.

All offices are in the Court House except where otherwise stated.


Superior Court—

Department One (Criminal):

W. J. Jamison, Judge.

H. J. Butterworth, Clerk.

B. N. Smith, Jr., Reporter.

J. J. Henry, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Two (Probate):

J. C. Rives, Judge.

W. L. Warren, Clerk.

T. M. Lancaster, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Three:

F. W. Houser, Judge.

H. W. Meserve, Clerk.

Monroe H. Conlee, Reporter.

W. E. Jefferies, Deupty Sheriff.


Department Four:

J. P. James, Judge.

A. J. Wheeler, Clerk.

A. J. Bagley, Reporter.

T. Murphy, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Five:

N. P. Conrey, Judge.

H. B. Blakeley, Clerk.

Henry Henderson, Reporter.

C. C. Bonnell, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Six:

Chas. Monroe, Judge.

T. Colville, Clerk.

Merton E. Keith, Reporter.

W. A. Gooding, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Seven:

Geo. H. Hutton, Judge.

C. Enyeart, Clerk.

J. J. Petermichel, Reporter.

J. D. Summers, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Eight:

Curtis D. Wilbur, Judge.

Sam Kurtz, Clerk.

Leo Longley, Reporter.

H. H. Doyle, Deputy Sheriff.


Department Nine:

Walter Bordwell, Judge.

Geo. Monroe, Clerk.

E. M. Williams, Reporter.

W. I. Treager, Deputy Sheriff.


Law, Motion and Trial Calendar Day—Friday.

Probate Day—Daily.

District Attorney—J. D. Fredericks.

Assistant—C. C. McComas.

Chief Deputy—Hartley Shaw.

Deputies—J. A. Donnell, E. J. Fleming, Asa Keyes, Frank W. Blair, H. S. G. McCartney, John North, Paul J. McCormick.

Detectives—James Campbell, Louis Duni Ve Carey, J. C. Scott.

Stenographers—M. C. Meredith, J. H. Hartwell.


County Clerk—Chas. G. Keyes.

Chief Deputy—A. W. Francisco.

Cashier and Bookkeeper—D. S. Burson, Jr.

Register Clerk—C. O. Winters.

Judgment Clerk—Geo. E. Ross.

Clerk Board of Supervisors—A. M. McPherron.

Assistants—C. B. Fowley, L. R. Paxton, D. B. Spears, J. Powell, J. H. Parker.

Court-room Clerks—See Courts.

Stenographers—Wm. T. McNeeley, Miss H. Fletcher.

Index Clerk—G. M. Whitaker.

Miscellaneous Clerks—W. C. Watson, J. H. Cowdery.

Criminal Records Clerk—R. Loudenslager.

File Clerk—O. L. Lindsay.

Sheriff—W. A. Hammel.

Under Sheriff—E. F. Dishman.

Chief Deputies—Juan Murietta, W. W. Dennis.

Bookkeeper—W. B. Yard.

Execution Clerk—F. H. Brakesuhler.

Civil Deputies—E. M. Adams, W. T. Osterholt, M. H. Prichard.

Criminal Deputies—J. S. Sepulveda, M. G. Aguirre, C. Mathewson, B. E. Rice, W. H. Wright.

Transportation Deputies—H. H. Denison, David Crowley, W. T. Woods, G. W. Vanveit (for insane patients).

District Attorney's Deputy—J. R. Campbell.

Jailer—G. S. Whaley.

Turnkeys, F. I. Brown, George Gallagher, T. J. Quinn, J. B. Loving, O. Norrell, G. W. Shohi.

Matron—Mrs. Geo. Sholi.

Assessor—Ed. W. Hopkins.

Chief Deputy—E. O. Weed.

Auditor—H. G. Dow.

Chief Deputy—Cal Mallard.

Deputies—Geo. W. Smith, H. Drew, C. I. Parker, J. W. Burke, J. P. Stedman, F. E. Cotter.

Recorder—C. L. Logan.

Chief Deputy—R. L. Hazen.

Chief Copyist—D. W. Flanigan.

Index Clerks—A. Hall, F. Kee.

Mailing Clerk—B. Haralson.



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Both Phones 1514.



(Admitted 1875)


Attorney and Notary, President and Manager of


(Incorporated), Capital Stock $25,000, Depository: Citizens National Bank

Rooms 337-339-340 Citizens Nat'l Bank Bldg.

S. W. cor., Third and Main Sts., LOS ANGELES, Cal.


General Practice in the State and Federal Courts. Commercial, Corporation, Real Estate, Probate Law and Collections. Represent and refer to the Leading Forwarding Commercial Agencies and Law-lists of the United States. Thoroughly equipped Collection Department with Competent Assistants.



Comparers—A. Smith, A. Gibbings, L. Taney, M. Wise, J. D. Crossman, Wm. Burgoyne.

Miscellaneous Clerks—E. E. Saladay, L. L. Dennick, J. F. Halsted, G. L. Bertenneau.


Tax Collector—W. O. Welch.

Chief Deputy—S. T Curson.

Cashier—Calvin A. Yarnell.

General Clerk—H. D. Alfonso.

License Clerk—Chas. E. Allen.

Redemption Clerk—C. M. Fairbanks.


Treasurer—John N. Hunt.

Chief Deputy—W. R. Slater.


Superintendent of Schools—Mark Keppel, Merchants Trust Bldg.

Assistants—T. J. Phillips, A. C. Wheat.

Deputies—A. H. Potter, C. J. Kellogg.

Deputy—May E. Baker.

Stenographer—Viola Talamantes.


Surveyor—Ivory B. Noble.

Chief Deputy—F. L. Jermyn.


Public Administrator—Frank Bryson.

Coroner—Calvin Hartwell, 427 Bullard Bldg.


Supervisors—Chas. E. Patterson (Chairman), Los Angeles; C. D. Manning, Lamanda Park; George Alexander, Los Angeles; S. T. Eldridge, Los Angeles; P. J. Wilson, Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Township Justice Court:

Department One—232 New High:

H. A. Pierce, Justice.

F. J. Gillmore, Clerk.

L. C. Cleveland, Constable.

Department Two—230 New High St:

J. W. Summerfiled, Justice.

T. F. Simpson, Clerk.

Ben Cohn, Constable.

Department Three—Court House Annex:

E. E. Selph, Justice.

W. S. Baird, Clerk.

F. P. Cochran, Constable.

Department Four—217 New High St:

Albert Lee Stephens, Justice.

Sidney N. Reeve, Clerk.

J. H. De La Monte, Constable.


City Justice and Police Courts—

Geo. B. Beebe, Prosecuting Attorney.

William Fredrickson, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.


Department One:

Jos. F. Chambers, Justice.

David Martin, Clerk.

H. Pasqual, Bailiff.

Department Two:

H. C. Austin, Justice.

W. W. Stockwell, Clerk.

G. W. Rosso, Bailiff.

Department Three:

H. H. Rose, Justice.

P. P. O'Brien, Clerk.

C. G. Lehnhausen, Bailiff.


Township, Name of Justice.

Los Angeles City, Jos. F. Chambers.

Los Angeles City, H. C. Austin.

Los Angeles City, Wm. Fredrickson.

Los Angeles City, H. H. Rose.

Los Angeles, Albert Lee Stephens.

Los Angeles, J. W. Summerfield.

Los Angeles, H. A. Pierce.

Los Angeles, E. E. Selph.

Antelope, O. S. Bulkley.

Azusa, George E. Glover.

Ballona, J. L. Wheat.

Belvedere, H. L. Hopkins.

Burbank, Geo. C. Melrose.

Cahuenga, H. D. Crane.

Calabasas, Chas. A. Bell.

Chatsworth Park, Ferd. Tetziaff.

Compton, T. W. Edwards.

Downey, H. W. Hammerton.

El Monte, J. B. Holloway.

Fairmont, G. O. Hughes.


Name of Constable, P. O. Adress.

J. H. De La Monte, Los Angeles.

Ben Cohn, Los Angeles.

L. C. Cleveland, Los Angeles.

Frank Cochran, Los Angeles.

G. A. Carter, Lancaster.

W. I. Hamblin, Azusa.

C. L. Jordan, Venice.

Henry Gottblebes, —.

Chas. Catlin, Burbank.

S. F. Bottomfield, Sherman.

Wm. F. Gates, Calabasas.

Vincente Moricich, Avalon.

F. A. Graves, Chatsworth.

C. L. Burritt, Compton.

B. F. Witherspoon, Downey.

J. H. Thomas, Monrovia.

Chas. Hefner, Elizabeth Lake.



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Depository: Broadway Bank and Trust Co., Expert Counsel Handles all Legal Matters.

Phones Main 3232; Home A3232



Manager, 1896






Accounts, Notes, Mortgages, Judgments and all Manner of Claims; Commercial Litigation; Bankruptcy and Estate Matters; Expert Methods by Competent People, and all Matters Given Careful Attention. No Charge unless Successful.





Township, Name of Justice.

Gardena, C. F. Bayha.

Lankershim, I. C. Ijams.

Lexington, —

Long Beach, W. S. Brayton.

Los Nietos, N. D. Ellis.

Norwalk, E. P. Truitt.

Pasadena, Henry H. Kiamroth.

Pasadena, R. W. McDonald.

Puente, J. W. Hudson.

Redondo, L. F. Wells.

Rowland, W. P. Marshall.

San Antonio, W. M. Kellogg.

San Fernando, J. H. Barclay.

San Gabriel, E. A. Routhe.

San Jose, E. Barnes.

Santa Monica, J. C. Steele.

Soledad, J. F. Powell.

South Pasadena, Geo. W. Glover.

Wilmington, Henry Steiglitz.

Name of Constable, P. O. Address.

Jos. Gillespie, Gardena.

D. R. Fullerton, Lankershim.

W. L. Hawkins, Long Beach.

L. J. Bailey, Whittier.

C. E. Hoover, Norwalk.

W. C. Austin, Pasadena.

H. F. Newell, Pasadena.

W. H. Weaver, Puente.

Charles Dosta, Redondo.

L. C. Fairly, Covina.

T. A. McClain, Compton Rural No. 2.

F. E. Strader, San Fernando.

B. F. Parker, Alhambra.

Frank O. Slanker, Pomona.

Stephen H. Jackson, Santa Monica.

W. E. Pardee, Newhall.

W. H. Johnston, South Pasadena.

C. T. Carlson, San Pedro.








Adams, Frank S., 622 Grant Bldg.

Adams, Geo. P., 410 Bullard Bldg.

Adams, Geo. W., (Adams, Adams & Binford), 930 Central Bldg.

Adams, Hugh W., 826 H. E. Hellman Bldg.

Adams, J. Q. (Adams, Adams & Binford) 930 Central Bldg.

Adcock, Robt. J., Bullard Bldg.

Adler, Max, 201 Tajo Bldg.

Alderson, Wm. A., Merc. T. Bldg.

Alexander, H. B., 416 Henne Bldg.

Alexander, T. S., Union Trust Bldg.

Allen, Alfred W., 610 S. Spring St.

Allen, Carroll (Lawler, Allen, Van Dyke & Jutten) Equitable Bldg.

Allen, David, 207 N. High St.

Allen, Matthew T., Justice District Court of Appeal.

Alexander, F. W., 223 Hellman Bldg.

Amend & Amend, (W. A. and F. B. Amend), Tajo Bldg.

Amend, F. B., Tajo Bldg.

Amend, W. A., Tajo Bldg.

Anderson, D. O., Title, Insurance & Trust Co.

Anderson & Anderson, (J. A. and W. H. Anderson), Stimson Bldg.

Anderson, J. A. (Anderson & Anderson) Stimson Bldg.

Anderson, W. H., (Anderson & Anderson), Stimson Bldg.

Andrade, E. J., 304 Thorpe Bldg.

Andrews, Lewis W., Union T. Bldg.

Appel, Horace H. 423 Bullard Bldg.

Archer, R. T., Douglas Bldg.

Ardis, J. H. (Kendrick, Knott & Ardis), Temple Bldg.

Artherholt, A. H., 331 Copp Bldg.

Austin, Foster C., 312 Bullard Bldg.



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Handled with Brains and Conducted on Honor



Formerly Gen'l Supt. Pinkerton's National Detective Agency.




Avery, Russ (Avery & French), Laughlin Bldg.

Axtell, Clifton, Douglas Bldg.

Bachtell, N. B., 704 Fay Bldg.

Bacon, Edward E., 718 Pac. Electric Bldg.

Bacon, E. E., 207 New High St.

Bailie, Norman A., 713 Merchants Trust Bldg.

Bainbridge, C. R., Laughlin Bldg.

Baker, A. G., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Baker, Fred'k (Long & Baker) L. A. Trust Bldg.

Baker, S. L., Stimson Bldg.

Ballard, J. W., Douglas Bldg.

Balmer, Benjamin, 90 Temple Blk.

Barber, E. T., Jr., 704 Fay Bldg.

Barclay, H. A. (Munson & Barclay), Frost Bldg.

Barker, Donald (Gray, Barker, Bowen), Equitable Bldg.

Barstow, H. M., Tajo Bldg.

Batcheller, Chas. L., Security Bldg.

Batcheller, W. C., Germain Bldg.

Batzer, Frederick J., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Baxter, Edwin, 506 Bullard Bldg.

Beach, Fitz E., 226 S. Spring St.

Beach, Sidney E., 203 Wilson Bldg.

Beach, W. H., Copp Bldg.

Becker, L. C., 200 Lankershim Bldg.

Beche, Geo. B., 511 Trust Bldg.

Bennett, Grant R., Am. Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Bentley, Edward H., Wilson Bldg.

Bentley, G. W., Title Guarantee & Trust Co.

Bethune, J. D., 311 W. Third St.

Bicknell, J. D., Bradbury Bldg.

Binford, L. B. (Adams, Adams, & Binford), 930 Central Bldg.

Blair, Idador D., 128 N. Main St.

Blake, Geo. D., 254 S. Broadway.

Blakely, Wm. T., Henne Bldg.

Blanchard, J. H., 91 Temple Blk.

Blakeslee, R. I., Mason Opera Bldg.

Blodget,—(Gardner, Blodget & Lamb), Severance Bldg.

Borden, S. (Borden & Carhart), Stimson Bldg.

Bordner, R. O., 724 Trust Bldg.

Brodwell, Walter, Superior Judge Court House

Bowen & Miller, (C. C. Bowen, E. A. Miller), Bullard Bldg.

Bowen, C. C. (Bowen & Miller), Bullard Bldg.

Bowen, W. M., Coulter Bldg.

Bowen, Walter L., 412 Currier Bldg.

Bowen, Wm. A. (Gray, Barker & Bowen), Equitable Bldg.

Bower, E. C., 836 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Braden, Frederick B., 502 Trust Bldg.

Brady, Earnest L., 517 Stimson Bldg.

Brady, Jos. L., 517 Stimson Bldg.

Brethernton, C. H., Bryson Bldg.

Bridges, H. F., Wilcox Bldg.

Britt, E. W. (Hunsaker & Britt), H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Brooks, J. Marlon, 136 S. Broadway.

Brooks, H. A., (Brooks & Lidders), L. A. Trust Bldg.

Brown, C. W., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Brown, Herbert C., 502 Trust Bldg.

Bryant, Frank G., Citizens Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Bulla, R. N., 507 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Bundy, Nathan P., Equitable Bldg.

Buren, Frank, 129½ W. First St.

Burke, F. G., 411 Bradbury Bldg.

Burnell, C. S., Coulter Bldg.

Burrey, D. C., Bryson Bldg.

Butler, M. B., 717 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Cabot, Charles, 300 Potomac Bldg.

Cailor, O. T. (Tipton & Cailor), Chamber of Com. Bldg.

Calhain, J. C., 134½ N. Spring St.

Call, Jos. H., 316 Tajo Bldg.

Camp, E. W., Santa Fe Law Department, Pacific Mutual Bldg.

Campbell, Bert, Stimson Bldg.

Campbell, K. B., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Campbell, W. M., Los Angeles.

Campbell, W. W., Security Bldg.

Carhart, Robert (Borden & Carhart), Stimson Bldg.

Carrigan, J. W., Bullard Bldg.

Carrick, E. V., Bullard Bldg.

Carroll, Thos., 637 Bryson Bldg.

Carlisle, Sheridan A., 702 Lankershim Bldg.

Carpenter, R. B., 208 Copp Bldg.

Carson, John E., 547 Wilcox Bldg.

Carter, Henry E., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Carter, O. B., 131½ N. Broadway.

Cates, A. M., 308 Currier Bldg.

Cattern, Frank A., Mer. Trust Bldg.

Chambers, Wm., Wilcox Bldg.

Chandler, C. L., Pac. Mut. Bldg.

Chandler, J. Paul (Shankland & Chandler), L. A. Trust Bldg.

Chapman, J. S., 325 Potomac Bldg.

Chapman, Ward, 325 Potomac Bldg.

Chappel, R. Newell, Fraternal Brotherhood Bldg.

Chase, Chas. W. (Lee & Chase), L. A. Trust Bldg.

Chase, Lucius K., 509 Laughlin Bldg.

Cheney & Cheney (H. D. Cheney, W. A. Cheney), Stimson Bldg.

Clairborne, Len, 101 Wilson Blk.

Clark, James P., Grant Bldg.

Clark, Wellington, 439 Wilcox Bldg.

Clawson, Leslie E., 521 Grant Bldg.

Cleary, Jas. T., 223 Mer. Trust Bldg.

Clotfelter, U. T., Santa Fe Law Department, Pacific Mutual Bldg.

Cochran, J. W. (Holcomb & Cochran), 211 W. First.



Page 80.



Established 1887, Western Union Code, Cable Address, ELMS



JOHN P. ELMS, Principal

Reliable Information and Evidence in all Legitimate Matters, both Civil and Criminal.

Experienced Detectives, Watchmen, Custodians, and Patrolmen furnished on short notice.

References Given., Open Day and Night.

Telephone Main 518, Home A9236.




Farmers and Merchants National Bank, National Bank of California

First National Bank, Equitable Savings Bank

Security Savings Bank, Police Dept. of Los Angeles

Sheriff W. A. Hamell

Or any Responsible Firm in the City of Los Angeles.

264-265-266-267 WILSON BLOCK

Corner First and Spring Streets, LOS ANGELES, CAL.



Cochran, Williams & Phillips (G. I. Cochran, W. J. Williams, L. A. Phillips) 307-11 Con. Life Bldg.

Cole & Cole (C. and W. Cole), 222½ N. Main St.

Coleman, Rolla W., 701-705 Bryson Bldg.

Collier, Frank C. (Collier & Clark), H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Collins, H. O., 414 Henne Bldg.

Conkling, M. W., Bryson Bldg.

Conrey, N. P. Superior Judge Court House.

Conroy, J. F., 811 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Cook, George P., 830 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Cooper, Alfred, Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Copp, A. J., Jr., Copp Bldg.

Coverly, John, Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Cox, W. E., 1118 Braly Bldg.

Coyne & Coyne, (J. P. and D. J.), Laughlin Bldg.

Craig, Gavin W., Rindge Bldg.

Craig, Wm. T. (Craig, Wood & Jones), Equitable Bldg.

Cranmer, Edward H., 205 Tajo Bldg.

Crawford, Hugh J., 429 Byrne Bldg.

Crawford, Wm., Mer. Trust Bldg.

Creede, James W. (Earle & Creede), Douglas Bldg.

Creighton, Telfair, Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Crenshaw, L. O., 713 Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Crouch, C. C., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Crouch, Geo. W., C. S. Bank Bldg.

Cryer & Tuttle (G. E. Cryer, E. W. Tuttle), 637 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Daly, John E., 509 Laughlin Bldg.

Danford, Wm. J., 613 Grant Bldg.

Danziger, Jacob M., Citzens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Darden, C. S., Bryson Bldg.

Darlington, Barton, 534 Wilcox Bldg.

Davidson, J. M., 303 Mason Opera Bldg.

Davies, W. H., Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Davis, C. C., 448 Wilcox Bldg.

Davis, F. E., 503 Bradbury Bldg.

Davis, Geo. R., Laughlin Bldg.

Davis, J. E. (Davis, Kemp & Post), 315 Grant Bldg.

Davis, L. C. (Davis, Rush & Willis), Bryson Bldg.

Davis, Rush & Willis (L. C. Davis, J. R Rush, F. R. Willis), Bryson Bldg.

Day, St. John, Union Trust Bldg.

De Garmo, C. C., 311 Trust Bldg.

Delavan, Geo. E., Jr., 411 Germain Bldg.

Del Valle, R. F., 612 Lankershim Bldg.

Denis, Geo. J. (Denis & Loewenthal), Wilcox Bldg.

Dillon, Henry C., 415 Currier Bldg.

Dillon, Richard J. (Mott & Dillon), Douglas Bldg.

Dixon, Virginia, 124 E. Fourth St.

Dockweiler, Isador B., 535 Douglas Bldg.

Donnell, John A., Dist. Atty's. Office, Court House.

Douthit, E. H., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Downing, Geo. E., 325 Wilcox Bldg.

Downing, J. O., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Drake, E. B. (Jones & Drake), 731 Bryson Bldg.

Dryer, Geo. W., 701 Trust Bldg.



Page 81.


Duncan, H. W., 424 Henne Bldg.

Dunlap, F. E., Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

Dunlea, J. M., 522 Grant Bldg.

Dunn, W. E. (Gibson, Trask, Dunn & Crutcher), Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Dunnigan, H. L. (Dunnigan & Haas), Coulter Bldg.

Dunning, E. T., 625 Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Dyer, Trusten P., 337-340 Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Earle, L. (Earle & Creede), 236 Douglas Bldg.

Earle & McLaughlin, Delta Bldg.

Eddie, Guy, 722 Bryson Bldg.

Edgerton, Calvin, 425 Copp Bldg.

Edgerton, Edwin, 425 Copp Bldg.

Edwards, A. J., Cross Bldg.

Ellis, A. M., 321 Potomac Bldg.

Fairall, Robt. C., 122 N. Broadway.

Fall, L. M., 204 Frost Bldg.

Farmer, E. L., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Farrell, Jas. M., 141 N. Main St.

Ferguson, J. A., Equitable Bldg.

Ferguson, Peter, 234 Douglas Bldg.

Finch, Joseph C., 701 Bryson Bldg.

Finlayson, Frank G., 413 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Fish, Howard J., 307 Stimson Bldg.

Fisher, W. W., 125½ S. Spring St.

Fleming, A. P., West Lake Hotel.

Fleming, Ed. J., Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

Flint, Frank P., Equitable Bldg.

Flores, A. J., Delta Bldg.

Flynn, S. P., 502 Douglas Bldg.

Foley, John H., 501 Stimson Bldg.

Foley, W. I. (Gage & Foley), 203 Mason Opera House.

Foltz, Clara S., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Forgy, E. W. (Taylor & Forgy), 712-714 Johnson Bldg.

Forward, J. T., Title Ins. & Tr. Co.

Foster, Edward (Foster & Alexander), 215 Laughlin Bldg.

Fraiser, M. P., 215 Laughlin Bldg.

Frederick, Chas. L., 635 Bryson Bldg.

Fredericks, John D., District Attorney, Court House.

Frederickson, Wm., City Hall.

French, S. H. (Avery & French), 632 Laughlin Bldg.

Freeman, E. W. (Freeman, Summerlin & Laughlin), 509 Laughlin Bldg.

Fry, W. E., Bradbury Bldg.

Fuller, George, 719 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Gage, Henry T. (Gage & Foley), 203 Mason Opera House.

Gaines, W. A., 134½ N. Spring St.

Galbreth, E. Edgar (Galbreth & Gardner), 432 Douglas Bldg.

Galloway, Thos. I., 107 Henne Bldg.

Galusha, Elon G., Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Gardner, D. Z. (Gardner & Fairall), Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Gardner, E. E. (Gardner & Fairall), Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Gates, L. C., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Garrett & Garrett (L. R. and S. H. Garrett), Mason Opera Bldg.

Gibbon, Thos. E., Equitable Bldg.

Gibbs, G. A., Superior Judge, Court House.

Gibson, Jas. A. (Gibson, Trask, Dunn & Crutcher), Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Goldberg, David, 411 Bradbury Bldg.

Goode, R. R., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Gooding, H. C., 411 Henne Bldg.

Goodwin, W. N., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Gordon, H. T., 414 Am. Nt. B. Bldg.

Goudge, Herbert J., Pac. Mut. Bldg.

Graff, M. L., 311 Trust Bldg.

Graham, J. L. 447 Wilcox Bldg.

Gray, Wheaton A., Presiding Justice, Dist. Court of Appeal.

Gray, Barker & Bowen, Equitable Bldg.

Groene, J. F., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Groff, L. A. (Groff & Spangler), 401 Bradbury Bldg.

Gros, Frederick, H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Guthrie, E. M. (Guthrie & Guthrie), 430 S. Broadway.

Guthrie, F. B. (Guthrie & Guthrie), 430 S. Broadway.

Guthrie, Herbert E. 430 S. Broadway.

Guthrey, H. B., Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Haas, Walter F. (Dunning & Haas), Coulter Bldg.

Hackley, Geo. T. (Townsend, Hackley & Knight), Merch. T. Bldg.

Hahn & Hahn, Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Halstead, A. S., Los Angeles.

Hammack, D. M. (Hammack, Noyes & Hammack), 724 Trust Bldg.

Hammack, Danl. S. (Hammack, Noyes & Hammack), L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Hancock, A. K., Bryson Bldg.

Hanlon, W. J., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Hansen, H. A., 503 Bradbury Bldg.

Hanson & Heath (H. W. Hanson & J. E. S. Heath) Hellman Bldg.

Hardesty, Elmer, 125½ S. Bdwy.

Harriman & Holston, Douglas Bldg.

Harpham, Geo. E., Union T. Bldg.

Haley, A. L., Citizens' Nat. B. Bldg.

Harris & Harris (W. A. & L. A.), 701-5 Bryson Bldg.

Hartley, Clifford C., 310 Bullard Bldg.

Haskins, S. M., 715 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Hastings, Thos. H., 1102 Braly Bldg.

Hatch, D. P., Citizens' Nat. B. Bldg.

Hatton, C. W., Equitable Bank.

Hawes, Arthur L., 514 Laughlin Bldg.

Hayden, A. F., Collins Bldg.

Hayes, Malcolm M., 421 Am. Nat. Bank Bldg.

Hazard, Henry T., 158 W. Fifth St.

Heath, J. E. S., (Hanson & Heath), Hellman Bldg.

Heatherly, F. W., 503 Bradbury Bldg.

Helm, Lynn, 510 Trust Bldg.

Hentig, F. G., 320 Potomac Bldg.

Herndon, Wm. F., Am. Nat. B. Bldg.

Hervey, Wm. R., 602 Trust Bldg.

Hester, M. C. (Hester, Merrill & Craig), Bullard Bldg.

Hewitt, Leslie R., Room 14, City Hall.


Page 82.


Hewitt, R. E., 603 Grant Bldg.

Hewlett, Bancroft & Ballantyne, I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Hiatt, Wm. M., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Hickcox, Ross T. (Hickcox & Morrison), 713 Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Hill, F. C., 325 Wilcox Bldg.

Hoag, Charles W., 423 Chamber of Commerce.

Holcomb & Cochran (W. W. Holcomb, J. W. Cochran), 211 First St.

Holland, E. W., (Powers & Holland), Bullard Bldg.

Hollister, Chas. W., 713 Grant Bldg.

Holston, A. R., 206 Currier Bldg.

Holterhoff, C. R., 411 Henne Bldg.

Holton, Geo. M., 307 Copp Bldg.

Horgan, Walter J., 406 Bullard Bldg.

Hopkins, John, Wilcox Bldg.

Horton, G. R. (Jenning & Horton), 245 Douglas Bldg.

Houghton, S. O., 311 Trust Bldg.

House, U. S., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Houser, Fred W., Germain Bldg.

Hovey, Frank W., 406 Mason Bldg.

Howard, Ray, Lissner Bldg.

Howland, Geo. D., 324 Wilcox Bldg.

Hubbell, Stephen C., 502 Bullard Bldg.

Hulme, T. K., Title Guarantee & Trust Co.

Hunsaker, W. J. (Hunsaker & Britt), 717 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Hunt, F. L., Wilcox Bldg.

Huntsberger, I. N., Grant Bldg.

Hupp, Geo. S., —

Hutchinson, Ed. L., 226 Douglas Bldg.

Hutton, Frank S. (Schweitzer & Hutton), Tajo Bldg.

Hutton, Geo. H., 405 Trust Bldg., also Santa Monica.

Hutton, A. W. (Hutton & Williams), 88 Temple Bldg.

Hyatt, Winslow P., Lankershim Bldg.

Jackson, Grant, 918 Security Bldg.

Jacobs, D. A., 134½ N. Spring St.

James, Frank, 529 Douglas Bldg.

James, Wm. P., Superior Judge Court House.

Jamison, W. H., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Janes, E. S., Laughlin Bldg.

Jarrott & Tyrrell, I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Jenal, F. P., Douglas Bldg.

Jennings, Robert P. (Jennings & Horton), 245 Douglas Bldg.

Johnson, Carl A., 431 Byrne Bldg.

Johnson, H. F., Grosse Bldg.

Johnson, Isaac H., 712-14 Johnson Bldg.

Jones, G. R., Union Tr. Bldg.

Jones, Johnstone, 406 Mason Opera House.

Jones, J. P., Opera House Bldg.

Jones, M. B. (Jones & Drake), 731 Bryson Bldg.

Jones, John T. (Jones & Weller), 504 Thorpe Bldg.

Jones, Newman, Germain Bldg.

Jordan, Franklin, Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

Joslin, Chas. E., Union Tr. Bldg.

Jutten, L. W. (Allen, Van Dyke & Jutten), Equitable Bldg.

Kase, T. K., Merch. Trust Bldg.

Keefer, George L. (Keefer & Bowers), 412 Currier Bldg.

Keefe, T. F., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Kemp, John W., 711 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Kemp, R. W. (Davis, Kemp & Post), Grant Bldg.

Kendrick, W. T. (Kendrick, Knott & Ardis), 92-93 Temple Block.

Kennedy, P. A. B., 1057 E. 21st St.

Kenney, Elizabeth L., 316 Bullard Bldg.

Keyes, Asa, Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

Kibbey, W. B., Grosse Bldg.

King, A. J., 212 N. Breed St.

Kirk, N. T., Cor Temple and Buena Vista.

Knight, A. P. (Townsend, Hackley & Knight), Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Knott, W. S. (Kendrick, Knott & Ardis), Temple Bldg.

Knox, Geo. W., 202 Tajo Bldg.

Krug, Walter L., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Kuehn, Wm. L., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Kuster, Edw. G., 430 Wilcox Bldg.

Lacey, Friend E., 502 Bullard Bldg.

Ladd, C. B. (Ladd & Wood), Douglas Bldg.

Lander, Warren J., 442 Byrne Bldg.

Landt, S. V., 130 Stimson Bldg.

Lantz, Chas., 408 Bullard Bldg.

Laubersheimer, Daniel H., Douglas Bldg.

Laughlin, A. D., 515 Laughlin Bldg.

Lawler, Oscar (Allen, Van Dyke & Jutten), Equitable Bldg.

Layng, John R., 216 Tajo Bldg.

Leavitt, Edgar, Tajo Bldg.

Lee, B. W. (Works, Lee & Works), H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Lee, Henry T. (Lee & Chase), 709 Trust Bldg.

Le Doux, G. A., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Leeds, Walter R., Douglas Bldg.

Lefebvre, Edgar E., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Lhoyd, P. B., Thrope Bldg.

Lidders, A. H. (Brooks & Lidders), L. A. Trust Bldg.

Lindley, Angus R., 334 Wilcox Bldg.

Lissner, Meyer, Lissner Bldg.

Lloyd, L. M., 440 Bradbury Bldg.

Lloyd, Warren E., 340 Bradbury Bldg.

Loeb, Jos. P., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Loewenthal, Max (Denis & Loewenthal), Wilcox Bldg.

Long, S. G. (Long & Baker), L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Longley, A. S., 412 Chamber of Commerce.

Loucks, R. G., Stimson Bldg.

Lovett, E. S., 129½ W. First St.

Luckel, Louis, 718 Fay Bldg.

Lusk & Stewart, Germain Bldg.

Lyon, Frederick S., 430 Bradbury Bldg.

Lyons, Julius, 142 S. Broadway.

MacDonald, J. Wiseman, 334 Wilcox Bldg.

Macfarlane, S. F., 433 Douglas Bldg.

MacKnight, G. W., Byrne Bldg.

Marble, B. M., 406 Bullard Bldg.

Marshall, John M., 601 Trust Bldg.

Martin, Theodore, 442 Byrne Bldg.

Martin, Will A., Citizens' Nat. Bank Bldg.


Page 83.





American and Foreign Patents

Trade Marks, Copyrights, Labels, Patents obtained in all countries.


In the patent business in Los Angeles 26 years

Western Union Code; Telegraph and cable address, "Patents"


Main 347; Home A4619, Suite 430 Bradbury Block, LOS ANGELES.



Massey, Henry A., 521 Stimson Bldg.

Mathews, W. B., Los Angeles.

Mattingly, Chas. H., 421 Stimson Bldg.

Mattoon, Wm., 125 Temple Bldg.

Mays, Jas. W., 724 Trust Bldg.

McCall, Albert, 313 Bullard Bldg.

McCartney, H. S. G., Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

McComas, Chas. E., Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

McConnell, W. D., 634 Chamber of Commerce.

McCormick, A. I., Asst. U. S. Atty., Tajo Bldg.

McCormick, Paul J., Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

McCoy, D. A., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

McCutchen, A. B., Coulter Bldg.

McDill, G. W., 440 Wilcox Bldg.

McDonald, D. M., 824 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

McDonald, T. F., Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

McDowell, E. R., L. A. Trust Bldg.

McFarland, Chas. H., 421 Am. Natl. B. Bldg.

McGarry, M. J., 301 Bryson Bldg.

McGarvin, D. C., Pac. Elec. Bldg.

McHargue, Robt. M., 709 Bryson Bldg.

McIntyre, W. J., 509 Laughlin Bldg.

McKeeby, Geo. L., Mason Opera Bldg.

McKelvey, Chas. S., Citizen's Natl. Bank Bldg.

McKenna, J. Irving, 142 S. Broadway.

McKinley, J. W., 434 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

McLaughlin, James B., 401 Bullard Bldg.

McLaughlin, Wm. F., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

McNutt, Porter S., San Fernando Bldg.

McPherrin, Paul H., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Mellette, Elmer E., 314 Henne Bldg.

Merrill, A. H., Mason Bldg.

Meserve, Edwin A., 511 L. A. Trust Bldg.

Metcalf, John N., 516 Grant Bldg.

Meyers, M. M., 107 Henne Bldg.

Michelsen, P. S., Collins Bldg.

Middlecoff, W. W., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Miller, Clarence A., (Miller & Page), 704 Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Miller, E. A. (Bowen & Miller), Bullard Bldg.

Miller, Glenn E., 501 Bryson Bldg.

Miller, J. W., 547 Wilcox Bldg.

Milliken, E. E. (O'Melveney, Stevens & Milliken), Wilcox Bldg.

Millsap, H. C., 836 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Mitchell, A. J., Henne Bldg.

Mitchell, Jas. B., 535 Germain Bldg.

Mitchell, John W., 509 Lankershim Bldg.

Mitchell, Wm. Egbert, 717 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Mitchell, Willis S., 515 Bryson Bldg.

Mock, S. T., Chamber of Com. Bldg.

Monroe, Chas., Superior Judge, Court House.

Monnette, O. E., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Moote, F. D. R., 311 Tajo Bldg.

Morey, Elwood P., 521 Stimson Bldg.

Morgan, Chas. O., 427 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Morganstein, A. J., Tajo Bldg.

Morris, W. H., Bullard Bldg.

Morrison, W. G., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Morrison, W. J., 713 Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Morrow, Hubert T., 413 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Mortimer, C. White, 78 Temple Bldg.

Morton, W. O. (Morton & Pruit), Germain Bldg.

Moss, Leon F., 416 Bullard Bldg.

Mott, J. G. (Mott & Dillon), 427 Douglas Bldg.

Moultrie, Lloyd W., Security Bldg.

Mueller, Oscar C., 454 Wilcox Bldg.

Mulford, S. P., 701 Trust Bldg.

Munday, M. E. C., Lankershim Bldg.

Munk, E. R., 203 Grant Bldg.

Munson, G. S. (Munson & Barclay), 600 Frost Bldg.

Murphey, J. L. (Murphey & Schmidt), 232 Johnson Bldg.

Murphy, John, 425 Byrne Bldg.

Myers, Louis W., 615 Bumiller Bldg.

Nash, Paul M., 628 Bryson Bldg.

Neal, Thos. L., 505 Lankershim Bldg.

Neighbours, Burrel D., 423 Chamber of Commerce.

Neighbors & Stephens, Stimson Bldg.

Newby, Nathan (Valentine & Newby)

Newlin, Gunery E., 406 Wilcox Bldg.

Nisbet, H. W., Germain Bldg.

North, John C., Dist. Atty's office, Court House.

Norton, Albert M., 710 Fay Bldg.

Norton, L. J., 502 Conservative Life Bldg.

Norton, Thomas A., Santa Fe Law Department, Pac. Mut. Bldg.

Noyes, C. J., 77 Temple Bldg.

Odell, S. W. (Tanner, Taft & Odell), Coulter Bldg.

Oggel, E. C., 82 Temple Bldg.

Oliver, Byron L., 442 Byrne Bldg.

O'Melveney, H. W. (O'Melveney, Stevens & Milliken), 430 Wilcox Bldg.

Overton, Eugene, 705 Trust Bldg.

Overton, Paul V., Los Angeles Gas & Electric Co.


Page 84.


Owens, T. R., 415 Braly Bldg.

Owings, John A., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Page, B. E. (Miller & Page), Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Page, Roger S. (Patton & Page), Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Palen, John C., 200 Bullard Bldg.

Palen, M. A., 504 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Pardee, S. C., 502 Douglas Bldg.

Park, A. G., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Parker, Force, 830 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Parker, F. D., 227 South Spring St.

Parker, W. F., Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Parsons, Sidney J., Douglas Bldg.

Parks, L. K., 711 Grant Bldg.

Patton,—(Patton & Page), Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Payne, Edw. L., Douglas Bldg.

Peck, Wilfred M. (Peck & Palmer), Citizens' Nat. Bank Bldg.

Pendleton, C. W., Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Perkins, Gregory, Jr., 305 Bullard Bldg.

Perry, Frank L., Douglas Bldg.

Petchner, W. C., 425 Wilcox Bldg.

Phibbs, G. P., Bullard Bldg.

Poole, J. F., Henne Bldg.

Pope, John D., 527 Stimson Bldg.

Poplin,—(Shepherd & Poplin), Bradbury Bldg.

Porter, Frank M., 318 Am. Nat. Bank Bldg.

Porter, Don C. (Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank), Union Tr. Bldg.

Post, Chas. A. (Davis, Kemp & Post), Grant Bldg.

Potter, Bernard, 529 Douglas Bldg.

Potter, E. K., 129½ W. First St.

Pound, H. G., 618 Johnson Bldg.

Powers, E. E. (Powers & Bullard), 210 Bullard Bldg.

Preston, I. H., 606 Laughlin Bldg.

Pruit,—(Morton & Pruit), Germain Bldg.

Pulfer, Robt. A., 220 Franklin St.

Randall, M., 134½ N. Spring St.

Rannells, J. W., 127 N. Main St.

Rech, J. N. O. (Sharp & Rech), I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Reed, M. H., Santa Fe Law Dept.

Rex, Wm. H., 207 New High St.

Reymert, Theo. D. (Reymert & French), Bullard Bldg.

Rhodes, Allin L., 141-43 N. Broadway.

Rice, Paran F., 335 Stimson Bldg.

Rice, Rollin L., 426 Mason Bldg.

Rice, J., Wilcox Bldg.

Richardson,—(Richardson & Martin), Bradbury Bldg.

Ridgway, T. C., Henne Bldg.

Rittenhouse, A. P., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Rives, James C., 410 Bullard Bldg.

Rixon, C. Jr., L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Robertson, Fay R., 406 Bullard Bldg.

Robertson, Howard, Room 14, City Hall

Robinson, J. M., 238 Bradbury Bldg.

Robinson, S. B., 626 Trust Bldg.

Robinson, T. W., Internat'l B. Bldg.

Rodman, Willoughby, Citizens' Nat. Bank Bldg.

Rogers, Earl, 238 W. First St.

Rogers, James R., 428 Byrne Bldg.

Rogers, Jas. T., 723 W. Seventh St.

Rollins, H. S., 404 Bryson Bldg.

Rose, Andrew, H. I. Hellman Bldg.

Rose, Walter, I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Rose, Walter M., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Roser, H. H., 152 Wilson Bldg.

Ross, Robert Erskine, 717 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Rowdybush, Chas. R., 432 Germain Bldg.

Rowell, Elmer E., 414 Mason Opera House Bldg.

Rush, Jud R. (Davis, Rush & Willis), Bryson Bldg.

Ruthford, N. R., Jr., 701 Bryson Bldg.

Sale, H. T., 230 Mason Bldg.

Sanders, Geo. L., 325 Wilcox Bldg.

Sanders, S. S., Bullard Bldg.

Santa Fe Law Department, Pac. Mut. Bldg.

Sargent, E. W., Title Guarantee & Trust Co.

Satterwhite, John, 402 Lankershim Bldg.

Scarborough, Jas. G., Coulter Bldg.

Schenck, P. W., 238 W. First St.

Schmidt, H. C., 1411 S. Los Angeles St.

Schmidt, R. S. (Murphey & Schmidt), 232 Johnson Bldg.

Schroeder, Otto, 415 Mason Bldg.

Schweitzer, Dell A. (Schweitzer & Hutton), 316 Tajo Bldg.

Scott, Jos., Equitable Bldg.

Scott, Jonathan R., Bryson Bldg.

Selph, E. E. (Selph & Blair), 114 Potomac Bldg.

Seymour & Bowers (J. F. Seymour, Jr., W. L. Bowers), 315 Fay Bldg.

Shankland, J. H. (Shankland & Chandler), 411 Trust Bldg.

Shanks,—(Shanks & March), Fay Bldg.

Sharp, Edgar (Sharp & Rech), I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Shaw, Hartley, Dist. Atty's Office, Court House.

Shenk, John W., 709 Bryson Bldg.

Shepherd,—(Shepherd & Poplin), Bradbury Bldg.

Sherer, Albert J., 324 Wilcox Bldg.

Sherer, Edward T., 712 Trust Bldg.

Shinn, Clement L., 526 Bullard Bldg.

Sibley, F. T., Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Silent, Chas., 514 Lankershim Bldg.

Simons, Seward A., 721 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Slauson, J. S., Bradbury Bldg.

Slosson, Leonard B., Mason Bldg.

Smith, Ansel, 340 Wilcox Bldg.

Smith, B. N., Superior Judge, Court House.

Smith, Chester, 238 W. First St.

Smith, D. F., L. A. Trust Bldg.

Smith, Elroy W., 529 Douglas Bldg.

Smith, Geo. H., Los Angeles.

Smith, J. H., 106 Henne Bldg.

Smith, Jos., Mason Opera Bldg.

Smith, O. E., 224 Henne Bldg.

Smith Samuel B., Bullard Bldg.

Smith, Walter E., 709 Trust Bldg.

Smith & Smith, Douglas Bldg.

Smyser,—(Smyser & Noleman), Bullard Bldg.

Snell, W. L., Security Bldg.

Spangler, D. E. (Groff & Spangler), Bradbury Bldg.

Sparling, Harvey, 206 Wilcox Bldg.

Spencer, F. McD., Citizens' Natl. Bank Bldg.


Page 85.


Sproul, F. P., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Stafford, W. P. L., 316 Bullard Bldg, also Long Beach.

Stephens, Albert Lee, 709 Bryson Bldg.

Stephens, A. M. (Stephens & Stephens), 530 Wilcox Bldg.

Stephens, A. M., Jr. (Stephens & Stephens), 530 Wilcox Bldg.

Stephens, Chas. M., 90 Temple Blk.

Stephens, H. G., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Stephens, Jess E., 709 Bryson Bldg.

Stephens & Stephens (A. M. and A. M., Jr.), 530 Wilcox Bldg.

Stephenson, Fred A., Douglas Bldg.

Sterry, Norman S., 720 A. Pacific Electric Bldg.

Stevens, Henry J. (O'Melveney, Stevens, & Milliken), 430 Wilcox Bldg.

Stewart, Frank, 502 Tajo Bldg.

Stewart, Henry B., 335 Bradbury Bldg.

Stewart, T. M., 335 Bradbury Bldg.

Stice, C. A., Citizens' Natl. Bk. Bldg.

Stimson, Marshall, Mason Bldg.

Storrs, H. E., 308 W. First St.

Strong, Will A., I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Stutsman & Stutsman, (A. H. and C. A.), 713 Johnson Bldg.

Sturges, A. A., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Sumner, C. E., 511 L. A. Trust Bldg.

Summerfield, John W., Coroner's Office.

Sutton, C. T. (Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank), Union Trust Bldg.

Swanwick, J. W. (Harris & Swanwick), Germain Bldg.

Sweet, Chas. I., 300 Fay Bldg.

Taft, F. H. (Tanner, Taft & Odell), Coulter Bldg.

Talbot, W. W., Pacific Electric Bldg.

Tanner, R. R. (Tanner, Taft & Odell), Coulter Bldg.

Tanner, Taft & Odell, (R. R. Tanner, F. H. Taft & S. W. Odell), Coulter Bldg.; also Santa Monica.

Tappan, Clair S., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Tatum, Joseph T., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Taylor, E. E., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Taylor, O. Taylor, 350 Wilcox Bldg.

Taylor, W. S. (Taylor & Forgy), 712-714 Johnson Bldg.

Taylor & Forgy, (W. S. Taylor, E. W. Forgy), 712-714 Johnson Bldg.

Thomas, Frank J., 710 Fay Bldg.

Thompson & Thompson, (A. W. and L. E.), 203 Thorpe Bldg.

Thompson, Fred H., 204 Wilson Bldg.

Thompson, N. W., Title Ins. & Trust Co.

Thomson, A. P., 414 Am. Natl. Bank Bldg.

Thornton, Tom C., 722 Bryson Bldg.

Thorpe, Spencer, H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Tipton, W. S., (Tipton & Cailor), 634 Chamber Com. Bldg.

Todd, Robert A., 520 L. A. Tr. Bldg.

Townsend, Jas. R. (patents), 430 Bradbury Bldg.

Townsend, F. M. (Townsend, Lyon, Hackley & Knight), 504-507 Merch. Trust Bldg.

Trask, D. K., Superior Judge, Court House.

Trask, Walter J. (Gibson, Trask, Dunn & Crutcher), Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Trippet, Oscar A., Coulter Bldg.

Trowbridge, H. H., 124 E. Fourth St.

Tuttle, Edw. W. (Cryer & Tuttle), H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Tyrrell, F. G. (Jarrott & Tyrrell), I. W. Hellman Bldg.

Ussher, Paul E., 521 Stimson Bldg.

Van Cott, Alexander H. (Santa Fe Law Dept) 526 Stimson Bldg.

Van Der Beek, 313 Bullard Bldg.

Van Dyke, H. S. (Lawler, Allen, Van Dyke & Tutten), Equitable Bldg.

Valentine, L. H. (Valentine & Newby), 447 Wilcox Bldg.

Variel, Wm. J. (Variel & Barber), Tajo Bldg.

Vermilyea, S. E., Merch. Tr. Bldg.

Walker, I. M., Fay Bldg.

Walker, N. L., 325 Laughlin Bldg.

Ward, Shirley C., 511 Trust Bldg.

Warner, A. D., 637 Bryson Bldg.

Washburn, L. H., 307 S. Broadway

Waterman, Jesse F. (Waterman & Wood), 422 Wilcox Bldg.

Waters, Byron, 438 West Lake Ave.

Watkins, Victor T., 326 Stimson Bldg.

Watson, Harold T., 406 Bullard Bldg.

Watson, Miss Georgie, 724 Tr. Bldg.

Weaver, W. K., Union Tr. Bldg.

Welch, B. P., Copp Bldg.

Welch, T. F., Security Bldg.

Wellborn, Chas., 531 Stimson Bldg.

Wellborn, O., Jr., 531 Stimson Bldg.

Weller, D. R. (Jones & Weller), Thorpe Bldg.

Wellman, E. P., 207 Tajo Bldg.

Weyse, H. G.,  Grosse Bldg.

Wharton, L. R., 301 Johnson Bldg.

Whiffen, F. J., 414 Am. Natl. B. Bldg.

White, H. K., 2704 Michigan Ave.

White, Leo. B., 201 Wilson Blk.

Whitman, Geo. L., 621 Laughlin Bldg.

Widaman, O. P., 346 Wilcox Bldg.

Wideman, Wallace W., Merch. Trust Bldg.

Widney, R. M., 500 Lankershim Bldg.

Wilbur, Curtis D., Superior Judge, Court House.

Wilder, J. R., H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Wilkes, E. T., 619 North Ave. 66.

Wilkes, W. A., Delta Bldg.

Williams, E. S., 510 Trust Bldg.

Williams, G. (Hutton & Williams), Temple Bldg.

Williams, Norman (Williams, Goudge & Chandler), Pacific Mut. Bldg.

Williams, Olney S., 440 Bradbury Bldg.

Williams, W. J. (Cochran, Williams & Phillips),--.

Willie, W. L., 426 Copp Bldg.

Willis, F. R. (Davis, Rush & Willis), —

Wilson, Calvert, 348 Wilcox Bldg.

Wilson, Chris N., 56 Temple Bldg.

Wilson, Emmet H., 311 Trust Bldg.

Wilson, Percy R., 404 Wilcox Bldg.

Wilson, Philip L., 152 Wilson Bldg.

Wilson, R. H., 207 Union Tr. Bldg.

Wilson, W. D., 631 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Winder, Thos. L., 404 Lankershim Bldg.

Winder, W. E., 806 Braly Bldg.


Page 86.


Winterer, E., Wilcox Bldg.

Wisler, H. M., 310 S. Hill.

Wood, Jno. A. (Wood & Ladd), Douglas Bldg.

Woods, Walpole, 422 Wilcox Bldg.

Woodruff, F. B., 610 S. Spring St.

Woodruff, G. H. (Woodruff & McClure), 608 Union Tr. Bldg.

Woodside, C. E., 430 Wilcox Bldg.

Woolwine, Thos. L., 330 Stimson Bldg.

Works, J. D. (Works, Lee & Works), 820 H. W. Hellman Bldg.

Wright, Arthur, 211 Currier Bldg.

Wright, C. C., 454 Wilcox Bldg.

Wurtz, R. A., Title Ins. & Tr. Co.

Wycoff, Ad. H., 134½ S. Spring St.

Wynn, Carlyle, Citizens' Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Wyvell, G. F., Grant Bldg.

Yager, F. S., 604 Bryson Bldg.

York, J. M., 524 Mason Bldg.

York, Waldo M., Superior Judge, Court House.

Young, E. R., 434 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Young, J. B., 254 Pac. Elec. Bldg.

Young, Milton K., 316 Tajo Bldg.

Young, Robert, 262 Wilcox Bldg.



Graves, G. A.

Northrup, W. M.



Davies, W. H.



Ardis, J. H.

Neighbors, Burrel D.

Rives, Jas. C.



Bidwell, Rolfe B.



Daly, John E.

Denio, E. C.

Hart, Geo. A.

Knight, F. K.

Lawson, H. C.

Long, S. G.

Parish, J. A.

Skinner, Geo.

Smith, C. E.

Stafford, W. B. L.



Holloway, J. B.



Anderson, O. Louis, 215 Slavin Bldg.

Barry, E. D. (FitzGerald & Barry), 100 E. Colorado St.

Bell, N. W. (Wright, Bell & Ward), San Gabriel V. Bank Bldg.

Bilson, —, 779 N. Marengo Ave.

Butler, M. B., 310 Slavin Bldg.

Byrne, J. E., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Cary, George P., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Congdon, Roscoe P., 410 Slavin Bldg.

Cruickshank, F. G. (Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank), Dodworth Bldg.

Everett, Torrey, 408 Slavin Bldg.

FitzGerald & Barry (J. C. FitzGerald, E. D. Barry), 100 E. Colorado St.

Furlong, R. M., Stanton Bldg.

Gibbs, G. A., Boston Bldg.

Goodrich, John A., St. Louis Bldg.

Grump, Guy R., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Hahn & Hahn (Benj. W. and Edwin F.), Union Sav. Bank.

Hahn, Benj. W. (Hahn & Hahn), Union Sav. Bank.

Hahn, Edwin F. (Hahn & Hahn), Union Sav. Bank.

Kiamroth, Henry H., 99 E. Colorado.

McDonald, Robt. W., Slavin Bldg.

McLachlan, Jas., 558 S. Marengo Ave.

Magee, H. W., Stanton Bldg.

Merriam, J. H., Union Sav. Bank.

Moody & Simpson (Elmer I. Moody, C. M. Simpson), Chamber Com. Bldg.

Moody, Elmer I. (Moody & Simpson), Chamber Com. Bldg.

Morin, J. W., St. Louis Bldg.

Porter, Don C. (Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank), Dodworth Bldg.

Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank (Don C. Porter, Chas. T Sutton, F. G. Cruickshank), Dodworth Bldg.

Robinson, H. M., Gardner Bldg.

Rossiter, Jno. G., Dodworth Bldg.

Rowland, A. L., Gardner Bldg.

Simpson, C. M. (Moody & Simpson), Chamber Com. Bldg.

Sutton, Chas. T. (Porter, Sutton & Cruickshank), Dodworth Bldg.

Van Etten, Albert S., 411 Slavin Bldg.

Ward, V. L. (Wright, Bell & Ward), San Gabriel Bk. Bldg.

Willett, C. J., 310 Slavin Bldg.

Wood, J. P., Chamber Com. Bldg.

Wright, Bell & Ward, (W. S. Wright, N. W. Bell, V. L. Ward) San Gabriel V. Bank Bldg.



Bell, W. A. (Bell & Cooley).

Bell & Cooley (W. A. Bell, J. A. Cooley).

Cooley, J. A. (Bell & Cooley).

Gallup, J. A.

Guerin, C. W.

Hyatt, F. H.




W. WRAY FREEMAN, Principal, Established 1893



Evidence Secured in Civil and Criminal Actions, References Furnished

Rooms 2-3-4, 62 East Colorado Street (Stowell Block)





Page 87.


Established 1904




Room 305, St. Louis Block.

Telephones- Main 100, Home 1701, PASADENA, CAL.



Joos, J. W., City Attorney.

Nichols, A. P.(Nichols & Pitzer).

Nichols & Pitzer(A. P. Nichols, R. K. Pitzer).

Pitzer, R. K.(Nichols & Pitzer).



Freeman, R. L.



Dill, Stephen.

Goodrich & Goodrich(J. V. B. and M. P.).

Karr, Frank.

Savage, W. H.



Hunter, Ben. S.; also Los Angeles.

Hutton, George H.; also Los Angeles.

Koch, John W.

Morgan, J. C.

Palmer, W. W.

Tanner, R. R.; also Los Angeles.



Burch, N. C.



Kiler, Wm. H.

Parker, Force.



Graham, Ralph F.

Hiatt, Wm. M.

Moore, Alfonso.

Owens, M. T.

Woodward, Ray R.





Alhambra Savings Bank—(Incorporated September 22, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. H. D. McDonald, President; W. F. Lawson, Cashier; Directors, H. D. McDonald, R. F. Bishop, J. A. Green, S. W. Champion, E. E. Bailey, S. D. Crow, W. F. Lawson.



Azusa Valley Saving Bank—(Incorporated January 29, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. W. R. Powell, President; J. W. Ketchum, Cashier; Directors, H. D. Briggs, W. M. Greever, W. W. Heth, H. H. Holliday, M. Hellman, W. R. Powell, James Slauson.



Citizens' Savings Bank—(Incorporated March 7, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $16,350. J. J. Harshman, President; E. E. Elliott, Cashier; Directors, J. J. Harshman, E. E. Elliott, F. L. Walton, C. S. Heartwell, M. P. McDonald, W. T. Frew, W. S. Davis, D. M. Hathhorn, D. M. Crum, E. T. Sherer.



Covina Valley Savings Bank—(Incorporated April 1, 1901). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, A. P. Kerckhoff; Vice-President, H. M. Houser; Cashier, J. C. Hutchinson, Jr.; Directors, A. P. Kerckhoff, H. M. Houser, H. W. Hellman, Geo. E. Anderson, W. H. Holliday, J. R. Elliott.


First National Bank— President, Herman W. Hellman; Vice-President, Jas. H. Adams; Cashier, W. M. Griswold; Assistant Cashier, J. C. Hutchinson, Jr.; Directors, H. W. Hellman, J. H. Adams, Geo. E. Anderson, C. F. Clapp, J. R. Elliott, H. M. Houser, A. P. Kerckhoff.



Bank of Downey (Private Bank)—Capital stock, $25,000. Cashier and owner, H. A. Scott.


Los Nietos Valley Bank—(Incorporated July 20, 1891). Capital stock, $75,000; paid in coin, $75,000. President, C. Blythe; Cashier, A. L. Darby; Directors, D. P. Smart, Clinton Blythe, O. J. Rowley, J. W. Siler, J. C. Rives, Jos. Smith, A. L. Darby, J. H. Burke.



First National Bank—President, John H. Bortle; Vice-President, Carl F. Raab; Cashier, A. F. Snell; Directors, I. Kauffman, I. F. Baker, J. A. Graves, W. A. Chess, Jno. H. Bortle.



San Fernando Valley Bank—(Incorporated May 21, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. E. Wheat; Vice-President, R. H. Maclay; Cashier, T. J. Walker; Directors, J. E. Wheat, R. H. Maclay, H. C. Hubbard, H. C. Healey, J. H. Jenifer, E. H. Schuringer, W. C. Durgin, H. C. Allen, J. Van Debergk.



Page 88.



Farmers and Merchants Bank—(Incorporated September 24, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Chas. C. Chapman; Vice-President, J. C. Braly; Cashier, Arthur Staley; Directors, C. C. Chapman, J. C. Braly, E. K. Benchley, Samuel Kramers, D. J. Bastanchury, P. Nicolas, F. Pierratti.



Gardena Bank and Trust Co.—(Incorporated March 22, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Clinton B. Casler; Vice-President, B. E. Jones; Cashier, Isaac S. Ball; Directors, C. B. Casler, B. E. Jones, E. W. Olney, B. Fanning, E. F. Diller.



Bank of Glendale—(Incorporated May 19, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. F. H. Vesper, President; J. F. McIntyre, Cashier; Directors, J. H. Wells, J. F. McIntyre, W. L. Henderson, C. M. Walton, P. W. Weidner, F. H. Vesper.



Glendora Bank—(Incorporated December 12, 1884). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $27,500. President, J. H. Odell; Vice-President, S. W. Wood; Cashier, F. E. Odell; Directors, J. H. Odell, S. W. Wood, J. C. West, W. B. Cullen, A. E. Engelhardt, F. E. Odell, J. R. Matthews (trustee).



Citizens' Savings Bank—(Incorporated January 31, 1906). Capital stock $25,000; paid in coin, $23,950. E. O. Palmer, President; G. G. Greenwood, Cashier; Directors, P. J. Beveridge, E. O. Palmer, G. G. Greenwood, J. McMullen, S. T. Weir, E. F. Borgardus, G. Weddington.


Hollywood Savings Bank and Trust—(Incorporated December 19, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. John Law, President; J. Eugene Law, Cashier; Directors, J. Law, J. B. Brokaw, F. M. Douglass, H. J. Whitley, R. Hale, A. Gardner, J. E. Law.


The First National Bank of Hollywood—John Law, President; J. Eugene Law, Cashier; Directors, J. Law, J. B. Brokaw, F. M. Douglass, H. J. Whitley, R. Hale, A. Gardner, J. E. Law.



Bank of Huntington Park, Pacific Building and Park Place—(Incorporated November 24, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. T. E. Newlin, President; A. E. Walters, Cashier; Directors, T. E. Newlin, A. L. Burbank, T. H. Oxman, J. H. C. Wilson, A. E. Walters.



First State Bank—(Incorporated May 27, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, C. H. Brown; Vice-President, Geo. Chaffey; Cashier, W. G. Brown; Directors, C. H. Brown, Harry Lee Martin, F. A. Ziligitt, Wm. H. Neher, J. Aerick, A. Leuzinger, W. G. Brown.



Bank of Commerce—President, Jas. C. Kays; First Vice-President, Chas. A. Buffum; Second Vice-President, Petty W. Weidner; Cashier, Frank McCutchen; Directors, Jas. C. Kays, Chas. A. Buffum, Perry W. Weidner, W. C. Durgin, Frank McCutchen, Wm. Mead.


Citizens' Savings Bank—(Incorporated January 26, 1901). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $250,000. C. L. Heartwell, President; C. E. Huntington, Cashier; Directors, J. B. Heartwell, C. L. Heartwell, C. E. Huntington, W. B. Julian, C. J. Walker, W. L. Campbell, W. W. Lowe, J. H. Pearce, J. Wilson, W. P. L. Stafford, E. L. Wingard, C. H. Brunn, J. C. Bledsoe, H. S. Callahan, D. M. Cate, J. E. Counts, C. J. Dougherty, H. L. Enloe, F. C. Farrow, E. S. Gunby, J. W. Jones, H. V. Ketcherside, F. McCutchen, E. O. Miller, F. C. Porterfield, S. A. Sanderson, J. Shaffer, T. M. Todd.


First National Bank of Long Beach—President, J. B. Heartwell; Vice-Presidents, John Carroll, Stephen Townsend; Cashier, C. L. Heartwell; Assistant Cashier, W. A. Kennedy; Directors, J. B. Heartwell, John Carroll, Stephen Townsend, C. L. Heartwell, D. M. Cate, F. E. Robinson, C. J. Walker, F. A. Parker, C. D. Paine, W. L. Porterfield, W. W. Lowe, W. L. Campbell, John E. Daly, W. P. L. Stafford.


Long Beach Savings Bank—(Incorporated February 1, 1902). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $200,000. P. E. Hatch, President; J. W. Tucker, Cashier; Directors, I. W. Hellman, J. Bixby, P. E. Hatch, G. Summers, W. Schilling, J. A. Graves, C. H. Thornburg, J. W. Tucker, G. A. Newcomb, E. C. Denio, C. F. Vandewater, W. Welsh, F. C. Yeomans, T. L. de Coudres, G. H. Bixby.


National Bank of Long Beach—President, Jotham Bixby; Vice-Presidents, George H. Bixby, D. S. Shaw; Cashier, P. E. Hatch; Assistant Cashier, A. S. Cates; Directors, Jotham Bixby, I. W. Hellman, T. L. De Coudres, C. P. Patterson, J. A. Graves, D. S. Shaw, Geo. H. Bixby, Chas. R. Drake, P. E. Hatch, Geo. Summers, Fred H. Bixby, J. W. Wood, C. H. Thornburg, Wm. Schilling, F. C. Yeomans.



Page 89.


State Bank of Long Beach—(Incorporated May 1, 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. A. M. Goodhue, President; W. J. Morrison, Cashier; Directors, A. M. Goodhue, H. Barndollar, G. H. Gaylord, W. F. Rice, A. W. Childs, T. L. Wingard, T. A. Stephens, J. P. Curtis, R. Loynes, W. J. Morrison.



American National Bank, Second Street, cor. Broadway.—Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. W. F. Botsford, President; Wm. W. Woods, Cashier; Directors, W. F. Botsford, E. Randolph, M. J. Connell, M. J. Monnette, C. M. Wood, R. Shettler, O. E. Monnette, W. J. Hole, T. W. Phelps, F. C. Bolt, H. G. Cates, A. W. Skinner, J. C. F. Hull, C. B. Jones, D. McKinzie, Wm. R. Hervey.


American Savings Bank, Third Street, Cor. Spring.—(Incorporated March 3, 1903). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $225,000. W. H. Workman, President; J. W. Phelps, Cashier; Directors, W. H. Avery, A. M. Chaffey, Geo. Chaffey, W. F. Botsford, C. B. Jones, J. W. Phelps, A. W. Skinner, W. H. Workman.


American Savings Bank (Boyle Heights Branch.) See report of main office.


Bank of Los Angeles, 501 S. Spring Street.—(Incorporated December 1, 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000 J. A. Prittle, President; Geo. F. Doty, Cashier; Directors, J. A. Pritle, W. M. Bowen, W. S. Collins, G. R. Murdock, L. Merrill, L. Blankenhorn.


Bank of South California, Seventh Street, cor. Broadway.—(Incorporated March 5, 1902). Capital stock, $500,000; paid in coin, $100,000. J. B. Lankersham, President; O. C. Conley, Cashier; Directors, J. B. Lankersham, J. L. Lankersham, N. J. Skinner, J. W. Mitchell, H. T. Hazard, U. S. Frye, O. C. Conley.


Broadway Bank and Trust Co., 308 South Broadway.—(Incorporated February 2, 1891). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $200,000. W. Gillelen, President; R. W. Kenny, Cashier; Directors, W. Gillelen, R. W. Kenny, G. W. Walker, W. E. Cummings, G. L. Cochran, A. Letts, W. W. Beckett, R. C. Gillis, B. Williams, A. W. Redman, R. F. Jones, E. P. Clark.


California Savings Bank of Los Angeles. Fifth, corner Broadway—(Incorporated March 1, 1903). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $177,362. M. P. Snyder, President; F. H. Nichols, Cashier; Directors, N. P. Snyder, F. H. Nichols, A. Letts, J. V. Baldwin, A. C. Bilicke, W. Gillelen, J. B. Millard, Chas. Yale, D. K. Trask, J. F. Hughes, S. G. Lehmer.


Central Bank of Los Angeles, corner Second and Spring streets.—(Incorporated August 15, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, Wm. Mead; Vice-President, W. C. Durgin; Directors, R. N. Bulla, W. D. Stephens, N. Pease, J. C. Kays, Wm. Mead, A. B. Cass, E. W. Davis.


Central National Bank of Los Angeles, corner Fourth Street and Broadway.—Capital stock, $300,000; surplus and profits, $207,500. President, Geo. Mason; Vice-Presidents, J. R. Mathews and S. F. Zombro; Cashier, Jas. B. Gist; Directors, G. W. Scott, C. T. Crowell, A. B. Cass, O. T. Johnson, A. C. Harper, E. W. Davies, Niles Pease, Wm. D. Stephens, J. R. Mathews, L. Lindsay, R. H. Howell, T. E. Gibbson, Geo. Mason, R. N. Bulla, S. F. Zombro.


Citizens National Bank, corner Third and Main streets.—Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, R. J. Waters; Vice-President, J. Ross Clark; Cashier, A. J. Waters; Assistant Cashiers, Geo. E. F. Duffet, E. T. Pettigrew; Directors, J. Ross Clark, E. G. Fay, A. J. Waters, L. W. Blinn, Robert Hale, Jno. J. Fay, Jr., R. J. Waters, A. G. Hubbard, J. M. Hale, John H. Norton, C. A. Canfield.


Commercial National Bank, corner Fourth and Spring streets.—President, W. A. Bonynge; Vice-Presidents, Philip L. Wilson, Joseph Burkhard; Cashier, Charles N. Flint; Assistant Cashier, Newman Essick; Directors, L. N. Breed, J. E. Carr, Chas. C. Chapman, Z. T. Cole, J. W. McKinley, H. W. Chase, Joseph Burkhard, C. N. Flint, Leopold Winter, L. E. Shepherd, S. A. Bulfinch, Philip Forve, W. A. Bonynge, Philip L. Wilson.


Consolidated Bank of Los Angeles, 124 South Broadway—(Incorporated March 5, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Wm. H. Carlson; Vice-President, Frank H. Dixon; Cashier, A. W. Carver; Directors, Wm. H. Carlson, F. H. Dixon, A. W. Carver, C. C. Carver.


Equitable Savings Bank, corner First and Spring streets—(Incorporated March 4, 1903). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in cash, $50,000. President, W. J. Washburn; Vice-Presidents, W. H. Booth; W. J. Doran; Cashier, P. F. Johnson; Directors, J. O. Koepfli, C. S. Bradford, G. E. Bittinger, Frank P. Flint, W. H. Booth, W. J. Washburn, P. F. Johnson.


Farmers and Merchants National Bank, corner Fourth and Main streets.—Capital stock, $1,500,000. President, I. W. Hellman; Vice-Presidents, J. A. Graves, I. N. Van Nuys, T. E. Newlin; Cashier, Charles Seyler; Assistant Cashiers, Gustav Helmann, John Alton; Directors, W. H. Perry, Cameron E. Thom, O. W. Childs, I. W. Hellman, I. W. Hellman, Jr., I. N. Van Nuys, J. A. Graves, Wm. Lacy, Jacob Baruch, H. E. Huntington, C. A. Ducommun, N. W. Stowell, Kaspare Cohn, Walter Lindley, T. E. Newlin.



Page 90.



Federal Bank of Los Angles, 2205 Downey St.—(Incorporated March 3, 1903). Capital stock $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Wm. R. Clark; Vice-President, J. S. Kerns; Cashier, M. D. Chemberlin; Directors, W. R. Clark, J. S. Kerns, Owen McAleer, E. M. Morrison, C. A. Neil, E. A. Taylor, F. F. Stetson, J. A. Haskell, A. W. Ewing.


First National Bank. Second Street, corner Spring.—Capital stock, $1,250,000. President, J. M. Elliott; Vice-President, Stoddard Jess; Cashier, W. T. Hammond; Directors, G. E. Bittinger, Geo. I. Cochran, J. S. Cravens, H. Fisher, F. P. Flint, W. M. Garland, W. I. Hollingsworth, W. E. Hampton, G. B. Johnson, F. M. Kelsey, L. Lindsay, D. Murphy, E. J. Marshall, J. B. Miller, A. H. Naftzger, J. H. Norton, W. C. Patterson, C. H. Sessions, W. R. Staats, J. S. Torance, W. W. Van Dyke, H. C. Witmer, W. E. McVay, J. D. Radford, J. M. Elliott, E. T. Earl, J. C. Drake, I. N. Van Nuys, O. T. Johnson, F. Q. Story, H. Jevne, Stoddard Jess, J. O. Koepfli, W. J. Trask, C. W. Gates, W. T. S. Hammond.


Fraternal Savings and Commercial Bank, 557 South Main Street.—(Incorporated November 4, 1886). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $98,550; W. B. Ames, President; A. H. Lysle, Cashier; Directors, W. S. Ames, J. M. Hale, C. A. Canfield, A. J. Waters, R. Hale, L. J. Christopher, E. Germain, A. Lysle, T. E. Fay.


German-American Savings Bank, Fourth Street, corner Spring.—(Incorporated August 21, 1890). Capital stock, $600,000; paid in coin, $600,000. President, M. N. Avery; Vice-President, Gail B. Johnson; Cashier, W. F. Callander; Directors, Victor Ponet, J. M. Schneider, C. N. Flint, M. N. Avery, Gail B. Johnson, P. F. Schumacher, Walter Haas.


Globe Savings Bank, 337 South Hill Street.—(Incorporated October 1, 1906). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $150,000. C. A. Elder, President; E. J. Scott, Cashier; Directors, C. A. Elder, C. Lloyd, R. Cuzner, W. D. Deeble, E. J. Scott, R. H. Morse, C. C. Davis, W. F. Ball, J. A. Foshay, Dr. H. M. Bishop.


Home Savings Bank.—President, R. J. Waters; Vice-President, W. F. Swayze; Cashier, O. J. Wigdal; Directors, R. J. Waters, Reese Llewellyn, C. M. Staub, W. F. Swayze, J. M. Hale, O. J. Wigdal, W. Meek, H. J. Goudge, J. H. Bullard, H. J. Whitley, Isaac Springer.


Home Savings Bank of Los Angeles, 152 North Spring Street.—(Incorporated March 15, 1904). Capital stock, $200,000. R. J. Walters, President; O. J. Wigdal, Cashier; Directors, R. J. Waters, J. M. Hale, J. H. Bullard, O. J. Wigdal, H. J. Whitley, Geo. Hanna, Wm. Meek, R. Llewellyn, H. J. Goudge.


Home Savings Bank of Los Angeles, 340 South Broadway.—(Incorporated April 26, 1907). See report main offices.


International Savings and Exchange Bank.—(Incorporated February 9, 1903). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $147,100. John Lopizich, President; J. H. Goodhue, Cashier; Directors, J. Lopizich, G. Zobelein, E. Fleur, J. Viole, L. Escallier, J. Costera, Dr. B. Sassella, S. Bodrero, A. P. Presich, T. M. Kristovich, R. A. Todd, M. Durant, M. Orsatti, L. Terrell, A. Vignolo.


Japanese-American Bank, 101 South San Pedro Street.—(Incorporated Branch October 5, 1906). M. Takekawa, Cashier.


Japanese Branch of San Francisco, 226 East First Street.—(Incorporated Branch October 5, 1906). K. Ejima, Cashier.


Los Angeles National Bank.—President, W. C. Patterson; Vice-Presidents, F. P. Flint, Dan Murphy; Cashier, G. E. Bittinger; Assistant Cashiers, E. W. Coe, C. F. Winters; Directors, C. C. Desmond, Dan Murphy, L. C. McKeeby, H. C. Witmer, H. F. Vollmer, W. C. Patterson, Frank P. Flint, G. E. Bittinger, Wm. M. Van Dyke, A. H. Naftzger, W. E. Hampton.


Los Angeles Savings Bank.—(Incorporated April 8, 1884). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. John E. Plater, President; W. M. Caswell, Cashier; Directors, J. F. Sartori, M. S. Hellman, J. E. Plater, W. D. Longyear, J. A. Graves.


Los Angeles Trust Company, Second Street, corner Spring.—(Incorporated January 17, 1902). Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. C. Drake; Cashier, Robert Wankowski; Directors, J. C. Drake, W. Clark, H. W. O'Melveney, W. C. Patterson, G. E. Bittinger, J. B. Miller, S. Jess, G. B. Johnson, John B. Miller, J. S. Torrance, J. M. Elliott, E. J. Marshall, Wm. R. Staats, John H. Norton, Geo. I. Cochran, W. I. Hollingsworth.


Main Street Savings Bank, 3222 South Main Street.—(Incorporated October 28, 1889). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $100,000. J. F. Sartori, President; W. M. Cameron, Cashier; Directors, J. F. Sartori, M. S. Hellman, W. D. Longyear, I. N. Van Nuys, K. Cohn, H. W. O'Melveny, W. G. Kerckhoff, T. L. Duque.



Page 91.


Manhattan Savings Bank, 598 South Spring Street.—(Incorporated March 5, 1902). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. F. M. Douglass, President; Chas. Ewing, Cashier; Directors, W. J. Sherriff, J. A. Murphy, C. T. Crowell, J. H. Lapham, J. R. Vogel, John Harlan, Chas. Ewing, F. M. Douglass.


Market and Produce Bank, Central and Towne streets.—(Incorporated November 27, 1905). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. W. A. Bonynge, President; W. W. Jones, Cashier; Directors, J. W. McKinley, W. A. Henry, A. M. Klien, H. Y. Stanley, J. W. Beasley, Geo. Lem, S. E. Knopp, L. Schocten, W. A. Bonynge, C. S. Marston, N. Essick.


Mechanics' Bank, 847 Central Avenue.—(Incorporated May 29, 1893). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. A. H. Green, President; J. C. Dickson, Cashier; Directors, W. S. Dalton, G. W. Lubbe, Dr. R. S. Petten, J. C. Dickson, A. H. Green, J. A. Pistie, W. N. Caswell.


Mechants National Bank. Third Street, corner Spring. President, W. H. Holliday; Cashier, H. T. Newell; Directors, H. T. Newell, W. L. Graves, M. N. Newmark, E. T. Stimson, Percy R. Wilson, N. Bonfilio, Will E. Keller, E. P. Bosbyshell, F. M. Lyon, W. A. Barker, L. C. Brand, M. A. Hamburger.


Merchants Trust Company.-- President, W. L. Brent; Vice-President, L. L. Elliott; Cashier, J. C. Wickham; Directors, W. L. Brent, E. M. Hills, G. J. Denis, G. A. Parkyns, M. G. Jones, C. E. Moore, Mark G. Jones, W. F. Botsford, J. C. Wickham, W. N. Hamaker, T. H. Dudley, C. A. Miller, Geo. F. Ross.


Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, Sixth Street, corner Spring. President, Frank P. Flint; Chashier, Jay Spence; Directors, G. E. Bittinger, J. J. Cravens, J. M. Elliott, W. M. Garland, W. T. S. Hammond, W. E. Hampton, S. Jess, W. C. Patterson, W. M. Van Dyke, H. C. Witner, F. P. Flint, M. H. Flint, C. W. Gates, F. M. Kelsey, Jay Spence.


National Bank of California, Second Street, corner Spring.— Capital stock, $500,000; R. I. Rogers, President; W. D. Woolwine, Cashier; Directors, E. Fishburn, J. F. Fishburn, S. C. Hubbell, W. D. Woolwine, R. I. Rogers, H. Gray, F. W. Braun, E. E. May, O. H. Churchill, F. W. Flint, Jr., H. S. McKee, H. M. Robinson, O. A. Vickney, E. B. Gage, H. W. Frank.


National Bank of Commerce, Second Street, corner Main.—Capital stock, $200,000. F. M. Douglass, President; C. Ewing, Cashier; Directors, J. Harlan, W. F. Sherriff, F. A. Dailey, J. A. Murphy, C. Ewing, F. M. Douglass, C. T. Crowell, J. H. Lapham, W. J. Wren.


Occidental Trust and Savings Bank.—(Incorporated March 5, 1903). Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $25,682.76. O. C. Conley, President; N. D. Harley, Assistant Cashier; Directors, B. Erkenbrecher, N. F. Wilson, N. E. Falkensen, F. J. Norris, O. C. Conley, A. B. McDonald, N. D. Harley.


Pacific Savings Bank.—(Incorporated February 28, 1903). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $74,780. Ralph Rogers, President; L. L. Soule, Cashier; Directors, R. Rogers, Jas. H. Blanchard, F. E. Yoakum, I. McLaughlin, S. H. Kellogg, M. E. Cary, C. H. Carleton, Wm. Hudson, R. Ewells, B. W. Hahn, J. G. Baird.


Park Bank of Los Angeles. Fifth Street, corner Hill.—Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $200,000. P. W. Weidner, President; W. G. Tanner, Cashier; Directors, J. Wiseman, W. D. Stephens, R. N. Bulla, N. Pease, H. L. Holland, W. C. Durgin, P. W. Weidner. Branches, Second Street, corner Spring, and Pico Street, corner El Molino.


Security Savings Bank, Fifth Street, corner Spring.—(Incorporated January 11, 1889). Capital stock, $1,000,000; paid in coin, $512,500. President, J. F. Sartori; Vice-Presidents, M. S. Hellman, John E. Plater; Cashier, W. D. Longyear; Directors, Wm. H. Allen, Jr., H. W. Hellman, T. E. Newlin, J. H. Shankland, J. A. Graves, Henderson Hayward, W. L. Graves, John E. Plater, J. F. Hellman, W. D. Longyear, W. H. Holliday.


South Side Bank. 2717 Central Avenue.—(Incorporated March 5, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. C. J. Goodenow, President; F. E. Porter, Cashier; Directors, C. J. Goodenow, O. A. Vickrey, F. E. Porter, S. P. Divver, Dr. M. E. Snavely, N. Essick, A. C. Winter, F. L. Shimmin, J. V. Akey.


Southern California Savings Bank.—(Incorporated January 3, 1885). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. W. G. Kerckhoff, President; C. H. Toll, Cashier; Directors, W. D. Woolwine, C. H. Toll, J. H. Griffin, Wm. G. Kerckhoff, M. S. Hellman, J. F. Sartori, W. D. Longyear.


Southern Trust Company.—(Incorporated October 14, 1904). Capital stock, $2,000,000; paid in coin, $1,000,000. H. F. Stewart, Vice President; P. Kitchin, Cashier; Directors, I. W. Hellman, J. A. Graves, J. P. Burke, H. F. Stewart, W. J. Barlow, A. L. Brown, M. J. Connell, C. A. Canfield, Roy Jones, Jos. Kurtz, W. G. Kerckhoff, C. Leonardt, J. W. McKinley, I. B. Newton, Edw. Strasburg, B. Van Nuys.



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Union Bank of Savings.—President, W. S. Bartlett; Vice-President, O. T. Johnson; Cashier, W. E. McVay; Assistant Cashier, J. F. Andrews, Geo. N. Turner; Directors, J. M. Elliott, O. T. Johnson, I. N. Van Nuys, J. C. Drake, J. S. Cravens, E. T Earl, W. S. Bartlett, W. E. McVay.


United States National Bank, 240 North Main Street.—Capital stock, $200,000. President, Isaias W. Hellman; Vice-President, O. M. Souden; Cashier, F. W. Smith; Directors, Isaias W. Hellman, O. M. Souden, M. A. Newmark, R. H. Lacy, J. A. Graves, Dr. J. H. Bullard, W. C. Price.


West Side Bank.—(Incorporated May 31, 1888). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. H. G. Taber, President; P. J. Gruber, Cashier; Directors, H. G. Taber, W. E. Simpson, P. J. Gruber, O. C. Dranga, H. Huggins.



First National Bank.—President, Jno. H. Bartle; Vice-President, J. F. Sartori; Cashier, W. A. Chess; Assistant Cashier, C. C. Bowerman; Directors, J. A. Graves, Lewis Bradbury, J. F. Sartori, Jno. H. Bartle, Isaias W. Hellman.


Granite Bank and Trust Company.—(Incorporated July 27, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. W. B. Scarborough, President; F. N. Hawes, Cashier; Directors, W. B. Scarborough, F. N. Hawes, B. S. Davies, H. E. Crandall, A. P. Seymour, C. Anderson, W. C. Patterson.


Monrovia Savings Bank.—(Incorporated July 1, 1888). Capital stock, $10,000; paid in coin, $10,000. President, Jno. H. Bartle; Vice-President, Herman W. Hellman; Cashier, W. A. Chess; Directors, A. H. Johnson, R. M. Baker, Jno. H. Bartle, W. A. Chess, H. W. Hellman.


The American National Bank.—President, Walter S. Newhall; Vice-President, C. O. Monroe; Cashier, F. N. Hawes; Assistant Cashier, K. E. Lawrence; Directors, Walter S. Newhall, Jno. G. Mossin, W. F. Botsford, C. O. Monroe, B. S. Davies, Henry Newby, F. N. Hawes, K. E. Lawrence, A. Stedman.



Commercial Bank of Ocean Park.—(Incorporated April 1, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000; M. R. King, President; J. H. Lawrence, Jr., Cashier; Directors, M. R. King, S. P. Dunn, J. W. Lawrence, Jr., C. U. Brundage, W. H. Kiger, W. F. Nordholt.


Ocean Park Bank.—(Incorporated April 1, 1902). Capital stock $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, T. H. Dudley; Cashier, P. J. Dudley; Directors, W. A. Penny, John Mead, E. S. Tomlin, T. J. Dudley, G. M. Jones.



American Bank and Trust Co.—(Incorporated May 29, 1905). Capital stock $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. E. L. McCormack, President; F. H. Swan, Cashier; Directors, E. L. McCormack, F. H. Swan, G. R. Thomas, T. D. Allin, W. B. Loughery, R. J. Waters, H. H. Goodrich, P. S. Hornberger, D. Galbraith.


Bank of Commerce.—(Incorporated May 6, 1907). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. H. W. Chynoweth, President; W. S. Windham, Secretary; Directors, T. J. Ashley, W. S. Windham, C. Leeking, I. C. Goodridge, Mac D. Snowball, G. W. Ritchey, D. W. Helihy, J. E. McMillian, H. W. Chynoweth.


Bankers Savings Bank.—(Incorporated March 3, 1904). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. H. Newby, President; H. P. Pyle, Cashier; Directors, H. Newby, E. J. Pyle, H. D. Pyle, I. Bailey, A. D. Crosby, J. H. Woodworth, C. J. Willett.


Crown City Bank.—(Incorporated April 9, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. J. B. Couiston, President; J. O. Isaacson, Cashier; Directors, J. B. Coulson, J. O. Isaacson, J. M. McKibben, B. Perry.


First National Bank.—Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. E. H. May, President; A. E. Edwards, Cashier; Directors, A. K. McQuilling, W. H. Vedder, T. Earley, H. C. Hotaling, R. I. Rogers, Don C. Porter, E. H. May, C. M. Parker, J. McDonald.


Pasadena National Bank.—Capital stock, $200,000; surplus and profits, $165,000. H. Newby, President; Edw. J. Pile, Cashier; Directors, Edw. T. Off, A. D. Crosby, H. R. Lacey, I. Bailey, Edws. J. Pile, H. Newby, J. H. Woodworth.


Pasadena Savings and Trust Company.—(Incorporated September 14, 1901). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. Ernest H. May, President; Wm. H. Vedder, Cashier; Directors, E. H. May, J. H. Vedder, A. E. Edwards.


San Gabriel Valley Bank.—(Incorporated February 15, 1886). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, Frank C. Bolt; Cashier, R. H. Miller; Directors, S. Washburn, Frank C. Bolt, John E. Jardine, J. H. Holmes, Ed R. Braley, Thos. D. Wayne, C. J. Hall.


Union National Bank.—(Incorporated 1908). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. See Report Union Savings Bank.



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Union Savings Bank.—(Incorporated February 1, 1895). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, H. I. Stuart; Cashier, E. H. Groenendyke; Directors, B. F. Ball, Dr. Norman Bridge, E. H. Groenendyke, C. W. Smith, H. I. Stuart, C. W. Gates, E. S. Gosney.


South Pasadena Bank.—(Incorporated February 23, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. J. S. Dodge, President; G. W. Lawyer, Cashier; Directors, J. H. Jacobs, G. W. Lawyer, B. F. Taylor, G. W. Wilson, E. Cawston, J. S. Dodge, C. Ewing, F. M. Douglass, R. W. Avery.


State Bank of Pasadena.—(Incorporated April 5, 1907). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $25,000. W. M. Eason, President; F. W. Hill, Cashier; Directors, W. M. Eason, C. McLain, M. D. Painter, F. W. Hill, W. N. Goody, E. R. Mason, W. Dodge.



American National Bank.—President, J. T. Brady; Vice-President, G. A. Lathrop; Cashier, F. E. Graham; Assistant Cashier, J. P. Storrs; Directors, G. A. Lathrop, W. L. Wright, Lewis Wright, J. T. Brady, L. C. Meredith, Jos. Douglass, C. H. Bartlett.


First National Bank of Pomona.—President, Chas. E. Walker; Vice-President, John Law; Cashier, Charles M. Stone; Assistant Cashiers, Raymond M. Davis, A. C. Abbott; Directors, John Law, A. T. Currier, Arthur M. Dole, Franklin Cogswell, Geo. S. Phillips, Chas. E. Walker.


Savings Bank and Trust Company of Pomona.—(Incorporated July 7, 1904). Capital Stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President L. T. Gillett; Vice-President, E. Hinman; Cashier, F. E. Eells; Directors, H. B. Miller, L. T. Gillett, S. C. Pitzer, Chas. P. Curran, W. F. Botsford, J. M. Booth, E. Hinman.


State Bank of Pomona.—(Incorporated March 30, 1907). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. P. R. Ruth, President; E. R. Yundt, Cashier; Directors, A. C. Abbott, P. R. Ruth, E. R. Yundt, J. W. Fulton, S. E. Yundt, J. A. Gallup.



Farmers and Merchants National Bank.—President, J. A. Graves; Vice-President, F. H. Seymour; Cashier, Alfred H. Klein; Directors, J. A. Graves, F. H. Seymour, H. B. Ainsworth, P. S. Venable, M. N. Newmark.


People's Savings Bank of Redondo. —(Incorporated July 27, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $12,500. President, J. A. Graves; Vice-President, F. H. Seymour; Cashier, Alfred H. Klein; Directors, J. A. Graves, F. H. Seymour, P. S. Venable, J. H. Cavanah, A. B. Ainsworth.


Redondo Savings Bank.—(Incorporated March 19, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. N. Bonfilo, President; G. H. Anderson, Cashier; Directors, N. Bonfilo, L. F. Wells, M. H. Hellman, R. D. Smith, J. B. Mullen, G. S. Funk.



Bank of San Dimas.—(Incorporated November 27, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, W. A. Johnstone; Vice-President, D. C. Teague; Cashier, John F. Roberts; Directors, W. A. Johnstone, D. C. Teague, Chas. E. Walker, E. O. Thompson, A. Bowring, D. B. Abbott, J. P. Roberts.



San Fernando Valley Bank.—(Incorporated May 21, 1904). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. J. E. Wheat, President; T. J. Walker; Cashier, Directors, J. E. Wheat, H. C. Hubbard, J. H. Jenifer, R. H. Maclay, H. C. Healey, E. H. Schuringer, W. C. Durgin, J. Van Debergh, H. C. Allen.



Bank of San Pedro.—(Incorporated March 26, 1888). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Geo. H. Peck; Cashier, Henry Baly; Directors, Wm. G. Kerckhoff, Geo. H. Peck, Henry Baly, E. D. Seward, R. L. Angell, Jos. A. Weldt, N. W. Tilton.


Citizens Savings Bank of San Pedro.—(Incorporated August 18, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Geo. H. Peck; Vice-President, Henry Baly; Cashier, E. L. Seward; Directors, Geo. H. Peck, Henry Baly, E. D. Seward, J. A. Weldt, R. L. Angell, J. T. Gaffey.


First National Bank.—President, W. A. Bonynge; Vice-President, R. D. Sepulveda; Cashier, Chas. Nicolai; Assistant Cashier, A. G. Sepulveda; Directors, W. A. Bonynge, W. F. Botsford, R. D. Sepulveda, R. A. Crawford, Chas. Nicolai, H. C. Downing, A. G. Sepulveda.


Harbor City Savings Bank.—(Incorporated March 15, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. C. Nicolai, President; A. G. Sepulveda, Cashier; Directors, R. A. Crawford, C. Nicolai, K. Stromsen, J. Weir, J. H. Dodson, A. P. Ferl, W. A. Bonynge, J. B. Coulston, E. B. Scott, J. Gray, A. G. Sepulveda.


State Bank of San Pedro.—(Incorporated January 7, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, L. W. Blinn; Vice-President, Edward Mahar; Cashier, Frank Burns; Directors, W. C. Patterson, Edward Mahar, W. C. Durgin, A. J. Mitchell, R. W. Hill, Frank Burns, L. W. Blinn.



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Bank of Santa Monica.—Capital stock, $50,000. Cashier, Henry J. Engelbrecht; Directors, Robt. F. Jones, Roy Jones, H. M. Gorham, John P. Jones, W. T. Gillis, N. H. Hamilton, G. H. Hutton.


Santa Monica Savings Bank.—(Incorporated June 2, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000. paid in coin, $25,000. President, R. R. Tanner; Cashier, M. A. Relyea; Directors, T. H. Dudley, Wm. S. Vawter, A. M. Guidinger, R. R. Tanner, Wm. Mead, E. M. Hills, B. A. Nebeker.


The Merchants National Bank of Santa Monica.—President, T. H. Dudley; Vice-President, Wm. S. Vawter; Cashier, Geo. F. Doty; Directors, Wm. Mead, J. J. Davis, Carl F. Schader, J. T. Van Orman, T. H. Dudley, R. R. Tanner, Wm. S. Vawter.



Citizens State Bank of Sawtell.—(Incorporated September 20, 1906). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. R. F. McClellan, President; H. M. Crane, Cashier; Directors, R. F. McClellan, W. E. Sawtelle, N. S. Head, H. M. Crane, G. E. Bahrenberg.



Bank of Venice.—(Incorporated July 1, 1907). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. T. H. Dudley, President; R. A. Dallugge, Cashier; Directors, T. H. Dudley, W. R. Wheat, J. S. Hunt, W. Mead, R. A. Phillips.



First National Bank.—President, W. Hadley; Vice-President, A. Hadley; Cashier, G. E. Little; Directors, W. Hadley, W. H. Crook, E. V. Hadley, A. C. Maple, A. Hadley.


Home Savings Bank of Whittier.—(Incorporated October 31, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. Allen Osmun; Vice-President, A. H. Dunlap; Cashier, A. C. Jonson; Directors, J. Allen Osmun, A. H. Dunlap, A. L. Reed, Wm. M. Hiatt, E. W. Reder, C. E. Cook.


Whittier Savings Bank.—(Incorporated August 14, 1903). Capital stock, $25,000. paid in coin, $25,000. President, W. Hadley; Vice-President, C. W. Clayton; Cashier, A. C. Maple; Directors, W. Hadley, C. W. Clayton, W. V. Coffin, A. Hadley, John Crook.



Bank of Wilmington.—(Incorporated February 2, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, P. E. Hatch; Vice-president, Jotham Bixby; Cashier, F. S. Cary; Directors, P. E. Hatch, Jotham Bixby, F. S. Cary, W. J. Horne, J. A. Graves, W. T. Wheatley, E. C. Denio, Geo. C. Flint, I. W. Hellman, C. H. Thornburg, H. C. Downing.









Superior Judge—W. M. Conley.

Law and Motion Day—Monday.

Probate Day—Monday.

Trial Calendar Day—Last Monday in each month. Cases may be set any time upon giving 10 days notice.

District Attorney—G. G. Goucher.

Clerk—W. R. Curtin.

Auditor—A. S. Honeycutt.

Recorder—W. A. Smith.

Sheriff—J. M. Jones.

Tax Collector—C. F. Precaido.

Assessor—C. F. Bonner.

Treasurer—N. L. Borden.

Superintendent of Schools—Estella Bagnelle.

Public Administrator and Coroner—R. C. Jay.

Surveyor—F. E. Smith.

Official Court Reporter—Jos. T. Conley.


Supervisors—S. Sledge, Chairman, Madera; F. D. Brown, Minturn; Jas. B. Warner, Raymond; W. A. Ellis, North Fork; H. L. Crow, Madera.



Township, Name of Justice.

No. 2, H. J. Patterson.

No. 3, Joseph Bancroft.

No. 5, Thomas J. Rhodes.

No. 6, T. Gough.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

W. D. Caldwell, Minturn.

D. S. Lewis, Madera.

T. H. Leonard, Raymond.







Conley, W. M., Superior Judge, Madera.

Fee, Francis A., Madera.

Goucher, Geo. G., Madera.

Hargrove, Robert L., Madera.

Larew, W. H., Madera.

Mordecai, Geo. W., Jr., Madera.

Rhodes, Raleigh E., Court Commissioner, Madera.





Commercial Bank of Madera.—(Incorporated April 25, 1893). Capital Stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, Return Roberts; Vice-President, E. H. Cox; Cashier, J. G. Roberts; Directors, Return Roberts, J. G. Roberts, J. E. Newman, E. H. Cox, N. Rosenthal.


First National Bank.—President, J. L. Butin; Vice-President, O. J. Woodward; Cashier, F. E. Osterhout.






Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

© 2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.