Page 95.







Superior Judge—T. J. Lennon.

Law and Motion Day—Friday, 10:30.

District Attorney—Thos. P. Boyd.

Clerk—Robt. E. Graham.

Auditor and Recorder—Eugene J. Connell.

Sheriff and Tax Collector—Will P. Taylor.

Assessor—P. H. Cochrane.

Treasurer—Thos. J. Fallon.

Superintendent of Schools—J. B. Davidson.

Public Administrator and Coroner—F. E. Sawyer.

Surveyor—Geo. L. Richardson.

Official Court Reporter—M. W. Holland.

Supervisors—Henry Goudy(Chairman), Tomales; M. J. Pedrotti, San Rafael; V. J. B. Cheda, San Rafael; G. Pacheco, Ignacio; L. C. Pistolesi, Sausalito.



Township, Name of Justice.

San Rafael, W. F. Magee.

San Rafael, —

Novato, C. Dahl.

Tomales, A. L. Fisher.

Sausalito, J. F. Renner.

Sausalito, —

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Geo. Agnew, San Rafael.

H. J. Lucas, San Rafael.

L. A. DeVoto, Novato.

—, Tomales.

Paul Troutte, Sausalito.

J. Hayes, Tiburon.







Angellotti, F. M., Justice Supreme Court., San Rafael.

Boyd, Thos. P., District Attorney, San Rafael.

Butler, E. I., San Rafael.

Cochrane, Jas. W., San Rafael, Also San Francisco.

Duffley, M. C., San Rafael.

Harlan, Geo. H., San Rafael.

Hawkins, Jos. K., San Rafael.

Keyes, Jas. W., San Rafael.

Lennon, Thos. J., Superior Judge, San Rafael.

Mahoney, W. H., San Rafael.

Martinelli, E. B., San Rafael.

Meldon, O. P., Sausalito.

Pistolesi, L. C., Sausalito.

Vincilione, P., Sausalito.







Bank of Mill Valley.—(Incorporated October 30, 1907). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $25,000. F. F. Bostwick, President; Chas. H. Huntoon, Cashier; Directors, F. F. Bostwick, F. A. Lash, W. C. Barnard, J. F. Schlingman, J. Dias.



Hotaling Banking Co.—(Incorporated October 30, 1907). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $200,000. H. Burnet, Cashier; Directors, R. M. Hotaling, F. C. Hotaling, Ella K. Hotaling, C. W. Conlish, A. N. Boyer, H. Burnet.


Marin County Bank.—(Incorporated January 26, 1892). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. S. H. Cheda, President; Geo. C. Hansen, Cashier; Directors, S. A. Cheda, M. T. Freitas, T. Hansen, H. Brunner, F. W. Dickson.


Bank and Trust Company of Tomales.—(Incorporated March 1, 1907). Capital Stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. H. E. Lawrence, President; T. J. Ables, Cashier; Directors, H. E. Lawrence, J. W. Dutton, A. P. Graver, D. B. Burbank, T. J. Ables.








Superior Judge—J. J. Trabucco.

Law and Motion Day—First Monday in each month.

Trial Calendar Day—First Monday in each month.

District Attorney—J. A. Adair.

Clerk—W. E. Gallison.

Auditor and Recorder—F. A. Bondshu.

Sheriff—R. A. Prouty.

Tax Collector—D. E. Bertken.

Assessor—C. P. Pratt.

Treasurer—S. P. O. Counts.

Superintendent of Schools—Julia L. Jones.

Public Administrator and Coroner—D. E. Johnson.

Surveyor—S. J. Harris.


Supervisors—J. W. Collins, Hornitos; B. A. Condrey, Mt. Bullion; James Lindsey, Coulterville; F. F. Miller (Chairman), Mariposa; F. C. Palmer, Lewis.




Page 96.


Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, Wm. Adams.

No. 2, John Endean.

No. 3, E. C. Hunt.

No. 4, W. A Scott.

No. 5, B. M. Leitch.

—, T. J. Jones.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

M. Bauer, Hornitos.

C. Menizer, Coulterville.

Joseph Choisser, Bear Valley.

W. R. Bray, Mariposa.

Rufus Hughes, Ben Hur.








Adair, J. A., District Attorney, Mariposa.

Adams, William, Hornitos.

Corcoran, J. M., Mariposa.

Larew, J. S., Mariposa.

Stolder, Richard B., Mariposa.

Trabucco, J. J., Superior Judge, Mariposa.

Wall, John A., Mariposa.






W. M. Peery, Ukiah, executes our Surety Bonds.








Superior Judge—J. Q. White.

Law and Motion Day—Second Monday of each month.

Probate Day—Second Monday of each month.

Trial Calendar Day—Second Monday of each month.

District Attorney—Robert Duncan.

Clerk—Hale McCowen.

Auditor—C. W. Mathews.

Recorder—E. E. Holbrook.

Sheriff—R. E. Donohoe.

Tax Collector—W. S. Van Dyke.

Assessor—M. A. Thomas.

Treasurer—G. A. Johnson.

Superintendent of Schools—L. W. Babcock.

Public Administrator and Coroner—John Taylor.

Surveyor—Guy Redwine.

Official Court Reporter—B. O. Eddy.


Supervisors—E. P. Gillmore, Point Arena; D. H. Lawson, (Chairman), Booneville; W. T. Saxon, Willits; M. L. Gibson, Ukiah; L. Barnard, Fort Bragg.



Township, Name of Justice.

Arena, A. H. Parker.

Anderson, C. W. Brown.

Anderson, —

Cuffey's Grove, C. M. Walker.

Long Valley, J. H. Braden.

Little Lake, John Snow.

Ten Mile River, F. A. Whipple.

Round Valley, E. R. Potter.

Sanel, W. Huntley.

Ukiah, D. C. Crockett.

Kenny, T. L. Young.

Big River, J. F. Murray.

Potter Valley, —

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

F. W. Stack, Point Arena.

—, Philo.

O. H. Robinson, Rohnerville.

E. C. McCloud, Elk.

W. W. Burns, Laytonville.

A. J. Smith, Willits.

B. N. Coldberg, Fort Bragg.

D. A. Jamison, Covelo.

D. C. Dye, Hopland.

T. S. Lynch, Ukiah.

Wm. Stanley, Westport.

W. W. Curtis, Mendocino City.

E. M. Maze, Potter Valley.






Carothers, Thos. L., Ukiah.

Duncan, Robert, District Attorney, Ukiah.

Gonzales, Louis, Ukiah.

Held, W. D. L. (Weldon & Held), Ukiah.

Hirsch, Maurice (McNab & Hirsch), Ukiah.

Jenkins, W. L., Fort Bragg.

Mannon & Mannon (Jas. M. Mannon and C. M. Mannon), Ukiah.

McNab, John L. (McNab & Hirsch), Ukiah.

McNab & Hirsch (John L. McNab, Maurice Hirsch), Ukiah.

Pemberton, Jas. E. (Thomas, Pemberton & Thomas), Ukiah.

Piersoi, J. K., Fort Bragg.

Poage, W. G., Ukiah.

Preston, J. W., Ukiah.

Rohrbough, Carter W., Covelo.

Ruddock, J. C.

Thatcher, Arthur J., Ukiah.

Thomas, J. R.(Thomas, Perberton & Thomas), Ukiah.

Thomas, J. R.(Thomas, Pemberton & Thomas), Ukiah.

Thomas, Wm. J.(Thomas, Pemberton & Thomas), Ukiah.

Thomas, Pemberton & Thomas, J. R. Thomas, Jas. E. Pemberton, Wm. R. Thomas, Ukiah.

Weldon, T. J.(Held & Weldon), Ukiah.

Weldon, T. J.(Weldon & Held), Welden & Held(T. J. Weldon, W. D. L. Held), Ukiah.

White, John Q., Superior Judge, Ukiah.



Page 97.



H. B. Smith, Geo. P. Anderson, R. E. Donohoe, P. W. Handy

Only Complete Abstract of Mendocino Co. Records

(Established 1885)




Conveyances, Surveyors, and Notaries Public

Office Opposite Hall of Records, UKIAH, CAL.










Bank of Fort Bragg—(Incorporated October 20, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $30,000. President, H. A. Weller; Vice-President, W. P. Plummer; Cashier, Jno. E. Weller; Directors, W. P. Plummer, H. A. Weller, Leonard Barnard, W. A. McCormack, Jno. E. Weller.



Mendocino Bank of Commerce—(Incorporated September 1, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, Joshua Grindle; Vice-President, John S. Ross; Directors, Joshua Grindle, John S. Ross, W. B. Coombs, F. W. Stickney, C. J. Wood.



Bank of Point Arena—(Incorporated June 9, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. C. Halliday; Vice-President, E. B. Salsig; P. W. Haggreen, Cashier; Directors, J. C. Halliday, C. F. O'Brien, C. M. Curley, Wm. Hanen, C. Queen, J. H. Shibley, A. Stometta.



Bank of Ukiah—(Incorporated January 10, 1874). Capital stock, $250,000; paid in coin, $250,000. President, H. T. Hopper; Vice-President, Hale McCowen; Cashier, W. F. Thomas; Directors, H. T. Hopper, F. C. Albertson, Jno. L. McNab, B. S. Hirsch, J. A. Redemeyer.


Commercial Bank of Ukiah—(Incorporated December 18, 1902). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, President, W. P. Thomas; Cashier, P. Connolly; Directors, W. W. Van Arsdale, H. B. Muir, R. E. Donohoe, W. P. Thomas, John Cunningham.

Savings Bank of Mendocino County—(Incorporated November 28, 1903). Capital Stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. J. H. Barker, President; A. L. Tracy, Cashier; Directors, J. H. Barker, J. M. Mannon, J. L. McCracken, G. W. Stout, O. Redemeyer.



Bank of Willits—(Incorporated April 11, 1904). Capital Stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50.000. President, W. A. S. Foster; Cashier, W. H. Baechtel; Directors, W. A. S. Foster, P. N. Lillenthal, L. Redemeyer, P. I. Lancaster, A. J. Fairbanks, G. Baechtel, J. S. Rohrbough.










Superior Judge—E. N. Rector.

Law and Motion Day—Monday.

Probate Day—Monday.

District Attorney—H. S. Shaffer.

Clerk—P. J. Thornton.

Auditor—W. H. Cook.

Recorder—C. B. Harrell.

Sheriff—J. S. Swan.

Tax Collector—W. F. Clarke.

Assessor—A. G. Clough.

Treasurer—G. W. Kibby.

Superintendent of Schools—Mrs. Belle Smythe-Griber.

Public Administrator and Coroner—G. E. Nordgren.

Surveyor—A. E. Cowell.

Official Court Reporter—J. T. Conley.


Supervisors—Geo. H. Whitworth(Chairman), Newman; Henry Elson, Merced Falls; J. R. Baxter, Le Grand; C. H. Deane, Merced; J. H. Haley, Los Banos.




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Attorneys who need printing of any kind will find it to their advantage to call on or communicate with C. A. MURDOCK & CO., at 68 Fremont Street, San Francisco.

They are printers of long experience, with an extensive plant, and can turn out briefs and transcripts in strict conformity with the rules of the respective courts in which they are to be filed, and at very short notice. Ordinary prices—Extraordinary quality.




Township, Name of Justice.

No. 1, F. J. Buckley.

No. 2, J. J. Griffin.

No. 3, W. F. Burch.

No. 4, J. D. Price.

No. 5, J. R. Hitchcock.

No. 6, Eugene McCabe.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

Edgar Latour, Snelling.

J. H. McNamara, Merced.

W. M. Roberts, Los Banos.

W. C. Wilson, Le Grand.

J. A. Watson, Livingston.

B. W. Jeffery, Volta.









Bank of Los Banos—(Incorporated August 3, 1905). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $50,000. H. Miller, President; E. D. Heron, Cashier; Directors, A. Miller, J. L. R. Nickel, C. J. Merritt, W. Lees, E. D. Heron.



Merced Security Savings Bank—(Incorporated March 11, 1875). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $200,000. President, G. S. Bloss; Vice-President, W. H. Turner; Cashier, H. B. Stoddard; Manager, J. F. Carlston; Directors, M. C. Burchell, W. H. Turner, J. F. Carlston, L. R. Fancher, A. Bickford, G. S. Bloss, Isaac Bird, Horace Davis, H. S. Crane.


The Commercial Bank of Merced—(Incorporated December 27, 1897). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. D. Bradley; Vice-President, W. H. Hartley; Cashier, L. G. Worden; Assistant Cashier, J. B. Hart; Directors, Wm. H. Crocker, J. D. Bradley, W. H. Hartley, J. B. Garibaldi, H. K. Hale, Geo. S. Bloss, Jr., L. G. Worden.









Superior Judge—John E. Baker.

Law and Motion Day—Tuesday.

District Attorney—F. M. Jamison.

Clerk—L. S. Smith.

Auditor and Recorder—T. H. Ballard.

Sheriff—F. W. Caldwell.

Tax Collector—R. I. Sloss.

Assessor—D. E. Mulkey.

Treasurer—S. W. Pepperdine.

Superintendent of Schools—Eva W. Spargur.

Coroner and Public Administrator—W. W. Shartel.

Surveyor—A. M. Green.

Supervisors—J. R. Baxter(Chairman), Le Grand; Henry Nelson, Merced Falls; G. H. Whitworth, Newman; C. D. Deane, Merced; J. W. Haley, Los Banos.




Page 99.


Township, Name of Justice.

Alturas, J. S. Henderson.

Cedarville, A. K. Long.

Eagleville, —.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

J. F. Harrow, Alturas.

—, Cedarville.

Jesse Parman, Eagleville.






Adams, J. W., Alturas.

Auble, C. C., Adin.

Bonner, E. C., Alturas.

Cornish, N. A., Alturas.

Harris, G. F., Alturas.

Henderson, J. S., Alturas.

Jamison, F. M., District Attorney, Alturas.

Long, A. K., Cedarville.

Raker, C. A., Alturas.

Raker, J. E., Superior Judge, Alturas.

Sharp, J. T., Alturas.

Shartel, A. F., Alturas.

Spargur, H. L., Alturas.

Stewart, H. L., Alturas.

Wylie, Jas., Cedarville.









Bank of Modoc County—(Incorporated October 13, 1906). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. E. Lauer, President; B. Lauer, Cashier; Directors, E. Lauer, B. Lauer, A. Lauer, M. Lauer, I. Lauer, J. Lauer.


First National Bank of Alturas.—C. A. Estes, President; B. F. Lynip, Cashier; Directors, C. A. Estes, D. C. Berry, B. F. Lynip, W. B. Whittemore, E. Van Loan, I. F. Baker, A. W. Toreson, Ulty McCabe, A. B. Estes.



Surprise Valley Bank.—(Incorporated April 18, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. F. H. Johnstone, President; F. E. Bush, Cashier; Directors, F. H. Johnstone, J. Fritz, G. C. Turner, G. F. Hill, E. A. Richardson, E. P. Sessions, B. F. Lynip, C. A. Estes, A. B. Estes.










Superior Judge—J. D. Murphy.

District Attorney—P. R. Parker.

Clerk, Auditor and Recorder—G. Delury.

Assessor—Jas. Borland.

Tax Collector—M. P. Hayes.

Treasurer—J. A. Brown.

Superintendent of Schools—Miss Cordelia E. Hayes.

Public Administrator and Coroner—J. J. Welch.

Surveyor—J. G. Thompson.

Official Court Reporter—Mrs. F. E. Hunewill.

Supervisors—N. B. Hunewill, Bridgeport(Chairman); J. A. Mattly, Crater; N. W. Boyd, Bodie; C. W. Rickey, Topaz; J. A. Creaser, Benton.




Township, Name of Justice.

Bodie, Geo. K. Moyle.

Bridgeport, Geo. A. Montrose.

Antelope, A. D. Bird.

Homer, C. W. Vogt.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

D. A. Le Roy, Bodie.

C. A. Schuman, Bridgeport.

Claud Hardy, Topaz.

— , Mono Lake.








Green, G. S., Hawthorne, Nev.

Miner, R. S., Bridgeport.

Murphy, J. D., Superior Judge, Bridgeport.

Parker, P. R., District Attorney.

Parker, W. O., Bridgeport.

Watkins, R. G., Coleville.





J.  K. Alexander, Salinas City, executes our Surety Bonds.












Superior Judge—B. V. Sargent, Jr.

Law and Motion Day—Monday, 2 p.m.

Probate Day—Monday.

Trial Calendar Day—First Monday of each month.

District Attorney—J. A. Bardin.

Deputy—F. W. Sargent.

Clerk—T. P. Joy.

Auditor—Allen McLean.

Recorder—P. W. Soto.

Sheriff—W. J. Nesbitt.

Tax Collector—J. E. Hunter.

Assessor—W. J. Smith.

Treasurer—James Taylor.

Superintendent of Schools—Duncan Stirling.

Public Administrator and Coroner—H. V. Miller.

Surveyor—Lou G. Hare.

Official Court Reporter—W. R. Hawkins.


Supervisors—J. L. Mann(Chairman), Watsonville; H. E. Abbott, Salinas City; Paul Talbott, King City; T. J. Field, Monterey; Wm. P. Casey, San Lucas.





Page 100.



Township, Name of Justice.


Cholame, C. P. Gould.

Alisal, W. E. Norris.

Alisal, D. Wallace.

Bradley, W. F. Buttle.

Castroville, S. Castro.

Gonzales, H. Brockman.

Pacific Grove, Wm. T. Jenison.

Pajaro, D. W. Rohrback.

Peachtree, Wm. G. Wansleben.

San Antonio, J. Alonzo Forbes.

Soledad, Y. P. Villegas.

Monterey, Ernest Michaelis.

King City, Jos. Rice.

Name of Constable, Postoffice.

O. Hiseman, Parkfield.

S. J. Smart, Salinas.

Henry Veach, Salinas.

W. H. McIntire, Bradley.

F. Graviola, Castroville.

T. W. Allen, Gonzales.

E. Norris, Pacific Grove.

Uriah Sloan, Watsonville.

W. D. McPhie, San Lucas.

C. L. Winchell, Jolon.

L. P. Smith, Soledad.

H. G. Towle, Monterey.

J. A. Pell, Monterey.

G. R. Cano, King City.









Alexander, Roy L.,(Alexander & Rosedale), Salinas.

Alexander & Rosedale(Roy L. Alexander and C. B. Rosedale), Salinas.

Andresen, J. H., Salinas.

Barden, J. A.(Sargent & Barden), Salinas.

Coan, J. W., King City and Salinas.

Daugherty, Geo. A.(Daugherty & Lacey), Salinas.

Daugherty & Lacey(Geo. A. Daugherty and Claud F. Lacey), Salinas.

Feliz, F. P., Salinas.

Fitch, A. P., Salinas.

Gould, George S., Pacific Grove.

Hove, C. V., Monterey.

Hudson & Martin(W. G. Hudson and—Martin), Monterey.

Hudson, W. G.(Hudson & Martin), Monterey.

Jennison, W. T., Pacific Grove.

Lacey, Claud F.(Daugherty & Lacey), Salinas.

Martin, —(Hudson & Martin), Monterey.

Mack, Silas Winfred, Monterey.

Norris, W. E., Salinas.

Pence, Wallace M., Salinas.

Renison, Thos., Salinas.

Rosendale, C. B. (Alexander & Rosendale), Salinas.

Sandholt, Wm. Jr., Monterey.

Sargent, B. V., Superior Judge, Salinas.

Sargent, F. W. (Sargent and Barden), Salinas.

Sargent & Barden, (F. W. Sargent and J. A. Barden), Salinas.

Shaw, W. S., Monterey.

Treat, F. A., Salinas.

Warth, A. E., Salinas.

White, W. S., Salinas.

Willey, R. H., Monterey.

Wyatt, J. J. (Zabala & Wyatt), Salinas.

Zabala & Wyatt, (P. E. Zabala, J. J. Wyatt), Salinas.








Bank of Gonzales—(Incorporated January 24, 1894). Capital stock, $125,000; paid in coin, $50,000. R. F. Johnson, President; W. N. Biddell, Cashier; Directors, R. F. Johnson, C. H. Widemann, J. Larimi, E. Gonzales, J. Juri.



First National Bank—President, B. G. Tognazzi; Vice-President, T. A. Work; Cashier, A. G. Metz; Directors, B. G. Tognazzi, T. A. Work, E. A. Preble, H. S. Snodgrass, L. D. Lacey, J. L. D. Roberts, M. V. McQuigg, O. A. Hale, Silas W. Mack.


The Bank of Monterey—(Incorporated December 31, 1891). Capital stock, $100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, T. J. Field; Vice-President, M. M. Gragg; Cashier, Chas. D. Henry; Directors, T. J. Field, M. M. Gragg, Chas. D. Henry, A. E. Allen, Jessie D. Seale, J. B. R. Cooper.



Bank of E. Cooke Smith—(Incorporated December 26, 1906). Capital stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. E. C. Smith, President; C. D. Smith, Cashier; Directors, C. D. Smith, E. C. Smith, A. O. Gates.


Bank of Pacific Grove—(Incorporated November 17, 1903). Capital Stock, $50,000; paid in coin, $50,000. President, O. S. Trimmer; Vice-President, C. D. Henry; Cashier, Geo. W. Eckhardt; Directors, O. S. Trimmer, H. S. Ball, J. H. Osborn, T. J. Field, M. M. Gragg, B. A. Eardley, C. D. Henry.



First National Bank—Capital Stock, 100,000; paid in coin, $100,000. President, J. H. Menke; Vice-President, John K. Alexander; Cashier, C. J. Wiseman; Assistant Cashier, E. W. Palmtag.



Page 101.







G. A. Daugherty, Attorney at Law, President.

P. W. Soto, County Recorder, Secretary.

J. A. Bardin, District Attorney.

F. W. Sargent, Attorney at Law, Vice-President.

A. G. Winckler, Searcher of Records, Assistant Secretary.


Property Indices to all lands and town Lots in MONTEREY COUNTY. Plats of lands in Oil Districts showing owners of property.

Information furnished regarding assessments and taxes, and taxes paid for non-resident owners.






Monterey County Bank.—(Incorporated October 17, 1890). Capital stock, $200,000; paid in coin, $120,000. President, Wm. Vanderhurst; Vice-President, J. B. Iverson; Cashier, Luther Rodgers; Directors, W. Vanderhurst, J. B. Iverson, H. Corey, H. E. Abbott, L. W. Sanborn, F. Doud, B. Hitchcock.


Salinas City Bank—(Incorporated May 10, 1873). Capital stock, $300,000; paid in coin, $300,000. President, J. H. McDougall; Vice-President, W. J. Irvine; Cashier, F. S. Clark; Directors, J. H. McDougall, W. J. Irvine, Henry Bardin, Harry Winham.


Salinas City Bank of Savings.—(Incorporated February 21, 1905). Capital stock, $30,000; paid in coin, $30,000. President, J. H. McDougall; Vice-President, W. J. Irvine; Cashier, F. S. Clark; Directors, J. H. McDougall, W. J. Irvine, E. Archer, Henry Bardin, H. Winham, J. A. Armstrong, E. M. Hills.


Salinas Valley Savings Bank.—(Incorporated January 28, 1905). Capital stock, $25,000; paid in coin, $25,000. President, J. H. Menkel; Vice-President, J. K. Alexander; Cashier, C. J. Whisman; Directors, J. H. Menke, Jno. K. Alexander, Chas. L. Pioda, John Berges, S. B. Gordon, B. G. Tognazzi, Paul Tavernetti, John Olsen, Geo. J. Fiese.





Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

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