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This web site is based around my line of New York pioneer Terrys. Two brothers, Isaac and Zeno, (and 2 of their sisters, Ann and Roxanna, and their husbands, Moses and Eli Bush ) descendants of Samuel Terry, their wives, Hannah and Tabitha Abbe (who were also sisters) along with their families, left Enfield Connecticut and settled in central New York state shortly after the Revolutionary War in the late 1700s. My line is of Isaac and Hannah, through their son Linus.

This site focuses not only on my Terry line, but all the early related (up to early 1800's ) northern Terrys I could find information about. In addition to my Terrys, I will add related lines as I find or research them.

As was the case with most of the towns back in the colonial period, the gene pool was pretty shallow. My early ancestors didn't seem to dive too deep into that pool when fishing for life partners. Both the above brothers and sisters share Samuel Borman (Boardman) as a great grandparent. The Terry and Abbe families seem to have also spent a good deal of time attending one another's weddings. The same is true for other lines in the family.

Isaac Terry, son of Linus, and grandson of Isaac and Hannah, married Nancy Welch. This marriage brings in some very interesting folks from southern Conn. and RI. The Welch and Denison family lines are also available from the table to the left.

All family members bios and info. are listed in the Families section under the state that they originated or migrated too. My data base of names and dates are kept in Reunion, and the web cards and indexes for the families are available in the Other Info section. This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.

My research resources and references are from state, county, local histories, and on-line connections, as well as, from the printed family genealogies of the Terrys, Abbes, Crandall and others.

As I find interesting snippets of information about extended family members, I will add them to my pages. Most of the books I am using are out of print and hard to locate, but could provide a useful clue for someone researching another related line. I have discovered that the Family Genealogies are not always 100% correct, and neither is my typing. If you see incorrect information on my pages, please let me know and I will fix them. If you have updated information about any of the lines here, please send me the information and I will gladly add it to the site or I would be happy link to your web site.

One last note about the site, future plans are to add more history concering the migrations, first the Great Migration from England and the companies that supported it, then the swarm to NY (and other points west), the early English and royal lines. I decided to first concentrate on the first to America families as my starting point. I have lots more information at hand, but I had to started somewhere. I hope it will not take me another 2.5 years to get the next batch processed and on line.

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