This index has been created from the LDS film #1018656, which is a copy of the actual census. It is the beginning of a long term project as this census has not been indexed. The intent is to complete the entire 9th and 21st wards of NYC(approximately 15,000 names).

If you discover a name of interest, refer to the actual census which most importantly denotes family names,relationships, age, color, marital status, years lived in NYC, place of birth,including county if in NYS, voters- native or naturalized, Aliens, owners of land and occupations. Addresses are not given except in rare instances.

A complete breakdown of Wards and EDs can be found at theBrooklyn Information Pages


1855 NYS Census: Ninth Ward, NYC, NY- Index
First EDIndex of the 1264 heads of household (complete)
Second ED Index of the ..... heads of household
Third EDIndex of the first 200 heads of household
Fourth EDIndex of the .... heads of household
Fifth EDIndex of the 144 heads of household in part 1 of this enumeration
Sixth EDIndexing in progress
Seventh EDIndex of the .... heads of household
Eighth EDIndex of the .... heads of household
Ninth EDIndexing in progress