Caduceus to Auckland 1860

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to Auckland

Daily Southern Cross, 12 October 1860, Page 2
Shipping Intelligence. PORT OF AUCKLAND.

October 11 — Northern Bride, ship, 853 tons, Betts, from Liverpool.
Passengers — (Cabin) Messrs. Garner; (2), Mr. Johns, Miss French, Mr. and Mrs. A Harland and infant, Mr. McDonald, and Mrs. Watling.

(Steerage) James Lamble, Moses and Thomas Lee, Henry and Sarah Williams, George Robinson, James R; and Alice Day, Eliezer and Mary Gray,  Sam. Cargo, Alex. Thompson, Wm. J. McKie, Isaac  Williamson, Henry Haines, Clamson Anderson, John Knox, Robt. Ternagan, Wilhelm Margraf, Heinrich Vitting, Kenneth McKenzie, Rich , Eliza, and John Walker, Thos. H. Walker, Nicholas and Anne Rome, James Ferris, Pat. McGroninghan, Robf. J. Madden, Jas. Rice, D. Lougher, Wm., Anne, Wm., and Maria Hartshorn, Richard, Mrs. Wm., Louisa, Richard, Margaret, George, and Hy. Worthington, Frances Wilson, Jas. Young, Wm. McConnell, Geo., Mrs., Wm., and Samuel Sanders, Geo. Andrews, John, Matilda, Jane, and Eliza Sherlock, Henry Hodson, Donald McPherson, Thos., Mary (2), and Charlotte Hopper, Robt. Hartwick, John, Eliza, Mary, Henry, Robert, Margaret, Eliza, and Martha Brown, John Robson, Chas. Mayor, Wm., Sophia, and Ada Hithersay, O., Anne, Margaret, Mary, and George Pearson, Robt. and Eliza Brown, Wm. and Alice Thornton, John Sutton, John Scalley, John Grassick, Finlay, Christina, Cath., John, Arabella, and Margaret Urquhart, John, Mrs. Thos., George, Mark, and Henry Newlone, Margaret and James Spence, John, Sarah, Sophia, Eliza, Frances, and John Adeane, Anne Stacey, Pat. Lissaght and wife, Ellen, Thos., and John Clifford, John, Eliza, Wm., John, Robt., Jane, Mary and Jemima Dinnison, Joseph Simrck, John John Hedges, Jas. Barker, A. Webster, John A. Booker, John Allenden, C. Westrop, John Williamson, Edw. Rearden, Thomas Bell, Wm. Holmes, Jas Geddes, Roger Wortley, Thos. R., Eliza, Margaret, and Eliza Mills, Wm. and Cath. Leighton, James and Patrick Duke, Danl. Moore, John Connor, Henry Westrop, Wm. Stafford, Jas. Lovie, J. A. Burnley, J Martin and Margaret Walsh, Ross Robertson, Henry Johnston, Jeffrey Hart, Barbara McMillan and infant, Marg. Forgue, John, Mary, and Thos. Dodd and infant, Hugh Thompson, Alex. Hamilton, John McCallum, David Thomson, George Fogg, John Lambie, Thos. Brown, Jas. Cairns, Joseph and Agnes Slater. — 0. R. Strickland & Co., agents.

October 11 — Caduceus, ship, 1106 tons, John Cass, from London. Passengers — Cabin : Canullus, Mr3., Augustus, and Florence Pastorelli ; William, Rosina L., and Richard Ridings ; Francis and Charles E. Marchant ; Sharies Burningham ; Silas, Patience, William, and Patience Carter; George K., Eliza, and Benjamin Mauley ; Robert Lister, Geo. Redde, Frederick C. and Mary Ann Dean, Thos. L Mears, Edward Terry, Herbert Way, Alicia Fenton, John Page ; Richard, Ann, Richard, Charles, Charlotte, and George Laishley ; Mary Terry, Maurice Pugh, James B. Penny, James H. Fysh, Edward Clark, Eliza Harty, Henry Hobbs, Henry Jones, Daniel Thornton, Martha Warrington,. Ann Fishbourne ; James, Catherine, Mary, Jane M., Louis, Kate, James P., Isabella. Margery, William, and Heremon F. O'Neill.

Steerage : John E. Calvert, William and Elizabeth Hodge, John and Amy Hamerton, James, Charley and Thomas Holder, Rich. Granger, John and Ann Muirhead, William Laurie, Richard and Julia Beck, Frank and Leonard Roper, Henry and Ann Andrews, Elizabeth Bowers, Benjamin Waylen, Samuel Monks, Basil Galert, Wm. Toetoe, Samuel Rerehau, Caroline Turner, Frederick Batley, John Bird, Rebecca McKenzie ; Edward, Caroline, Wallis, Edward, Walter, Adolphus, Caroline, Ambrose, Eugene, and Edgar Good ; Robert, Jemima, Jane, Elizabeth, Alice, Ada, and Frederick Good ; Charles, Lydia, William, Henry, Eliza, and Ellen Turk ; Alex. McNamara, Elizabeth Mason ; Alfred, Margaret, Christopher, and James Herbert ; Wm. Henry, Matilda, Eliza, Annie, Clara, Kate, and Ellen Willway; Joseph Allen; Wm., Eizabeth, Betsey A., Charles, and Elizabeth Reay; Michael Rardy, George and Jane Percy, William H. Dale ; Angus, Margaret, Mary, and Angus McKellar ; John & Margaret Gardiner, John &_Neil McKellar, David Bowman, Archibald and Elizabeth Bryce, Jessie and Isabella Jones, Ellen Inglis, Wm. Humphreys, Donald McDonald, William Aitken, John Cammans, Samuel W. Mairo, Malcolm McCallum, James Wyttie, John Dixon, George Bailey, Colin Kennedy, Hugh Lytle, Henry F. Niman, John Gardiner. — Brown and Campbell, agents.

During the whole of Wednesday a sail was signalled, but owing to the light winds, it was impossible for her to come into harbour till yesterday morning, when she proved to be the long-expected Northern Bride, from Liverpool. The Northern Bride, 853 tons, Capt. W. E. Betts, left Liverpool on the 15th of June, in tow, and experienced light unfavourable weather, as far as Madeiia, where she remained a few days, sailing again on the 4th. The Line was crossed on the 26th July, in 23i W., and the meridian of the Cape on the 25th Aug. in 41 ° 40 ° S. : here strong gales from the N.E. were experienced, which caused considerable detention. The highest latitude subsequently reached was from 44 ° to 45 ° . Off the Croisettes the Northern Bride experienced heavy gales from the N.E. Van Diemen's Land was sighted on the 25th Sept., and for 3 days strong N.E. gales prevailed till the Three Kings were made on the 5th inst , and on the same day the North Cape was passed. For the last five days of her voyage the winds have been light — South-westerly. We are happy to be able to say that all her passengers — 189 souls — have arrived in good health, and that no deaths occurred amongst them, but we regret to hear that one of the crew — John Meaghan, an A.B.— fell overboard, and was drowned, when not far from Madeira. The Northern Bride is a fine roomy vessel, and looks clean and comfortable. She was engaged yesterday forenoon in hauling alongside the end-of the wharf.

Our whilome visitor the Caduceus, Capt. Cass, long expected was signalled at last, yesterday morning, whilst the Northern Bride was being brought to her berth at the end of the wharf . She left Gravesend on the 23rd June— the Start on the 28th. The line was crossed on the 25th July, but on account of the Trades proving very southerly, she was driven towards the South American coast, which she sighted at Cape St. Roque. Winds were subsequently unfavourable till off St. Paul's, since which she has had a tolerable run to the the Three Kings, which she made on Saturday last, rounding the Cape on Sunday, and running along the coast with light variable winds, principally E.S E ; and W. On Saturday last, at 4 p.m., the "Prince Alfred" was signalled 7 or 8 leagues west of the Three Kings, The highest latitude reached whilst running down her Easting was 48 ° 30' S. On the 6th Sept., in lat. 43 ° 30 S., long. 49 ° an iceberg, and some drift ice, was fallen in with. Capt. Cass brings a clean bill of health, and has| neither births nor deaths to report. The number of passengers — all told, — which, she brings is 130½ adults.