'Bosworth' passengers for Otago 1857

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New Zealand Bound

Departed Gravesend, 15 August 1857 - Arrived Otago, 26 November 1857

The "Bosworth", a ship of 611 tons, brought out 107 passengers during the run of 102 days. During the voyage to New Zealand, under the command of Captain Thomas Turnbull, an attempt was made to set the ship on fire; two sailors were put in irons and sent to gaol on arrival in Dunedin.

Passengers to Dunedin -
Mr & Mrs Boswell
Mrs Elizabeth Darling, Agnes, Charlotte, William Darling
Mr & Mrs Dick, Thomas Dick & 4 children
Mr & Mrs Paritt
Mr & Mrs Tarlton, Robert Tarlton, & 6 children
Mr & Mrs Walker, Henry Walker & 1 child
Mr W.W. Waite, lady and four children

Intermediate & Steerage
Mr Avarre
Mr & Mrs Basson & 1 child
Mr Bellamy
Mr & Mrs Chase, Elizabeth, Amelia, Betsy, Ellen & Fanny Chase.
Miss Chase.
Mr Copestake
Mr & Mrs Dalglish
Mr Dewsbury
Miss Eldon
Mr Charles Gordon
Miss Grey
Mr Harkness
Mr Henderson
Mr & Mrs Hunt, William, John & Elizabeth Hunt & 4 children
Mr & Mrs McLellan & 3 children
Misses McQueen (2)
Mr & Mrs Redmayne, Catherine, Elizabeth & Anne Redmayne
Mr Richardson
Miss Rowen
Mr & Mrs Sewell & 1 child
Mr E.G. Thomas

Reference:"Otago Colonist" - 27 November 1857 and  "Otago Witness" Saturday 28 November 1857 page 4.

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