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Judge Louis W. Myers, of Los Angeles, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California, has been prominent in legal circles of the state for 30 years. He is a native of Wisconsin, and was born in 1872 at Lake Mills. After attending public schools he entered the University of Wisconsin, graduating with the B. Litt. degree in 1893. His legal training was obtained at the law school of the same institution, from which he received the LL. B. degree in 1895. In recognition of his achievements in the field of jurisprudence the University of Southern California conferred on him the degree of LL. D. in 1925. The University of California also conferred on him the degree of LL. D. in 1926.

In 1894 Judge Myers was admitted to the Wisconsin bar and entered practice at Madison in association with the firm of Spooner, Sanborn & Kerr. The following year he moved to Chicago, where he practiced for about three years. In 1898 he located at Los Angeles.

In 1913 Judge Myers was elected to the bench of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. In 1923 he was appointed Justice of the Supreme Court of California, serving as Chief Justice in 1924 and 1925. He is now a member of the law firm of O'Melveny, Tuller & Myers, of Los Angeles.

He holds membership in the American Bar Association, State Bar of California, Los Angeles County Bar Association and San Francisco Bar Association, as well as the Los Angeles City Club and University Club, Commonwealth Club and Sunset Club, also Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi and Sigma Chi fraternities, and an honorary member of Sigma Iota Chi, law fraternity. He married Blanche Brown in 1901, and they have two children, Elizabeth and John Wescott.



Transcribed by: Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

Source: "American Blue Book California Lawyers" by H. James Boswell, Page 129, Produced by H. James Boswell, 1928.

2008 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.