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†††† HAYNES, LLOYD C., Mining, Los Angeles, California, was born in Canaseraga, Alleghany (sic) County, New York, May 20, 1862, the son of Henry D. Haynes and Helen M. (Whitney) Haynes.He married Dora L. Mayer at Olean, New York, November 19, 1890, and they are the parents of one child, H. Lewis Haynes.


†††† Mr. Haynes attended the public schools of his native town until he was about fifteen years of age, and in 1877 left his books to enter the business world.He first started in a merchandise brokerage business, covering every section of New York State.This he conducted with profit until 1881, when, at the age of nineteen years, he determined to cast his fortunes with the men in the Pennsylvania oil fields.From that time until the present his life has been one of unceasing activity.


†††† He located at Bradford, Pennsylvania, and there for four years was in the thick of the oil business.He put down numerous wells and also engaged in speculation on the side.

†††† He reaped a small fortune out of this work, and in 1885 determined to quit the oil business for other lines.


†††† After closing his oil and land deals, Mr. Haynes determined to go into merchant tailoring on a large scale, and in partnership with F. R. Ackerman, of Olean, New York, he organized a chain of stores in New York State, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


†††† In 1891 he bought out his partnerís interest and for the next seven years conducted the business by himself.


†††† In February, 1898, Mr. Haynes joined the rush to the Alaskan gold fields and located at Sunrise City.He worked a claim there for about nine months and then moved to Pass Creek, where he mined for one year, with a gratifying degree of success.At the end of twelve months on Pass Creek Mr. Haynes left the North and returned to New York City.He retained his Alaskan holdings for another year, and then disposed of them in order to engage in the bond business in New York.


†††† He established a branch office in Los Angeles in 1906, and in 1911 decided to make his home in that city.When he first went to Los Angeles in 1906, and established offices, he divided his time between there and New York, and at the same time he held several banking offices in Southern California.When he settled there permanently, however, he found that his private interests did not permit of him giving much time to banking, so he resigned his offices, and now devotes his time entirely to his own enterprises.


†††† Mr. Haynes is a large stockholder in the Beaver Gold Dredging Company, located in Placer County, California.


†††† About a year ago, because of his financial ability and his heavy interests in the company, he was elected treasurer of it and still holds that office.


†††† Another enterprise in which Mr. Haynes is an important factor is the Modoc County Irrigation Co.This concern has extensive land holdings in Modoc County, and Mr. Haynes is one of the leading stockholders.This, like his other businesses, takes up a great deal of his time.


†††† Mr. Haynes has reached that point in life where he feels that he has had his share of activity and he is now about to retire.He is gradually arranging his affairs so that he may retire to the enjoyment of life and the fruits of his many years of labor.


†††† He is a member of the Sierra Madre Club and the McAleer Gun Club, both Los Angeles organizations.



Transcribed 11-25-11 Marilyn R. Pankey.

Source: Press Reference Library, Western Edition Notables of the West, Vol. I,Page 864, International News Service, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta.1913.

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