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Bibliography for New Zealand Bound Shipping

Far away-oh far away-
We seek a world o'er the ocean spray!
We seek a land across the sea,
Where bread is plenty and men are free,
The sails are set, the breezes swell-
England, our country, farewell! farewell!

Try the public libraries interlibrary loan service to obtain books, microfilms and microfiche.  Second hand book stores are another overlooked resource.  Books are copyrighted by the authors.  Copying is permitted for non-commercial, educational use by individuals and libraries.  All commercial use requires permission.  In NZ there is generally only one copy of a thesis, held in the library of the university where the degree was awarded.  Often they can't be borrowed or inter-library-loaned, only read as a reference item at the holding university. 

Many libraries in New Zealand have books in "Stack". It is a collection of books which are old but which they do not want to discard because they are a New Zealand, a classic, or a local publication. Most but not all stack books are available to be borrowed but are not displayed in the browsing section of the library. They have to be identified on the catalogue and then retrieved from the stack storage area by library staff.

There is a requirement on all publishers in NZ to deposit, at their cost, copies of the publication with Archives NZ.

Early Books Online

Making New Zealand
U Of Auckland
NZ Electronic Text Centre in tandem with U of Victoria, Wellington
Google Books

Arnold, Rollo Davis (d. Nov. 1998). The Farthest Promised Land: English Villagers, New Zealand Immigrants of the 1870's.  Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1981 Assisted English Immigrants   the book online Rollo Arnold wrote extensively on NZ in the late nineteenth century, with a particular emphasis on immigration, the development of New Zealand society, and the development of the compulsory education system. Professor Arnold's study of the English villagers who made up one major group of assisted immigrants to New Zealand challenges what has become the traditional view of the 'Vogel' recruits of the 1870s and makes the case that the NZ countryside has never recruited a more valuable infusion of rural skills.

Brett, Henry. Vol. 1. White Wings : fifty years of sail in the New Zealand trade, 1850 to 1900 / Brett Printing 1924

Online White Wings
Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 digital images online
Vol. 2 has sub-title: Founding of the provinces and old-time shipping: passenger ships from 1840 to 1885. Brett Printing 1928.  Contains information mainly on ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company, the Shaw, Savill Company, the Patrick Henderson Albion Shipping Co. (the chief rival of the Shaw, Savill Company before the advent of the New Zealand Shipping Company) and some Willis, Gann and Co.'s ships, the White Star Line, the Blackball Line, Houlder Bros., and other privately owned ships which sailed to New Zealand from the UK. Gives data on voyages not immigrants and includes photographs. There were hundreds of vessels making only one or two voyages to New Zealand that do not appear in the volumes. Henry Brett began his days as a boatman and expanded to take in printing and journalism, newspaper publishing and civic politics. Available on fiche from MacBeth Genealogical Services

Libraries, Archives and Museum Holdings

Auckland War Memorial Museum Library. Microfilm 64-85. Passenger lists, 1871 - 1888.
Dictionary of NZ Biography   
British and Irish  to NZ 1840�1914
Auckland City Libraries databases
Hamilton City Libraries
Wellington Library Catalogue  Under author:  New Zealand Society of Genealogists
Christchurch City Libraries. Catalogue searchable.* databases need library card
University of Otago Libraries  - Ships, sailormen and their passengers - Immigration to New Zealand
Trans Tasman interlending  FAQ
National Register of Archives & Manuscripts    
National Maritime Museum England
Canterbury Branch NZSG Shipping CD collection family histories collection

A museum is a living organisation. It needs to develop, to grow. 

National Library

New Zealand Libraries' Catalogue provides information about and links to all the items held in NZ Libraries.
Ships (wayback) AJHR = Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives  online searchable
Ask a librarian?

National Library
Most of the passenger lists are available at the National Library. The manuscript numbers include MS y 2522 (mid 1913 to end 1919) and MS y 2523 (1920 to 1924).  In general on the lists you get name, amount paid for travel, port disembarked and remarks.
'Early Shipping Days' 1850-1859 (Christchurch newspaper articles).
New Zealand Company embarkation registers of assisted emigrants 1839-1850
New Zealand Shipping Company passenger lists 1875-1950
Shipping boxes. (Newspaper articles)
Once you have a ship's name, check out the on-line image collection at the National Library of New Zealand at Timeframes:
Address for correspondence: The Alexander Turnbull Library, P.O. Box 12349, Wellington.
For information services: Reference & Interloan Services, P.O. Box 3342, Wellington.
National Library of New Zealand Reference Service P.O. Box 12349 Wellington. The Alexander Turnbull Library 58-78 Molesworth Street, Wellington (ph 04 743-000)  (fax 04 743-035) is now on the second floor of the National Library (Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa) opposite the Beehive in Wellington and has material useful for genealogical research including many historical photographs of sailing ships. Open during the week and on Saturday mornings. NZ National Library’s online databases

I would say that libraries are definitely a lot noisier than they used to be.

Archives New Zealand

A block away from the National Library at 10 Mulgrave St is the Archives New Zealand. Admission free. Wellington is the head office of Archives New Zealand formerly the National Archives and with regional offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin. No list pre 1839.

Passenger lists for Provincial and other assisted schemes, 1853-1870.  National index to assisted immigrants.  Assisted immigrants, 1871-1888, and most arrivals to Wellington and Auckland, 1886-1910, are indexed. They have an arriving passenger index which cross references to the passenger lists.  Be aware that the passenger lists only refer to assisted passengers i.e. those who had financial assistance, they don't include people who paid the whole fare themselves. e.g. card index

Lists are available 1886-1973, all passengers not just assisted immigrants and lists of departing passengers.
Vogel Scheme, General Government assisted immigration passenger lists 1870-88. The Public Works and Immigration Act 1870 was passed as immigrants were needed to carry out a programme of public works.

Archives New Zealand has a written reference service to assist researchers intending to visit or unable to visit. Charges are outline in their brochure Guide for Overseas Researchers.  The Archives recommends consulting Family History at the Archives and its supplement Beyond the Book before writing. Archives New Zealand #12 guide "Card Index At National Archives" makes reference to passenger lists and  microfilm data available. The Reference Section of the Archives New Zealand accepts reference requests by electronic mail. 
Archives New Zealand
P.O. Box 12-050, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone (04) 499-5595  Fax (04) 495-6210

Rodgers, Frank  Archives New Zealand 1992 Archives Press, Auckland 73pp. Archives & manuscript repositories in NZ, Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Tonga and Western Samoa

Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington is also a research center and has the "Land and the People Gallery" covering New Zealand history. The Hector Library is here and has a historical collection of photographs, maps and journals. Admission free. They have a number of passenger lists and passports. Enquiry Centre  A service offered is photography of Te Papa collection items including paintings.

Wellington City Libraries

Central Library: 65 Victoria Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 04-801 4040    E-mail:
Website with a good searchable catalogue
New Zealand Room & Genealogy books - 2nd floor.

Christchurch Libraries

Christchurch bibliograpghy

Family History Library

*Microfilm items are available through the many LSD Family History Centers worldwide interlibrary loan program. The Family History Library 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 cannot loan books but many books are available on microfilm. They also publish an informative "Research Outline" for many countries through out the world.  Search in the Family History Library Catalog CD, locality section under New Zealand then look for emigration (people leaving) and immigration (coming into) for references to check. Family Search.

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Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations. National Register of Shipping Arrivals : Australia and New Zealand / Andrew Guy Peake, 1949- Sydney (NSW) : 1992. 3rd ed. First ed. published 1988. How people arrived, what records were created and where held.  Available from Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations, PO Box 30, Blackburn Vic 3130.  ISBN: 0959394052

Australasian Congresses on Genealogy and Heraldry. [Christchurch Library New Zealand Collection holding.] Publications contain several articles on immigration:
Under the Southern Cross, 1983
Bridging the Generations, 1986 (V E Mossong's article on NZ passenger lists)
Blending the Cultures, 1994
Landfall in Southern Seas, 1997 an addendum to the proceedings of the 8th Australasian Congress. It was held in February 1997 at Lincoln University, Canterbury, NZ. One can get some great concise research and further reading hints on immigration by reading the proceedings as it focused on vastly under utilised resources. Can be purchased from the NZ Society of Genealogists Inc. for $NZ 30.00.  Includes an article written by T.J.Hearn "They Came for the Golden Pile" quote 'These results compare favourably with the Otago Goldfields 1874 census results.'

Bade, James N. The German Connection: New Zealand and German-speaking Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1993. Examines the significance of the German connection with New Zealand from the arrival of the first group of organised German settlers in June 1843. Divided into five sections with papers contributed by a number of different researchers and historians, the text considers not only the early German-speaking immigrants (German, Austrian and Swiss) and their settlements, but also the contribution of German and Austrian scientists, artists, musicians, businessmen and missionaries to the NZ way of life.

Morris, Roger. Sail Change - Tall Ships in New Zealand Waters. Written & illustrated by Roger Morris. Published by David Bateman, NZ. 1981. The 'tall ships' that traded in NZ waters during the 19th & 20th century; whalers, immigrant ships, iron barques, square riggers, tops'l schooners, barquentines & scows.50p Hb, Dj. 

*Blenheim depot masters records book of arrival of immigrants 1879-1882.   Microfilm of manuscript (handwritten) at Archives New Zealand in Wellington, NZ.  Includes index, miscellaneous ships papers of Nelson and return of free daily rations issued 1876- 1879, Passenger list foreign ports to Canterbury 1864.  Miscellaneous ships papers 1860-1871 of Hawkes Bay province

Brett, Henry, Sir. 1842-1927. White Wings: immigrant ships to New Zealand, 1840-1902. Wellington [NZ]: Reed, 1984. Condensed and edited version of 2 volume work.  Editor: Bradwell, Cyril R. (Cyril Robertson)  Auckland

Brett's Historical Series Early History of New Zealand 1890. Two lists in back of book.
1) "An Alphabetical List of Discoverers, Visitors, Whalers, Traders and Early Residents from 1642 to the end of 1839". Contains a number of names and in many cases the ships they came on and where they resided.
2) "An Alphabetical List of the Founders of the British Colony of New Zealand commencing January 1840, ending December 1845".  i) year of arrival, ii) name and ship & iii) locality.  

Butterworth, Susan M. and Graham Chips off the Auld Rock : Shetlanders in New Zealand /  1997. Wellington : Shetland Society of Wellington, PO Box 14-708, Wellington, N.Z and some bookshops.   251 p. Appendix: List of known Shetland assisted immigrants with date, arrival port and ship. Each of the four chapters following her overview of Shetland history is followed by a set of short biographies.   Sir Julius Vogel's recruitment drives attracted several thousand Shetlanders. Port Chalmers was an early destination, where the Abernethy, Aitken, Bain and Duncan families left their mark. By 1880 some 8000, a quarter of the population of the Shetlands had emigrated to Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Comber, William C. Rev. Shipping to New Zealand, 1839-1889 : Comber Index  

Churchhouse, Jack. Sailing Ships of the Tasman Sea. Hb with dj, pub.1984, 164 p. b/w photos.

Drummond, Alison Edith Hilda d.1984.  Married and Gone to New Zealand: Extracts from the writings of women pioneers /c edited and annotated by Alison Drummond. Hamilton ; London : Paul's Book Arcade : Oxford University Press,  1960 192 p.

*Early Shipping Days 1850-1880

*Embarkation Register. Index by cards of the Alexander Turnbull Library

*Emigration entry books of correspondence. Correspondence with emigrants, agents and Colonial Secretaries in Australia and New Zealand 1854-1860

*Emigration labourers from the British Isles who received free passage to New Zealand

Evans. 1990 Maritime Illustration Index Three volumes
1. From the Illustrated Sydney News 1853-1889 34pp Ships, ports, & places, NZ supplement
2. From the Illustrated London News 1842-1891  29pp Interest to Australia & NZ
3. From the Australian Sketcher 1873-1889 19pp. Library location of publications

Fraser, Lyndon A Distant Shore Irish Migration & New Zealand Settlement
Fraser, Lyndon Inheritance and family life in colonial New Zealand, 1850-1879
Fraser, Lyndon A. To Tara via Holyhead : Irish Catholic Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century Christchurch /  Auckland University Press, 1997 208 p. ill.

*General biographical index ca. 1840-1870 The names in this list are gathered from a variety of sources, the bulk of which are ship passenger lists or immigration records. Cards housed at the Achieves New Zealand.

Greenhill, Basil & Giffard, Ann. Women Under Sail: 1973. Letters and journals concerning eight women travelling or working in sailing vessels between 1829 and 1949.
1) Two Young Women in a Shipwreck - the stories of Mary Molesworth and Mary Jane Saunders 1830
2) A Victorian Family Moves to New Zealand - Jessie Campbells story 1840
3) The Husband's Story - the journal of William Johnstone 1842
4) Two sailors wives of Appledore 1850 and c1885
5) The diary of Jessie Campbell by the ship Blenheim, 378 tons, Captain John Grey, which sailed from Greenock, Scotland 25 August, 1840 and arrived (Kaiwarra) Wellington  27 December 1840 with 197 passengers and the journal of William Johnstone by the barque Arab to "Van Dieman's land" November 1841 to March 1842. etc etc. For other book by Greenhill search Christchurch City Libraries Catalogue

Guthrie, Kay  Mossong, Verna / NZGS. Patrick Henderson Shipping Co., lists 1871-1880. Auckland, N.Z. New Zealand Society of Genealogists, c1993. 3 microfiches The University of Auckland Library has a copy.

Hawkins, Clifford W. (Clifford William), 1914- A Maritime Heritage : The Lore of Sail in New Zealand / Clifford W. Hawkins ; foreword by Sir Robert A. Falla. Auckland : Collins, 1978. Rev. with many new illus. First published as Out of Auckland, 1960 Bibliography: p. 145. Includes index

Hardman, Jack. b. 1899  Jack Hardman's diary : his record of the trip to New Zealand on board the Gothic, August 30 to October 14, 1901. 38 leaves [Napier, NZ: J. Thompson, 1988]

*Haycocks Shipping Notebooks from 1840-1927. Original at the Alexander Turnbull Library.  Gives passenger lists,  microfilm

*Index to Government Assisted Immigrants 1871-1888.  Contains the name of each immigrant, the ship and year of arrival in New Zealand plus the archival reference in which more reference can be found. Microreproduction of index housed at the National Archives, Wellington. The names in this index are gathered from a variety of sources, the bulk of which are passenger or immigration records. The LDS Family History Centre at Temple View near Hamilton has a complete hand-written card index of government-assisted immigrants by ship UK to NZ.

*Index to Social Security Shipping Lists, for Passengers Leaving the United Kingdom 1883-1910. 16 reels.  Applicants for social security had to prove age and length of residence in New Zealand, which information was generally available in shipping lists.  The social security department collected these lists, which have been indexed and are housed at the Archives New Zealand in Wellington

Social Security Passenger Lists
Immigration 1887-1910  UK to Wellington
Immigration 1883-1910  UK to  Auckland
Immigration 1883-1915  UK to  Minor Ports
Records indexed here are available on microfilm in the reading room at Archives New Zealand in Wellington

FHLC New Zealand social security shipping index		Film Notes
Wellington records, 1886-1910: 
Aagesem, J. Mr. - Blair, William 	FHL BRITISH Film 1514982 
Blair, William - Chodowski, Revd. A. 	VAULT BRITISH Film 1514983 
Chodowski, Revd. A. - Dohna, Count 	VAULT BRITISH Film 1514984 
Dohna, Count - Gaziella, Chas 		VAULT BRITISH Film 1514985 
Gaziello, Chas. - Hemsworth, Walter 	VAULT BRITISH Film 1514995 
Hemsworth, Walter - Juxon, J. Mr. 	VAULT BRITISH Film 1514996 
Juxon, J. Mr. - McFrance, James 	Film 1514997 
McFrance, James - Monton, George 	Film 1514998 
Monton, George - Phenix, Joseph 	Film 1514999 
Phenix, Joseph - Sayers, Mr. W. 	Film 1515000 
Sayers, Mr. W. - Sythers, W. 		Film 1515011 
Sythers, W. - Wettelton, R. Mr. 	Film 1515012 
Wettelton, R. Mr. - Zweis, Otto Auckland records 1883-1910: Film 1515013 Item 1
Abbey, Mr. R. N. - Brown, Wm. R. 	Film 1515013 Item 2
Brown, Wm. R. - Justice, Mr. L. 	Film 1515014 
Justice, Mr. L. - Snyder, Mr. John 	FILM NOT YET RECEIVED 1515015
Snyder, Mr. John - Zettwitz, W. F. Wilson ? Mr. Film 1515007 Item 1

I Z Dalmaciji u Nivi Zeland . From Dalmatia to New Zealand. Includes a summary in English. Zagreb: Matica iseljenika.  hrvatske, 1981

Jackson, Gainor Wilmott.  Settlement by Sail: 19th century Immigration to New Zealand /  [Wellington, N.Z.] : 1991. ISBN: 0477000258 (pbk) G.P. Publications Ltd. Appendix lists founding ships

Johnson, David (David Warwick), 1941- New Zealand's Maritime Heritage Auckland, N.Z. : Collins in association with David Bateman, 1987 Bibliography: p. 186-189. Includes index  with b/w & colour illustrations throughout. From the arrival of the first Maoris to the present day. ISBN: 0002176793

Kirk, Allen Alexander, 1895-. Ships and Sailormen : a collection of pen portraits of some Australasian shipmasters and others whose lives have been dedicated to the sea / Wellington; Sydney : A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1964.

Kopittke, Eric and Rosemary, compiled by: Index to Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia. Includes transcripts of newspaper accounts and passenger lists. Includes ships to QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS and New Zealand.

NZSG  magazine shipping index - Vol. 30  Vol. 31

Passenger lists, Victoria, Australia outwards to NZ part 1, 1852-1860   3 fiche
Passenger lists, Victoria, Australia outwards to NZ part 2, 1861-1865 11 fiche
Passenger lists, Victoria, Australia outwards to NZ part 3, 1865-1870    9 fiche
Auckland, NZ : New Zealand Society of Genealogists, c1996  Each part includes: Alphabetical list of passengers. Entry order list of passengers. Ship information.
Compiled by the NZSG Dunedin Branch. Gaynor Kirkby was the co-ordinator of the project. Officially it is a joint project between the New Zealand Society of Genealogists and the Public Record Office in Victoria, Australia. It is a detailed index of the passenger lists outwards held by the PRO in Victoria, Australia and which have been filmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. The full index will be on future NZSG CDs. The years covered are 1852-1920 and the project should be completed by the end of 2002.

Larsen, Birigt /Henning Bender. Danish Emigration to New Zealand. Translation: Karen Veien. Aalborg: Danes Worldwide Archives 1990

Lynch, Alitia. "Drunken, Dissipated and Immoral" : perceptions of Irish immigrants to New Zealand, 1868-1918 / Alitia Lynch. Thesis (MA--History)--University of Auckland, 1997. 163 leaves.

Lloyds Register of Shipping. London 1764- ) (list incomplete) Available from Macbeth Genealogical Services

Lubbock, Basil (1876-1944) The Colonial Clippers  J. Brown & Son (Glasgow) Ltd., 1921, 1948. Gives interesting details of emigrant ships UK to AUS and UK to NZ in the days when the voyage took three to four months.  Chapters are titled the emigrant ships, wool clippers, the iron clippers, the New Zealand trade and an appendix which includes a list of clippers still afloat and trading at the outbreak of war, August, 1914 and many photographs.

Maber, John M. North Star to Southern Cross, The story of the Australasian seawaysT. Stephenson & Sons Ltd., Prescot, Lancs, England, 1967. New York : Augustus M. Kelley, 1971 Index & bibliography. NZL & AUS steamboat lines.

McLean, G. J. (Gavin John), 1957- The Southern Octopus : the rise of a shipping empire Gavin McLean Wellington [NZ] : New Zealand Ship & Marine Society and the Wellington Harbour Board Maritime Museum, 1990. History of the Union Steam Ship Company. "Published with the assistance of the New Zealand Lotteries Board and the Wellington Harbour Board Maritime Museum"--T.p. verso. Plans on lining index. 239 p.

McLean, G. Captain's Log: New Zealand's Maritime History -
b&w photos, sketches, maps, index ISBN: 1869588819,  224pp, pb, published  2001,  Research has killed the myth of the Polynesian 'Great Fleet' but many fleets have surged past since--fleets of crusading colonists, fleets of 'Home' boats, the container and bulk carrier fleets of the 1970s and the swilling America's Cup flotillas. All have left their mark.' Published in conjunction with a four-part television programme, 'Captain's Log' takes us from the arrival of the first waka to the wakes of the super yachts via assisted migration, the Union Steam Ship Company, the wars and the container ships.
Chapter 1: Prows and Bows 1200-1790
Chapter 2: Trading Posts on the Coastal Frontier 1791-1860
Chapter 3: White Wings and Steam Kettles 1860-1865
Chapter 4: Frozen Mutton and Southern Octopus 1885-1925
Chapter 5: Home Boats and Slow Greens 1925-1962
Chapter 6: The Second Revolution 1962-1990
Chapter 7: Top Cats to Superyachts 1990-2001

Morris, H & Hafslund, B. New Zealand Assisted Passenger List, 1855 - 1871 microfiche

Morris, Roger  Sail Change - Tall ships in New Zealand waters. Pub. 1981 (1st ed) David Bateman NZ. 48pp, 19 colour plates with descriptive text by the artist. Watercolour paintings and written glimpses of some 18 sailing ships. Hb. 295mm x 220mm, landscape format, painted by an accomplished maritime artist. 

*New Zealand Department of Immigration. Index of Immigrant 1872-1882.   Filmed 1961 at Archives New Zealand in Wellington. 1 film

New Zealand Shipping Register 1815-1893 New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Auckland, 1988 ISBN:0908770103. 4 microfiche

Nicholson, Ian Log of Logs

Noble, John (1914-) Tall Ships : the golden age of sail John Noble. Ringwood, Vic. : Viking O'Neil, 1988, c1985. The golden age of sail of Australia and New Zealand. Previously published as: The golden age of sail of Australia and New Zealand. South Yarra, Vic. : Currey O'Neil, 1985.

Parsons, Ronald  Sail in the South.  The Great Days of Sail around Australia and New Zealand. Photographs from the Edwardes Collection of sailing ships, sailors, ports, wrecks and passengers from the days of sail around Australia and New Zealand, with captions and text. Reed, 1976, (1975.) 27cm, photo illustrations. 

Parsons, Ronald Ships of Australia and New Zealand before 1850. Part 1 & 2 Parsons, South Australia, 1983.  Aust Maritime HS. The register details of every ship known to have been enrolled in an Australian or NZ port before 1850 plus some additional information, mainly about the fate of the vessels. 108 & 92 pp. pb

Parsons Trying to Find a Seafaring Ancestor 12pp 1988 Guide for Australians & New Zealanders with British born seafaring ancestors

Paton, Walter B. (b. 1853. Walter Boldero) compiled by. New Zealand Handbook, with map, and issued by the Emigrants Information Office. London HMSO 1908 series no. 6.

Paton, Walter B. compiled by / Handbooks on Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa London HMSO 1912 Series Handbooks on British Colonies; no. 12.

Peake, Andrew G. editor. National register of shipping arrivals : Australia and New Zealand / Edition: 3rd ed.  Published: Sydney : Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations, 1992. 58 p

Plowman, Peter. Passenger Ships of Australia & New Zealand. Volume I. 1876-1912. Sydney, N.S.W. : Doubleday, 1981. & Greenwich : Conway Maritime. Covers vessels on the Trans Tasman trade. Index.  224p  ISBN 0851772463

Plowman, Peter. Passenger Ships of Australia & New Zealand. Volume II. 1913-1980. Sydney, N.S.W.: Lane Cove, Doubleday 1981. Hardback with DJ. First edition. 220 pages. 21cm x 29cm, with over 150B/w illustrations, Fleet List, index, coloured end-papers of Ship Companies Logos. Details of 80 passenger ships placed in service from 1913 to 1980 by 17 companies from Australia and five from New Zealand. In 1913, nine new vessels were placed in service including such famous liners as 'Katoomba', 'Canberra' and 'Niagara'. Lists the vessels in the order of their entry of service with a full history of each ship.  Published by Conway Maritime Greenwich.

Plowman, Peter. Passenger Ships to Australia and New Zealand, 1945-1990: Emigrant ships to Luxury liners / Peter Plowman. Kensington, N.S.W. : NSWU Press, 1992. ISBN: 0868403792 (hbk.) b&w & colour photos, index.
Records the changes of passenger ships from functional transporters of people from one continent to another to the present luxury cruise liners. Lists the complete history on nearly 200 ships - where and when built, tonnage, dimensions, speed and method of propulsion and a photograph. The book has stories of the owners, builders, crew and the passengers.  

 Ralston, Bruce. What ship did they come on? / Bruce Ralston. [Wellington, N.Z.] : Alexander Turnbull Library, 1990.  1 leaf.
Richards, Rhys, Bay of Islands Shipping Arrivals and Departures, 1803-1840 / by Rhys Richards and Jocelyn Chisholm. Published: Wellington: Paremata Press, 1992.

Rogers, Anna  A Lucky Landing : the story of the Irish in New Zealand / Auckland : Random House N. Z., 1996. 246 p.

Subritzky, M. R. G. (Michael Raphael Gabriel), 1950- Subritzky Shipping : a heritage of sail, 1843-1993 : Three Feathers, 1993. : Fleet list of Subritzky vessels 1843-1993 -- The scows graveyard : fleet list of New Zealand's trading scows 1870-1993. Includes information about the ships Greyhound, Isabel and Jane Gifford.

Simpson, Tony, 1945- The Immigrants: the great immigration from Britain to New Zealand 1830-1890. Auckland N.Z. Godwit 1997 ISB 0908877943

*Shipping Index 1840-1960. Micro reproduction of index housed in the Archives New Zealand, Wellington.  This is an index to ships and in some cases aircraft which carried inward passengers. Incomplete after 1910. If you do not find a entry, ask an archivist.

Spoonley, P. Immigrants and immigration: a New Zealand bibliography. Supplement E.J. Mason, 1980 Wellington, Department of Labour

Sten Aminoff. S W enskarna i Nya Zeealnd: The Swedish emigration to New Zealand until 1940. Sverige Sten Aminoff, 1988. With alphabetical list of the emigrants, naturalization, deaths, marriages, birth place, when arrived in New Zealand

Wakefield, Edward Jerningham, 1820-1876 The Hand-book for New Zealand : consisting of the most recent information / compiled for the use of intending colonists by a late magistrate of the colony, who resided there during four years. London : John W. Parker, 1848. 493 pp.

Watt, Dr. Morris N. (Morris Netterville),1892-1973. (ed.) Index to the New Zealand Section of the Register of all British ships 1840-1952. (also indexed by owners and masters) Wellington, NZ Ship and Marine Society, 1963. Part 2 - (ownerships) 430 p. Held at the Auckland Public Library on microfilm, Museum of Wellington City & Sea, Family History Library Salt Lake City, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington has this on microfiche and in bound volumes. Available on fiche from MacBeth Genealogical Service, BAB Microfilming, and probably held at other libraries in NZ and AUS. e.g. Napier Museum Library, NZ National Maritime Museum, Auckland. example  info revised  origin unknown Miramar ship index  Steam and Sail in NZ NZ register research

Wallace, Frederick William Wooden Ships and Iron Men : George Sully & Co. NY 1937.  The story of the square-rigged merchant marine of British North America, the ships, their builders and owners, and the men who sailed them. Vessels mentioned include Indian Queen, Lightning, Marco Polo, Mermaid, Oliver Lang, Scotia, White Star, Rev. Norman McLeod and his followers Margaret, Highland Lassie, Gertrude, Breadalbane and Ellen Lewis.

Wilson, Heather. British Stock for a British Dominion : the New Zealand Government's child migration scheme / Heather Wilson. 1996. Thesis note: Dissertation (MA--History)--University of Auckland, 1996. 114 leaves

NZ History Net Assisted Immigration to NZ from the UK 1947-1975
Chinese in New Zealand

Australian National Maritime Museum. (A list of sources at the museum.)
Australian and New Zealand built ships
Coastal Shipping
Immigration Sailing Ships

Book & Fiche Sellers & Authors
Maritime Books
NZ Books
Beehive Books

Macbeth Genealogical Services
Gould Book Stores

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Pages and film have a life span of 150 years due to moisture and temperature. Digital won't last forever.

The New Zealand Union Catalogue (NZUC) records details of what books were held where in NZ libraries - usually associated with what was recorded before the age of shared/networked computers. It used to be hundreds of catalogue drawers, but those now exist in microfiche form.  It is still useful to search this if the book you are trying to locate (e.g. to interloan) was published/acquired pre about 1967ish. Most Anglo-American countries will also have an equivalent thing, e.g. USA has 'World Cat' (ask a librarian to look it up if you are in the States - that's how librarians find books in the States for "their" inter-loan service) so if this reference was gleaned from a book relating to overseas, then it is possibly "their" union catalogue that they will be referring to. The current version of the union catalogue (i.e. for holdings of more recent items post 1967) is available in an online version only via subscription via the National Library of New Zealand, although this current version is not usually referred to as "the Union Catalogue".

Larger public libraries will have the microfiche copy and many other libraries like university) e.g. Wellington City Libraries, but anticipate that it may not be freely available for you to read yourself - staff might expect to search it for you. This is because
a) some of the entries are very hard to read, and have out of date library symbols on them
b) there is only one entry for each item (not a separate entry for title, and subject), so your details need to be very accurate, and filing is strict.
c) the entries were notified when books were bought by the libraries, but changes less accurate for what has been withdrawn, and certainly no deletions/updates could have been made after filming. Staff will be able to select the most likely libraries to have retained copies.

So if you're wanting to track down/borrow copies of any older book you think may be held in a NZ library, the NZUC may be useful to consult if you live near a library which has a copy.  The NZUC probably is not available for purchase, and runs to many hundreds of microfiche. 

Australian Joint Copying Project: A programme coordinated by the National Library and the State Library of NSW, was organised to microfilm all material in the Public Record Office, London relating to Australia.  All the state libraries subscribed and also some universities.  Although there was an initial concentration on the colonial office and especially the despatches to and from the colonial governors, much other material was eventually filmed.  Included amongst this are the muster rolls of the various regiments serving in the Australian colonies.  At an Australian state library ask to see the finding aids to the AJCP War Office films.
National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales. Canberra, The Libraries. Australian Joint Copying Project handbook.  Part 1. General info.  Part 2. Colonial Office. Part 3. War Office.  Part 5 Foreign. Part 7. Naval Records. Part 8 Miscellaneous. Sheehan Australian Joint Copying Project For Family Historians 1989. Project info.

Great Britain Colonial Office New Zealand Company : Original correspondence [CO 208], 1837-1861 Canberra : Australian Joint Copying Project 196 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. National Library of Australia holds microfilm master. Original held by PRO, London. General correspondence of the New Zealand Company and letters from areas of New Zealand, and individuals including agents, Colonial Governors and Land and Emigration Commissioners; indexes and registers of inward and outward mail; minutes of general meetings, 1840-1845, meetings of the Board of Directors 1839-1853, and committees, 1837-1850; account books, 1839-1861; local records of establishments; registers of land applications and transfers and other papers relating to land; miscellaneous papers including passenger lists, occupational lists, papers relating to the company, share registers and journal of Colonel William Wakefield and letter book. Reference AJCO handbook. Part 2.

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