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Shipping News 1880 
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Saturdays in the Otago Witness

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Ships to Port Chalmers 1880
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City of Florence11/04/1880 Hunter 	40 passengers
Janet McNeil 	21/04/1880 could not find 
William Davie 	12/05/1880 McAllister 	24 passengers
Rialto 		17/05/1880 Williamson 	25 passengers
Abernyte 	12/06/1880 Congdon 	19 passengers 
Dunbritton 	13/06/1880 Emmett 	56 passengers
Van Dieman 	16/06/1880 J Shandley 	11 passengers 
Mallowdale 	10/07/1880 Dorman 	40 passengers
Mataura 	13/07/1880 Alex Brown  	25 passengers 
Otago 		27/07/1880 Peebles 	43 passengers
Invercargill 	30/07/1880 John Muir 	14 passengers 
City of Sparta 	05/09/1880 W. Watson  	40 passengers
Lyttelton 	06/09/1880  Strang 	55 passengers
Bruce McIklejohn12/09/1880 		(offsite)
Durham 		03/10/1880 Seymour 	28 passengers
Lurline 	05/10/1880 Adair 	30 passengers
Wild Deer 	15/10/1880 Kerr 	31 passengers
Zealandia 	21/10/1880 Sellars 	35 passengers
Waipa 		25/10/1880 Gorn 	29 passengers
Timaru 		11/11/1880 Taylor 	48 passengers  
Dunedin 	missing the 290 steerage passengers
Taranaki	11/12/1880 Hird  	50 passengers 
Waitara		12/12/1880 Cowell 	37 passengers
Nelson 		25/12/1880 Fullerton 	39 passengers 

Saturday 3 January 1880 page 12

The passengers per ship Auckland, 1245 tons, Captain McDougall.
The ship admitted to pratique on Monday, the young men on Goat Island were landed, and conveyed by train to the city and the Caversham Barracks. Of the number there are 72 who paid their own passage, and 56 nominated.

Vessels in port:
On loading berth for London : Ship Timaru, 1866 tons, Captain Taylor, rapidly filling up with cargo, and to sail in a few days.

The steamers in port are the Star of the South, Shag, Ino, Kakanui, Peninsula, Golden Age, Iron Age, and tugs Koputai and Titan.

10 January 1880 page 14

English Shipping. Sailed
Passengers for Otago per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co.'s Wellington (Captain Cowan) from London November 8th, and Falmouth 12th.

Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Canterbury, Captain Leslie, from Glasgow November 11th, consigned to Messrs Cargills, Giggs, and Co.: Saloon: Mr John Reid and family, Mr Alexander Boyce and family, Mr Jockel, Mr R. Milne, Mr D. Anderson, Mr Kennedy, and about 400 steerage.

31 January 1880 page 14

Arrival of the Canterbury
Early on the morning of January 27th the report that a full-rigged ship was standing in to Otago Heads reached Port Chalmers. She proved to be the Albion Company's clipper ship Canterbury, under command of our old friend Captain Leslie, and at 8. 40 a.m. she was brought up outside the Heads. The p.s. Koputai at once steamed out to tender her. Everything being in the best order, the ship was promptly cleared in, and the representatives of the Press then boarded her. They were courteously received by Captain Leslie who informed them that he had brought 1600 tons of cargo, of which 1200 tons were measurement goods, and the remainder dead weight, together with 16 saloon and 401 steerage passengers, under the medical supervision of Dr Dunkley, F.R.G.S.

 21 February 1880 page 14

Voyage account
Arrival of the Padishah
Arrival of the Coriolanus

March 16 1800 page 15

Wellington, March 3rd. Arrived: Barque Buttermere, from London, after a 90 days' passage. She brings a full complement of passengers and a large general cargo.

March 20 1880 page 13

Per Marlborough: For London - Mr and Mrs E.J. Sanders and child, Mr and Mrs Sparrow, Miss Ellen Monson, Messrs Baines, Stevens, J.P. Smith. The Albion Company's ship Marlborough blocked off her hatches on Saturday afternoon and completed preparations for sea. She took the following cargo:-
4924 bales wool
20 bales skins
1 case fur
1 package plate ware
12 cases oatmeal
77 casks tallow
17 bags bones and horns
1558 sacks wheat
of the total value of �100,270. In addition to this she took four boxes of gold.

April 3 1880 page 13 & 14

Passengers for New Zealand per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s William Davie (Captain McAllister from Glasgow, January 20th, 1879

Arrived Monday the Oamaru from Glasgow
The Albion Company's clipper ship Oamaru from Glasgow reached the Heads on the afternoon of March 19th after a passage of 108 days bringing 120 passengers and 1000 tons cargo, the half of which is dead weight.

The vital statistics for the voyage were as follow;
Birth March 15, Mrs Judge, of a daughter
December 30 Grace Newton 	 aged three years, congestion of the lungs
January   3 William Henry Newton aged four years acute bronchitis
January   8 Bella G. Newton	 aged 2 years acute bronchitis
February  4 John Strachan 	 aged 1 year, convulsions
February 20 William Ramsay	 an adult, apparently about 25 years of consumption
Inwards. Arrived Monday Per Oamaru from Glasgow - 
Brown 		Mr and Mrs
Denniston 	Mrs
Denniston 	Misses (4)
Nimmo 		Mr
Stuart 		Mrs
Stuart 		Master
and 92 free and assisted immigrants

Outwards per Otaki for London - Mrs Stephens, Captain H. Coles, Mr S.C. Miers, Mrs McAllister. Departed Sunday

April 10 1880 page 14

per Coromandel: From London - 
Ainsworth 	Mr
Brooks 		Mr and Mrs and child
Broad 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Brown 		Mr J
Chambers 	Mr
Clark 		Mr W
Egley 		Mr
Dorsey 		Mr
Leopold 	Mr
Ludwig 		Mr
Osbourne 	Mr and Mrs 
Worrall		Mr

The barque Coromandel from London, under charter to the New Zealand Shipping Company, arrived at Port Chalmers on Saturday and anchored in the Powder-ground shortly after 10 p.m. on April 2nd. She brings 1400 tons cargo and 25 tons of gunpowder, and 31 passengers. Mrs T.H. Brooks gave birth to a daughter on March 29th. The vessel has made the passage from anchor to anchor in 105 days.

April 17 1880 page 10 Albany, April 13.

The P. and O. Company's steamship Hydaspes arrived in King George's Sound to-day from Ceylon with inward Suez mail. Passenger for Dunedin, Mr Scott. The P. & O. steamer Travancore had run ashore at Otronto on the Italian coast, a few miles south of Brindisi, and that she is a total loss.

 April 17 1880 page 12 

Passengers Inward per City of Florence: From London

Outwards on Friday per Canterbury: For London

Brown 		Mr
Campbell 	Mr and Mrs 
Curle 		Miss
Docherty 	Mr P
Hayes 		Miss E
Henderson 	Mr and Mrs
McColl 		Mr J
McIntosh 	Mr D
Miley		Dr W K
Reidale 	Mr H
Rowles 		Mrs
Shaw 		Mr A
Stewart 	Mr
Walker 		Miss

Saturday April 24 1880 page 16

Ship Calyspo run down and sunk off Margate. 

May 1 1880 page 15

Departures Port Chalmers per Araby Maid: 
Passengers For London:
Bamfield 	Mr
Danziger 	Mr
Gavin 		Miss (2)
Hellyer 	Mr
Newton 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Pollinger 	Mr
Richard 	Mr
Skeen 		Mrs
3 April 1880 page 14
Per New Zealand Shipping Co.,s Araby Maid (Captain Cromarty) from London, January 22nd:-
Bamfield 	Frank D
Danziger 	Max
Gain 		Elizabeth
Gain 		Roseanna
Helyar 		Frank G
Newton 		Althorpe
Newton 		Clement
Newton 		Henry
Newton 		Jane
Newton 		Thomas
Pollinger 	Max
Rickard 	Josiah
Skeen 		Mrs S

May 8 1880

Passengers for Otago
Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Abernyte (Captain Congden),
from Glasgow February 24th, and Greenock 27 
consigned to the National Mortgage and Agency Co., of N.Z., Ld.):
Bryden 		Mr C
McCormick 	Mr William
Angus 		William
Angus 		Mrs
Anderson 	Robert
Anderson 	William
Andrews 	Joseph
Austin 		Joseph
Bryson 		Robert
Davidson 	James
Elliot 		John
Fergusson 	William
Fergusson 	Mrs
Ford 		Jessie
Napier 		William
Ogilvie 	Elizabeth
Percy 		William
Percy 		Mrs
Preston 	Arch
Rae 		John
Rae 		Mrs
Turnbull 	William
May 15 1880 page 14
Per New Zealand Shipping Co., Van Diemen (Captain J Shandley) from London March 10th.
Steerage - 
Baker 		Charles
Charles 	Edward
Charles 	Annie
Colledge 	Joshua
Evan 		John
Farrell 	Bernard
Foster 		Elizabeth
Mills 		Nelson
Prothero 	Annie
Taylor 		William
Taylor 		Edward

Per P. and Co.'s Corresponding Steamer Ceylon (Captain C Fraser), leaving Venice March 13th, and Brindisi 15th: - For Dunedin - Mr J H Scott

Per Shaw, Savill, and Co.s Dunbritton, Captain Emmett, from London March 12th. Passengers..

Saturday May 22 1880 page

Inwards on Monday
Per Rialto: From London -
Brickle 	Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Crooks 		Miss (2)
Birkley 	Mr
Fretwell 	Mr 
Gillespie 	Mr
Galbrith 	Mr
Hogg 		Mr 
Hopkins 	Mr
Jackson 	Mr
Jones 		Mrs
Lawrence 	Mr (2)
McIlrae 	Mr
Miller 		Mr
Page 		Mr and Mrs 
Simpson 	Mr
Sizer 		Mr
Tate 		Mr
Wright 		Mrs

May 29 1880 page 15

The late Captain Stephen Tall who drowned in the ketch Anna

June 5 1880 page 15

Outwards. Per Oamaru: For London sailed on Monday
Mrs Smith and 6 children, Mr and Mrs Vallancy, Messrs Nantes, Horan, Chisholm

Saturday 12 June 1880 page 15

Arrivals - Tuesday Te Anua from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff. Passengers : From Melbourne: Mr and Mrs Nonsenat and family, Mr and Mrs Teasdale and family, Mr and Mrs Parker, Mrs Phillips, Misses Blewitt, Murphy, Worth and 21 steerage.

Outwards per Rotomahana: For Melbourne, via the Bluff - Mesdames Winch and child, Cuthbert, Morris, Misses Gordon, Dennison, Rev. J J Lewis, Messrs F Marks, Downie, Sharland, Clayton, Spence, Leap, Aitken, McCatosh, Wallace, Blackwell, Turner, Anderson, Ward, Driver, Queen, Finn, Barmby, Dixon, Goodchild, Welsh, Frier, Donaghy, Ellis, Annan, Waoram, McCredie, Tyler

Saturday June 19 1880 page 15

Arrivals: Saturday - Abernyte from Glasgow.

Anderson 	Mr (2)
Andrews 	Mr
Angus 		Mr and Mrs
Austin 		Mr
Brydon 		Mr C 
Davidson 	Mr
Fergusson 	Mr
Ford 		Mrs
McCormick 	Mr C
Napier 		Mr
Ogilvie 	Mr
Percy 		Mr and Mrs
Preston 	Mr
Turnbull 	Mr
Ure 		Mr and Mrs

Monday - Dunbritton from London

Barrowcliff 	Mr
Beadell 	Mr
Branson 	Dr (medical officer)
Brown 		Mrs
Buchanan 	Mr and Mrs and child
Cowie 		Mr
Harrison 	Barker 
Kelk 		Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Meehan 		Mr
North 		Mr
Potter 		Mr
Probyn 		Mr
Revons 		Mr
Robinson 	Mr G
Robinson 	Mr and Mrs and 4 children

Wednesday - Van Diemen from London.

Baker         	Mr
Charles     	Mrs ands Mrs and child
Colledge 	Mr
Evans 		Mr
Farell 		Mr
Foster 		Mr
Mills 		Mr
Taylor 		Mr (2)

Saturday 26 June 1880 page 15

Outwards: William Davie, barque: For London - Mr and Mrs G Johnstone, Miss McCarthy, Messrs Norman, Mr McDonald, Mr James, Mr Hicks.

Otago Witness 19 June 1889 page 15Saturday July 17 1880 page 15

Saturday - Mallowdale, barque, 1289 tons, Dorman, from London (April 13). Cargills, Gibbs, and CO., agents.

Passengers: Second cabin -
Bayldon         Mr
Bartlett        Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Blakely     	Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Camell         	Mr
Cook         	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Dowman     	Mr and Mrs and child
Dowlinson     	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Elworthy     	Miss
Hale 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Hooper 		Mr
Hooper 		Mr and Mrs
Hooper 		Miss
Stockwell 	Mr
Surfleet 	Mr
Turner 		Mr
Wanstall 	Dr

Tuesday - Mataura, barque, 853 tons, Brown, from London. NZS Company, agents.

Passengers: Cabin - 
Seaton 		Mr Arthur 
Second Cabin - 
Barker 		Mr Thomas
Bedfield 	Mr Hermann
Chase 		Mr John
Flowers 	Mr Robert and Mrs Caroline and 7 children
		Amelia, Minnie, Robert, Eliza, Caroline, Edwin, Alexander
Kennedy 	Mr George
Nicolas 	Mr William and Mrs Rebecca
Power 		Mr and Mrs Catherine and 3 children Alice, Patrick, John
Tate 		Mr John and Mrs Margaret
Triphook 	Mr Alfred

Otago Witness 10 July 1880 page 15Saturday August 7 1880 page 15

Arrivals. Thursday - Otago, ship, Peebles, from Glasgow. Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, agents.

Passengers: Saloon
Ballantyne 	Mr G and Mrs and family (7)
		Lizzie, Mary, Amy, Stewart, Ernest, George, Infant 
Second cabin and steerage:
Armond 		Misses (2) Mary, Isabella (Annand)
Christie 	Miss Agnes (James Christie)
Gillander 	Miss Abigail (Gillanders)
Gilmore 	Miss (Agnes Gilmour)
Grant 		Miss Elizabeth
Hanley 		Mr Charles (Harley)
Hislop 		Mrs and 2 children W.G. and Sarah
Holmes 		Mr Dan M
Leishman 	Mrs
Martin 		Mr John
Mearns 		Mr George and Mrs Susan and child
Mitchell 	Mr (2) James
McNish 		Mr John and Mrs Mary and 2 children Archibald, Maggie
		Margaret Ann, Helen, Mary, Florence, Charles, John, Thomas
Nicholson 	Mr and Mrs and 7 children
Robertson 	Mr Charles
Smith 		Mr Edward
Thompson 	Mrs Mary

Friday - Bygdo from New York
Invercargill, ship, 1246 tons, Muir, from London (May 11). N M and A Company, agents.

Arden 		Miss (William Arden)
Bargross 	Mr Isaac (Burgess)
Clapham 	Misses (3)
(Chapman)	WM, Mary, Esther, Elizabeth
Emmerson 	Mr E.H.
Ferguson 	Mr N
McConnell 	Mr (2) William, William Jun.
Moule		Frank
Papworth 	Miss (Elizabeth Popeworth)
Price 		Miss J
Rary 		Miss (Annie Vary)
Brown 		Mr George
Burgess		Isaac
Emmerson	E H
Ferguson	N
Macandrew 	David
McConnell	William
McConnell	William, jun

Per Van Diemen, barque, 1107 tons, Shandley, for Liverpool. P Cunningham and Co agents.

Passengers: Saloon - 
Orkney 		Captain and Mrs
Oakney 		Miss
Orkney 		Masters (2)

Second cabin -
Brown 		Mrs
Brown 		Misses (2)
Bunn 		Mr
Ryan 		Miss
Savage 		Mrs and 2 children

Saturday 11 September 1880 page 15

Arrivals. Sunday - City of Sparta, ship, 1193 tons, W. Watson, from London (June 9). Dalgety and Co, agents.

Passengers: Cabin -
Watson 		Mrs
Watson 		Master

Second class and steerage -
Bayley 		Mr F.P. and Mrs (Bailey)
Bowman 		Miss Hannah
Broadbent 	Mr Anthony
Carter 		Miss Saraham
Carter 		Mr Samuel
Chisholm 	Mr L
Cowan*		James M
Graham*		John
Graham*		William
Graham*		Robert
Graham*		Sarah
Graham*		Henrietta
Graham*		Joseph
Holland 	Mr Edward (Hollan)
Jonas*		Stanley
Lee 		Mr Thomas and Mrs Mary Jane and 6 children
McKenzie 	Mr John
Miller*		Adam
Miller*		Robert
Murphy 		Mr Edward
Robson 		Mr Thomas and Mrs and 9 children Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret,
		Jacob, Hannah, Harriet, Emma, Thomas, Marietta 
Sutherland 	Mr J.F. and Mrs Christian and 5 children Margaret, John
Ward 		Mr Thomas
Taylor 	(2)	Mr James and Charles 

The ship City of Sparta, one of Messrs Smith's and Co.'s "City Line," arrived off Otago Heads at 10.30 p.m. on September 4th, and was towed into port in the afternoon of the 5th instant, coming through the north channel at 2 p.m., and anchored in the Powder ground. The City of Sparta, like the others of her sister ships which have from time to time visited us, is a smart-looking iron vessel of fine proportions, and brings some 2200 tons of cargo, of which about half is composed of measurement weight and the rest dead weight. Amongst the heavy cargo is one of Priestman's patent dredges for the Otago Harbour Board, and an organ and peal bells for the Episcopalian Church of St. Matthew in Dunedin. She also brings about 20 tons of gunpowder, stowed in a properly - constructed magazine and, in addition to this, has about a ton of acids stowed on deck. Her passage from anchor to anchor has occupied 87 days, and from land to land 84 days. She brings 40 passengers, all of whom have enjoyed excellent health throughout the voyage.

Otago Witness 14 August 1880Tuesday - Lyttelton, ship, 1110 tons, Strang, from Glasgow (June 9). Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, agents.
*no mention in newspaper list 11th Sept. Did they arrive??

Passengers: Saloon
Bacon 		Mr and Mrs and child
Boswell 	Mrs and 2 children - John and Edward
Celland 	Miss
Dalton 		Mr Charles
Gardner 	Mr John
Kennedy 	Mrs and 2 children Isabella and David H.C. and servant
McBean*		Mr John
McLellan 	Mr J (Maclellan)
Mason 		Mr William O
Stenhouse 	Mrs and Miss
Tolmie 		Mr Allan

Steerage - 
Alexander 	Miss Sarah
Bruce 		Mr Francis
Ewart 		Mr James and Mrs Isabella and family (7)
		Elizabeth, Jane, Mary H., Isabella, David, Jessie, Grace Ann.
Ewing 		Mr
Fiddes 		Mr James
Jamieson 	Mr Richard
Johnstone 	Mr John (Johnston)
Joyce 		Mr John D
Laughland 	Miss Catherine
Laughland 	Mr David
McEwing*	Mr John
Park 		Mrs Isabella
Park 		Miss
Paton 		Mrs
Storm 		Mrs Elsie and family (5)
		Robert, John Watson Storm, William F., George James Storm
Sutherland 	Mr Alex
Tait*		MrThomas
Tennant 	Mrs
Tod	 	Mr David and Mrs Isabella Todd and family (7)
		David, Agnes, William, James, Adam, Isabella,  Alex Tod
Watson 		Miss Isabella

The Albion Company's clipper ship Lyttelton arrived off Otago Heads at 11 am on September 5th. She was tendered in the afternoon by the p.s. Koputai and towed across the bar at 3.p.m., making fast at the Railway Pier at 4 p.m. The ship was met by Customs officials in the Lower Harbour, and on being assured by Captain Strang that the health of all on board was all that could be desired, the good ship was boarded and cleared in. The representatives of the Press, who quickly followed the Customs officers, were cordially received by the commander, and by him supplied with all the necessary data for publication. The vessel brings 55 passengers and 1450 tons of cargo, of which 600 tons is measurement goods and the remainder dead weight. She has made the passage out from land to land in 82 days, and from port to port in 89 days. The only thing to occur was the suicide of Mr Thomas Tait, a young man of 23 years of age, described as a law clerk, who jumped overboard on the morning of September 5th, when off Slope Point, at about 6 a.m. A lifebouy was at once hove to him, and although it passed close he made no attempt to clutch it, but on the contrary swam in the opposite direction. The vessel backed, and a lifeboat was lowered and sent in search of the unfortunate creature. The men succeeded in picking up the bouy, but, after searching diligently for two hours, failed to find the body. Mr Tait is described as being of a morbid and retiring disposition. The Lyttelton comes into port in splendid order, and reflects great credit on her officers, who are as follow:
Chief Officer, Mr Strachan
Second officer, Mr Capmpbell
Third Officer, Mr Newcombe
Mr R. Brown is still chief steward.

October 2 1880 pg 16

James Morrison, carpenter, native of Glasgow, who came out from London to Lyttelton in the ship "Victoria" in 1862, last heard of at Kenerie junction, West Coast. Any news of J.M. will be thankfully received. Alexander Young, Pleasant Valley, Palmerston, Otago.

Saturday October 9 1880 pg 14

Arrivals -
Sunday - Durham, ship, 998 tons, Seymour, from London (June 28). Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, agents.

Passengers - 
Abernethy 	Mr
Benzie 		Mr
Erskine 	Mr
Graham 		Mr and Mrs W and 2 children
Graham 		Mrs R
Graham 		Misses (2)
Harnley 	Mr
Holloway 	Mrs
McKee 		Mr and Mrs and child
McLellan 	Mr and Mrs and child
Mackie 		Mr
Paterson 	Mr and Mrs
Paterson 	Misses (2)
Robertson 	Mr
Scott 		Mrs
Smith 		Mrs
Thomson 	Master

Otago Witness 21 August page 21Tuesday - Lurline, barque, 761 tons, Capt. J. Adair, from London (June 30). NZS Company, agents.

Passengers - 
Akhurst 	Mr George and Mrs Isabella and family (5)
		Lousia, Frederick, Harry, Charles, Helen E.
Banks 		Mrs Agnes
Barry 		Miss Mary
Gordon 		Messrs (3) John, George, John
Hill 		Miss Eliza F
Johnson 	Miss Mary (Johnston)
Jones 		Mr Lawrence
Milnes 		Mr James P.
Peddic 		Mr Robert (Peddie)
Purchas 	Mr James (Purchow)
Shilling 	Miss Martha (Shelling)
Tomkinson 	Rev. Mr Thomas (Tonkinson)
Tomkinson 	Mrs and family (5)
		Augustus, Reginald, Annie, Isabel, Henrietta
Stockwell 	Mrs and 3 children 
		Ella, E. and Master Frank Stockwell 

October 23 1880 Saturday

Arrived Saturday Wild Deer, 1016 tons, Kerr, from Glasgow (July 15) NZ L and M A Company agents.

Ness 		Mr J
Second cabin and steerage - 
Armstrong 	Miss
Blyth 		Mr
Dryburgh 	Mr
Falconer 	Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Hastie 		Mr
Hay 		Mr
Houston 	Mr
Hutchinson 	Mrs and 2 children
Jackson 	Mr and Mrs
Kirkpatrick 	Miss
McDonald 	Mr
McPherson 	Miss
Meek 		Mr
Pennycuick 	Mr (2)
Scott 		Mrs C
Scott 		Miss
Sinclair 	Mr
Sinclair 	Mrs
Sinclair 	Miss
Smith 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Reid 		Mr
Todd 		Mrs and child
Welsh 		Mr

Saturday October 30 1880

Thursday - Zealandia, ship, 1116 tons, Sellars, from London (July 19). Dalgety and Co, agents.

Passengers: Saloon - 
Allardyce 	Mr A C
Bamford 	Mr H W
Martin 		Mr A R
Quiche 		Mr E

Second cabin and steerage -
Bayfield 	Mr
Bragg 		Mr
Greenless 	Mr
Hay 		Miss
Holshan 	Mr
Manley 		Mr and Mrs
Mark 		Mr
Maxwell 	Mr
Moore 		Mr and Mrs
Patillo 	Mr H
Paton 		Mr
Sharp 		Mr and Mrs and child
Sharp 		Mr
Spence 		Mrs and child
Stanley 	Mr
Whittingham 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Wilson 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Young 		Mr

Arrival of the "Zealandia"
"A ship to the southward" was telegraphed from the Heads on the forenoon of October 21st. She proved to be the chartered ship Zealandia under the flag of the Shaw, Savill, and Co., from London, "all well" on board, and was afterwards towed in by the s.s. Plucky, crossing the bar at 4 p.m., and anchoring at the Railway Pier an hour later. She was boarded on her arrival by the Customs surveyor, Mr J.R. Monson, who promptly cleared her. The passage had occupied 86 days from land to land and 94 days from the London Docks to the anchorage here. The vessel comes into port on first rate order. Officers: Mr Harry is chief, Mr Vivien the second, and Mr Spence the third. She brings 35 passengers, one and all enjoyed excellent health. The cargo consists of 1513 tons not sufficient to have ensured her making the passage she might have done had she left London in the condition that ships of this class are always expected to do.

Arrival Monday Waipa, ship, 1017 tons, Gorn, from London (July 23). NZS Company, agents.

Passengers: Saloon -
Allen 		Mr and Mrs and family (8)
Gorn 		Miss

Steerage -
Austin 		Mr
Boyd 		Mr
Emerson 	Mrs and child
Hatton 		Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Menzies 	Mr
Montgomery 	Mr and Mrs and 5 children
Stewart 	Mr

Arrival of the Waipa.
She was signalled 12 miles to the eastward of Otago Heads on the forenoon of October 25th. The p.s. Koputai took her in tow eight miles to the eastward and brought her up to the Railway Pier. She brings 29 passengers and fully 2000 tons cargo. She comes into port in splendid order. Chief officer, our friend, Mr Baxter The second officer is Mr Baumgrarde, and the third Mr Wilson. Mr Hooper occupies the position of chief steward. The passage from port to port has occupied 93 days, and from land to land 86 days.

`6 Oct. 1880 page 18Saturday November 20 1880 page 14

Arrivals Thursday Timaru, ship, 1306 tons, Taylor, from London (14 August).Cargills, Gibbs, and Co., agents

Passengers: Saloon - 
Bodley 		Miss ELiazbeth
Bodley 		Miss Jane
Denton 		Dr
Evatt 		Mr George
Oldfield 	Mr A H
Pearce 		Mr Alfred J (Pease)
Phillips 	Mr Edward and Mrs Eliza and family (3)
		George, William Amy Phillips
Seymour 	Mr WC (C.W. Symons)
Tapper 		Mrs Elizabeth (Lapper)

Second class and steerage - 
Cameron 	Mr James and Mrs* and family (4) Alice, James, Agnes, Arthur
Cummings 	Mr (James Cunningham)
Gardner 	Mr Robert
Johnston 	Messrs (3) James, Francis, Thomas
McDougall 	 Mr D J (Dr  Jr)
Mowbray 	Mr and Mrs JC and family (9)
		Agnes, Herbert, Ernest, Ann, Edith, John, Gertrude, Lucy
Mowbray 	Mrs
Muir 		Mr
Muir 		Mrs
Tucker 		Mr Henry and Mrs and family (2) Mathew, R.C.
Wedge 		Mr Charles and Mrs Louisa

Outwards on Sunday. Lyttelton, ship, 1111 tons, Strang, for London.

Deering 	Mr W B

Steerage - 
Dearness 	Mr T
Kelly 		Miss Bridget
Scott 		Mr W

Arrival of the Timaru
The Albion Company's splendid ship Timaru, from London, under contract to Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co., arrived off Otago Heads at daybreak on November 11th, and was boarded by Pilot Paton at 6 a.m. She was at once tendered by the s.s. Plucky, and towed up to anchorage against a fresh south-west breeze. On reaching Grassy Point she was boarded by Mr J. R. Monson, the surveyor of Customs, and all being well, was at once cleared in. The Press representatives, who were quickly alongside, were cordially welcomed by Captain Taylor, and at once supplied them with the details of the voyage. The Timaru shows indisputable signs of terrible weather. The vessel left Gravesend with 40 passengers and 22-- tons of cargo for Otago on August 14th. 88 days from anchor to anchor. Mr Campbell is the chief officer, an old and excellent servant of the Company, who first came here as chief of the ship Marlborough, under Captain Anderson, our old friend Mr Corrigan is the second officer, and Mr Flint third. The old chief steward and providore, Mr Polock is still with Captain Taylor.

Jun 26 1880 page 15Saturday December 4 1880 page 15

Arrivals. Thursday - Dunedin, ship, 1249 tons, from Glasgow (August 24) and Greenock (August 26) . NM and A Company, agents.

Passengers - 
Fullerton 	Mr W
Hall 		Rev George
Hall 		Misses (2) Helen G., Alice
Hassell 	Mr Lloyd (Miss Jane Hassell, Miss Helen G. Hassell, Miss ALice Hassell, )
McKay 		Mr Donald
McKinlay 	Mr A and Mrs  and family (6) William, Mary, Maggie, James, Archibald, John,
Robinson 	Misses (2) M and Margaret
Teer 		Mr James
Teer 		Miss Ann M
and 290 steerage

Saturday December 11 1880

Outwards on Saturday
Waipa, ship, 1057 tons, Gorn, for London. NZS Company, agents. Cargo of 2076 bales wool, 84 bales rabbit skins, 950 sacks wheat, 5109 sacks oats, 207 sacks barley, 61 bales leather, 12 casks tallow, 4 boxes gold (20,000), 21 packages sundries. Valued 69,000.

Passengers: Saloon
Begg 		Miss
McKinlay 	Miss
Pardoone 	Miss

Aile 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children

13 Nov. 1880 page 15December 18 1880 page 14

Saturday - Taranaki, ship, 1129 tons, Hird, from London (September 11) Dalgety and Co. agents.

Passengers: Saloon - 
Filleul 	Miss
Gilbert 	Mr James and Mrs K and family (3) Amy, Arthur and Sydney
Hickey 		Mr James J
Joachin 	Mr and Mrs G, 2 children Mary, E. and George HF, and nurse
Milling 	Mr MJ
Miling 		Mr J
Wimper (?s) 	Miss AJ
Wimpers		Mis FM

Second cabin - 
Blackett 	Miss
Croley 		Mr and Mrs Jane (Crolly)
Fenn 		Mr Joseph C
Grant 		Messrs (2) John
Heatby 		Mr and Mrs and family (3)
Munn 		Mr and Mrs
Passey 		Mr
Snellgrove 	Miss
Toyne 		Mrs and family (3) Richard Tayne, Alick Tyne, Gerard Tayne
Troup 		Mr James and Mrs Elizabeth and child John D Troup

Steerage - 
Arthur 		Mr Thomas and Mrs Fanny and child, Thomas Arthur
Arthur 		Miss Ellen
Gibson 		Mr John
Kempson 	Mr Ferderick (Kempson)
O'Connor 	Mr Herbert
Sinclair 	Mr William
Williams 	Mr Isaac

Otago Witness 6 November 1880, page 14Monday - Waitara, ship, 833 tons, Cowell, from London. NZ Shipping Company, agents. (compare the spelling of the passengers with the list that appeared in the Otago Witness 8 Nov. 1880 page 14)

Passengers : Saloon - 
Fulton 		Misses (3)
Hanchard 	Mr and Mrs
Hill 		Mr E. H. and Mrs
Napier 		Miss J H
Livingstom 	Miss

Second cabin-
Bennett 	Mrs Eliza and 5 children (Thomas, Arthur)
Dale 		Mr William and Mrs
Glover 		Mr Edwin and Mrs Elizabeth and 5 children (Elizabeth, Emma, Mary, Annie and Ruth)
Matheson 	Mrs and 2 children, (Edith and Eveline, William, George)
Menzie 		Mr Thomas
Moffatt 	Mr John
Stone 		Mr Addis
Thomson 	Mr George and Mrs and 2 children

Third class -
Jackson 	Miss
Scoresby 	Mrs
Williams 	Miss

Saturday December 25 1880

Departures. On Friday, Timaru for London.

Otago Witness Saturday January 1st 1881 pages 14 & 15

Nelson, ship, 1247 tons, Fullarton, from Glasgow (September 29) Cargils, Gibbs and Co, agents.
Passengers: Cabin - 
Aitken 		Mr and Mrs and child
Brown 		Mr
Calsman 	Mr
Houston		Mrs
Houston 	Misses
Houston 	Masters (2)
McPherson 	Miss
Picking 	Mr
Sharp 		Mr

Second-class and steerage - 
Bartholomew 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Barton 		Mr
Brown 		Mr
Cunningham 	Mr
Dagg 		Mr
Ferguson 	Mr
Grant 		Mr
Henderson 	Mr and Mrs
Hutchison 	Mr
Johnson 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Keys 		Mr and Mrs
Reid 		Mr and Mrs
Ritchie 	Mrs
Sowerby 	Mrs
Watson 		Mrs and child
Warnock 	Mr
White 		Mr

Arrival of the Nelson
The Albion Company's clipper ship Nelson, from Glasgow, arrived off Otago Heads on the forenoon of December 25th, and was towed up to the anchorage off Deborah Bay at 8.15 p.m. Captain Fullarton stated that several cases of measles and diphtheria had occurred during the voyage out. Dr Hyde was the surgeon in charge. The voyage from anchor to anchor was 87 days and land to land 84 days. The Nelson brings 52 passengers and 1850 tons of cargo. She brings three poled Angus cattle. The animals arrived in perfect condition.

Evening Post, 1 August 1908, Page 13
"With nine children and a plough, John Davidson arrived at this port last Monday, on the steamer Caledonia." � Daily Paper.
John Davidson he said farewell
To Europe's shores one day,
And took a ship at Greenock's dock
And westward sailed away. Nine children trotted at his heels,
He sold the horse and cow,
The pig, and all the chickens too,
But brought along the plough.

"It always drew both deep and true
My furrows," he explained,
"And years; when every venture failed
This good old friend remained.
Those sturdy youngsters, stout and strong,
That gather round me now,
I raised them with it, every one �
I could not leave the plough.

Fling wide the gates of Freedom's land;
Her broad and sunny fields,
Her gardens, where a, hundred-fold
Each fertile acre yields,
Her orohard trees that low beneath
Their golden burdens bow,
Are waiting for the man who brings
Nine children and a plough.
Leslie's Weekly.