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Rossland, B.C.
Genealogy & History




Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Historic Catholic Cemetery of Sacred Heart Catholic Parish
Rossland, British Columbia, Canada


First person buried:  Mary Reddin, June 15, 1896.  Died giving birth to daughter Annie May who died 2 months later.

Most recent burial:  Marjorie Bailey, September 17, 1997 (ashes) and Mrs. L. Croteau, November 8, 1996.

Approximately 90 people died under the age of 20 years, this is out of approximately 220 people.

At least 5 sets of twins died before the age of 1 year.

In the flu epidemic of Oct./Nov. 1918, at least 19 people died.  The Michelson Family was particularly hard hit loosing 4 members in 4 days, and 5 members total the same year.

This list indicates on 1 person died as a result of a mining accident.

The following plot numbers are unmarked/unknown graves:  13 (two), 26, 28 (two small), 34 (two), 39, 43, 56, 61, 70, 73, 83 (two), 88, 94, 116 and 121.

Unfortunately, the actual church records of plot interment sites was destroyed and no duplicates exist.  No future burials can take place (except for ashes) or within a family plot.

List of Names:

Anderson, Armanda Douglas

Bailey, James Joseph

Bailey, Margaret Florence

Bailey, Marjorie Winifred (ashes)

Ball, Lazio George

Bandiera, Franciscus

Beaulieu, Clarence Thomas

Beaulieu, Claude

Beaulieu, John George (Jack)

Son of Thomas & Euphemia

Beaulieu, John Thomas

Son of Harry & Effie

Beaulieu, Thomas Alexander

Beaulieu, Virginia Euphemia

Benn, Lizzie

Iron Fencing

Bertrand, Alice Josephine

Besso, Frances

Besso, James

Bianchi, Margherita

Bianka, Benedine

Bigando, Ernesta

Bourdon, Helen

Bourdon, Joseph Raymond Wilfred

Infant son of Wilfred & Helen

Bourdon, Maria Agnes

Bourdon, Marie Anglea

Bowen, John Lawrence

Brennan, James

Buccini, Susan Margaret

Butala, Johnny

Cafaldo, Fenizia

Cafaldo, Michelle

Cameron, Isabella

Cameron, John Alex

Cameron, Marie

Wife of Alex

Chatterton, Margaret

Chisholm, Alexander

Chisholm, Anna

Clemas, Bridget Elizabeth

Cluett, Adelaide

Cluett, Chas. W.

Coakley, Earl Walter

Fancy Iron Fence

Coccia, R.K.

Coffoldo, Fauinl

nee: Montenarro

Coffoldo, Michael

Colbachini, Carlo

Colbachini, Richard

Conci, Anita Maureen

Connolly, William

Connors, Thomas

Conroy, Ina Waldo

Constantine, Julia

Constantine, Mary

Constantineau, Alex

Cosgriff, Con

Cosgriff, David

Costello, Ellen

Costello, John William (Jack)

Costello, John Joseph

Costello, John M.

Costello, Mary Victoria

Costello, Nicholas W.

Costello, Patrick

Costello, Rosula

Costello, Thomas George

Costello, William Edward

Cotnoir, Armand

Cotnoir, Emilie

Cotnoir, Louis Onessine

Couture, Albert

Couture, Joseph

Couture, Melanie

Cozzetto, Avaline Amalia

Cozzetto, Arthur

Cozzetto, Emelio

Croteau, Arthur (Joseph)

Croteau, Joseph Arthur (Romeo)

Crotfau, Lauretta Beatrice

Cullinane, Edward J.

Cullinane, James

Cullinane, Katherine Theresa

Cullinane, Maurice

Cullinane, R.F. (Frank)

Cullinane, Thomas B.

Curran, Michael David William

Deptchuk, Mary

Dau. Of Chas. & Stel

Deschamps, Stephen

Son of Edward

Distefano, Emilio

Distefano, Mary

Dolan, Francis Patrick

Donahue, Bridget Mary

Donahue, James Albert

Dougan, Laurence V.

Dougan, Patrick

Son of Patrick & Dorothy

Douglas, Marshall

Driscoll, Bridget

nee: Redmond (Newfoundland)

Dunphy, Michael Thomas

Dunphy, Theresa

Dwyer, Anne M.

Dwyer, Matt

Flyn, Michael

Foso, Joseph Vernon

Fossey, Elizabeth

Wife of Philipas

Fossey, Philipas

Fraser, Archibald

French, Irene

Freney, John Henry

Gallacher, Robert

Gelesz, Joseph Mathias

Gustavson, Charles

Halpin, William

Hand, Maria

Harper, James

Havlock, M.

Hicks, Bessia

Hicks, Joseph

Honey, Elizabeth

Horfer, James

Inerio, Maria

Jarvis, Mrs. Jacobas

Johnson, Harris

Johnson, John

Jones, Alice

Kane, Gulielman

Keane, James

LaBerge, James

LaBerge, Thomas Joseph Emmanuel

Lalonde, Antone

Lavery, Susan Maureen

Lavarto, Gail

Lavarato, Pasquale

Lavarto, Patrick

Leduc, Emilio

Leduc, Franciscus

Leduc, Jospephine

Leduc, Julia

Wife of Mathias

Leduc, Mathias

Leduc, Philias Henry

Leduc, Pierre Romeo Emile

Lemay, Rev. A.

Letoria, Charles

Letoria, Charles Lorenzo

Letoria, Jessie

Letoria, Winnifred

MacGillivray, Daniel

Madore, Gideon Joseph Eugene

Mara, Thomas George

Mattioda, Con

Mauro, Joe

Mauro, Lucia Lori

McClaflin, Nellie Ursulla

McDonald, Clothilde

nee: Bandiera

MacDonnell, Catherine Julia

MacDonnell, Duncan J.

MacDonnell, Mary Margaret

McLean, John

McManus, William John

McNeilly, John

McQuarrie, Masy

Michelson, Catherine

Michelson, Jospephine

Michelson n, Charlie

5 family members died in 1 yr from flu

Michelson, Francis

5 family members died in 1 yr from flu

Michelson, George

5 family members died in 1 yr from flu

Michelson, Mary C.J.

5 family members died in 1 yr from flu

Michelson, Nicholas

5 family members died in 1 yr from flu

Michelson, Tommy

Milosavich, Anton

Monaghan, John Fred

Moore, Frank

Moran, Louis

Mulligan, John

Mulligan, Maria Elizabeth

nee: Jordan

Nania, Joseph Frank

Neville, Thomas

Nicholoson, Florence

Nicholoson, Herman Leslie

Nimsick, Anna

Nimsick Daniel

Son of Florence

Nimsick, Thomas

Notti, Michelle

Nugent, Agnes

O’Brian, Patrick

O’Brien, Patrick

O’Brien, William

O’Rielly, Jacobus or James A.

Palozzi, Sabatino

Patterson, Ella

nee: Cosgriff

Pavlich, Eileen Joan

Pavlich, Helen

Perry, Basil

Pickett, Edward

Powers, Gertrude

Powers, Margaret

Powers, Maurice

Preston, Walter C.

Querio, Dominico

Querio, Mary

Querio, Victor

Radich, Margarita

Reddin, Annie May

Reddin, Mary A.

Richter, Grant Charles

Rifoli, Mario

Rivet, Oliver

Roach, Edward

Ruelle, Adele

Ruelle, Cyril

Ruelle, Cyril

Ruffner, Stella

Salerno, Margaret

Santori, Marilyn Norma

Sdao, Rosaria

Seney, Luc

Shanahan, Edward

Shanahan, ?

Shelley, Ralph Thomas

Shjea, Edward

Sorbin, Jules E.

Sovan, Antonio

Stephanic, Joseph

Stinson, Patricia Ann

Susiaha, Nilijoma Tiodora

Sullivan, Francis J.

Switzer, Joseph

taBulte, Anthony

taBulte, Thomas

Tandolo, A.

Terzick, Bert

Therrien, Emelien

Therrien, Irene

nee: Cotnoir

Therrien, Lorne

Treney, Mary Catherine

Volte, Guiseppe

Ward, Dan

Ward, Joseph

Son of Les & Margaret

Williams, Catherina

Williams, Katerine

Yarmoluk, Jospeh

Zados, Harry

Zarkovich, Garge

Zimerink, Rita