Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken

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Chronological Records for Otago

New Zealand Bound

A Sketch of Otago, from the Initiation of the Settlement
by James M'Indoe - Otago (N.Z.) - 1878 - 152 pages
Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by Thomas Morland Hocken -1898 review

1840. April
Admiral D'Urville, commanding the Astrolabe, visited Otago harbour during his voyage round the world, surveying some portions of it.

13. — Major Bunbury, whilst procuring signatures to the Treaty of Waitangi, anchored for a few hours off the Otago Heads in H.M.S. Herald, and procured the signatures of the chiefs Karetal and Koroko.
The Rev. James Watkin, of Sydney, Wesleyan missionary, and his wife, arrived at Waikouaiti in the whaler Regina. Mr. Watkin was the first missionary in the South Island. Mount Watkin takes its names from him.
In this year Messrs. G. and E. Weller's whaling station, near the Otago Heals, was abandoned owing to the falling-off of the whale oil supply.

Captain W. M. Smith, principal surveyor of the New Zealand Company, spent five days in the Otago Harbour whilst visiting and reporting upon the harbours of the East Coast of the South Island with a view to settlement. He considered that part now known as Broad Bay most suitable for a town settlement.

1843. September Colonel Godfrey (commissioner appointed to examine land claims) and Dr. Edward Shortland visited Otago in the performance of their duty.

1844. January 24.—Bishop Selwyn visited the Otakou settlement in the schooner Perseverance, baptising Natives and distributing books amongst them.

April 25.—Mr. Frederick Tuckett, a surveyor of the New Zealand Company, arrived at Otago whilst exploring for a suitable Bite for the new Edinburgh settlement. He sailed from Nelson In the brig Deborah, Captain Wing, on the 31st March, and was accompanied by his assistant surveyors, Messrs Barnicoat and Davison, and Messrs. Wilkinson and Withers. Mr. Creed relieved Mr. Watkin at Waikouaiti, and Mr. Wohlers, a Lutheran missionary, proceeded to Ruapuke.

July 11.— Mr. Tuckett and party returned to Otago after their exploratory journey of ten weeks' duration, and decided to select there 400,000 acres (Otago block) for the Scotch settlement.

July. 31.—The deed signed and payment of £2,400 made to the Natives for the land. This was completed at Koputal (Port Chalmers), the witnesses being Messrs. Symonda, Tuckett, Clarke (the Sub-Protector), and Scott.

1845. May
16.—Otago Association formed at a meeting held in Glasgow, the intention being to found a special Scotch settlement.
29.—The General Assembly of the Free Church, met in Edinburgh, express their approval of the scheme for founding a Scotch colony In New Zealand In connection with the Association of Lay Members of the Free Church.
September11.—Mr. Charles Henry Kettle, chief surveyor of the New Zealand Company, sailed from London in the barque Mary Catherine to take charge of the Otago surveys.

1846. February 23.—Mr. Kettle arrived at Otago In the Mary Catherine, via Nelson and Wellington, taking up his abode at Koputai (Port Chalmers).
December 10 - First child born in Dunedin (the son of John Anderson, after whom Anderson's Bay is named.)

March 3 - Second child born in Dunedin (the daughter of Mr kettle, and afterwards Mrs Macassey)
November 22.—General power of Attorney issued by the New Zealand Company to William Cargill, Esq., empowering him to act on behalf of the Company in the settlement of Otago.

November 27.—Ship "John Wickliffe", Capt. Daley, sailed from London for Otago, with Captain Cargill and 90 [97] emigrants. Surgeon superintendent Dr Henry Manning. Captain Cargill was on board.
Ship " Philip Laing" sailed from Greenock for Otago, with Rev. Mr. Burns and 230 [247] emigrants. Commander was Captain Elles, surgeon superintendent Dr Robert Ramsay. Rev. Thomas Burns onboard.

For a searchable index go to John's work. Remember these lists only include passengers who landed at Port Chalmers. Many of the ships had passengers for the north.

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 296

February 14 -Governor Grey and Mrs Grey and Colonial Wakefield visited Dunedin prior to arrival of the settlers.
March 22.— Ship "John Wickliffe" arrived from London with first settlers: 116 days.
April  15.— Ship " Philip Laing" arrived from Greenock with first settlers: 139 days.

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 287

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 287

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 289

April 20 - Mr A.R.C. Strode arrived in schooner Perseverance from Wellington, having been appointed Resident magistrate.
May - By the end of this month the whole of the emigrants had left the ship and taken up their quarters in Dunedin.
July 8.— Ship "Victory" arrived from London.
September 1.— Church and Schoolhouse erected and opened.
September 21.— Ship "Blundell" arrived from London.
December 12.— Ship "Bernicia" arrived from London.
December 13.— First number of Otago News published by H.B. Graham, Rattray St. Dunedin, Otago. Name of settlement changed from Otakou to Otago.
December 27 - Population of settlement (nine months after foundation) stated in the Otago News to be Dunedin alone nearly 500 (including 18 landed proprietors, 20 storekeepers, 24 carpenters, sawyers etc., and about 100 labourers; at Port Chalmers, ANderson's Bay, half-way Bush, the Taieri and Molyneux, about 100 9 including 16 land proprietors, 9 carpenters, &c, and 16 shepherds and labourers.

January 8 - Arrived cutter, Fly, from Akaroa, with William Fox, Esq., the NZ Company's principal agent.
January 8.—Ship "Ajax", Captain Young, arrived from London, 116 days out from the downs, with 23 cabin passengers, 13 adult forecabin and about 150 steerage passengers; 85 for Otago and the balance for Wellington and Nelson. Settlement contains two hotels, a church and school, wharf, Oddfellows' Society, and Cricket Club. [Sutcliffe]

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 290

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 291

February 21.—Eight hours system of labor established.
March 23.—First anniversary of settlement;
March 31.—Population: Males, 426 ; females, 319—Total, 745. Births during year, 25 ; deaths, 9; marriages, 8.
April 11.—Ship "Mary" arrived from London.
June 5.—Ship "Mariner" arrived from London.
September 8.—Published, "Notes on the suburban and rural districts of Otago Settlement."
September 11.—Ship "Larkins" 770 tons, Bruton, arrived from London. passengers

[WALMSLEY, Captain, of 56th Regiment, arrived Larkins 1849, with eldest son, D WALMSLEY, now chief clerk Land Department, Wellington; S. B. WALMSLEY, now farming Thames, Auckland. Miss WALMSLEY, now Nelson; and Thomas Tanner, now sheep farmer, Balquhidder, Napier. Did not remain in Otago long.]

September 23.—Ship "Cornwall" arrived from London with 220 immigrants, 79 of who were for Otago.

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 292

Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand by T.M. Hocken, page 293

October 1.—T. S. Watson of the Commercial Hotel, Benjamin Coleman and Thomas Harman others drowned  in boat accident near Port Chalmers. One saved, Hunter.
November 20.—Ship "Kelso" arrived from London.
November 10- Census returns for Otago published. 426 males, 319 females, total 745. There had been 9 deaths (three adult males and 6 children) among the Company's immigrants and 5 among the settlers in the district. there had been 13 marriages; 25 had been born in the settlement and 5 at sea.
November 24.— Mr R.C. Chapman, Deputy-Registrar of births, deaths, and marriages appointed for Otago.
December 5.—Ship "Pekin", Whitby, from London, with 116 passengers, chiefly for Nelson. List continued here.
December 26.—Ship "Mooltan" arrived from the Clyde. Had 9 deaths from cholera and 6 from various other causes.

January 5.—Schooner " Amazon" , 130 tons, Capt. Howell, advertised to sail for Californian Diggings if 30 passengers can be found at £20 each.
Jan. 19- Fatal boat accident to man names Stewart, of Otago after a scuffle ensued. Both fell in the deep water. The boat was the same boat by which Mr Watson and the others had drowned.
March 12th The Berkshire, 582 tons, left London on 2nd Oct. 1849, Capt. John White. She ran aground at Nelson 1st Feb. Her forward passengers were carried to Wellington by the "Woodstock" and those for Otago, six in number, thence by the schooner Perseverance, arriving March 12th.
March 26.—Ship "Lady Nugent", 668 tons, Parsons, arrived from London with emigrants. 38 for Otago and 72 for other settlements. Passengers: Chief cabin — Hon. Mr. Tollemache, Mr. Godley. Lieut. Bulkeley of the 65th Regiment, Mr Jerningham Wakefield. Messrs. Elliott, Robison, Lee, Nicholson, Miss and Dr. Laking. Fore-cabin — Mr. and Mrs. McCray and family, Mr. and Mrs. O'Gloghlin, Messrs. Borton, Drewit, Winterberne, G. T. Fergusson, Mr. and Mr.. Cleaver and child, Mr. Morrison, Miss Howe, Miss Bishop, and Miss Spencer.
April 1.—Population of Settlement: Males, 670; females 512 —Total, 1,182.

June 4.—H.M.S. "Acheron" returned, having completed survey of south coast.
August 6.—Ship "Mariner", 687 tons, Harland, arrived from London direct, with 171 cabin and steerage passengers of whom 40 and 50 were for Otago.
September 4.—Ship "Poictiers" barque, Beal, arrived from London via Taranaki and Wellington.
November 17- Arrived, H.M.S. Fly, with Governor-in-Chief (Grey), on board, enroute for Auckland Islands.
November 25- Dr Robert Williams appointed Coroner for Otago.
October 24.—Ship "Phoebe Dunbar", 701 tons, Michie, arrived from London direct.
December 27 1850- The Eden arrived from London on 3rd June, arrived via northern ports,
December 21. Last issue of Otago News, and farewell leader by editor.

January 17.—Schooner "Titan" arrived from London.
January 28.—Brig " Pioneer" arrived from Glasgow.
February 3.—First vessel built in Settlement launched.
February 8.—First No. of Witness published fortnightly, under the guardianship of a Committee, being too much for one man.
March 8.—Jury list published.
May 6.—Ship Cresswell arrived from London
August 7.—Ship " Stately" arrived from London
August 30.— Witness published weekly
September 28.—Ship " Dominion" arrived from London
November 16.—-Ship "Clara" arrived from London
November 23.—Ship " Simlah" arrived from London

February 7.Ship Columbus arrived from London
March 1.—Ship Maori arrived from London
May 4.—Ship Agra arrived from London
August 8.—Wreck of the Schooner " Amazon," at the Bluff, reported
October 2 - Death of Mr W.H. Valpy (25th ult.) 60
October 7.—Ship "Persia" arrived from London
November 9 —Ship "Slain's Castle" arrived from London
November 23.—Ship " Stately" arrived from London

February 16.—Population, 1,752.
February 26.—Ship " Tasmania" arrived from London.
March 6.-—Ship Royal Albert arrived from London. Customs' boat capsized coming from Port Chalmers ; collector lost £130 in gold.
July 20.—Ship Maori arrived from London
October 8.—Ship Rajah arrived from London
December 10.—Ship Carnatic arrived from London

February 5.—Ship Stately arrived from London. Revs Will and Bannerman onboard
February 22.—Ship Clutha arrived from Leith
March 18 - List of Ministers
Revs Burns, Will, Bannerman (Free Church of Scotland)
H.J.A. Fenton, H.G. Johnson (Anglican)
J.F.H. Wohlers, Ruapuke (Lutheran)
John Shepherd appointed Chief Constable of Otago. Assistants -John Healy, John Duncan, John Barr. John Thomson to be Constable at Port Chalmers.
June 27 - Presbytery of Otago constituted.
July 29.—Ship " Thetis" arrived from London.
October 7.—Schooner " Star of Dunedin", 50 tons, launched.
November 8.—Ship Dolphin arrived from London.
December 4—Ship " Ashmore" arrived from London.
December 12.—Ship " Pudsey Dawson" arrived from London.
December 31.—Population of Province: Males, 1,408; females, 1,149—Total, 2,557.

April 9.—Ship " Simlah" arrived from London.
September 3.—" Gil Blas" arrived with capitalist and first immigrants from Victoria procured by Mr W.H. Reynolds.
Return for 1855—Births, 91; Deaths, 13; Marriages, 37.

January 1.—Population : males, 1562 ; females, 1290; total, 2852.
January 13.— s.s. "Zingari" arrived from Port Victoria with Governor Gore-Browne, Lady, and Suite. Public dejeuner
January 23.—Ship Dunedin arrived from London ; 84 days from Port to Port.
February 1.—Ship Isabella Hercus arrived from London.
February 26.—Ship Southern Cross arrived from London ; brig " Gil Bias," from Melbourne, sailed up to Dunedin.
March 1- The Gil Blas, Captain Nicol,175 tons, drawing 9ft 8in, came up to within 400 yards of Dunedin jetty.
march 29 - 8th Anniversary of Province. Cattle: 8854; sheep 83,196; horses 854.
August 15.—Ship Sir Edward Paget arrived from London.
August 26.—Ship " Melpomene " arrived from London.
October 2.—Ship Strathmore 450 tons, J. Mann, arrived from London with 450 passengers including Major Richardson, Dr Hulme, Mr Livingstone (Rector of Academy, appointed in Scotland), wife and family, Mr and Mrs Hislop and family and many others.
December 26 - 1ist number of the Colonist issued.

January 14.—Ship " Mariner" arrived from London.
January 17 - Wreck of "Endeavour" at Molyneaux
February 3.—Ship " William and James" arrived from London.
February 20.—Brig " Worthington" wrecked, Stewart's Island.
March 27.—Ship " John Masterman" arrived from London.
April 16.—Ship " Maori" arrived from London.
April 18.—Ship "Dunedin" , 208 tons, arrived from London, came up to Upper Harbour, brought to anchor in Dunedin Bay.
June 19.—Discovery of ancient coin at Flannagan's.
August 22- Arrival of Bishop Harper, Bishop of Christchurch (15th)
September 21.—Ship " Lord Hardinge" arrived from London.
October 17 - Death of Mr P. Proudfoot (15th), Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands and Treasurer of the Waste Lands Board.
November 14.— " Southern Cross" arrived from London.
November 26.—Ship Bosworth arrived from London.
November 30.—Ship George Canning arrived from London (Nov. 28), first of immigration under system of Provincial Council.
December 5.—£500 offered for discovery of a goldfield.

January 2.—Reward of £500 for discovery of a goldfield ; £250 for a coalfield.
January 8.—Ship Strathallan arrived from Leith.
February 9.—Ship Robert Henderson arrived from Glasgow : 84 days' passage.
February 14.—Ship Palmyra arrived from London.
April 3.—Ship " Rockhampton" arrived from London.
April 29,—Ship Strathfieldsaye arrived from Glasgow.
May 5.—Ship " Nourmahal" arrived from London.
May 22.—Ship "Strathallan" sailed for London; first ship direct; 800 bales wool, cargo, £19,010 13s.; Macandrew and Co. charterers.
June 17.—Ship  "Strathfieldsaye" sailed for Melbourne; first large ship direct with produce ; J. Macandrew and Co. charterers.
July 13.—Ship Three Bells arrived from Glasgow, s.s. " White Swan" arrived, under engagement for inter-provincial trade.
July 27.—s.s. " Queen" arrived at Dunedin. She was the first steam vessel, at Dunedin, from Melbourne via Wellington and Canterbury; laid on by Macandrew and Co. for trade between Melbourne, Otago, and Canterbury ; welcomed with a salute of 20 guns.
September 23.—Ship " Jura" arrived from Glasgow.
October 5.—Dinner to James Adam on his return as Immigration Agent. s.s. " Lord Worsley" arrived from London.
October 27.—Ship "Agra" arrived from London.
November 3.Ship " Regina" arrived from London.
November 4.—Agreement made with Macandrew and Co. for subsidy to steamer " Queen."
December 18 - Six persons drowned on New River bar while proceeding to Ruapuke to a wedding.
December 28.—Ship " Gloucester" arrived from London.
December 31.—Return for year: Births, 243; marriages, 51; deaths, 58. Census : Males, 3,321; females, 2,76.)—Total, 6,086.

January 25.—s.s. "Pirate" arrived from Melbourne.
January 31.—p.s. " Geelong" arrived from Melbourne.
February 10.—Ship " Oriental" arrived from London.
March 8.—Ship "Tamora" arrived from London.
March 21.—Ship "Equator" arrived from London.,
April 5.—Barque " Revival," of Limerick, stranded at Heads.
April 30.—Harbor steamer " Pride of the Yarra" arrived. Brigantine " Comet" landed stock at Oamaru; first direct from X.S.W.
May 13.—Inter-colonial R.M.S.S. advertised.
May 16.—Harbor steamer "Victoria" arrived.
June 2.—Ship " Mariner" arrived from London.
June 3.—Ship " Gloucester" sailed for London direct with cargo —£28,636 ; Jones, Cargill and Co., charterers.
August 10.—Ship " Avonvale" arrived from London.
August 20.—Ship " Henbury" arrived from London.
August 22.—Ship " Henbury" burned at Port Chalmers. 27th Burnt in port.
September 7.—Ship " Countess of Fife" arrived from London.
September 12.—Ship "Alpine" arrived from Glasgow; 1,164 tons.
October 6.—Ship " Sebastian" arrived from London.
November 23.—Foundation stone of Knox Church laid.
November 27.—Ship " Cheviot" arrived from Glasgow.
December 2.—Ship " Sevilla" arrived from Glasgow.
December 10.—H.M.S. " Niger" arrived, with Governor Gore-Browne.

January 25.—Ship " Bosworth" arrived from London with Rev. D.M. Stuart and family.
February 22.—Ship " Gala" arrived from Glasgow.
April 1.—" Carolina" lost in New River.
April 19.—Schooner "Dunedin" arrived from Dundee.
April 28.—" Storm Cloud" arrived from Glasgow.
May 1.—p.s. " Geelong" subsidized for North, and s.s. "Oberan" for South Coastal trade.
May 6.— Knox Church opened.
June 9.—" Elizabeth" arrived from London.
July 7.—" Ben Nevis" arrived from Leith.
July 10.—" Kinnaird" arrived from London.
July 14.—" Isabella Hamilton" arrived from London.
August 6 - Death of Captain Cargill.
August 20.—" Pladda" arrived from Glasgow.
September 3.—" Robert Henderson" arrived from Glasgow.
September 12.—" Bruce" arrived from Glasgow.
September 24.—" Henrietta" arrived from Glasgow.
October 1.—" William Miles" arrived from London
October 12.—" Oamaru Lass" wrecked at Oamaru.
October 14.—"Evening Star" arrived from London.
October 22.—p.s. " Prince Albert" arrived from Melbourne.
October 29.—" Silistria" arrived from Glasgow.
December 26.—" Chili" arrived from London.

January 11.—p.s. "Ada" wrecked at Molyneux.
January 12 - Arrival of s.s. "Omeo".
January 29.—" Lady Egidia" arrived from Glasgow.
February 2- Arrest of Mr Macandrew for debt. In his capacity as Superintendent he proclaimed his own house (Carisbrooke House) a gaol and occupied it.
February 9.—Ship "Cashmere" arrived from London.
March 1.—Ship " Chili" sailed for London.
March 2.—Ship " Lizzie Spalding" sailed for London.
March 18.—Ship " Melbourne" arrived from Leith.
April 3.—Ship " Shelbourne" arrived from London.
June 8 - Report from Gabriel Read to Superintendent of discovery of gold in Waitahuna and Tuarapika Rivers.
July 3.—s.s." Victory" wrecked at Wicliffe Bay.
July 23.—s.s. " Oberon" wrecked in Bluff Harbor.
July 30.— Ship " Storm Cloud" arrived from Glasgow.
August 8.— Ship " Velore" arrived from London; First Steam Engines and Thrashing Mills imported: Oamaru declared port of entry.
September 8.—Ship " Pladda" arrived from Glasgow.
September 20.—Schooner " Pioneer" wrecked at Clutha mouth.
September 30.—Ship " Vicuna" arrived from London.
Octobers.—Ship "Robert Henderson" arrived from Glasgow.
October 14.—Ship "Remark" arrived from London;
November 1.—Ship " Winged Arrow" arrived from Glasgow.
November 4.—Boat accident in. Harbor; Macandrew nearly drowned.
November 8.—First Cab on Dunedin streets; Detachment of '70th Regiment landed in Dunedin.
November 15.—First number of Otago Daily Times issued.
November 26.—Ship " Derwentwater" arrived from London.
December 2.—Bank of New Zealand opened.
December 5. —Molyneux declared port of entry
December 12.—Ship " Chili" arrived from London.
December 17.—s.s. " Oscar" wrecked in New River.

January 4.—Ship " Simoom " arrived from Glasgow;
January 1 5.—Ship " Silistria" arrived from Glasgow.
January 21.—Barque "Genevrievo from Mauritius, and wrecked at Heads; First direct cargo of sugar : Cargills and Co., agents.
January 23.—Ship " Ocean Chief" burned in Bluff Harbor.
February 15.—Ship "Young America" arrived from Glasgow. News of loss of ship " Eleanor" by fire ; from London to Otago.
February 16.—Ship "Hannah" arrived from London.
March 26.—Complimentary dinner and presentation to Capt. McLean of the s.s. "Aldinga."
April 5 .—Ship " Oliver Cromwell" arrived from London.
April 10.— Ship " Akbar" arrive I from London with first installment of immigrants attracted by goldfields.
May 7.—Ship " Lady Egidia" arrived from London.
May 10.—First direct shipment of gold to London by ship " Chariot of Fame" 15,000oz.
June 2.—Ship " Zambia" arrived from Glasgow.
June 6.— Ship " Black Swan" arrived from London.
June 21.—Launch of the " Betsy Douglas," first steamer built in Otago. Built by Mr Begrie and owned by Mr Douglas of Woodbaugh Sawmills.
September 1- Return of Aldinga (herself injured by striking on Waipapa Point) with information of total wreck of Flying Mist at the Bluff.
September 8.—Ship " Grasmere" arrived from Glasgow.
September 11.—Ship "Bombay" arrived from London; Ship " Flying Mist" wrecked at Bluff.
October 2 - Wreck of s.s. Guiding Star (27th) in New River Harbour.
October 8.—Ship " Jura" arrived from Glasgow.
October 13.—Ship " Cheviot" arrived from Glasgow.
November 6.—Schooner " Tamar," from Hobart Town, wrecked at Otago Heads.
November 8.—Ship " Aboukir" arrived from Glasgow; " Se- villa" from Glasgow.
November 10.—Ship " Scoresby" arrived from London.
December 8.—Ship " Storm Cloud" arrived at Bluff from. Glasgow.
December 29 -Contract made by provincial Council with owners of Aldinga to carry English mail between Melbourne and Otago- 13 0 0 per annum.

January 1.— p.s. " Lady of the Lake" launched at Pelichet Bay.
January 4.— Barque " Time and Truth" wrecked at Bluff; 2000 sheep lost.
January 12.—p.s. "Golden Age" arrived from Melbourne.
January 19.—Ship " Ben Lomond" arrived from Glasgow.
February 12.—Ship " John Duncan" arrived from London.
March 20.—Ship " Arima" arrived from Glasgow.
March 23.— p.s. " Planet" wrecked Taieri mouth.
April 13.—Barque "Charlotte Andrews" from San Francisco; ship " Gladiator" from New York.
April 19.—Ship " Silistria" arrived from Glasgow.
April 20.—Stern-wheel steamer " Tuapeka" launched at Port Chalmers.
may 2 - Wreck of cutter Fly at Riverton. Loss of Captain Aldred and a Maori. Subsequent drowning of three Maoris.
May 9.—Gas lit for first time in Dunedin from Gas Works.
June 4.—Ship "Electric" arrived from Glasgow.
July 3.—Ship " Motoaka" arrived from London.
July 4.—Collision in the Harbor: Steamers "Favorite" and " Pride of the Yarrow ;" Rev. H. Campbell, Rector of the High School, wife, five children, and two servants, who had previous day arrived from London, drowned.
July 12.—Ship " Victory" arrived from Glasgow.
July 25.—Ship " Wave Queen" arrived from Glasgow.
August 5.—Trial trip of stern-wheel steamer " Tuapeka." steamed up to Tuapeka Mouth
August 13.—Ship " Ocean Home " arrived from London.
September 1.—Ship " City of Dunedin" arrived from Glasgow. Ships "Crimea and Dudbrook" from London.
"September 3.—First lighting of Dunedin streets with gas.
September 4.—Ship " Mallard" arrived from London.
September 13.—Ship " Sir Ralph Abercrombie" from London.
September 15.—Ship "Mataura" from Glasgow. Schooner " Highland Lassie" wrecked in New River.
October 12 -Vessel Helenlea reported to have brought for Southland Provincial Government a goldfinch, a blackbird, a hare and half-a-dozen rabbits, which would be handed over to Acclimatization Society.
October 33.—Ship " Phoebe Dunbar" from London.
November 3.—Wreck of brig " Lochinvar" at Port William.
November 10.—Ship " Nelson" arrived from Glasgow.
November 12.—Ship " Persian" arrived from London.
November 20 - First trip of s.s. Golden Age- Port Chalmers to Dunedin.
November 23.—Oamaru proclaimed a warehousing port.
November 25.— Ship " Star of Tasmania" arrived from London. Ship " Chile" arrived from London, p.s. " City of Dunedin" arrived from Glasgow.
November 26.—Ship " Dauntless" arrived from London.
November 30.—Ship "General Wyndham" arrived from London.
December 5.—Ship " Viola" arrived from Glasgow; ship "" Daniel Rankin" arrived from Glasgow.
December 8.—Bank of Otago opened.
December 12.—New Zealand Banking Corporation opened.
December 14- P.s. " Peninsula " launched at Pelichert Bay. First iron steamer to be built in Otago..
December 22.—Ship " Bombay" arrived from Clyde.

March 11.—s.s. " Scotia" arrived from Glasgow, first of Otago Steam Navigational Co.'s fleet; Southland Daily News issued; Price of 4lb. loaf, 1s id.
April 27.—Port Molyneux a warehousing port of entry.
May 14.—s.s. " Albion" arrived from Glasgow.
June 2.—s.s. " Scotia" wrecked at Bluff Harbor.  11th Master censued.
July 9.—p.s. " Bruce", harbour steamer launched at Dunedin.
July 18 - Launch of schooner Wallace at Arden Bay
September 26- Death of Mrs Jones, wife of John Jones.
March 13.. Barque "Gazehound" wrecked at Oamaru.
April 21.—Steamer '" Tuapeka" brought round from Clutha to Dunedin.
October 28 - Prison accommodation being insufficient, hulk Thomas and Henry utilise at Port Chalmers.

February 21- Arrival first installment of Chinese.
December 21.—Schooner " Clarendon" wrecked at Moeraki.

January 7.—Brigantine " Den Dcherdj" a Foo-chow-foo. First direct cargo of tea: W. and G. Turnbull & Co.
February 14- Arrival of His Excellency Sir George Grey, per H.M.S. Brisk, 16 guns, Capt. C. W. Hope.
March, 13.—Schooners "Stately" and "Vixen" wrecked at Oamaru.
April 11- Wreck of steamer South Australian, near Coal Point.
September 18.—Trout ova from Tasmania placed in breeding box, Water of Leith.
October 28.—Hull of dredge "New Era," launched at Port Chalmers
November 11.—P.S. "Wallace " launched at Dunedin.
November 23.— Schooner " Caroline " wrecked at Oamaru.
December 5.—P.S. " Geelong" sailed on expedition to Martin's Bay.
December 18.—Martin's Bay Expedition returned.
December 20.—Census of Province taken.

May 2.—Salmon and trout ova arrived from London by " Celestial Queen"'
May 9.—Schooner " Jane Anderson " launched at Waikava.
July 20.—Foundation Stone of Graving Dock laid.
August 3.—Floating Dock, Port Chalmers, launched.
August 21 -Wreck of the s.s. Taranaki in Troy Channel, near Picton
August 26.—S.S. " Salamander " arrived from London.
November 7. — Steamer " Antrim " launched at Lake Wakatip.
December 14. — Brigantine "Emulous" arrived from Nova Scotia, with immigrants.

April 27. -Mindora arrived from London, with second shipment of salmon ova.
August 16.— S.S. " Maori " arrived from Melbourne.
December 18.—J. M. Balfour, Marine Engineer, drowned off Timaru.

February 4.—" Warrior Queen" from London, with second shipment of birds, hares, &c.
July 3.—" Achilles," 1,520 tons, arrived: largest vessel yet entered port. -.;
September 4.—Shipment of trout ova from Tasmania.

February 17.—H.M.S. " Clio," with Governor Bowen on board : Struck on Rock at Milford Sound.
February 25.—Ship " Warrior Queen," .arrived from London with importation of birds.
March 29 - Wreck of brig Hindoo from Foo chow on Riverton Beach
April 3- Steamer Clutha launched at Pomahaka.
April 6.—P.S. "Luna" arrived with Volunteers from Auckland: -Complimentary Dinner.
May 13- Arrival of 'Frisco steamer Nevada.
May 2.—Census Returns: 91 Religious Denominations; Total population, 60,578. P.S. Tairoa " wrecked at Molyneux.
May 10.—P.S. " Nevada," first' of San Francisco Line, arrived at Port Chalmers.
May 22- Arrival of Professors Sale, Shand and McGregor per ship Wild Deer.
July 31.—Barque " Premier" wrecked at Oamaru.
November 23- Wreck of s.s. Ahuriri off Tumal.
December 25- Boating accident in harbour. Six drown -Prictor, Bruce, Scrymgeour (two), Drew (two)

January 11.—Otago Graving Dock handed over by contractors.
January 30- Six red, and two Axis, deer received per City of Dunedin.
February 24.—Schooner " Onehunga " wrecked at Oamaru.
February 27 - 600 birds of various kinds arrived per Warrior Queen.
March 15.—Graving Dock, Port Chalmers opened.
April 18.—M.P.C., Port Chalmers: M'Dermid, 6G; (Dench 58; O'Donoghue, 16; M'Kenzie,8.) First Mayor of Palmerston: A. Young. H.M.S. " Rosario " arrived.
July 1.—Mayoral Elections, Dunedin : Fish. Port Chalmers : Dench. Oamaru: Waitt. Invercargill: Wood. Waikouaiti: Pratt. Tokomairiro: Goodall. Cromwell: Fraer. Balclutha: McNeil. Lawrence-, Herbert.
July 18.—Brig " Our Hope," wrecked at Oamaru.
September 10. -First block of Oamaru sea wall laid.
December 20.— H.M.S. " Dido," in Graving Dock, Port Chalmers.

May 5.—Salmon ova ex " Oberon," landed at Invercargill.
May 6.—. Schooner "Mary Ogilvie " stranded at Oamaru. Brig " Moa," at Allday Bay.
May 10.—Schooner " Margaret Campbell," total wreck, Oamaru.
June 29.—Ship "Yorkshire," from Melbourne, for London, put in for repairs.
July 1.— Ship " J. N. Fleming," arrived from Clyde, 69 days 11 hours land to land ; 71 days, port to port.
July 6.—Ship " Cospatrick " arrived from London.
August 28.—Schooners " Emille " and " Scotsman," wrecked at Oamaru.
September 17.—Schooner " Oreti" ashore at Oamaru.
September 24.—Ship " Wild Duck," from Adelaide, for London put in for repairs.
November 20 -Visit of French man-of-war Vire.
December 15.—Launch of Submarine Boat.
December 22.—" Redcliffe " wrecked at Allday Bay.
December 30. Wreck of the ship " Surat," from London to Port Chalmers at Catlin's River: First serious casualty to a passenger ship bound to Otago.

January 30.—Captain of "Surat" sentenced to imprisonment. Wreck at the Nuggets (31st ult)
February 2.—Submarine boat " Platypus " tried.
February 24.—A. C. Strode, Esq., retired from Magisterial Bench. Judge Bathgate took his seat on the Bench.
May 2.—"Ocean Wave" and " Emulous" wrecked at Oamaru.
May 25.—Queen's Birthday. Four men drowned in Harbour
August 28.—S. steamer Bruce arrived from Glasgow.
September 3.—Salmon trout caught at Dunedin Heads.
October 11.—H.M.S. Blanche arrived at Port Chalmers.
October 29.—U.S.A. S. " Swatara" arrived with Venus Transit Expedition.

March 11- News of the wreck of the Gothenburg.
April 5- Launch of the stern-wheel steamer Balclutha at Balclutha.
April 20.—Arrival of ship " Timaru" with salmon ova at Bluff
May 8.—Schooner "Elderslie" wrecked at Oamaru.
June 10 -Arrival of the U.S.S. Co.'s Herwa? from Glasgow.
July 2.—Union Company's steamer " Taupo" arrived from Glasgow.
August 30.—Railway from Invercargill to Gore opened, 40' miles.
September 1.—Railway from Dunedin to Clutha opened, 52. miles.
September 25.—Railway from Oamaru to Waitaki opened.
October 17.—Wreck of the s.s. steamer Bruce at Otago Heads.
December 28 -Wreck of the Lady of the Lake at Coal Point

May 30.—Dr. W. Purdie died, aged 79.
October 17.—Dredge " Vulcan " launched.
November 1.—Abolition of Provinces Act in force.
December 4 - Loss of s.s. Otago, Captain Calder, on Chasland's Mistake.

February 11- S.S. Halcoyn wrecked at Orepuki (25 tons)
March 23 - Arrival of the barque Gloucster with small-pox on board.

January 22- Arrival of steam dredge No. 222 from Greenock (Spet. 24)
June 2 - Launch at Port Chalmers of the U.S.S. s.s. Waihi.

March 23- Gathering of passengers per Robert Henderson, which arrival 25 years previously. Of the 312 original passengers close upon 100 were present.
December 26 - Rescue by Colonial Government s.s. Stella of second mate and 5 men castaway at Campbell Island from American sealing schooner Sarah W. Hunt.

January 17 - barque Mataura towed up to Dunedin wharf. First home ship to do so.

December 6 - Wreck of cutter Bessy at Catlain's loss of eleven lives - Captain Hayward, Frank Hayward (his son) and W. Wilson, &c.