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DEL VALLE, HON. REGINALDO FRANCISCO, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, Cal. Was born there Dec 15, 1854.His father was Ygnacio Del Valle and his mother Ysabel (Varela) Del Valle. On Sept. 2, 1890, he married Helen M. White Cayatile in San Francisco.There is one child, Lucretia Louise Del Valle.

††††† Mr. Del Valle entered St. Vincentís College in 1867, remaining until June, 1871; then went to Santa Clara College, Santa Clara, Cal., where he graduated with the degree Bachelor of Sciences June, 1873.

††††† His first venture in the law was at Los Angeles, where he opened practice shortly after he was admitted to plead in the Supreme Court.In 1879 he was elected to the State Assembly of California from Los Angeles on the Democratic ticket and was re-elected in 1880. In this year he was Presidential Elector for Hancock and English. A year later received complimentary vote for Speaker.

††††† In 1882 he was elected Senator from Los Angeles County and served four years, part as president pro tem. In 1884 ran for Congress.Four years later he was chairman State Convention at Los Angeles, and in 1890 was nominated for Lieut. Gov. In 1892 he was chairman of the Committee on Resolutions of the State Convention at Fresno. He was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the Unites States in 1893.In 1894 he was chairman Democratic State Convention at San Francisco. He has been a member of every State convention for more than thirty years, has been a campaign orator and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention of 1900 at Kansas City. He is an authority on Parliamentary law.

††††† At present he is a member of the Board of Public Service in charge of the Water Department of Los Angeles.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Source: Press Reference Library, Western Edition Notables of the West, Vol. I,Page 254, International News Service, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta.1913.

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