(18) EZEKIEL,4 (b. probably at Ipswich, Mass.,) m. Mrs. (36) MARGARET, (widow of Mr. Thomas Scott of Ipswich,) sister of Rev. Wm. Hubbard, was graduated at Harvard College, 1659, and died July 5th, 1674.

EZEKIEL4, (18) and MARGARET, sister of Rev. Wm. Hubbard of Ipswich, had children:

(36) I., MARTHA5, b. about 1661; (99) m. 20th May, 1686, Joseph Woodbridge, (son of Rev. John W. 1st minister of Andover, Mass., and Mercy, dau. of Gov. Thomas Dudley) They were of Lynn, Mass., 1694-5, and afterwards of Newbury.

had children:
(99) I. JOSEPH6, b. May 7, 1687.
(100, II. JOHN6, b. Feb. 13, 1690.
(101) III. NATHANIEL6, b. Jan. 28, 1696.
(102) IV. MARGARET6, b. 1698.

(37) II. NATHANIEL5 , b. at Ipswich, Aug. 14, 1664, was a merchant of Boston, 1685.
(38) III. JOHN5, b. June 12th, 1666.
(39) IV. "Capt." EZEKIEL5, b. at Ipswich, June 4 1667, was of Lynn, Mass.,
1694 -5 ; m. Sept. 20, 1694, widow Lois Bligh, whose maiden name was Ivory, (103) daughter of Thomas I. of L, She afterward, in 1708, M. Mr. Joseph Bass, of L. Mr,Rogers, as appears in an ancient deed, from "his widow," died as early as 24th Feb. 1707-8.

Capt. EZEKIEL5 and widow Bligh had children:
(103) I. NATHANIEL6, who removed from Lynn to Boston, as early as 1717, and is styled in a deed of that date, "Joyner," and had a wife Elizabeth Porter, to whom be was m. by Rev. Benj. Colman, at Boston, May 9, 1717, probably daughter of Matthew Porter, of Boston, "victualler." They were of Boston in 1735, Oct. 29.
(104) II. Dr. THEOPHILUS6, b. Oct. 4, 1699, "practitioner in physick and surgery," at Boston, where he removed from Lynn, in 1720 , emigrated to Norwich, Connecticut, and married the daughter of William Hyde, of that town; he d. Sept. 29th, 1753, AE. 53 years, 11 1/2mos. She d. Nov. 24, 1753, AE. 53 yrs. 7 mos.
(105) III. Lois6, m. Philip Britton, of Boston, Sept. 18, 1719. He d. Nov. 1, 1721. Her 2d husband was Dudson Kilcup, M. at Boston, Dec. 1, 1726.

(40) V. TIMOTHY 5.
(41) VI. SAMUEL5 I of Lynn, March, 1694-5.
[Any information of him, or brothers, Nathl, John, and Timothy, after this date, would be a favor to the editor.]