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From the "Lyttelton Times,"
December 3, 1863

Arrived - November 30, Pekin, barque, 530 tons, Griffiths, from London. Passengers
Chillwell, Mr Charles
Francis, Mr Wilson

Hales, Mark
Hine, Walter
Pole, James P.
Pole, Richard, P.
Scott, Horatia
Simmonds, Mrs J.
Simmonds, Mr George
Simmonds, Frank
Simmonds, Kate
Stephens, Susan
Taylor, George

On Tuesday evening the barque Pekin arrived, after a voyage of 126 days from London.  The tedious passage experienced by Captain Griffiths is to be accounted for in a great measure to a succession of adverse weather north of the line, which was not crossed till September 16, having left the docks on July 26 and the Downs on the 29th.  Altogether the voyage has been agreeable to the people on board so far as the weather was concerned, after crossing the equator the ship completed the voyage in 75 days, certainly a long time, but not so much so, taking into consideration that nearly all the ships are making long passages this year to the southern hemisphere,  The ships Bahia and Brother's Pride are now out some days longer than the Pekin, and are looked for hourly with a change of wind from the S.W.


From the "Lyttelton Times,"
December 8, 1863

    Arrival of the ships Bahia and Brother's Pride.  During the whole of yesterday the signals on the flagstaff at Diamond Harbour announced two vessels in sight.  They were seen in offing on Sunday evening towards dusk.  Early on Monday morning Captain Sproul left with his man, and on boarding the Bahia, and on enquiry made out the other to be the Brother's Pride, both from London.  They left at the latter end of July, about the 22nd and 23rd.  The Bahia was seven weeks in getting to the line, and was there becalmed.  The Brother's Pride met with similar drawbacks and, in addition, has had to put into the Cape for medical and other necessaries.  the circumstances will, to some extent, account for their non-appearance earlier.  The Bahia is anchored off Port Levy Heads, and the other some distance to the north of Godley Head.  Captain Sproul is on board the Bahia; all her passengers are well. It is not intended to bring her to the anchorage till the S. W. gale moderates.


From the "Lyttelton Times,"
December 10, 1863

Arrived- December 7, Bahia, ship, 566 tons, LeFann, from London.
Passengers -
In Cabin:
Mr and Mrs Innes
Miss Maylon
Miss Rouse
Misses Thomson (2)
Mrs and Miss Warren 

Second Cabin:
Mr and Mrs Dodd and two children
Mr and Mrs Rose
Mr and Mrs Ross
Mr and Mrs Scarcombe
Messers. Moffatt, Cambridge, Smith, and two others 2nd cabin

The Bahia sailed from the Downs on July 26, having light winds down the Channel and baffling ones to the line, which she crossed in September 19.  In working down the trade to the Cape she met with little success. After reaching the longitude of Van Dieman's Land she met with heavy gales.  The whole of her passengers are in good health.  Her freight list includes cargo of about 90 tons.

which sailed on 23rd July last

From the "Lyttelton Times," December 8, 1863

Total souls: 371    Deaths : 44
Including 69 from England, 48 from Scotland, 3 from Ireland, being a total of 120 males of the age 15 years and upwards.  Columns represent: surname, first name, age, spouse present, # children, occupation, origin and remarks
Compare : ISTG Brothers Pride The passenger list was printed in The Lyttelton Times on the 8th than again on the 10th so this accounts for some of the variation in the surname spelling. e.g. Bewton / Banton, Beel / Bell, M'Lennan / McTennan.   The total cost of passage money to the Provincial Government for the majority each single man and woman was 13 pounds and 6 shillings.

Abbot       Jane           19        Dressmaker       Middlesex                                                          
Anderson    Andrew             y  1  Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Anderson    John                     Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Anderson    John                     Ploughman        Lanarkshire                                                        
Anderson    Margaret       21        Dairywoman       Shetland         Died on voyage                                    
Angus       Isabella Jane  29        Domestic Servant Aberdeenshire    Isabella M.                                       
Austin      William        22        Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Aylward     Martha B.      36        Domestic Servant Waterford 
Aylward     Mary Ann       11		              Waterford                              
Aylward     Martha          7        		      Waterford                              
Aylward     Richard        13       		      Waterford    
Aylward     William         9        		      Waterford                                                          
Bailey      Samuel             y  7  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Baker       Thomas                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Baker       Walter             y     Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Baylis      James              y  4  Farm Laborer     Herefordshire                                                      
Baylis      Sarah          17        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Baylis      Thomas                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Beaman      Clara          17        Domestic Servant Salop                                                              
Bell        Isaac                    Farm Laborer     Lincolnshire                                                       
Benfield    Elizabeth A.   34        Needlewoman      Gloucestershire  Married Williams. Bennfield orginal passenger list
Benfield    Henry                    Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Benfield    William        14        Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Bennfield   Amos           10                                          with Elizabeth A. and William                     
Bennfield   Richard         7                                          with Elizabeth A. and William                     
Bewton      Henry              Y  1  Farm Laborer     Cheshire                                                           
Birch       John               y  5  Mason            Cornwall                                                           
Bonnett     Henry              y  2  Mason            Suffolk                                                            
Brassington Wm.                y  2  Mason            Notts                                                              
Brooks      Wm.                y  2  Farm Laborer     Cheshire                                                           
Brown       Janet          25        Dairywoman       Lanarkshire      Died on voyage                                    
Brown       John               y  4  Farm Laborer     Fifeshire                                                          
Burnett     Alexander      20        Farm Laborer     Aberdeenshire                                                      
Byers       James          27        Carpenter        Dumfrieshire                                                       
Campbell    John               y     Shepherd          Sutherland                                                         
Campbell    Malcolm        27        Ploughman        Inverness                                                          
Carter      William            y  4  Farm Laborer     Cornwall                                                           
Chester     Geroge             y  1  Farm Laborer     Cornwall                                                           
Cole        Charles            y  4  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Collett     John               y  6  Carpenter        Worcestershire                                                     
Crawley     Cornelius          y  6  Carpenter        Middlesex                                                          
Crichton    Thomas         18        Ploughman        Perthshire                                                         
Crosbie     Andrew             y  3  Farm Laborer     Dumfrieshire                                                       
Cumming     John           21        Ploughman        Fifeshire                                                          
Cutler      George                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Dunlop      David              y  1  Ploughman        Ayrshire                                                           
Eaton       Frances        28        Domestic Servant Lancashire       Died on the voyage                                
Eaton       Harriet        21        Dressmaker       Worcestershire                                                     
Eaton       John                     Gardener         Worcestershire                                                     
Eaton       Joseph                   Gardener         Worcestershire                                                     
Edmonds     George             y  2  Farm Laborer     Kent                                                               
Edwards     Eli                      Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Everett	    William	       y  3  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire
Ferguson    Peter                    Ploughman        Kircudbrightshire                                                  
Foden       James                    Farm Laborer     Lancashire                                                         
Fraser      John                     Ploughman        Rosshire                                                           
Fraser      William        27        Ploughman        Rosshire                                                           
Garvan      Annie          23        Domestic Servant Aryshire                                                           
Granger     Matthew B.         y  2  Farrier          Yorkshire                                                          
Gray        John           22        Ploughman        Rosshire                                                           
Grundy      Annie          13        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Grundy      Elizabeth      19        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Grundy      John                     Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Grundy      John               y  4  Farm Laborer     Monmouthshire                                                      
Grundy      Sarah          17        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire  Died on voyage                                    
Grundy      Water                    Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Gunn        Johann         28        Domestic Servant Sutherland                                                         
Gunn        Richard            y     Farm Laborer     Cornwall  
Gunn        William        25        Farm Laborer     Sutherland  
Hanson      John E.                  Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Hathaway    David              y  2  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Hathaway    George             y  3  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Hathaway    George                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Hathaway    Mary Ann       16        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Hathaway    Sarah          14        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Hathway     Wm.                      Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Hawkins     George             y  3                   Gloucestershire                                                    
Hay         James                    Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Helem       Janet          19        Domestic Servant Roxburgshire                                                       
Helem       Geroge             y  4  Shepherd         Sutherland                                                         
Howell      Thomas                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Irvine      Wm.                y  4  Farm Laborer                                                                       
Johnson     Isaac                    Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Johnston    James              y  4  Shepherd         Roxburghshire                                                      
Johnstone   George         16        Farm Laborer     Down             Johnston on passenger list                        
Jowett      Hannah                   Domestic Servant Yorkshire                                                          
Jowett      John               y     Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Jowett      Nathan                   Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Keith       Mary           23        Tailoress        Argyleshire                                                        
King        Georgiana      14        Domestic Servant Suffolk                                                            
King        Powell Thos.       y  3  Farm Laborer     Suffolk                                                            
Kirk        Henry          20        Farm Laborer     Lancashire                                                         
Lloyd       Emanuel                  Farm Laborer     Somersetshire                                                      
Lloyd       Thomas                   Farm Laborer     Somersetshire                                                      
Magnus      John                     Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Mason       John               y     Ploughman        Lanarkshire                                                        
McConnell   John                     Shepherd         Kircudbrightshire                                                  
McKay       Robert             y  1  Shepherd         Sutherland                                                         
McKay       Alex               y  1  Farm Laborer     Caithness                                                          McKenzie    Alex.                    Farm Laborer     Rosshire                                                           
McKenzie    Alexander      24        Farm Laborer     Rosshire
McLaughlan  Archibald          y     School Master    Denbighshire     Schoolmaster and Matron to the Ship               
McLennan    Duncan             y     Farm Laborer     Morayshire       ?McTennan                                                 
McMillan    Ewan           28        Farm Laborer     Inverness                                                          
McMillan    John               y  3  Farm Laborer     Lanarkshire                                                        
McMillan    John           31        Ploughman        Inverness                                                          
McMillian   Donald             y     Shepherd         Sutherland                                                         
McWilliam   Jane           21        Dairywoman       Aberdeenshire                                                      
Meines      Jane F.        18        Domestic Servant Surrey           Mewes on passenger list                           
Middlemas   John                     Farm Laborer     Yorkshire                                                          
Moffatt     Elizabeth      18        Domestic Servant Dumfrieshire                                                       
Moffatt     Mary           23        Domestic Servant Dumfrieshire                                                       
Monro       Robert             y     Shepherd         Sutherland                                                         
Moore       Colin          22        Ploughman        Inverness                                                          
Morbury     Peter              y  1  Farm Laborer     Lancashire                                                         
Morton      James          20        Ploughman        Fifeshire                                                          
Munro       Andrina        19        Domestic Servant Sutherland                                                         
Murphy      Elizabeth      20        Domestic Servant Middlesex                                                          
Nicholls    Henry              y  1  Farm Laborer     Cornwall                                                           
O'Neill     John           28        Farm Laborer     Armagh                                                             
Odgers      James              y  1  Carpenter        Cornwall                                                           
Pebbles     Andrew         22        Farm Laborer     Perthshire                                                         
Petherick   Wm.                y     Farm Laborer     Cornwall                                                           
Pouncey     Susan                    Domestic Servant Middlesex                                                          
Pound       Ebenezer                 Farm Laborer     Staffordshire                                                      
Powell      Joseph             y  4  Farm Laborer     Herefordshire                                                      
Powell      Richard            y  1  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Protheroe   John                     Blacksmith       Herts                                                              
Protheroe   Wm.                      Farm Laborer     Herts                                                              
Reid        James          24        Carpenter        Aberdeen                                                           
Richards    George                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Risser      John               y  1  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Round       Amelia         13        Domestic Servant Staffordshire                                                      
Round       Elijah             y  4  Farm Labourer    Staffordshire                                                      
Round       Emma           15        Domestic Servant Staffordshire                                                      
Scott       Andrew             y  1  Carpenter        Roxburgh                                                           
Scott       Louisa         28        Domestic Servant Notts                                                              
Scramshaw   Henry              y  2  Carpenter        Notts                                                              
Shelton     Isaac                    Farm Laborer     Notts                                                              
Smith       Christina      17        Domestic Servant Aberdeenshire                                                      
Sparkes     Wm.                y  5  Carpenter        Middlesex                                                          
Stout       Catherine      27        Dairywoman       Shetland                                                           
Stout       Helen          19        Dairywoman       Shetland                                                           
Stout       Inga           57        Domestic Servant Shetland         In single women                                   
Stout       Margaret       34        Dairywoman       Shetland         Died on the voyage                                
Stout       Mary M.        21        Dairywoman       Shetland                                                           
Stout       Wm.                y     Farm Laborer                                                                       
Sutherland  Ann            23        Domestic Servant Sutherland                                                         
Tait        James          26        Farm Laborer     Perthshire                                                         
Thomas      Matthew            y  1  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Thomas      Wm.                      Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Thomson     Peter                    Farm Laborer     Aberdeenshire                                                      
Torrens     James                    Farm Laborer     Peebleshire                                                        
Tulloch     John 	   19        Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Tulloch     Magnus         55        Farm Laborer     Shetland 
Tulloch     Elizabeth      26        Dairywoman       Shetland                                                           
Tulloch     Margaret       11        Dairywoman       Shetland                                                           
Tulloch     William        18        Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Twigg       Absalom            y     Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Voyce       George             y  2  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Voyce       James              Y     Carpenter        Gloucester                                                         
Wallace     George             y  3  Mason            Ayrshire                                                           
Wallace     Robert         25        Mason            Ayshire                                                            
Webb        Henry                    Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Webb        Wm                 y  4  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Whitelaw    John               y  1  Carpenter        Lanarkshire                                                        
Willaims    Eliza          16        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Willaims    Pamela         14        Domestic Servant Gloucestershire                                                    
Williams    Edward                   Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Williams    Henry              y  2  Farm Laborer     Gloucestershire                                                    
Williams    James              y     Farm Laborer     Cornwall                                                           
Williams    Joseph                   Farm Labo rer    Gloucestershire                                                    
Williamson  John               y  4  Farm Laborer     Shetland                                                           
Wilson      Cecilia        14        Dairywoman       Lanarkshire                                                        
Wilson      John               y  2  Farm Laborer     Lanarkshire                                                        
Young       John               y                      Gloucestershire                                                                                   

The Lyttelton Times Thursday, December 10, 1863
On Tuesday last we briefly noticed the arrival of this vessel at the Heads, and although we possessed the information, since proved to be too true, respecting the amount of sickness aboard, for the sake of friends on shore we refrained from publishing the melancholy intelligence that forty-four deaths occurred during the passage.  In our columns will be found a list of the sufferers, as well as a number of births.  We hear that Captain Sproul, on boarding the vessel, was refused the charge of the ship, and the offer of the pilot to place his boat and crew at the service of the ship to obtain fresh supplies for the sick children was also refused.  On Tuesday evening the anchor was raised, and sail made before half a gale wind blowing from the S.W., and at daylight next morning the vessel was out of sight. She returned yesterday morning when off Camp Bay, and was immediately ordered to hoist the Yellow Jack.  This peremptory order of the Health Commissioner was not appearing to suit this cavalier officer, in two or three hours the anchor was again up, and with the assistance of the light breeze from the N.E., the Brother's Pride was brought up just astern of the Lancashire Witch.  We presume the authorities will not permit their orders to be set at defiance, and the law treated with contempt.

We append the list of Births, Marriages and Deaths on board the Brother's Pride:-
Aug 04 Christina MacKay		 daughter
Aug 12 Esther Roberts		 daughter
Sep 03 J. Elizabth McLanglin	 son
Sep 09 Isabella Helm		 son
Sep 18 Eliza Bennett [Bonnett]	 son
Oct 03 M. Kathaway		 son
Oct 20 Henritta Hamilton	 daughter
Oct 25 Barbara Stout		 son
Nov 11 Hannah Trigg		 twins, both males
Nov 14 Janet Brown		 son
Sep 28 by the Captain (Glendinning), James Shepherd, age 36, second mate, to Jane McWilliam, age 20. 
Register of Marriages at Sea in the PRO in England (ref: BT 334/117) with date  23-09-1863 Record 36.  O.N 35280 
Aug 05 Joseph Bailey		 2 years 9 months
Aug 26 W. Scrimshaw		 16 months
Aug 28 S.M. Thomas		 09 months
Sep 03 Margret McWilliam	 04 years
Sep 03 Wm Powell		 06 years
Sep 04 Ida [Eda] Powell		 02 years
Sep 04 Tom Webb			 03 years
Sep 04 Isaac Skelton, assisted passenger
Sep 08 Clara Webb		 12 months
Sep 11 Mary Cole		 08 years
Sep 20 John Rosser, married	 24 years
Sep 29 Richard Powell		 24 years
Oct 02 Sarah Ann Grundy, single	 17 years
Oct 06 Sophia Rosser, widow	 22 years
Oct 25 Fanny Brooks		 44 years
Oct 29 Eliza Bennett [Bonnett]	 29 years
Nov 02 John Ellery [son of Mrs. Ellery]
Nov 02 John Collett		 8 years 6 months
Nov 05 Jessie Helm		  3 years 6 months
Nov 05 Samuel Hawkins		 08 months
Nov 05 James Edward Birch	 11 months
Nov 06 the infant s/o H. & E. Bennett [Bonnett] [1 year and 6 months] 6 weeks
Nov 08 Edith B. Norbury		 04 months [4 years]
Nov 11 Andrew McMillan		 13 months 
Nov 14 Mary E. Brassington	 22 months
Nov 14 Agnes Brown		 02 years 6 months
Nov 15 Andrew Crosbie		 08 years
Nov 16 Robert Brown		 07 years
Nov 17 Emma Carter		 05 years
Nov 17 Frances Eaton single	 28 years
Nov 21 Margaret Anderson, single 23 years
Nov 21 John Johnstone		 15 months
Nov 21 Henry Voyce		 23 months
Nov 22 Janet Brown		 29 years
Nov 22 David Brown, son of ditto 05 years
Nov 23 George Bonnett		 15 months 
Nov 24 infant son of Janet Brown two weeks
Nov 26 Thomas Collett		 02 years 9 months
Nov 27 Hannah Trigg		 28 years
Nov 29 Edward Collet		 02 years 9 months
Dec 02 Andrew Crosbie		 46 years
Dec 03 Margaret Stout, single	 35 years
Dec 04 Charlotte Williams	 40 years
Dec 06 infant s/o A. & H. Trigg, no age given
Dec 06 Benjamin Nicholls, s/o H. & E. Nicholls, no age given
Dec 09 Cole, son of Cole  

Brother's Pride, ship, 1236 tons, came out with 371 Government migrants, 44 having died on route -quarantined.  Evidence regarding voyage , presented at Session XX1, Canterbury Provincial Council, 15 January, 1864. Notes by J. P. Whitelaw are at the Canterbury Museum archives. Reference: Log of Logs by Ian Nicholson.

Brother's Pride was built in 1852 in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
Tonnage: 1213
Length: 179'
Breadth: 37'
Depth: 22'
Scuttled by master in 1880
Reference: Wallace List

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