The s.s Arawa July 1886 Lyttelton to London

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s.s. Arawa

The Arawa with clipper stem, two funnels and four masts, 439ft. x  46ft, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. 

Timaru Herald Friday 9th July 1886
The s.s Arawa takes from Wellington and Lyttelton for London 3000 carcasses of frozen mutton.

Auckland, July 9
Sailed- Arawa, s.s., for Wellington

The Star 24th July 1886
Arrived Lyttelton July 24 Arawa, s.s., 5200 tons, Stuart, from Port Chalmers. National Mortgage and Agency Company. The Shaw, Savill and Albion Shipping Company's s.s. Arawa arrived at Lyttelton last night at about 10.30 p.m. This morning at 9.25 she was taken alongside the ocean steamers' wharf, where she now lies. She left Port Chalmers yesterday at 6 a.m. The Arawa makes but a short stay here for the purpose of coaling, which operation will be carried on till midnight to-night. She leaves for London direct to-morrow at 9 a.m. The Arawa has a full cargo of frozen mutton and beef, equal to about 23,000 carcases, besides a quantity of wool, skins, tallow, kauri gum, &c. The following is her list of  [77] passengers:
First saloon:

Baldwin 	Mr G B
Cornwall 	Miss
Ellis 		Mr and Mrs W
Hutchinson 	Mr and Mrs
Levy 		Mr A G
Palmer 		Mr Lucius
Vibart 		Miss

Second saloon:
Ball 		Mrs
Begg 		Miss M
Brown 		Miss 
Brazil 		Mr W
Jolly 		Mr David S
McGill 		Mr Peter
McGill 		Mr Thomas
Smith 		Mrs A
Stanley 	Mrs

For Rio de Janiero
Juret 		Mr A F

Andrews 	Mr H
Andrews 	Mrs
Cross 		Mr J M
Craven 		Miss Ann
Cousins 	Mr
Cousins 	Mrs
Cousins 	Miss
Cousins 	Miss Georgina
Cousins 	Miss Ada
Cousins 	Miss Eith
Cousins 	Miss Blanche
Cousins 	Master Bertie
Cousins 	Master G
Davies 		Mr John
Davis 		Mr
Davis  		Mrs
Davis  		Miss Mary
Davis  		Miss Winnie
Davis  		Master Frank
Davis  		Master Thomas
Davis  		Master Ernest
Dillon 		Miss Kate
Henry 		Mr W J
Huff 		Mr F R
Huff 		Mrs
Huff  		Miss Louisa
Huff 		Miss F R
Huff  		Miss Katie
Huff 		Miss Nina 
Irine 		Mrs M a
Irvine 		Miss G F
Keveney 	Miss M
Keys 		Miss L
Leitch 		Mrs
Mathews 	Mr J N
Miller 		Mrs E 
Miller 		Miss Emily
Prisk 		Mr H
Pyne 		Mrs
Pyne 		Miss L A
Pyne 		Miss E
Pyne 		Master F E
Ross 		Mr W
Scales 		Mr Charles
Sleigh 		Mr John
Sleigh 		Mrs 
Sleigh  	Master E M
Springall 	Mr J
Stewart 	Mr J G
Vaughan 	Mr C E
Vaughan 	Mrs E H
Vaughan  	Miss M E
Walker 		Mr A W
Walker 		Mrs
Walker 		Miss Constance
Walker 		Master C
Watson 		Mr W R
Wetherly 	Mr C
White 		Mr W
Young 		Mr Hugh

The Times, Nov. 4, 1884 pg. 12; col B
New Vessel for the New Zealand Service.
The owners of the new steamer Arawa (the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company) yesterday entertained a party of between 50 and 60 gentlemen connected with the New Zealand shipping trade at lunch on board that vessel. Mr Ritchie, M.P., presided and after the usual loyal toasts proposed :Prosperity to the Colony of New Zealand." Sir Francis Dillon Bell, K.C.M.G., Agent-General for the Colony, responded to the toast and at the conclusion of his speech proposed  "The health of the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company." "Good fortune to the steamer Arawa" was then proposed by Mr E. Montagu Nelson, of Nelson Brothers (Limited), of London and Hawkes Bay, and responded to by the commander, Captain Stewart. 

The dimensions are 420ft by 46 ft by 32ft., and gross tonnage about 5,000. Her hull is of steel and is constructed under special survey for the highest class at Lloyd's. The vessel will be lighted throughout by the electric light. Her guaranteed speed is 12 knots, which is secured by tandem-triple expansion four-cylinder engines with a working pressure of 160 lb. on the square inch. The Arawa is in all respects elegantly fitted and contains every accommodation for the comfort of her passengers. She leaves Gravesend for New Zealand to-morrow.

Evening Post, 12 January 1893, Page 3
The Arawa's Passengers.
Auckland, This Day. The following are the Arawa's passengers for Wellington, which arrived from London to-day : Misses Hicks, Jordan, Phnrazvn, Mesdames Clarke, Moore, Guthrie, Pharazyn and child, Temple, Leo, Brown and 4 children, Dunn and 2 children, Mackenzie and 3 children ; Messrs. Cullcn, Guthrie, Palk, Pliarazyn, Temple, Bridgeman (2), Farren, Schaefer, Dasb, Sprott, Williams, Brown, Clouston, Miors, Hudson, Herbert, Kirk, Klye, Rampard, Lumber, Mackenzie, Nelson.