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On every profession there are those who, by right of natural ability, thorough training and persistent effort, intelligently directed, are natural leaders. In the profession of law in California, men of this type are found, among whom must be named Henry W. O'Melveny, senior member of the Los Angeles firm of O'Melveny, Tuller & Myers, a man of profound legal knowledge.


Mr. O'Melveny is a native of Illinois, where he was born in 1859. When quite young he came to California, and it was in Los Angeles public schools that he received his elementary training, following which he entered the University of California. For two years he served as a Deputy District Attorney, and in 1885 became a member of the firm of Graves & O'Melveny.


From 1906 to 1908 he was senior member of the firm of O'Melveny & Stevens, and from 1908 to 1918 he was senior member of the firm of O'Melveny, Stevens & Millikin. This firm became O'Melveny, Millikin & Tuller in 1918, and so continued until 1921, when it assumed the style of O'Melveny, Millikin, Tuller & Mcneil. Mr. Macneil having joined the faculty of the Harvard Law School in 1926, the firm name reverted to O'Melveny, Millikin & Tuller. In the early part of 1928 the firm name became O'Melveny, Tuller & Myers.


Mr. O'Melveny has always taken an active interest in the civic affairs of his city, and in 1903 and 1904 served as President of the Los Angeles Civil Service Commission. From 1908 to 1910 he was a member of the Los Angeles Public Library Board, and for many years was a Park Commissioner.


Mr. O'Melveny is also President of the Dominguez Water Company, as well as the Dominguez Estate Company. He is Vice President of the Los Angeles Trust & Savings Bank and a Director of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank, Security Trust & Savings Bank, and other industries.


His firm represents as Counsel many large interests, among which are the Title Insurance & Trust Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of California, National Biscuit Company, Ambassador Hotel Company, Shell Company of California, Goodyear Textile Mills Company, Morris Plan Company, Southern California Gas Company, Riverside Portland Cement Company, and many others.


The profession of the law, in itself of ancient dignity and learning, has always been distinguished by the character of its personnel. Its traditions stress high personal and professional standards and the devotion to the interests of clients, as well as to public service. Throughout his long career as a lawyer, Henry W. O'Melveny has, as his record proves, been faithful to these traditions, upon which rest the prestige of the bar.


Mr. O'Melveny in 1887 married Marie Antoinette Schilling, and they have three children, Stuart, Donald, and John.



Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: "American Blue Book California Lawyers" by H. James Boswell, Pages 22-23, Produced by H. James Boswell, 1928.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.