Antipodes Islands Shipwrecks

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Antipodes Islands Shipwrecks

First charted in 1800 by Captain Henry Waterhouse of British ship HMS Reliance. The group consists of one main island of 60 kmē area, Bollans Island of 2 kmē to the north, and numerous small islets and stacks. Today the rocky islands, merely five miles in length from north to south, approximately 458 miles (770 Km) southeast by east of  Port Chalmers, New Zealand, remain isolated and uninhabitable except for sea birds, parakeets, penguins and seals. The two steep volcanic cones Mount Galloway (highest point 402m) and Mount Waterhouse are at the center of the island. The Antipodes area is about 24 square miles and situated at 49° 68' South, 178.77° (180° East or West). They form part of the territory of New Zealand and so called from being nearly antipodal to Greenwich, England. Today landings are not allowed in the Antipodes, to protect the bird colonies. The species introduced to the islands are sheep and mice.

Spirit of Dawn, of Liverpool was wrecked September 4, 1893. Eleven survivors rescued by the Government steamer Hinemoa after 87 days, arriving in Dunedin, December 4, 1893. They were not aware that a Government castaway depot existed on the north-east side of the principal island, and the castaways lived on plants and raw flesh of seabirds.

President Felix Faure:  Wrecked in Anchorage Bay in1908. The Government depot, a weathered board, corrugated iron roof,  one door, one window hut, that was built at Hut Cove in 1908 was found and used by the crew. Captain Noel. The Star articles.

Totorore: The yacht Totorore  went ashore in South Bay with the loss of two lives.

Seaman's trousers, sailcloth with 2 carved wooden toggles. These may have been made by a seaman marooned on The Antipodes, a crew member of either the 'Spirit of Dawn' (wrecked 1893) or the 'President Felix Faure' (wrecked 1908)


"Mate, these are uncharted waters, I guess it'll be sink or swim,"