Irish Death Notices


Transcribed from the “American-Irish” newspaper


Week ending April 4, 1887




DALY***March 6, at Charleville, county Cork, Denis DALY, eldest son of the late Cornelius DALY, aged 31 years.


DALTON***March 9, at Glenageary, Mrs. Elizabeth DALTON, late of Windy Arbor, Dundrum.


DOHERTY***March 10, at her residence, 11 Nixon street, Dublin, Mary, wife of Laurence DOHERTY.


DOYLE***March 10, at Tourville, Rathmines, Edmond, youngest son of Peter and Eliza DOYLE, in the 14th year of his age.


DILLON***March 9, at Cratloe, Merrion road, Florence, daughter of Michael and Maria DILLON.


DUNNE***Feb. 15, at San Francisco, Cal., John, youngest son of the late Mr. Jemes DUNNE, Cashel county Tipperary.


DOHENY***Of acute bronchitis, Maria, aged 55 years, wife of William DOHENY, Esq., General Valuation Office, of No. 85 Tritonville road, Sandymount.


ESMOND***March 5, Terrence ESMOND, at an advanced age, for many years in the employment of D. Henihan, 63 Mary Street, Dublin.


EDMONDS***March 9, at his parents’ residence, No.2 Little Mary street, Dublin, John, aged 20 years, son of Edward and Catherine EDMONDS.


FINNEY***March 6, at the residence of her uncle, 30 Bolton street, Dublin, Lucy Mary FINNEY.


GALLAGHER***March 8, at 21 Richmond Cottages, Dublin, Peter, child of Peter and Mary GALLAGHER, late of Mountjoy parade, aged 3 years.


GORDON***March 7, at the residence of her grandfather, Bartholomew COHLAN, Esq., Ballymote, of croup, Margaret, third daughter of James GORDON, Esq., Ballaghaderreen,  aged 6 years.

GRASS***March 10, at 22 Essex street, West, Dublin, Samuel GRASS, compositor (late of Thom’s).


HICKEY***March 8, at No.2 Lower Mountpleasant ave., Rathmines, in her 21st year, Frances, second daughter of John HICKEY, late of Earl street.


KAVANAGH***March 7, at his residence, Travellers’ Home, Arklow, Mr. Thomas KAVANAGH, road contractor.


HAYDOCK***March 9, at 61 Thomas st., Dublin, Martha, wife of Benjamin HAYDOCK, and daughter of the late Alexander RAMSEY, Dungannon.


HORY***March 9, at his residence, Heathtown, Lusk, William HORY, aged 81 years.


HANLY***March 4, at Kilmarray Grove, Bray, county Wicklow, Kate, wife of Edward HANLY, aged 53 years.


HEALY***March 7, at Loretto Convent, Kilkenny, Nannie, (in religion Sister Mary Baptist), fourth daughter of the late Terence HEALY, Manus House, Clare Castle.


HURLEY***March 10, at his residence, Coleraine, Derry, Mr. Edward



HACKETT***March 9, at Maynooth College, the Very Rev. Richard HACKETT, D.D., Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy.


KEATING***March 5, at 16 Manor street, Dublin, Mrs. Elizabeth KEATING, aged 68 years, relict of Pierce KEATING, late of Langlord.


KEEGAN***March 6, at Sea View House, Booterstown, Laurence KEEGAN, jun., of 61 Great Britain street, Dublin.


KEOGH***March 8, at the Hospital for Incurables, Donnybrook, Mrs. Martha KEOGH, late of 23 North King street, Dublin.


KELLY***March 9, at 11 Hammond lane, Dublin, of bronchitis. Thomas, child of Thomas and Marcy MCDONALD, aged 7 months.


JACKSON***March 9, at Clifden Lodge, Merrion, Mary Frances, wife of Jacob JACKSON, late of Hacketstown, county Carlow, daughter of the late Wentworth Paine, Mountpleasant, Tinahely.


LEARY***March 7, at her residence, 1 Boyne Street, Dublin, Eliza, child of Edwards and Bridget LEARY, aged 8 years.



MCDONNELL***March 10, at No. 1a Northumberland square, Lower Abbey street, Dublin, of water on the brain, John, third son of Patrick MCDONNELL, D.M.P., aged 5 years.



MURRAY***March 8, at the residence of her brother Dysart House, Mullingar, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late J. C. MURRAY, Esq., Garlandstown.


MCCUNNIN***At Montreal, Canada, Joseph, the eldest son of Patrick and Ellen MCCUNNIN, 74 Lower Claubrassil street, Dublin.


MARTIN***March 6, at 12 New Church street, Dublin, Smithfield, Mary Clare, eldest daughter of John J. and Mary MARTIN.


MCDONNELL***Jan. 8, at Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand, suddenly, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Jas., son of John MCDONNELL, Garristown, in the 22nd year of his age.


MACENTEGART***March 11, at his residence, Orossbeagh, county Louth, Mr. Bernard MACENTEGART.


MAHER***Jan. 15, at Woodsdown, Burwood, N.S.W., George Herbert MAHER, LL.B., Trinity College, Dublin, son of Timothy MAHER, aged 22 years.


NOLAN***March 6, at Ballaghkeene, Mr. John NOLAN, aged 62 years.


O’BRIEN***March 3, at Nazareth House, Belfast, Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Brian O’BRIEN, Limerick, aged 77 years.


O’CONNOR***March 8, at the residence of his son, 66 Dountjoy street, Dublin, Mr. James O’CONNOR, late of Maynooth, aged 87 years.


O’DONNELL***Feb. 15, at St. John’s, Newfoundland, Thomas R. O’DONNELL.


POWER***March 9, at 8 George’s street, Waterford, Mr. Owen POWER, in the 69th year of his age.


POUNDEN***March 5, at Brownswood House, Ennis, county, Capt. Lonsdale POUNDEN, D.L.,J.P.


PLUNKETT***March 5, at 44 Hardwicke street, Dublin, Patrick PLUNKETT, late of Mayfield, co. Kildare.


SAUNDERS***March 7, at her residence, Broom Hall, county Wicklow, Letitia, relict of the late Jeremiah SAUNDERS, aged 76 years.


THUNDER***March 8, at Seneschalstown House, Beauparc, Francis, infant son of M.H. D. THUNDER, aged 19 months.


WOODS***March 7, at his residence, Ashbourne, Matthew WOODS, aged 55 years.


WALLER***March 3, at Appian Villa, Lesson Park, Dublin, Alfred WALLER, formerly of the Strand road, Merrion.


WATERS***March 5, at Brooklands, Merrion, Dublin, Anna MOFFETT, youngest child of W. T. WATERS, aged 4 years.


transcribed by Mary Davis






Irish Death Notices


Transcribed from the “American-Irish” newspaper


Week ending April 9, 1887




AYLMER***March 16, at Painstown county Kildare, E. Mary, wife of Henry AYLMER.


BYRNE***March 18, at his residence, Ballydowling, Rathdrum, Mr. Thomas BYRNE.


BYRNE***March 15, at her residence, 33 Amiens street, Dublin, Mrs. Anne BYRNE.


BENNETT***March 13, at his residence, Dunderry Navan, Mr. James BENNETT, at an advanced age.


BULL***March 12, at 27 Usher’s quay, Dublin, William John BULL, of Sahus Lodge, county Kildare, aged 44 years.


CANGLEY***March 15, T. M. CANGLEY, 73 North Strand, Dublin, late of her Majesty’s Inland Revenue, Tipperary.


CLARKE***March 15, at her residence, Dublin, Maggie CLARKE, late of Virginia.


COLOE***March 18, at 110 Capel street, Dublin, Julia, wife of John COLOE.


CULLEN***at his father’s residence, Teetemple, Kilmaeanogue, county Wicklow, Mathew, son of Owen CULLEN.


CLIFFORD***March 18, at his residence, Bride street, Mallow, Mrs. Johanna CLIFFORD, aged 82 years.


CROWLEY***March 18, at 6 Lower Janemount, Cork, Francis Patrick, son of Humphrey and Mary CROWLEY, aged 3 years and 9 months.


DOYLE***March 18, at her daughter’s residence, Bath avenue, Irishtown, Elizabeth DOYLE, at an advanced age, late Laracon, county Dublin.


DEVLIN***March 18, at his residence, 40 Falls road, Belfast, Felix DEVLIN.



DOXEY***March 18, at the residence of his father-in-law, Arthur BOYD, solicitor, The Parade, Kilkenny, David DOXEY, solicitor, aged 23 years.


DONOVAN***March 14, Cornelius DONOVAN, tailor, of Maruo street, Bantry.


DUFFY***March 13, at his residence Rosslea, Very Rev. Peter Canon DUFFY, P.P., aged 92 years.


FITZPATRICK***March 15 at 6 Coburg street, Cork, Patrick FITZPATRICK.


GERAGHTY***March 12, at Tolka, Finglasbridge, county Dublin, Lizzie, eldest daughter of John and Kate GERAGHTY, and granddaughter of the late Peter GERAGHTY, Esq., Clonard, county Meath.


GALLAGHER***March 15, at Shallaghagrane House, Letterkenny, Catherine, wife of James GALLAGHER, PLG, sister of the Very John MCMENAMIN, P.P.V.G.,Sironoriar, and mother of Mr. Anthony GALLAGHER, St. Patrick's College, Mayncoth.


GREEN***March 4, at Howth View, Booterstown, Jane, daughter of Richard and Kate GREEN, aged 11 months.


HAWKINS***March 16, at the residence of his son-in-law, James T. HARTFORD, 19 Mountpelier hill, Dublin, John HAWKINS, late of 10 Wehington place, South Circular road, in his 51st year.


HEFFERNAN***March 16, at 10 Parkgate street, Dublin, Teresa, reltic of the late John HEFFERNAN, and sister to M. MURPHY, V.S.


HENDRICK***March 12, Martin, second eldest son of Mr. Patrick HENDRICK, 27 Bishop street, Dublin, aged 29 years.


JACKSON***March 2, at her residence, Ballygibbon, West, Edenberry, King’s County, Esther, relict of the late William JACKSON, aged 89 years.


KEATING***March 18, at St. Aloysis College , Sydney, N.S.W., Rev. Thomas KEATING, S.J., formerly Rector of Glengowen Wood College.


KELLY***March 16, at Elyslum House, Waterford, Wm. KELLY, aged 71 years.


LARKIN***March 18, at her residence, 1 St. Joseph’s avenue, Drumcondra Dublin, Catherine, wife of John LARKIN.


LARKIN***March 15, at his father’s residence 2 Rutland place, Dublin, John, youngest son of John and Elizabeth LARKIN, aged 29 years.


MALONE***March 11, at 2 Irving crescent, Dublin, wife of the late Daniel MALONE, for many years canteen steward of the Pigeonnouse Fort.


MITCHELL***March 2, Edmand, eldest son of the late Patrick MITCHELL, of Binnville, county Galway.


MAHONEY***At 15 1/2 Synge street, Dublin Augustine Daniel MAHONEY, aged 11 years.


MUGGO***March 16, at her residence, 2 Edward terrace, Ballybough road, Dublin, Frances, third daughter of the late Robert MUGGO.


MANGAN***March 13, at his father’s residence, Aughaniah, Askeaton, county Limerick, Denis, second son of John and Kate MANGAN, aged 21.


MURPHY***March 13, at his father’s residence, 96 Church road, off Wharf road, Dublin, William, eldest son of Patrick and Bridget MURPHY, aged 16 years.


MURRAY***At Maynooth, Mary MURRAY, late of Temard.


MCCOY***March 13, at Kildalkey, county Heath, Lizzie MCCOY, daughter of Williams MCCOY, late of the R.I.C.


MOCKLER***March 15, at 38 Richmond place, Dublin, Helena, only child of Arthur J. and Maggie MOCKLER, aged 8 months.


MCCANNON***March 17, at East Beach, Queenstown, Kate, widow of the late William MCCANNON, Queenstown.


NOLAN***March 18, at Hobertstown, Castledermott, county Kildare, Margaret, wife of James NOLAN, aged 70 years.


NUGENT***March 16, Olivia, Countess NUGENT, relict of James County NUGENT, late of Bulnacor, county Westmeath.


O’CONNOR***March 15, at her residence, Howth, Lizzie, wife of Charles O’CONNOR.


O’ROURKE***March 16, at 82 Lower Mount street, Dublin, the infant daughter of Cornelius and Lizzie O’ROURKE, aged 16 months.


OWENS***March 16, at north Brunswick street, Dublin, Thomas OWENS, a native of Dublin, and late of New York, aged 50 years.


O’DWYER***March 13, at the presbytery, Enniskerry, the Rev. Thomas O’DWYER, P.P., in the 82nd years of his age, and the 54th of his sacred ministry.


O’SULLIVAN***March 18, at 13 Sandymount green, Dublin, Mary Agnes, only daughter of Eugene O’SULLIVAN, aged 10 months.


O’REILLY***March 15, at 13 Cabra parade, Dublin, James O’REILLY, Esq., aged 81 years.


O’REARDON***March 17, of consumption, at 37 Kildare street, Dublin, Joseph O’REARDON.


O’REILLY***March 17, at her residence, 110 Marlborough street, Dublin, Joseph O’REILLY.


O’BRIEN***March 18, at his residence, 54 York street, Blackpool, Cork, John O’BRIEN, many years an employee of J. J. Murphy, and Co’s Lady’s Well Brewery.


O’CONNOR***March 15, at his residence, 5 Parliament street, Cork, John O'CONNOR.


PIERCE***March 17, in Newtownberry, Sarah, eldest daughter of John and Matilda PIERCE, 20 Emorville avenue.


POTTERTON***March 17, at Howth View, Sandymount, Mary, third daughter of the late Thomas POTTERTON of Balatahon, county Meath.


POOLE***March 7, at Rosenalds, Queen’s County, John, second son of John POOLE.


PILKINGTON***March 10, at Haggard House, Carbury, county Kildare, Alexander PILKINGTON, eldest son of Frederick PILKINGTON, of Newberry Hall, aged 40.


REYNOLDS***March 12, at Corn Market, Newry, Anne, wife of J. REYNOLDS, late of Dublin.


RICE***March 18, at his residence, 101 Lower Gardiner street, Dublin, Francis RICE.


RYAN ***March 18, at Everton road, Dalkey, in her 89th year, Miss Rose RYAN.


RINKLE***March 17, at his residence, Balally, Dundrum, John RINKLE, Esq.


SNOW***March 11, at his residence, 2 Mountpleasant terrace, Reneiagh, William Vignoles SNOW, Esq., late Fisheries Office, Dublin Castle.


STEVENSON***March 13, at his residence, 15 Upper Rutland street, Dublin, James c. STEVENSON, Esq., second son of the late Dr. J. C. Stevenson, of Summer hill.


SHEILS***March 16, at his residence, Seaview House, Church road, Patrick SHEILS, Dublin, aged 70 years.


Transcribed by Mary Davis



Irish Death Notices


Transcribed from the “American-Irish” newspaper


Week ending April 16, 1887




ADAMS***March 24, at his residence, 39 Prosperity square, Cork, Marcus ADAMS, aged 76 years.


BATEMAN***March 24, at Cork, Joseph, son of Joseph BATEMAN, of Douglas.


BENNETT***At Ballyarthur, county Wicklow, Paul BENNETT, aged 80 years.


BYRNE***March 25, at her residence, 41 Geraldine street, Dublin, Mrs. Catherine COLGAN.


COSTELLO***March 19, at Clara, Bridget, relict of the late Walter COSTELLO, aged 44 years.


CAHILL***March 19, at the Presentation Convent, Kilkenny, Sister M. Benedict CAHILL.


CANNING***March 30, at the residence of her grandfather, Joseph SLEVIN, Longford, Mary, youngest child of the late E. A. CANNING, late Manager of the Ulster Bank, Longford.


CORBETT***March 22, at the residence of her sister, 97 Marlborough street, Dublin, Sarah, wife of Edward CORBETT, Killamogue, Borrisoleigh.


CLARKE***March 17, at Liverpool, Patrick CLARKE, eldest son of Thomas CLARKE, of Geevagh, co. Sligo.


COSTELLO***March 19, at 25 Ecoles street, Dublin, Bernard, fourth son of Thomas J. Costello, from paralysis, aged 13 years.


CORCORAN***March 17, at Blindwell, Foxhall, Ellen, daughter of Michael and Mary CORCORAN, aged 3 years.


CAVET***March 20, at his residence, Beresford street, Waterford, James E., son of the late Dr. CAVET.


CULLEN***March 20, at Drogheda, Alderman Michael CULLEN, aged 67 years.


CROKER***March 20, at 5 Leimster street, Dublin, Lady Georgian CROKER, of Ballynagarde, Limerick.


CARR***March 22, at 9 George street, Limerick, Anastasia, youngest daughter of John CARR, in the 22nd year of her age.


CREAGAN***March 22, at the residence of his stepfather, J. C. FINNIGAN, Navan, Peter Joseph, second son of the late Christopher CREGAN, in the 16th years of his age.


COLGAN***March 22, at his residence, Loughtown, Kilcock, Patrick COLGAN.


COMYN***March 25, at 247 Clonliffe road, Dublin, John COMYN, formerly of Kilrush, county Clare, aged 65 years.


COATSWORTH***March 21, at her residence, 169 Great Brunswick street, Dublin, Rossanna, widow of the late Thomas COATSWORTH.


CLEARY***At the Presbytery, Cappamore, co. Limerick, of acute bronchitis, Rev. Phillip Cleary, P.P., Cappamore, in the 64th year of his age and the 37th of his sacred ministry.


DUNNE***March 24, at her residence, 171 Church street, Dublin, Esther, relict of the late James DUNNE aged 73 years.


DORNAN***March 20, at the residence of her mother, Kilbarrack, county Dublin, Kate, daughter of the late Michael DORNAN.


DAVIS***March 22, at 19 Upper O’Connell street, Dublin, Louisa M., third daughter of the late Charles Davis.


DOYLE***March 23, at the residence of her nephew, Thomas Hart, No. 33 King street, Dublin, Hannah DOYLE.


D’ALTON***March 23, at the Convent of the Sisters of mercy, Mallow, Alice, (in religion Sister Mary Evangelist), daughter of John D’ALTON, Kilmogar, Kilkenny, aged 29 years.


DOYLE***March 18, at Arklow, Dr. P. J. DOYLE, aged 29 years.


DILWORTH***March 18, at the Presentation Convent, Doneraile, Miss Eugenie DILWORTH (in religion Sister M. Bernard).


EDWARDS***March 22, at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin, Thomas EDWARDS, nephew of the late John Charles JOSEPH, T.C.



FARRELL***March 24, at Monasterevan, the Rev. Joseph FARRELL, C.C. (“Certain Professor”), in the 43rd year of his age and 20th of his sacred ministry. 


FITZSIMONS***March 21, at 6 Charlotte street, late of 22 Charlotte street, Dublin, Patrick, second eldest son of the late Patrick FITZSIMONS.


FLYNN***March 20, 3 Avondale terrace, Terenure, John FLYNN, aged 81 years.


FLANAGAN***March 24, at his residence, West street, Drogheds, Robert FLANAGAN.


GAMBLE***March 22, at 61 Grosvenor square, Rathmines, Hannah, wife of W. H. GAMBLE, in the 22nd year of her age.


GANNON***March 24, at Donacomper, Celbridge, co. Kildare, James GANNON, aged 10 years.


GRACE***March 23, Sir William GRACE, Bart., aged 70 years.


GIBBONS***March 19, at his residence, South Mall, Westport, Stephen GIBBONS, aged 68 years.


GALLAGHER***March 22, at his residence, Wilkinstown, Thomas GALLAGHER, aged 82 years.


GILMER***March 21, at Rathfarnham, Dublin, of acute bronchitis, Elizabeth, widow of the late Christopher GILMER.


GRANT***March 21, at his residence, 9 Mountpleasant avenue, Dublin, Charley, only son of the late John GRANT, M.D.


HANLEY***March 22, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. PHELAN, 66 Upper George’s street, Kingstown, Anne HANLEY, daughter of John HANLEY, Mountmellick.


HUGHES***March 23, at 69 Albert road, Kingstown, Peter Hughes.


HOLMES***March 25, at 33 Brighton square, Rathgar, John GALWAY, son of Henry W. and Anna HOLMES, aged 2 years and 11 months.


HAYES***Jan. 26, at Hawthorn, Melbourne, John HAYES, late Inspector of the Public Works Department, eldest son of the late James HAYES, Architect and Surveyor, Cork, Ireland and brother of the late Very Rev. Dean HAYES, D.D., of Victoria, in the 81st year of his age.


IRWIN***March 18, at Rose Vale, Crossmolina, Thomas R. Irwin, for many years foreman of the Connaught Telegraph, aged 63 years.


JOYNER***At the Hospital for the Incurables, Donnybrook, of consumption, Edward, eldest son of the late James JOYNER.


KILKENNY***March 12, at Outerard, co. Galway, Mathew KILKENNY, of rheumatic fever, a native of Boyle, co. Roscommon, aged 21 years.


KEHOE***at 78 Great Brunswick street, Dublin, of congestion of the lungs, Annie, daughter of Michael and Annie KEHOE, aged 6 1/2 years.


KELLY***At his residence, 134 Thomas street, Dublin, James KELLY, aged 74 years.


KIERNAN***March 22, at her residence, Athboy, Mrs. Anne KIERNAN.


LAWLESS***March 21, at the residence of her mother, Market place, Curragh Camp of acute bronchitis, Marianne LAWLESS, daughter of the late James LAWLESS.


MCCONNELL***March 21, at 27 Cork street, Dublin, William, only son of the late Robert O’CONNELL.


MONTGOMERY***March 22, at his residence, Ballynare, Dunboyne, of bronchitis, Thomas MONTGOMERY, aged 76 years.


MORAN***March 21, at 72 Lower Gardiner street, Dublin, James J., second son of James and Lizzie MORAN, aged 5 years and 2 months.


MURRAY***March 22, at 129 Coombe st., Dublin, Charles MURRAY, aged 25 years.


MCFARLAND***March 29, at her residence, 41 Victoria street, South Circular road, Dublin, Mary, wife of John MCFARLAND.


MCCLEAN***March 22, at 28 S. C. road, Kimainham, Adam MCCLEAN, aged 86 years.


MULLEN***March 13, at Knoclore, Ellen, relict of the late James MULLEN, and mother of the Rev. Joseph MULLEN, Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S.


MAGUIRE***March 23, at Carrick House, Lisnaskea, the residence of her brother Miss Anne MAGUIRE, sister of the late John MAGUIRE, formerly of Nos. 36 and 37 Town Hall street, Enniskillen.


MCADOREY***March 18, at Seatown place, Dundalk, Mary, infant daughter of James MCADOREY.



MCGAURAN***March 24, at Cavan, Edward MCGAURAN, Clerk of the Crown and Peace for the county Cavan.


MCDONAGH***March 22, at the residence of her son, Main street, Castlebar, Mary MCDONAGH, aged 75 years.


O’CONNOR***March 24, at his residence, Cornenty, Carrickmacross, Patrick O’CONNOR, father of the Rev. D. O’CONNOR, P.P., Fenagh, aged 88 years.


OSBORNE***March 20, at the Bank of Ireland, Westport, Rosalind, daughter of J. G. OSBORNE, in the 10th year of her age.


PARR***March 23, at Bloomfield, Rathfarnham, Godfrey PARR, aged 57 years.


QUINN***march 18, at 7 Dryden road, Edge lane, Liverpool, John Patrick, eldest son of Thomas and Ellen QUINN, aged 16 years.


RICE***March 18, at his residence, 101 Lower Gardiner street, Dublin, Francis RICE.


RYAN***March 23, at Naas, county Kildare, John RYAN, aged 60 years.


SHELIS***At his residence, Seaview House, Church road, Dublin, Patrick SHELIS, aged 70 years.


STACK***March 10, at Tralee, Anna, second daughter of William M. STACK.


TURNER***March 25, at the residence of his son-in-law, M. O’BRIEN, Celbridge, Patrick TURNER.


TIERNEY***At his residence, 7 Quinsborough road, Bray, Patrick TIERNEY.


VERDON***March 25, in the Carmelite Convent of Saint Teresa, Clarendon street, Dublin, the Rev. Father Gregory of Holy Mary (in the world, Bernard VERDON), in the 65th year of his age and the 41st of his religious profession.


WELDON***March 21, at Gorey, of blood poisoning, Dr. George WELDON, aged 60 years.


WALSHE***March 25, Thomas J., eldest son of James Walshe, of Killenaule.


WILLIAMSON***March 18, suddenly at Drumsollen, Armagh, William WILLIAMSON, in the 65th year of his age.



Irish Death Notices


Transcribed from the “American-Irish” newspaper.


Week ending April 23, 1887




BENNETT***March 31, at Stevens’ Hospital, Dublin, Mr. John BENNETT, of Ballowen Cattle, Lucan, county Dublin.


BRUCE***March 26, at his residence, Crow Bank, Bray, John BRUCE, aged 72 years.


BYRNE***March 26, at her residence, 6 Patrick street, Dublin, Mrs. Catherine BYRNE.


BOURKE***March 28, at Ballyshane, Thomas, youngest son of Christopher BOURKE.


SEXTON***March 26, James SEXTON, Esq., Holdinstown, aged 50 years.


BYRNE***March 31, Peter Byrne, Punchestown..


BRADY***At 11 Peter street, Dublin Mrs. Catherine BRADY, aged 75 years.


BUTLER***March 24, at the European Hotel, Queenstown, Dr. W. G. BUTLER, Medical Officer, Limerick Workhouse.


BENT***March 28, at South Main street, Wexford, Miss Margaret BENT.


BUTLER***March 28, at Ballycarron, Golden, county Tipperary, Mary, second daughter of the late Thomas BUTLER, Esq.


COONEY***March 28, at Barnett Villa, South Richmond, Inchicore, Rose, widow of the late John COONEY, Celbridge, county Kildare.


CROGHAN***March 21, and 23, Peter and Mary CROGHAN, at their residence, 18 North Cumberland street, Dublin.


CULLEN***March 27, at his residence, Abbey View, Frenchpark, county Roscommon, John CULLEN, aged 66 years.


CUMMINS***March 28, at Leemon street, Dublin, Teresa, only child of Michael and Mary Anne CUMMINS, aged 4 1/2 years.



CLEERE***April 1, at his residence, Ormond road, Kilkenny, Mr. Peter CLEERE, builder.


CLIFFORD***March 27, at his daughter’s residence, Mrs. GUIDERA, 2 Vernon street, S. C. road, Dublin, Mr. Edward CLIFFORD.


CLEMENTS***April 1, Mary Jane, wife of John CLEMENTS, Tritonville road, Sandymount.


COLGAN***Feb. 1, drowned while bathing at Sydney, Australia, Walter J. COLGAN, fourth son of the late Patrick COLGAN, Kilcock, aged 28 years.


CURLEY***March 29, at Dogue, Athlone, Mary widow of the late James CURLEY.


CARBERRY***March 29, at his mother’s residence, Jervis street, Dublin, James, eldest son of James CARBERRY, late of Mullingar.


CREGAN***March  , at Archerstown, Thomas CREGAN, eldest son of the late John CREGAN, of Martinstown, Crossakeale.


DUNNE***March 30, at his residence, High street, Balbriggan, Francis DUNNE.


DOWNEY***April 1, at Railway Cottages, Lower road, Dublin, Mary, wife of John DOWNEY.


DUGGAN***March 26, at 88 Capel street, Dublin, Mary, relict of the late Matthew DUGGAN.


DOOLEY***March 31, William Joseph DOOLEY, youngest son of Thomas DOOLEY, Xavier avenue, North Strand, Dublin.


DELANEY***At her son’s residence, Mr. Phillip DORAN, Myrtle Cottage, Monkstowne avenue, Dublin, Mrs. Mary DELANEY, aged 60 years.


DEMPSY***March 24, at his residence, 85 Prussia street, Dublin, Michael DEMPSY, aged 44 years.


DALY***March 29, at the Mercy Hospital, Cork, John, son of the late John DALY, Egmont Row, Kanturk.


DUNNE***March 26, at her residence, 6 Mount Browne, Dublin, Anne, wife of James DUNNE.


FLOOD***March 28, at his father’s residence, Clonfert, Thomas, third son of Thomas and Anastatia FLOOD, aged 15 years.


FARRELL***April 1, at his residence, Bennettstown, Dunboyne, the result of an accident, Hugh FARRELL, aged 40 years.


GILES***April 1, at Richmond row, Portobello, Dublin, Anne, wife of John GILES.


GRANT***March 30, at the Sisters of Charity, St. Joseph’s, Kilkenny, Florence (in religion Sister M. Xavier), daughter of the late Major James GRANT, 14th Regt., Rosbeg House, Westport.


GERAGHTY***March 30, at her niece’s residence, Francis street, Dublin, Bridget GERAGHTY, formerly of Beggars Inn, county Kildare, aged 68 years.


HARFORD***March 31, at his brother’s residence, Baldurgan, Richard HARFORD.


HOGAN***March 30, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. GILES, 12 Drumcondra road, Dublin, Catherine Hogan, aged 60 years.


JOHNSON***March 28, at Killaloe, county Clare, Frances, relict of the late Bristow JOHNSON, Esq., merchant Killaloe, aged 58 years.


JACKSON***March 26, at his residence, Upper Dominick street, Dublin, Metropolitan Police Sergeant JACKSON (32 D), a native of Monaghan.


KING***March 28, at Leopardstown, Christopher KING, at an advanced aged.


KEHOE***At 78 Great Brunswick street, Dublin, James, only son of Michael and Annie KEHOE, aged 3 years and 8 months.


KAVANAGH***March 28, at St. Joseph’s Asylum, Portland row, Dublin, Bridget KAVANAGH, youngest daughter of the late Charles KAVANAGH.


KEVILLE***March 31, at Bride street, Dublin, Mr. Henry KEVILLE.


LORDAN***March 28, at Rome, John LORDAN, of Queenstown, aged 50 years.


LUDLOW***March 27, at Bellewstown, county Meath, Michael LUDLOW, second youngest son of Christopher LUDLOW, aged 15 years.


LYNDHAM***March 22, at 7 Herbert place, Dublin, Catherine, widow of the late Francis LYNDHAM, Esq., Mount Seskin, county Dublin.


LYONS***March 26, at his residence, Mount Bernard, Connaught street, Dublin, Francis LYONS.


LEAHY***March 31, at 9 Keeles street, Dublin, Margaret, widow of the late J. LEAHY, late of Mabbot street, aged 70 years.


MANGAN***March 31, at 3 Smithfield, Dublin, Mary MANGAN.


MOLLOY***March 30, at No. 1 Belfast terrace, North Circular road, Dublin, Michael MOLLOY, at an advanced age.


MOYNAGH***March 28, at the residence of his son, Roden, place, Dundalk, Hugh MOYNAGH, aged 83 years.


MURTAGH***March 31, Edward Joseph MURTAGH, M.D., of Palace street, Drogheda, aged 36 years.


MANGAN***March 21, suddenly, at her residence, Eliza M., wife of Patrick William MANGAN, Caherllstrane, Tuam, aged 64 years.


MURPHY***March 29, John, second son of Richard MURPHY, Killowen, Blarney, aged 16 years.


MELGHAN***March 29, at the residence of her daughter, Willett place, Lower Rutland street, Dublin, Eliza MELGHAN.


MACKEN***March 23, at St. Joseph’sAsylum, Portland row, Dublin, Miss Margaret MACKEN.


MAHER***March 28, at 2 Capel street, Dublin, Mary, wife of  JOHN MAHER, twin daughter of the late Henry REDDY, wig and rope maker.


MURPHY***March 28, at Rathangan, Mary, widow of the late Timothy MURPHY.


MACKEY***March 28, at 30 High street, Dublin, Mary Monica, daughter of the late Martin MACKEY, aged 14 months.


MCKENNA***March 31, at his residence, Market street, Magherafelt, Charles MCKENNA.


OWENS***March 25, at Booth, county Dublin, Mr. Thomas OWENS, aged 58 years.


O’KEEFE***April 1, at Sion, Kilkenny, Mr. Michael O’Keefe.


O’GRADY***March 31, at Churchfield, Ballyhaunis, county Mayo, Michael O’GRADY, ESQ.



O’SHEA***March 30, Canon Thomas O’SHEA, P.P., Camross, Mountrath, aged 74 years.


O’CONNOR***March 27, at the residence of his son, Dr. A. O’CONNOR, Blackrock, Cork, Daniel O’CONNOR, father of the Rev. Wm. O’CONNOR, C.M., Phibsborough, aged 83 years.


O’CONNOR***March 27, at his father’s residence, Arva, county Cavan, Patrick O’CONNOR, merchant.


O’REILLY***March 27, at her son’s residence, Rockpark, Granari, Jane, relict of the late James O’Reilly, Granard.


PINCHIN***March 26, at 18 Lower Gloucester street, Dublin, F. PINCHIN, Esq., aged 74 years.


REGAN***At his residence, Bride street, Dublin, Thomas REGAN.


ROURKE***March 30, Betty Park, Celbridge, Margaret Mary, youngest child of the late J. O’ROURKE, aged one year.


RYAN***March 31, at the Hospice for the Dying, Mary’s Mount, Harold’s Cross, Dublin, Thomas J., eldest son of Thomas RYAN, late of Great Brunswick street, aged 27 years.


ROURKE***At his father’s residence, Augherakea, county Meath, Michael, second eldest son of Mr. Nicholas ROURKE.


SHANLEY***March 22, Mary, relict of the late Edward SHANLEY, and only surviving daughter of the late Matthew SULLIVAN, Strabannon, county Louth.


SHAW***March 25, at his residence, Mullingar, Joseph SHAW, Esq.


SINNOTT***March 31, at No. 14 Parnell Place, Dublin, Thomas Francis, infant son of James and Rachael SINNOTT, aged 13 months.


SWITZER***March 28, at 44 Wicklow street, Dublin, the result of an accident, Arthur Ernest SWITZER, Esq., M. B., T.C.D., aged 24 years.


SLATTERY***April 1, at 10 Upper Exchange st., Dublin, Patrick SLATTERY.


STAPLETON***March 31 at Rathmines, fortified with the Sacraments of the Church, George Robert STAPLETON, Esq., aged 77 years.


SHANLEY***March 22, Mary, relict of the late Edward SHANLEY, and only surviving daughter of the late Matthew SULLIVAN, Stranbannon, county Louth.


SHAW***March 26, at his residence, Mullingar, Joseph SHAW, Esq., aged 47 years.


SMITH***March 31 at his residence, Roscommon street, Liverpool, Martha, wife of Michael SMITH, of Drogheda.


VERNON***March 25, at the Carmelite Convent of Saint Teresa, Clarendon street, Dublin, the Rev. Father Gregory of Holy Mary (in the world, Bernard VERNON), fortified by the rites of the Holy Church, in the 65th year of his age and 41st of his religious profession.


WALLACE***Feb. 15 at the residence of her son-in-law, R. C. ARMSTRONG, Umginto, Natal, Anne, widow of the late Charles P. WALLACE, Esq., R.M., daughter of the late George BARNES, Esq., and granddaughter of J. BARNES, Esq., Weetland street, county Meath.


Transcribed by Mary Davis