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Sydney to Port Lyttelton 1855

New Zealand Bound

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Lyttelton Times
7 February 1855 Page 4
Arrived. Feb. 5, brig Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Capt. Davis, from Sydney, via Wellington; 24 passengers, and general cargo.
Feb. 6, steamer Nelson, Capt. Martin, from the Northern ports ; 13 passengers and general cargo.
Same day, brig Gratitude, Capt. Rogers, from Melbourne; 18 passengers, 4 horses, and general cargo.
SAILED. On the 7th inst., the brig Flash, Captain Wilson, 159 tons, for Sydney via Wellington.

Lyttelton Times 3 March 1855 Page 4
March 1, brigantine Vibilia, 121 tons, Scoones, from Wellington. Passengers, Messrs. F. Le Cren, and J. Robinson.
SAILED. March 2, brig; Gratitude, 154 tons, Rodgers, for Sydney. Passengers, Messrs. VV. S. and T. Moorhouse, and Mr. Ashton.
EXPORTS. In the Gratitude — 274: bales wool, weighing 85,992 lbs.

Lyttelton Times 7 March 1855 Page 4
SHIPPING NEWS.CLEARED OUT. Mar. 2nd, Despatch, 139 tons, W. Rogers, master, for Sydney, part original cargo and part shipped at Port Victoria. Passengers, Messrs. McBeth, Mannering, T. and R. Nankeville, Misses Jane, Mary, and Ann Nankeville. March 3rd, Gratitude, 154 tons, D. Rogers, master. Passengers, Messrs. W. and T. Moorhouse, and Ashton.

Lyttelton Times 2 May 1855 Page 4 SHIPPING NEWS.
1st May, brig Gratitude, 154 tons, D. Rodgers, from Sydney. Passengers, cabin— W S. Moorhouse, Esq., J. Moorhouse, Esq., and Mr Ashton—steerage, Mr. and Mrs Lockett and child, Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Sellers, J. Beazley, E. Ganot, J. Preston, J. Gaudsley, J. Erskine, J. FitzGerald, W. Williams, J. Finnir, G. Lang, and W. McLeod.
Same day, brig Irish Girl, 125 tons, Todd, from Melbourne. Passengers, cabin Mr. and Mrs. Eayles, Miss Vaile, Dr. McChean, Messrs. D. Laurie, Fordham, McLean, and Norgrove and son; Steerage,— Mr. Durnloss, wife and child, Messrs J. and W. Coey, King, Mangan, Murnun, Squires, Wright, Wilson, Jones, Prior, Clark, Lear, Thomas, Profit, Carter, Hayton, Woolnaugb, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Jones and infant.
28th April, steamer Zingari, 148 tons, Milton, for Wellington. Passengers, Mrs. McHardie, Miss Ashdown, Mr. Lyon, son and daughter, Messrs. Robson, McDermott and Evans.
29th April, schooner Gil Blas, 101 tons, Lindo, for Nelson. Passengers, Messrs. T.R. Berry, and Middleton.

Lyttelton Times 26 May 1855 Page 4 SHIPPING NEWS.
ARRIVED. May 23, schooner Queen of the South, 58 tons, Ash more, from Nelson and Sydney. Passenger, Mr. Gray. IMPORTS. In the Queen of the South — Tobacco, cigars, Geneva, rum, sugar, pipes, hardware, oilmen's stores, N. S. W. flour, and soap, tea, candles, toys, musical instruments, &c.
In Port
Ship Grasmere, 560 tons, J. Yeo ; R. Latter
Brig Gratitude, 154 tons, Rodgers ; Hargreaves
Brigantine Witness, 144 tons, Kempthorne ; Hargreaves
Schooner Queen of the South, 58 tons, Ashmore ; Alport.

Lyttelton Times 2 June 1855
ARRIVED. May 30, schooner Wellington, 54 tons, Thomas, from Timaru and Akaroa.
May 31, steamer Zingari, 148 tons, Milton, from Wellington. Passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Felgate, and 2 daughters, Mrs. Hargreaves, Messrs. Mullinson, Weightman, Bannatyne, Laurie, Duppa, and Swinbourne.
CLEARED OUT. May 30, brig Gratitude, 154 tons, Rodgers, for Sydney. Passenger, W. S. Moorhouse, Esq.

Lyttelton Times 22 August 1855 Page 4
Aug. 19, barque Maori, 321 tons, Jackson, from Sydney. Passenger, Mr. J. R. Hayes
Aug. 19, Brig Gratitude, 154 tons, Rogers, from Sydney. Passengers, Messrs. W. S. Moorhouse, Smeaton, Johnston, Smith, and Mrs. Rogers and child. This vessel has made a long passage, being detained by contrary winds.

Lyttelton Times 26 September 1855 Page 4
SAILED Sept. 22, schooner Mary, 40 tons, Williams, for Wellington.
Same day, schooner Canterbury, 37 tons, Marshall, for Akaroa.
— 24, ketch Auckland, 15 tons, Carman, for Wellington. Passengers. Mr. J. McBeth, Mr. and Mrs. Dew and child. —
25, brig Gratitude, 154 tons, Rodgers, for Sydney. Passengers, W. S. Moorhouse. Esq., Messrs. Chohmondeley (2.) E. Hay and 2 sons, and Johnston.

Lyttelton Times 1 December 1855 Page 6
ARRIVED. Nov. 27, barque Maori, 325 tons, J. It. Hays, master, from Sydney and Nelson. Passengers, Mr. Templar, Mrs. Jackson and child. Nov. 30, schooner Sea Serpent, 58 tons, Flight, master, from Akaroa.