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McGibben, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; 1776 Green.

Meussdorffer, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.; “The Oaks,” Ross Valley. 4th Friday.

___________, Dr. Herbert S.; Percy J.

Michael, Mr. M. F.; University Club. 722 Sutter.

Michalitschke, Mr. A.; 2102 California and Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal.

Manheim, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.; 1410 Fillmore. (Tel. West 272.) 2d and 4th Thurs.

Mann, Professor and Mrs. A. L.; 2222 Clay. (Tel. West 725.) 1st Friday.

____, Robert L.

Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.; 2476 Howard. Tuesday.

Mann, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.; 3414 Washington. (Tel. West 159.) Thursday.

Mann, Mrs. E. O.; 609 Sutter. (Tel. Black 1071.) 1st and 2d Thursday.

____, Dr. Charles S.; 609 Sutter. (Tel. Black 1071.)

Mann, Mrs. F. P.; 2417 Webster. (Tel. Pine 2621.) Tuesday.

____, Miss Leila; Harold.

Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R.; 2011 California. (Tel. West 283.)

____, Henry R. Jr.

Manning, Miss Agnes M.; The Century Club, 1215 Sutter.

Manning, Dr. and Mrs. Guy E.; 3313 Washington. (Tel. Steiner 1896.) 1st Wed.

Manning, Mr. H. Seymour, 3956 Washington.

Manning, Mr. and Mrs. William; 1923 Webster. 2d and 4th Wednesday.

Mansfield, Colonel and Mrs. Samuel M., U. S. A.; The Colonial. Thursday.

Manson, Dr. and Mrs. Josef L.; 817 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. Hyde 1021.) 1st Thurs.

______, Philip I.

Manson, Mr. and Mrs. Marsden; 2010 Gough. Wednesday.

Mantle, Mr. and Mrs. Byron G.; 1019 Leavenworth. (Tel. Larkin 1431.)

______, M. Sheldon.

Marcucci, Captain and Mrs. D.; 2011 Golden Gate Avenue. 1st Thursday.

Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. S.; 2148 Post. (Tel. Pine 3121.) 1st and 3d Thursday.

Marcuse, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.; 2226 Washington. 2d and 3d Monday.

Mardis, Mrs. Fanny; 2514 Clay. Thursday.

Margo, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.; 1919 Devisadero. (Tel. Steiner 201.) 2d and 3d Saturday.

Margo, Mrs. Mary; 2864 Sacramento. (Tel. Geary 737.) 2d and 4th Friday.

_____, Miss Marie.

Marks, Mr. and Mrs. S. M.; 2527 Fillmore. (Tel. Geary 201.) 2d and 3d Saturday.

Marriott, Mr. and Mrs. Fred; 1018 Green. (Tel. Sutter 931.) 1st & 3d Thursday.

Marsh, Mrs. Elizabeth B.; Miss Elsie; Eccleston; 907 Pine.

Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. F’d’k. D.; 1871 Page. (Tel. Page 1214.) 1st & 3d Fri. Alameda.

Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. George T.; 300 12th Ave. (Tel. Steiner 1783.) Tuesday.

Marsh, Mrs. Henry; Miss; 2507 Howard. Thursday.

Marsh, Mrs. H. F. Jr.; 2507 Howard. Friday.

Marsh, Miss; 2838 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. West 727.) First Friday.

Marsh, Mrs. Laura; 1604 California. (Tel. Hyde 2771.) Monday.

Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alfred; 21 Eleventh. (Tel. Jessie 1141.) 2d & 4th Tues.

Marshall, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin; 974 Sutter. (Tel. Larkin 801.)

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 1326 Fulton. (Tel. Fell 227.) 1st and 3d Monday.

Marshall, Lieutenant-Colonal (sic) James M. W., U. S. A.; Presidio of S. F.

Marshutz, Mr. and Mrs. L. C.; 900 Sutter. 2d and 4th Tuesday.

­­_______, Miss Laura.

Marston, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.; 2811 Jackson. (Tel. Steiner 1861.) 2d & 4th Tues.

Martel, Mr. and Mrs. J. L.; 2613 Buchanan. (Tel. Scott 306.) 3d & 4th Thursday.

_____, Miss Adele; Louis S.; Alfred C. Mountain View.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; 3434 Clay. (Tel. Steiner 3516.) 1st and 2d Thurs.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W.; 118 Geary. (Tel. Grant 192.)

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Camilo; Sausalito, Marin County, Cal. Friday.

Martin, Mrs. Eleanor; 2040 Broadway. (Tel. West 108.) Wednesday.

______, Peter D.; Walter S.

Martin, Dr. and Mrs. George H.; Palace Hotel. (Tel. Main 5451.) 2d & 4th Mon.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S.; 625 Union.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. John; 3100 Washington. (Tel. West 289.) 2d & 4th Thurs.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.; 3346 Washington. (Tel. West 277.)

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. John R.; 2918 Howard. 2d Tuesday.

_____, Miss; Miss Ina.

Martin, Miss Lillie J.; The Berkshire, 711 Jones.

Martin, Mr. William; 2914 California.

Martin, Dr. and Mrs. W. A.; 870 Fell. (Tel. Park 126.) 1st and 2d Friday.

Martin, Mr. William H.; Palace Hotel. Monday.

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. William J.; 1001 Sutter. (Tel. East 573.)

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. William J.; Baden, Cal. Tuesday.

Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. G. Henry F.; 2109 Pacific Ave. 2d and 4th Friday.

Martling, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.; 929 Haight. Thursday.

Martling, Mrs. Harriet J.; 929 Haight.

Marvin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.; 2100 Scott. (Tel. Geary 255.)

Marvin, Mr. Harvey A.; 600 Front.

Marvin, Mr. and Mrs. William W.; Eastland, Marin County, Cal. Wednesday.

_____, Miss Leila L.

Marvin, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T.; 1390 Sacramento. (Tel. Polk 576.) 1st & 3d Thurs.

Marye, Mr. George T. Jr.; Occidental Hotel or 234 Montgomery.

Masson, Dr. J.; 834 Sutter. (Tel. East 133.)

Masten, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.; Alameda, Cal. 1st Thursday.

Masten, Mr. N. K.; Mr. Louis C.; 2218 Clay. (Tel. West 680.)

Mather, Dr. and Mrs. S. R.; 612A Powell. (Tel. Main 5970.) 1st and 3d Monday.

Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A.; 1721 Baker. (Tel. Red 4232.) Tuesday.

Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey; 1730 Larkin. (Tel. Sutter 2438.) Thursday.

Mathews, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.; 927 Jones. 2d and 3d Tuesday.

_______, Victor E.

Mathews, Mrs. Rebecca; Miss; 2116 Golden Gate Avenue.

Mathies, Mr. William O.; Examiner Office.

Mattner, Dr. and Mrs. E. H.; 505 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. Mint 531.) 1st Wednesday.

______, Miss Viola; Paul.

Mau, Mrs. H. Albert; 2215 Broadway. (Tel. Scott 1151.) 2d and 4th Friday.

___, Miss Julia; Arthur H. C.; Edward C.

Mau, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F.; 1327 Sutter. (Tel. Polk 892.) 1st Thursday.

Maus, Col. and Mrs. M. P.; U. S. A.; Hotel Richelieu. (Tel. East 325.) Monday.

Mauzy, Mr. and Mrs. Byron; 1125 O’Farrell. (Tel. Scott 114.) 1st and 3d Tuesday.

______, Miss; Mrs. Rachel C.

Mauzy, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R.; 507 Baker. (Tel. Page 5416.)

Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. George H.; “Maxwelton,” Sonoma County, Cal.

Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J.; San Rafael, Cal.

Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. James D.; Belvedere, Marin County. 3d Thursday.

_______, Miss Elsie W.

May, Mrs. E. L.; 1313 Taylor. (Tel. East 604.) 2d and 4th Wednesday.

___, Miss Lizzie G.; George S.

Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jr; 924 Fillmore. 2d Thursday.

_____, Miss Hilda.

Mayer, Dr. Oscar J.; 246 Sutter.

Mayer, Col. and Mrs. Samuel D.; Hotel Bella Vista. (Tel. Polk 541.) Monday.

Mayhew, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J.; 775 Clayton. (Tel. Fell 1074.) Wednesday.

______, Miss Alice M.

Mayhew, Mr. and Mrs. William E.; 2114 Howard. Tuesday.

_______, Miss Jennie; Miss Sadie; Miss Annie.

Maynard, Mr. and Mrs. James; 1241 Leavenworth. (Tel. Larkin 516.) Thursday.

_______, Miss; James Jr.

Maynard, Mrs. S. V.; 2268 Franklin. (Tel. 734.) Wednesday.

_______, Miss Eva; Miss Lena; Miss Sallie; Miss Grace; Mountain View.

Mayo, Mr. Charles; 2407 Octavia. (Tel. West 672.)

Mayo, Mr. Henry B.; 240 Montgomery. (Tel. Clay 474.)

McAfee, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.; 2921 California. (Tel. Pine 2341.) San Mateo.

McAfee, Mr. L. C.; 2921 California. (Tel. Pine 2341.) San Mateo, Cal.

McAfee, Mr. Edwin; 2921 California. (Tel. Pine 2341.) San Mateo.

McAlester, Mr. and Mrs. William F.; The Stewart, 431 Ellis. Monday.

_________, Miss Nellie; Arthur F.

McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott; 2127 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. West 7411.)

McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. Hall; 2608 Webster. (Tel. West 129.)

McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hall; 2436 Jackson. (Tel. Pine 2611.)

McAllister, Judge Ward; Pacific-Union Club. San Rafael.

McBean, Mr. and Mrs. P. McG.; 1935 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. West 828.)

_______, Miss Edith; Mr. Athole. Wednesday.

McBoyle, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 1436 Golden Gate Ave. (Tel. Scott 1351.) Thursday.

_______, Miss Alice B.; Miss Lucille; Mr. A. J. Jr.

McBryde, Mrs. Elizabeth A.; Hotel Pleasanton. 2d and 4th Monday.

McCann, Mr. William D.; 803 Bush.

McCarthy, Dr. Charles F.; 237 San Jose Avenue. (Tel. James 86.)

McCarthy, Mrs. H.; Eugene; William N.; 565 O’Farrell. (Tel. East 593.)

McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs. E. Avery; 2400 Broadway. (T. Steiner 4486.) 1 & 3 Friday.

McCartney, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; 144 Thirteenth Avenue.

McCarty, Mr. and Mrs. L. P.; 2524 Clay. (Tel. Pine 3605.) 2d and 4th Tuesday.

________, Miss Amy May.

McCay, Mr. George L.; 525 Valencia. (Tel. Blue 906.)

McCloud, Mrs. Elizabeth L.; 3710 Clay. (Tel. Pine 4344.) 1st and 3d Monday.

McCloskey, Mr. A. B.; 2221 Larkin.

McClung, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.; 2412 Webster. Friday.

McClure, Mr. and Mrs. E. L.; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Monday.

McCone, Dr. and Mrs. James F.; 1132 Sutter. (Tel. Sutter 631.) Wednesday.

McConnell, Dr. Edward G.; 705 Sutter. (Tel. East 425.)

McCormack, Mr. R.; 135 Montgomery. (Tel. Clay 964.)

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. E. O.; 2323 Franklin. (Tel. East 67.) Friday.

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.; 1831 Vallejo. (Tel. Baker 531.) 1 & 3 Tuesday.

_________, St. John E.

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. William; 1100 Fulton. Monday.

__________, William H. Jr.; Ernest L.

McCoy, Mr. H. J.; Y. M. C. A. Association, S. F.; residence, Berkeley, (Tel. Sunset,

 _______, Miss Mabel A.   Wednesday.                                                  Stewart 261.)

McCracken, Lieut-Com., and Mrs. A.; U. S. N.; Hotel Bella Vista. Monday.

McCullough, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest; Wayside, Sausalito. 1st and 3d Friday.

McCullough, Mr. and Mrs. James; Miss. 1031 Dolores. (Tel. Church 69.)

McCutchen, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.; 2016 Pacific Ave. (Tel. West 172.) Wednesday.

McDonald, Miss A. T.; 4206 Twenty-fourth. Thursday.

McDonald, Mrs. D. L.; 2162 Pine. (Tel. Steiner 736.)

_________, Miss Laura; Miss Blythe; De Witt L.

McDonald, Captain and Mrs. James M.; 912 Union.

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. John W.; 1025 Devisadero. (Tel. Pine 3101.)

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. M. Jasper; 1701 Gough. (Tel. Pine 3236.)

McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G.; Fresno, Cal.

McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. George B.; 721 Devisadero. (Tel. Fell 683.) Tuesday.

McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C.; 721 Devisadero. (Tel. Fell 683.) Tuesday.

McElroy, Mr. and Mrs. R; S. W. cor. Buchanan & Haight. (T. Park 13.) Thurs.

McElroy, Mr. and Mrs. R. D.; 122 Chattanooga. (Tel. White 1485.) Monday.

McEnerney, Mr. Garret W.; 415 Shrader. (Tel. Park 111.)

McEwen, Mrs. J. A.: Miss; 2015 Broadway. (Tel. West 843.) Wednesday.

McEwen, Miss Eleanor G.; 1318 Jones. (Tel. Polk 517.) Thursday.

McFadyen, Dr. and Mrs. A.; 1730 Page. (Tel. Fell 1895.) 2d Monday.

McFarlane, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L.; 1218 Hyde.

McFarland, Judge and Mrs. T. B.; 2241 Jackson. (Tel. Scott 423.) 1 & 3 Friday.

_________, Miss Jennie.

McGary, Mrs. Edward; 1036 Mission. (Tel. South 621.) Thursday.

______, Edward Jr.; James F.

McGauley, Mr. and Mrs. James F.; 486 Frederick. 2d and 4th Friday.

McGavin, Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.; 2602 California. San Rafael.

McGaw, Mr. and Mrs. John; 3700 Washington. (Tel. West 773.) 1st & 3d Wednesday.

McGettigan, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 609 Waller. (Tel. Fell 7811.)

McGettigan, Dr. C. D.; 609 Waller. (Tel. Fell 7811.)

McGill, Dr. Avery B.; 975 Post. (Tel. Hyde 2661.)

McGill, Mr. Henry I.; 403 Laurel.

McGill, Mr. Robert E.; 2200 Steiner. (Tel. Scott 1046.)

McGinn, Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh S.; 1802 Ellis. 1st Wednesday.

______, Miss Grace A.; Miss Ellen F.; Mrs. J.

McGlynn, Mr. and Mrs. Peter J.; 2424 Leavenworth.

McGowan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 206 Haight. (Tel. Fell 812.) 2d & 4th Thursday.

_________, Miss Gertrude C.; Mr. Blaine.

McIntosh, Mr. and Mrs. C. K.; 2000 Washington. Sausalito, Marin County, Cal.

McIver, Mr. C. C.; Palace Hotel.

McKay, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 2408 Washington. Monday.

______, Miss; Mr. Joseph.

McKee, Dr. and Mrs. Albert B.; 2223 Central Avenue. (Tel. Scott 1135.)

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. John Dempter; 300 Laurel. (T.W. 884.) 1st Thursday.

McKenty, Mrs. Lita; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Monday.

McKelvey, Rev. and Mrs. Charles; 2507 Pine.

McKenzie, Dr. and Mrs. A. W.; The Renton, 712 Sutter. 1st and 3d Thursday.

_________, Miss Alberta.

McKinley, Mr. Benjamin F.; 1413 Bush. (Tel. Sutter 2974.)

McKinnon, Mr. Alfred L.; 1959 Pine.

McKinstry, Judge & Mrs. E. W.; 2912 Pacific Ave. (T. Steiner 3261.) Fri. in Jan.

________, Miss; Miss Frances; Mr. J. C.

McKittrick, Captain and Mrs. W. H.; Fort Mason. (Tel. Ma’n 1921, 3 bells.)

McLaine, Mrs. Laughlin; 2220 Washington. 1st and 2d Tuesday.

_______, Miss Carrie; William L.

McLane, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.; 1706 Fell. 2d Tuesday.

McLaren, Mr. and Mrs. Norman; San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.

McLaughlin, Maj. and Mrs. F.; “Golden Gate Villa,” Santa Cruz; Palace Hotel.

__________, Miss. (Tel. Santa Cruz, No. 49.) Tuesday. Oroville.

McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. David; 726 Cole. Thursday.

_________, Miss Eva; Dr. William F.

McLean, Mrs. A. D.; 239 San Jose Avenue, cor. Twenty-fifth. Tuesday.

McLean, Dr. E. E.; 1010 Page.

McLean, Dr. Robert A.; University Club, 722 Sutter.

McLellan, Mrs. M. C.; 1715 Washington. 1st & 3d Thursday. “Mabelgra.”

_______, Miss M. L.; Miss M. B.; Miss M. G.; L. E.; Wm. S.; G. B.; F.L.

McLellan, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W.; Burlingame, Cal.

McLennan, Mr. and Mrs. F. P.; 1515 Clay. (Tel. East 119.) Tuesday.

McLeod, Mr. & Mrs. A. L.; “Hillside Lodge,” Mill Valley. (Tel. Main 153.) Tues.

McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Dan’l; 2366 Broadway. (Tel. Steiner 646.) 1st & 3d Thurs.

McMahan, Mr. Calvin C.; 2 Sutter. (Tel. Main 5198.) Res., 101 Pierce.

McMahan, Mrs. M. E.; Mr. James E.; 1631 Baker.

McMahan, Mr. and Mrs. M.; 1106A Devisadero. (Tel. Jackson 1291.) 3d Tues.

McMann, Mr. and Mrs. William; 1711 Washington. (Tel. East  8.)

McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert; 1461 Fulton. 1st and 3d Thursday.

McMillan, Miss Emma H.; Miss Jennie; 500 Thirteenth. (Tel. Church 1151.)

McMullen, Mr. and Mrs. John; 811 Guerrero. (Tel. Mission 32.)

McMullin, Mrs. G. O.; Miss Mamie; Geo. O.; Thurlow; 1104 Post. Wednesday.

McMullin, Mrs. John; 1418 Sutter. (Tel. East 716.)

McMullin, Mrs. Thurlow; 2200 California. (Tel. Steiner 2511.) Tuesday.

________, Latham.

McMullin, Mr. William J.; 632 Laguna.

McMurdo, Dr. and Mrs. John R.; 115 Beulah. (Tel. Page 5671.)

McMurray, Mrs. R.; 2106 Pacific Ave. (Tel. Steiner 861.) 1st and 3d Friday.

McNab, Mr. and Mrs. Gavin; Occidental Hotel. 1st and 3d Monday.

McNair, Mr. William W.; 605 O’Farrell.

McNaughton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.; 511 Webster. (Tel. Fell 7311.) 2d & 4th Thurs.

McNear, Mr. and Mrs. Erskine B.; San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.

McNear, Mr. and Mrs. George W.; Oakland, Cal. (Tel. Oakland, Main 13.) Mond.

______. Miss Bessie; Frederick W.

McNear, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., Jr.; Oakland. (Tel. Oakland, Black 2771.) 2 Thurs.

McNeil, Dr. and Mrs. A.; 784 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. East 630.) 1st & 3d Tuesday.

McNeil, Miss; 1019 California. (Tel. Red 1421.) Tuesday.

McNulty, Mrs. Charles A.; 2200 California. (Tel. Steiner 2511.) Tuesday.

McNutt, Dr. and Mrs. W. F.; 2511 Pacific Ave. (Tel. West 577.) Wednesday.

______, Miss Ruth; Maxwell; W. F. Jr.

McPherson, Mrs. Maynard; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Monday.

_________, William.

McPike, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.; Oakland. (Tel. Oakland, White 261.) Wed’y.

______, Miss Hazel; Belden M.

McQueen, Mr. and Mrs. John; 1011 Guerrero. Wednesday.

McWilliams, Mr. and Mrs. Fred J.; 2119 Pacific Ave. (Tel. West 747.) 1st Thurs.

Mead, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R.; Hotel Bella Vista. Thursday. Byron Springs.

Mead, Mr. and Mrs. Walter; 1828 Vallejo.

Mearns, Mrs. George; Mr. George S.; 1412 Octavia. Thursday.

Meertief, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 2217 Buchanan. (Tel. West 388.)

Meinecke, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; Miss I.; Miss Minnie; Freiburg, Germany.

________, Dr. Emile; Heidelburg, Germany.

Meininger, Dr. Leo L.; 2614 California.

Melleresch, Mr. Thomas; 1810 Lyon.

Melone, Mr. and Mrs. Drury; Palace Hotel. Oak Knoll, Napa County, Cal.

Melrose, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth; 2517 Octavia. (Tel. West 847.)

_______, Miss Mamie.

Mendell, Colonel and Mrs. George H.; 2310 Clay.

Menzies, Mr. Stewart; Miss Sarah; 426 Lombard. Friday.

Mering, Mr. Edward B.; 1044 Bush.

Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. John F.; 1732 Washington. (Tel. East 3.) 2d & 4th Fri.

______. Miss M. Gladys; Ralph D.

Merrill, Mr. and Mrs. John S.; 1215 Jones. (Tel. Hyde 1676.) 1st and 3d Thursday.

Merritt, Dr. and Mrs. G. W.; 1301 Van Ness Avenue. (Tel. Sutter 2791.)

Merry, Mrs. M.; The Wellesley, 1433 California. (Tel. Larkin 641.) Monday.

Merten, Mr. and Mrs. August F.; 2010 Golden Gate Avenue. (Tel. Scott 1352.)

Mesick, Mrs.; Miss; Hotel Pleasanton. Monday.

Messersmith, Mrs. Ellen Key; Mr. E. Turner; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine.

Metcalfe, Captain J.; Miss; 2319 Central Ave. (Tel. West 564.) 1st & 3d Friday.

Metzner, Mr. and Mrs. William; 1231 Guerrero. 2d and 4th Friday.

Meussdorffer, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.; “The Oaks,” Ross V’y. (Tel. Mint 1681.) 4 Fri.

Meussdorffer, Mrs. Johanna L.; Alameda, Cal.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel; 1827 California. (Tel. East 314.)

Meyer, Mr. Fred H.; 1234A Green.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. George H. C.; 2108 Scott. (Tel. Steiner 2146.) 1st & 3d Fri.

Meyer, Captain and Mrs. H. L. E.; 2724 Pacific Ave. (Tel. West 7.)

Meyer, Mr. Henry; 1802 Pacific Avenue.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry; Berkeley. (Tel. Sunset, Main 1827.) Thursday.

_____, Miss Olga; Miss Alice M.

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Leopold C.; 2519 Laguna. (T. Steiner 1431.) 1 & 3 Thursday.

_____, Dr. Herbert S.; Percy J.

Meyer, Miss Oralia; Dr. Henry; Samuel O.; 701 Broderick. (Tel. Park 220.)

Meyerfield, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse; 2731 Clay. (Tel. Jackson 489.) 2d & last Wed’y.

_________, Miss Miriam; Herbert G. W.

Meyerfield, Mr. and Mrs. M., Jr.; 2026 California. (Tel. Pine 4541.)

Meyerstein, Mr. and Mrs. Caesar V.; 2518 Octavia. 1st and 3d Friday.

_________, Miss Cora Virginia; Mr. Joseph. (Tel. Pine 1661.)

Meyerstein, Mr. and Mrs. Herman; 2434 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. Sutter 2881.)

Mezes, Mrs. Julia; Mr. Sidney Edward; 2020 Vallejo. (Tel. Scott 155.)

Michael, Mr. M. F.; University Club, 722 Sutter.

Michalitschke, Mr. A.; 2102 California and Mill Valley, Marin County, Cal.

___________, Miss Alma; 2d and 4th Friday.

Michelena, Mr. and Mrs. F.; 761 Eddy. From 1 to 2 P. M. (Tel. Larkin 1321.)

________, Miss Beatrice; Miss Vera; Mr. F.

Michels, Mr. and Mrs. Leopold; Hotel Richelieu. 1st, 2d and 3d Monday.

Middleton, Colonel and Mrs. J. V. D.; U. S. A.; Occidental Hotel. Monday.

Middleton, Mr. and Mrs. John; 2431 Green. (Tel. Geary 312.)  Friday.

Middleton, Mr. Samuel P.; 2525 Sutter.

Mighell, Capt. and Mrs. William E.; Hotel Pleasanton or Berkeley, Cal.

______, Mr. Frank. (Tel. Pine 3290.)

Mier, Mr. Richard J.; 1223 Waller. (Tel. Page 1161.)

Mihan, Miss Kate M.; 2012 Jackson.

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.; 814B Larkin. (Tel. Hyde 688.) Thursday.

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. David E.; 2104 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. East 525.) 1st Thursday.

____, Miss L. Ethel.

Miles, Gen. and Mrs. Evan, U. S. A.; 1428 Green. (Tel. Polk 1411.) 1 & 3 Tuesday.

Miller, Miss Agnes; 1709 Baker. (Tel. Pine 2546.) Monday.

_____, Miss Alice.

Miller, Mr. Charles E.; Cosmos Club, 1534 Sutter.

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. G.; Oakland, Alameda County, Cal.

Miller, Dr. Charles N.; 3563 Twentieth. (Tel. Blue 1026.)

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. F. J.; 2306 Fillmore. (Tel. West 131.) 2d and 4th Monday.

Miller, Mrs. H. M. A.; 1121 Pine. 1st Thursday.

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 34 Essex. (Tel. Main 437.) Gilroy, Cal.

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L.; Alameda, Cal. Tuesday.

_____, Miss Jean; Master Johnsen and Merrill. (Tel. Sunset, Paru 1311.)

Miller, Dr. and Mrs. John A.; 1042 Valencia, cor. Hill. Wednesday.

Miller, Mr. John Henry; Cosmos Club, 1534 Sutter, or Belvedere, Marin County.

Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lake; “Edgehill,” Belvedere. Tuesday.

Miller, Miss K. L.; St. Nicholas Hotel. (Tel. Mint 1311.) Tuesday.

Miller, Mrs. M.; 616 Golden Gate Ave. (Tel. Folsom 47.) 1st and 3d Thursday.

Miller, Mr. W. C.; 2411½  Howard. (Tel. Blue 261.)

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. William S.; Palace Hotel. 1st and 3d Tuesday.

Miller, Mr. William Penn; 1027 Page.

Millican, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A.; 839 Pine. (Tel. Red 2813.) Thursday.

Mills, Mrs. C. T.; Mills College, Cal. (Tel. Sunset, Main 773, 3 bells.) Saturday.

Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 2922 Pacific Ave. (Tel. Baker 1211.) 2d & 4th Friday.

Mills, Mr. Edward T. B.; 2904 California.

Mills, Miss Flora A.; 1920 Van Ness Avenue. 1st and 4th Friday.

____, Miss Carrie; Simeon W. (Tel. West 469.)

Mills, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; 2800 Jackson. (Tel. West 640.) Thursday.

____, Miss Ardella; Miss Bessie.

Mills, Mr. and Mrs. William L. B.; 3007 Jackson. (Tel. Pine 3201.)

Milroy, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.; 2707 Jackson. (Tel. West 10.) Tuesday.

_____, Miss J. Frances; William H.

Minetti, Professor Giulio; 1513 Hyde. (Tel. East 196.)

Minson, Mr. and Mrs. John T.; Alameda, Cal. 2d and 4th Thursday.

Mintzer, Mr. and Mrs. William; 2017 Lyon. Friday. Summer res., Ross Valley.

Mish, Mrs. Sarah; 1153 Oak. (Tel. Page 1702.) 2d Wednesday.

____, Oswald; Julian E.

Mish, Dr. S. C.; 1153 Oak. (Tel. Page 3707.)

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.; 3335 Twenty-first. 2d Wednesday.

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H.; 3716 Tenty-third. 2d and 4th Thursday.

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S.; 2212 Steiner. (Tel. Scott 52.)

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. George M.; 813 Grove. (Tel. Fell 6341.)

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Harold D.; Miss; 1506 Taylor. Tuesday.

Mitchell, Dr. John B.; 664 Geary. (Tel. Hyde 2651.)

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. John S.; 10 Liberty. (Tel. Capp 1101.) 3d Thursday.

_______, Miss Ruth.

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Paul; 663 Harrison.

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brent; Alameda, Cal. 3d Thursday.

Mizner, Mrs. Lansing B.; Hotel Pleasanton. Stags Leap, Napa Valley, Cal.

Mizner, Mr. Edgar A.; Bohemian Club.

Mizner, Mr. Lansing; University Club, 722 Sutter.

Mizner, Dr. William G.; 795 McAllister. (Tel. Fell 7641.)

Moffitt, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C.; 1890 Broadway. (Tel. West 429.) Wednesday.

Mohr, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; Miss Berta; 2984 Folsom.

Mohun, Dr. and Mrs. C. C.; 1817 Eddy. (Tel. West 579.)

Molera, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.; 2025 Sacramento. 1st Thursday.

_____, Miss; Andrew J.

Moliere, Dr. James W.; 406 Sutter. (Tel. Main 1190.)

Monaco, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leonard; 305 Twenty-eighth. 3d Wednesday.

Monahan, Mr. William A. W.; 2219 Van Ness Avenue.

Montague, Postmaster and Mrs. W. W.; 1103 Bush. (Tel. Sutter 1661.) Thurs.

________, Miss Wright.

 Montealegre, Mr. Carlos F.; 528 Sutter. (Tel. Main 1441.) San Jose.

__________, Miss Marie T.; Francisco G.; Herman.

Monteagle, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F.; 2516 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. Pine 451.)

Monteverde, Mr. and Mrs. F. E.; 2515 Octavia. (Tel. Scott 193.) Friday.

Montgomery, Miss Annie; Miss Hazel; 1801 Leavenworth. (Tel. East 594.)

Montgomery, Dr. and Mrs. D. W.; 1112 Van Ness Ave. (Tel. East 191.) 1 & 3 Fri.

Montpellier, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 2433 Buchanan. 1st Tuesday.

_________, Miss Louise.

Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S.; Burlingame, San Mateo County, Cal.

Moody, Mrs. Joseph L; S. W. corner Jones and Lombard. (Tel. East 711.)

______, Miss.

Mooney, Mr. and Mrs. Squire V.; 2101 Devisadero. (Tel. West 204.)

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Jr.; 902 California. (Tel. Main 665.)

Moore, Dr. and Mrs. A. C.; 204 Sutter. (Tel. Main 100.) 1st Wednesday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W.; 2520 Pacific Avenue. Friday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. C.; cor. Jackson & Broderick. 1st and 2d Thursday.

Moore, Mrs. E.; Miss Elizabeth B.; 234 Haight. Wednesday.

Moore, Dr. Dorothea; 84 South Park. (James 2641.) Friday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 2500 Fillmore. (Tel. Steiner 841.)

Moore, Dr. and Mrs. George A.; Alameda, Alameda County, Cal.

Moore, Colonel and Mrs. James M.; Fitchburg, Cal.

Moore, Mrs. Jessie Dean; 1508 Fell. (Tel. Fell 45.) Tuesday and Friday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. John J.; Menlo Park, Cal.

Moore, Mrs. Joseph H.; 2126 Vallejo. (Tel. Geary 307.) Friday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W.; 418 Ellis. 2d and 3d Friday.

Moore, Miss Lucie; 2016 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. West 172.) Wednesday.

Moore, Mr. Percy P.; University Club, or 1422 Jones.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H.; Salinas, Monterey County, Cal.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E.; 3320 Sacramento. Friday. San Rafael.

Moores, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W.; 2410 Sacramento. (Tel. Geary 1275.) 1 & 2 Wed.

Mooser, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H; 2216 Union. (Tel. Pine 4215.) Friday.

Mooser, Mr. and Mrs. Louis H.; 2210 Union. (Tel. Pine 728.) Wednesday.

Mooser, Mr. and Mrs. William Jr.; 2819 Pierce. (Tel. West 136.) 1st Friday.

______, Charles F.

Moretti, Mr. and Mrs. Attilio; 416 ½ Herman.

Morffew, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas; 1725 Pine. (Tel. Pine 91.) Friday.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. George L.; 828 Geary. Friday.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L.; 907 Ellis. Tuesday.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. George R.; 907 Ellis. (Tel. Hyde 2276.) Tuesday.

Morgan, Mrs. John S.; 3421 Twenty-fifth.

______, Miss Ella; Frederick C.

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Percy T.; 2213 Buchanan. (Tel. West 95.)

Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. William P.; 2211 Clay. (Tel. West 222.) Friday.

______, Miss; Miss Therese; Horace W.

Moroney, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank; 710 Steiner. (Tel. Fell 6181.) Last Thursday.

Morong, Com. and Mrs. J. C., U. S. A.; 1405 Hyde. (Tel. Larkin 1127.) Monday.

______, Frederick L.

Morosco, Mr. Walter M.; Leslie; Grand Opera House, 712 Mission. Fruitvale.

_______, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W.; 1714 Van Ness Avenue.

_______, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver; 1523 Pine.

Morrill, Miss Grace; Miss Lena; Mr. Paul; 706 Tayor. 1st Tuesday.

Morris, Mr. Samuel F.; 1132 Pine.

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Willard B.; 814 Waller.

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. William; Oakland, Cal. Tuesday.

Morrissey, Mr. and Mrs. John; Palace Hotel. Monday.

Morrissey, Dr. and Mrs. Jos. G.; 1102 Haight. (Tel. Park 156.) 1st & 3d Tuesday.

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F.; 2530 California. (Tel. Pine 961.)

Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. George Hugh; 2830 Howard. (Tel. White 1443.)

_______, Miss L.; Miss M.

Morrison, Dr. and Mrs. Harry; 2208 Devisadero. (Tel. West 58.)

Morrow, Mr. Robert F.; Robert H.; 916 Leavenworth. (Tel. Sutter 491.)

Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. William C.; 1909 Vallejo. (Tel. Steiner 1661.) Tuesday.

Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.; 1511 Scott. (Tel. Steiner 1256.) 1st & 3d Thursday.

Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. William G.; 2611 Broadway. (Tel. West 258.) Tuesday.

Morrow, Judge and Mrs. William W.; San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.

______, Miss Eleanor.

Morse, Mr. and Mrs. Fremont; 1641 Bush. (Tel. East 531.) Thursday.

Morse, Dr. and Mrs. F. W.; 1233 Jackson. (Tel. Hyde 1141.)

Morse, Miss Georgie C.; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Monday.

Morse, Mr. and Mrs. I. H.; 1641 Bush. (Tel. East 531.) Thursday.

Morse, Mr. and Mrs. George E.; 1578 Fell. (Tel. Park 58.) Belvedere, Cal.

Morse, Mrs. John F.; 2522 Pine. (Tel. Pine 4232.) 1st and 2d Thursday.

Morton, Dr. and Mrs. A. W.; 767 Cole. (Tel. Page 5301.) 2d and 4th Wednesday.

Morton, Captain and Mrs. G. C.; Hotel Bella Vista. Monday.

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. H. D.; 310 Ellis. (Tel. South 681.) 1st and 3d Thursday.

Morton, Mr. & Mrs. H. J.; 2621 Devisadero. (T. W. 181.) 1st & 3d Monday. Sausalito.

Morton, Dr. and Mrs. H. R.; Commercial Hotel.

Morton, Mrs. Laura F.; Miss Mary M.; 1819 Webster.

Morton, Mr. Thomas; Mr. Thomas J.; 680 Geary.

Morton, Mr. and Mrs. William R.; 2211 Washington. (Tel. Pine 4271.)

_____, Herbert Sewell.

Mosgrove, Dr. Anna M.; 1023 Sutter. (Tel. East 592.)

Moses, Mr. Charles S.; 2209 Clay. (Tel. West 772.)

Moss, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 1036 Bush.

Moss, Mr. and Mrs. George R.; 921 Railroad Avenue, Alameda. Wednesday.

Moss, Dr. and Mrs. J. Mora; 3645 Washington. (Tel. Steiner 4766.) 4th Tuesday.

Moulton, Mrs. A. W.; 1632 Vallejo. Friday.

Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F.; 577 Market. Res., Redwood City. Wednesday

Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. Irving F.; 2199 Devisadero. (Tel. Scott 81.) 1 & 3 Friday.

_______, Miss.

Mouser, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.; 508 Clayton. Thursday.

Mowry, Mr. Lyman I.; 604 Commercial. (Tel. Main 465.)

Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob; 718 Ellis. Wednesday.

Muir, Miss Lizzie; 408 Post. (Tel. Main 956.) 1st and 4th Thursday.

Mulcahy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E.; California Hotel. (Tel. Main 5231.) Monday.

_______, Miss Alene.

Mulford, Mr. Thomas W.; 2602 Pacific Avenue.

Mullen, Mr. Bert Sylvester; 1735 Broadway.

Muller, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 2710 Webster.

Muller, Mr. and Mrs. August H; 1445 Dolores, cor. 28th. (Tel. Church 1291.)

Muller, Mr. and Mrs. Christian; 218 Haight. (Tel. Page 1035.) Thursday.

______, Miss Edith; Miss Adeline.

Mullin, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 2203 Broderick. 3d Tuesday.

Mullins, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F.; 1809 Gough. (Tel. West 21.) 2d & 4th Friday.

______, Miss Maud.

Mulvihill, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; P. J.; Daniel F.; 833 Castro.

Mundy, Mr. James H.; 2101 Broderick. (Tel. West 736.)

Munich, Miss Bertha; 2014 Van Ness Avenue.

Murdoch, Mr. William C.; Pacific-Union Club.

Murfey, Mrs. Mary P.; 1538 Washington.

Murison, Miss E. L.; 2234 Pacific Avenue.

Murison, Mr. William A.; Occidental Hotel.

Murphy, Judge and Mrs. Daniel J.; 129 Liberty. (Tel. White 621.) 2d Thursday.

Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T.; 2001 Van Ness Avenue. (Tel. East 901.)

Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P.; 1304 Guerrero. (Tel. Blue 686.)

Murphy, Dr. James D.; 602 California. (Tel. John 2711.)

Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Sam’l G.; 1738 Broadway, nr. Gough. (Tel. East 273.) Fri.

______, Miss.

Musto, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 1236 Hyde. (Tel. Polk 732.) 4th Thursday.

_____, The Misses; Mr. Clarence; Mr. Guido, Jr.

Muzzy, Mrs. H. R.; 2122 Pacific Ave. (Tel. West 639.) 1st and 3d Thursday.

Myrick, Judge and Mrs. M. H.; 2345 Broadway. (Tel. Scott 1152.) Monday.

Mysell, Mr. and Mrs. J. G.; 104 Park Hill Ave. (Tel. Park 118.) 3d Wednesday.

______, Miss Flora B.; Miss Louise; Miss Lillian C.; Mr. W. C.

Naphtaly, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 1364 Post. (Tel. East 956.) Wednesday.

Naphtaly, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L.; 2404 Broadway. (Tel. West 51.) Wed’y.

Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; Miss; 3100 Pacific Avenue. Friday.

Nash, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; Miss; Jay T.; 207 Larkin. 1st Saturday.

Nason, Mr. Richard N.; 3528 Twenty-second.

Naunton, Mr. and Mrs. George; 2825 Jackson. (Tel. Pine 2716.)

Naunton, Mr. Richard H.; 568 Sutter.

Naunton, Mr. Robert H.; 1426 California.

Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.; 1724 Page. (Tel. Fell 7331.) 2d Thursday.

______, Miss; Miss Ella G.

Neal, Mr. Robert W.; 332 Haight.

Neall, Mr. and Mrs. James F.; 2909 Bush.

Nealander, Rev. and Mrs. E. R.; 1563 Post. (Tel. Geary 175.) 1st Tuesday.

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. James B.; 1810 Page. (Tel. Sutter 2836.) 2d Tuesday.

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. F. V.; 2020 Broderick. (Tel. Jackson 393.)

Nesfield, Mrs. D. W.; 1547 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. Hyde 2453.) Friday.

Nesmith, Mr. and Mrs. Jenks F.; Occidental Hotel. Monday.

Neumann, Dr. Leopold; 822 Sutter. (Tel. East 7351.)

Neustadter, Mr. and Mrs. David; 1701 Van Ness Avenue. (Tel. East 45.)

_________, Miss; Newton H.; Louis W.

Neustadter, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H.; 1701 Van Ness Avenue. (Tel. East 45.)

Neville, Mrs. Mary L; The Berkshire, 711 Jones. Monday.

Nevills, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.; 2224 Washington. (Tel. West 766.) Monday.

Nevin, Mr. and Mrs. John B.; 2217 Octavia. (Tel. Geary 1221.)

Newbegin, Mr. and Mrs. John J.; Miss Ada; 633 Douglass. Thursday.

Newell, Mr. Marshall A.; 1603 Larkin. (Tel. East 949.)

Newhall, Mrs. Cecilia C.; 1915 Sacramento. 1st and 2d Tuesday.

Newhall, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.; San Rafael, Marin County, Ca.

Newhall, Mr. George Almer; 1299 Van Ness. (Tel. Hyde 781.) Friday.

Newhall, Mr. and Mrs. W. S.; Los Angeles, Cal.

Newhall, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mayo; 1206 Post. (Tel. Sutter 781.) Friday.

Newhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar; 2906 Jackson. (Tel. Jackson 1211.)

Newlands, Mr. and Mrs. James; Palace Hotel. Monday.

________, Miss Bessie; James Jr.

Newlands, Hon. and Mrs. Frank G.; Miss; Palace Hotel. Reno, Nevada.

Newman, Mr. Benjamin; 1816 Sacramento. (Tel. Sutter 61.)

Newman, Mr. and Mrs. William J.; 2320 Clay. (Tel. West 560.)

Newton, Mrs. M. A.; Miss Alice M.; 116 Lyon.

Newton, Mr. and Mrs. E. E.; 447 Bartlett. (Tel. Blue 565.) Friday.

______, Miss Nellie N.; John C.

Newton, Dr. F. C.; 719 Post. (Tel. Hyde 1366.)

Nichols, Mrs. Ellen W.; Miss Belle; Miss Gracie; 2522 Pacific Ave. Friday.

Nichols, Mr. Charles C.; 2006 Green. (Tel. Jackson 1251.)

Nichols, Right Rev. and Mrs. Wm. F.; 1527 Sutter. (Tel. Main 658.) San Mateo.

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H.; 728 McAllister. Monday.

Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. William A. S.; 510½ Baker. (Tel. Fel 803.)

Nickelsburg, Mr. and Mrs. S.; 1911 Sacramento. (Tel. Sutter 321.)

Niebaum, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav; 1201 Hyde. (Tel. East 70.) Wed’y, Napa Co.

Niebling, Mr. and Mrs. E. T.; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Monday.

Nieto, Rev. and Mrs. Jacob; 1719 Bush. (Tel. Steiner 3761.)

Nightingale, Mr. and Mrs. John; 300 Haight. (Tel. Page 6121.) Wednesday.

_________, Joseph B.

Nippert, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin; California Hotel, or San Leandro, Cal.

______, Miss Amyrell. (Tel. San Leandro, Main 1101.)

Noble, Dr. and Mrs. Howard D; 406 Sutter.

Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Hamden H.; 1812 Pine. (Tel. West 442.) Friday.

_____, Miss.

Nonnenmann, Mr. and Mrs. C.; 1347 5th Ave. South, bet. L and M, South S. F.

Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. P. F.; 1438 Golden Gate Ave. 2d and 4th Tuesday.

____, Miss Kittie L.; Miss Gertrude; Joseph F. (Tel. West 75.)

Nordman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry; 2512 Sutter. 1st Tuesday.

Norman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank G.; Frederick G.; Edwin H.; 724 Geurrero.

Norris, Mrs. B. F.; 1322 Washington. (Tel. East 508.)

_____, Frank; Bohemian Club.

North, Mrs. G. L.; 2319 Central Ave. (Tel. West 564.) 2d and 4th Thursday.

Norton, Mr. and Mrs. G. N.; 2414 Washington. (Tel. Scott 201.)

Nuttall, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. K.; 1819 Jackson. (Tel. East 748.) Wednesday.

Nutting, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin; 1216 Jones. (Tel. East 484.) 2d & 4th Thursday.

______, Miss Grace F; Miss Ada M.; George C.

O’Brien, Dr. and Mrs. A. P.; 2024 Pine. (Tel. West 439.)

O’Brien, Miss Belle; Miss Etta; 3829 Twenty-first. Last Thursday.

O’Brien, Mr. and Mrs. James; The Baltimore. Thursday.

O’Brien, Mrs. John J.; Mr. Joseph J.; 1417 Geary. (Tel. West 607.)

O’Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V.; Belvedere, Marin County, Cal.

_______, Victor L; Percy H; Walter Dean.

O’Byrne, Mrs. John; George; Charles S.; 300 Fair Oaks. Thursday.

O’Callaghan, Mrs. Margaret; 108 Twelfth. (Tel. Jessie 139.) 4th Friday.

__________, Mrs. Margaret; Charles F.; Daniel.

O’Connor, Dr. and Mrs. J. H.; 623 Fillmore. (Tel. Page 7311.) 2d Wednesday.

O’Connor, Miss; 825 O’Farrell. (Tel. Hyde 1346.) Wednesday

________, Miss Maud; Miss Cecilia; William.

O’Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E.; 863 Haight. (Tel. Page 62.) Tuesday.

O’Kane, Mrs. M. E.; Frank G.; 1521 Vallejo. Thursday.

O’Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. D.; 2119 Broadway. (Tel. Pine 3821.) 1 & 3 Monday.

O’Laughlin, Miss Nettie; Hotel Bella Vista, 1001 Pine. Thursday.

O’Sullivan, Mrs. M. A.; 1025 Bush. (Tel. Hyde 1001.) Tuesday.

_________, Miss; Miss Nellie; Joseph A.

Oakley, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.; 326 Larkin. Wednesday.

Oatman, Mr. and Mrs. C. H; 2006 Devisadero. 1st and 3d Tuesday.

Odell, Mr. and Mrs. J. N.; 2216 Steiner. (Tel. Baker 1391.) 1st and 2d Friday.

Oesting, Mr. and Mrs. Paul; 704 Broderick. (Tel. Park 190.) Thursday.

Oge, Mr. and Mrs. William L.; San Rafael, Marin County, Cal.

___, Miss Marie; Miss Gertrude.

Ogden, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.; 2511 Pierce. Friday.

Older, Mr. and Mrs. Fremont; The California Hotel. (Tel. Main 1127.)

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.; The Colonial. Thursday. San Mateo.

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. B. P.; 1800 Golden Gate Avenue. (Tel. Pine 2196.)

Olivier, Mr. and Mrs. J.; 3507 Mission. (Tel. Capp 213.

Oppenheim, Mrs. H.; 217 Gough. 3d Wednesday.

Oppenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1359 Post. (Tel. East 185.) Tuesday.

___________, Albert H.; Edward; Emil.

Oppenheimer, Mrs. Belle; Mr. Lester C.; 311 Spruce. (Tel. West 217.)

Orear, Mr. and Mrs. Horace; 1314 Masonic Avenue. (Tel. Fell 6491.) Tuesday.

Orella, Dr. F. R.; 406 Sutter. (Tel. Black 1591.)

Orena, Mr. and Mrs. G.; 779 Geary. (Tel. Sutter 2211.) Wednesday.

_____, Miss Serena; Miss Acacia; Orestes J. Los Angeles.

Orsi, Mr. and Mrs. G.; 712 California. (Tel. Black 1456.) 1st Tuesday.

Osborn, Mr. C. Mahlon; 685 Guerrero.

Osborn, Mr. and Mrs. Russell W.; 3336 Clay. 1st, 2d and 3d Wednesday.

Osgood, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.; 2424 Fillmore.

Orton, Mr. Ira D.; 1906½ Golden Gate Avenue.

Osmont, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M.; Hotel Pleasanton. Monday.

Otis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; Alameda, Cal. (Tel. Black 251.) Thursday.

Otis, Mr. and Mrs. James; 2522 Pacific Avenue. (Tel. West 568.) Thursday.

Otis, Mrs. Lucy; Occidental Hotel.  Monday

Oulton, Mr. and Mrs. Gerard H.; 2641 Howard. 2d and 3d Wednesday.

Overacker, Dr. Kate; 606 Sutter. Monday evening.

Overton, Mrs. S. M.; 1414 Geary. (Tel. West 811.)

_______, Victor G.; Robert H.; Charles P.; Elias P.

Owen, Mr. Frank Lee; 1955 Pine. (Tel. Steiner 3941.)




Transcribed by Jeanne Sturgis Taylor .

Proofread by Betty Vickroy.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book. Pages 107-116.  Charles C. Hoag, Publisher. San Francisco 1901.

© 2009 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.







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