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Abbot, Mrs. S. Leonard, Jr., 134 Forbes.

Alexander, Mrs. E. W., Culloden Park, 297.

Anderson, Mrs. Berrien P., Acacia Avenue, 268,297.

Anderson, Mrs. Frank B., Locust and Magnolia Avenue, 188,297,328-A., 485.

Angellotti, Mrs. Frank M., 1 Culloden Park, 188.

Angellotti, Miss Marion, 1 Culloden Park, 7.

Ashe, Mrs. R. Porter, Golf Links Track, 188,297.

Babcock, Mrs. William, 16 Culloden, 188.

Baker, Mrs. Leavitt, Locust, 268.

Bates, Mrs. Dudley C., 20 Mountain View.

Bates, Miss Elizabeth, 20 Mountain View.

Bates, Miss Laura, 20 Mountain View.

Beale, Mrs. Truxton, Golf Links Track, 252,297.

Beardsley, Miss Barbara, Marinita Park.

Beardsley, Mrs. George P., Jr., Marinita Park, 188,297.

Bacqueraz, Mrs. Roger, Bayside Acres, 188,268,297,551.

Bond, Mrs. C. A., 900 Grand Avenue.

Boyd, Miss Cynthia, Quarry Road.

Boyd, Elizabeth, 645 Belle, 297.

Boyd, Mrs. George D., Quarry Road.

Boyd, Mrs. H. St. Clair, 645 Belle.

Boyd, Miss Jean, 645 Belle, 297.

Boyd, Miss Jean McGregor, Quarry Road.

Boyd, Miss Louise A., 726-6th, 188,216,297.

Boyd, Mrs. Thomas P., 707-4th, 297.

Branson, Miss K., 624-5th, 297.

Brown, Mrs. P., 507 Belle Avenue, 297,328-A.

Buck, Mrs. John A., Magnolia and Acacia, 297.

Buck, Miss Viola, Magnolia and Acacia, 297.

Byrnes, Miss Gertrude, 768-5th Avenue.

Byrnes, Miss Kathleen, 768-5th Avenue.

Byrnes, Miss Veronica, 768-5th Avenue.

Byrnes, Mrs. William, 768-5th.

Campbell, Mrs. Donald Y., Jewell and Highland, 78,485.

Carey, Mrs. Forrest W., 558 Belle Avenue, 297.

Carr, Miss Alice W., 188,297.

Chapman, Mrs. E.,8 Francis, 417.

Cheda, Miss Beatrice, 234 Bay View, 274.

Cheda, Mrs. Virgilio, 234 Bay View, 274.

Codoni, Mrs. J., 414-3rd, 417.

Colburn, Miss May, 5th and Petaluma Avenue, 188.

Comyn, Mrs. W. Leslie, Mountain View Avenue, 297,328-A,388.

Cook, Mrs. Carey W., Golf Links Tract, 297,485.

Cook, Miss Lucy, Golf Links Tract, 297,485.

Cornell, Mrs. Channing B., Culloden Park.

Cranston, Mrs. Robert E., Golf Links Tract, 297,388.

Creswell, Mrs. Melville A., 278 Union.

Crooks, Mrs. Jonathan J., 117 Palm Avenue, 188,297,328-A,551.

Crowell, Mrs. A. H., 209 H.,328-A.

Crowell, Carlena, 21 Center, 328-A.

Curtis, Mrs. Allen A., 210 Laurel Pl.

Davenport, Mrs. E. B., 203 Grand Avenue.

Davis, Dr. Sallie Jewell, 966-4th, 274.

Dibblee, Miss Elizabeth, Mountain View Avenue, 268.

Dibblee, Mrs. Harrison, Mountain View Avenue, 188,297,328-A.

Dodge, Mrs. George M., 738 Irwin, 297, 328-A, 485.

Dollar, Mrs. Robert, 746-6th.

DuBois, Mrs. A. W., 201 Locust, 188,297,485.

Duncan, Mrs. David, 736, Irwin, 297.

Evans, Mrs. Harry L., 102 Mountain View Avenue, 297,485.

Ellinwood, Mrs. Charles N.,202 Marin, 297.

Foster, Mrs. Arthur W., 100 Forbes Avenue, 78, 297,485.

Foster, Mrs. George H., 21 Centre.

Foster, Miss Lou S., 10 Forbes, 188,268, 297,786.

Foster, Miss Margaret,340 Mission, 78, 485.

Foster, Mrs. Paul S., 230 Forbes Avenue, 297.

Gerlach, Mrs. Fred W., D. Street Grade.

Gerstle, Mrs. Louis, San Rafael Avenue.

Gettemy, Mrs. Russell, 22 Harcourt, 417.

Gilbert, Mrs. L. J., Reservoir Road, 417.

Graham, Mrs. George S., 76 Culloden Park, 418.

Gunn, Mrs. Benjamin M., 32 Mission, 485.

Guthrie, Mrs. C. C., 25 Culloden, 297.

Hall, Mrs. Lillian, 330 Mission Road, 759.

Hansen, Mrs. Henry, Burnside Court, 418.

Hardy, Mrs. Douglas, Locust Avenue.

Harrison, Miss E., 90 Forbes Avenue, 268.

Harrison, Mrs. Robert W., 90 Forbes Avenue.

Harrison, Mrs. William, 27 Harcourt, 417.

Hearfield, Mrs. David, Grand Avenue.

Hearfield, Miss Garnes, Grand Avenue.

Hearfield, Miss Hessle, Grand Avenue.

Herzog, Mrs. S. K., 340-5th Avenue, 123, 170, 556.

Hill, Mrs. R. D., 80 Forbes, 297.

Hind, Mrs. George U., Coleman Tract, 188, 297.

Holt, Mrs. Marshall K., 510 Belle Avenue.

Horn, Mrs. William P., Grand Avenue, 297,485.

Howitt, Miss Beatrice, 311 Petaluma Avenue.

Howitt, Mrs. H. O., 311 Petaluma Avenue, 297.

Hoyt, Mrs. John W., Hotel Rafael, 418.

Hunt, Mrs. William H.,539 Belle Avenue, 268.

Johnson, Mrs. H. D., 201 Locust, 297.

Jones, Miss Merrill, Grand Avenue and Linden Lane.

Jones, Miss Mildred,508 Mission Avenue, 418.

Jones, Mrs. Paul C., 782-5th Avenue, 297,485.

Jones, Mrs. Vail, Grand Avenue and Linden Lane.

Jones, Mrs. Webster, Fairmont Hotel.

Joy, Mrs. Edwin W., Bayside Acres.

Keeler, Mrs. A. Starr, Marinita Park, 297, 485.

Knopf, Mrs. Herbert, 6th and Mission, 139.

Korbel, Mrs. A., Highland Avenue.

Korbel, Miss Elsa, Highland Avenue, 297,328-A.

Kuechler, Mrs. H. N. 310 Forbes Avenue, 58.

Lancel, Mrs. L. A., 332-5th Avenue.

Lancel, Miss Melanie, 332-5th Avenue, 418.

Larkins, Mrs. William B., 5th and Petaluma.

Lafavor, Mrs. F. H., 440 Grand Avenue.

Lennon, Mrs. Thomas J., 245 Laurel Avenue, 121.

Levison, Mrs. J. B., San Rafael Avenue.

Levy, Mrs. J., 430 Petaluma Avenue, 123,363.

Lichenstein, Mrs. B., 201 Locust, 123, 252.

Lilienthal, Mrs. Sophie Gerstle, San Rafael Avenue.

Lilly, Mrs. Alex.  S., 746-6th, 297, 485.

Lutz, Mrs. Robert M., 1107 Petaluma Avenue.

MacDonald, Mrs. Allan, 43 Culloden Park.

Magner, Mrs. R., 1101-4th Avenue, 123.

Marston, Miss Theresa, 416 E., 274.

Martin, Mrs. George A., Grand Avenue, 297.

Martin, Miss Florence, Grand Avenue, 268, 297.

Madison, Miss Caroline L., Mountain View and Allman.

Madison, Miss Margaret, Mountain View and Allman.

McCaughern, Mrs. Thomas, Southern Heights, 297.

McNamara, Mrs. W. B., 117-6th Avenue, 58.

McNear, Mrs. E. B., McNear's Point, 297.

McNear, Miss Lucretia, McNear's Point.

Mee, Miss Margaret Inez, 50 Palm Avenue, 188, 297.

Menzies, Mrs. Robert H., 6th Avenue and E., 188, 297.

Miller, Mrs. C. A., Golf Links Tract, 188, 297.

Moore, Mrs. T., 112 San Rafael Avenue, 58.

Neale, Mrs. Vincent, 448 Grand Avenue.

Newhall, Mrs. Almer Mayo, 720 Grand Avenue, 268, 328-A, 485.

Ord, Mrs. W. E. J., Culloden Park, 297, 552.

Pacheco, Mrs. A. F., 1321-4th, 181, 274.

Page, Mrs. George T., 31 Palm, 485.

Palmer, Miss Ethel, 204 A, 363.

Pentz, Miss Anne, Mountain View Avenue, 297, 485.

Pentz Deborah, Mountain View Avenue, 297.

Pentz, Edith R., Mountain View Avenue, 297.

Pentz Mrs. William R., Mountain View Avenue.

Pinckard, Miss Dorothy, 15 Culloden Park.

Pinckard, Mrs. Monroe Eyre, 15 Culloden Park, 268.

Pitcher, Mrs. J. C., 19 Harcourt, 58.

Plunkett, Mrs. Eugene, 723 Irwin, 297.

Pomeroy, Mrs. Carter P., 25 Palm Avenue, 485.

Prescott, Mrs. Anna M., Hart, 27.

Reed, Mrs. Edgar, 245 Laurel, 297.

Renebome, Mrs. Robert H., 326 G.

Sharp, Mrs. William F., 333 G.

Shaver, Mrs. R. I., 311 D., 58.

Sherer, Angelita L., Hitchcock Military Academy, 328-A.

Sherer, Mrs. Rex W., Grand Avenue, 297.

Stetson, Mrs. E. G., San Pedro Road, 328-A.

Stevenson, Mrs. Charles G., Jr., 729-5th Avenue, 328-A, 418.

Stewart, Miss Frances, 356-5th Avenue, 328-A.

Strong, Mrs. E. B., Grand and Mission.

Strong, Miss Gladys, Grand and Mission.

Talbot, Mrs. Andrew P., 526 Belle Avenue, 297.

Tesky, Mrs. R. J., 643 Petaluma Avenue, 58.

Thayer, Mrs. Raymond H., Culloden Park.

Towle, Mrs. George W., Jr., 802 Mission.

Vanderbilt, Mrs. Newell F., 715-5th Avenue.

Walsh, Mrs. James E., 401 Belle Avenue

West, Miss Aphra, 820 Mission Avenue, 485.

West, Mrs. James, 820 Mission Avenue, 297, 485.

White, Mrs. J. J., 560 D., 58.

Whittemore, Mrs. D. H., 309 G.

Wilkins, Mrs. James H., 15 De Hierz.

Wilson, Mrs. J. W., 754 Petaluma, 58.

Winchester, Mrs. Frank, 340 Mission Avenue, 297, 485.

Winchester, Miss Patience, 340 Mission Avenue, 228, 297.

Wintringham, Miss Georgia, 114 Laurel Pl., 485.

Wintringham, Mrs. Thomas, 114 Laurel Pl., 328-A, 485.

Ziel, Miss Charlotte, 201 Locust, 297.

Ziel, Mrs. G. A., 201 Locust, 188.

Zook, Mrs. Edgar, 548 Belle, 188, 297, 328-A.


Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

Proofread by Karen Pratt.



© 2005 Nancy Pratt Melton

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