In recognition of the important place women now occupy in the affairs of our great Commonwealth, and a universal acknowledgment of the far larger part they are destined to take, this work makes its initial appearance. 


The character of the present volume is accurately stated in its sub-title, "An annual devoted to the representative women of California, with an authoritative review of their activities and social, civic, athletic, philanthropic, art and music, literary and dramatic circles."


While dealing broadly with certain phases of the subject, the work, as we turn back the leaves of the calendar, offers the first and only state-wide record of California women and their achievements, in a series of essays and articles written by well-known women whose position of leadership is acclaimed---a collective, authoritative judgment which may be accepted as an appraisement of women and heard deeds throughout California, north and south, east and west, city and county, village, hamlet and town.


In order that the purpose of this work may be further fulfilled, there is included a collection of portraits and plates possessing historical significance and conveying convincing evidence of women's activities carried to fruition.


The value of the work is additionally enhanced through the presentation of a state-wide register of the representative women of California---the most complete and authentic ever compiled.  This edition contains approximately 60,000 names and addresses, alphabetically and geographically arranged, a list including not only members of clubs and their affiliations but other prominent women.


The making of this, the initial volume of "Who’s Who Among the Women of California" has been a task of no small proportions, but it has been, largely a labor of love.  When men and women engage upon a constructive work, actuated by high ideals and appreciating the true nature of service, they are naturally grateful for the chance afforded them of accomplishing something really worth while.


"The publishers believe that Providence makes particular provision for all work that is good and that certain men and women are ordained for labor of that character."  In evdeavoring to give credit where credit is due in the making of this volume, they desire to express a special sense of indebtedness to Josephine Wilson---"who perhaps better than any other woman in California (to quote the words of an esteemed contemporary) knows the Women of her State; whose every act, in her newspaper career, and her literary work, in her service in the various women's clubs, has been to keep the standard of womanhood staunch and fine and true to high ideals."  As Acting Editor of "Who’s Who Among the Women of California" Josephine Wilson has given of herself unremittingly and has instilled into its pages much of her own personality.


The publishers also desire to express more than a word of appreciation to each and every contributor.  Grateful acknowledgment is made for their generous co-operation and invaluable aid so graciously given.  The publishers may be pardoned for a conscionable pride in having so many distinguish contributors.  Probably, there has never been assembled, anywhere in any one time, a larger number of recognized women leaders who have voluntarily assisted in the making of a work of this character.  The publishers realize that all contributions were given primarily for the advancement of women's cause.


There is one more pertinent word to say.  The women represented in this volume make their appearance on the basis of merit alone.  All expenses of this publication have been borne by the publishers.



Louis S. Lyons


Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

Proofread by Karen Pratt.


© 2005 Nancy Pratt Melton

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