"Cresswell" London to Lyttelton 1859


New Zealand Bound

Departed London 27 May, 1859
Arrived Lyttelton 12 September 1859

The Lyttelton Times 17 September 1859

The immigrants who have arrived by the Cresswell are, taken altogether, a very promising accession to our population.  Notwithstanding the mischievous attempts of some fellows who go on board the newly arrived emigrant ships to discourage newcomers by fabulous accounts of the sorrows to come, the majority of the Cresswell people set their faces against these prophets of evil and have already found work and some of them permanent work at good wages.  One young woman who landed on Tuesday was met on landing by a well-to-do swain who offered her a home, wooed her on the spot and married her the next morning. There are none of them who will not reap the benefit of the character they maintained on board ship.  And it is only fair to bear testimony to the good sense of the majority of the Cresswell immigrants, as there are a few of them who have behaved in a manner which has in many instances prejudiced their fellow passengers in the eyes of the public.  For instance, when the immigrants were landed an employer went to the barracks and offered to engage six unmarried men on the spot for a pound a week each and their rations.  A schooner was ready to take them and their luggage round to his station at Timaru without any expense to them.  This might have been thought a good offer at any time, and especially to untried men.  These fellows, however, declared that they would rather starve than take the wages, and abused the gentleman who made the offer in such a manner that he was obliged to leave the yard. We hear that he immediately went off and engaged some men who had lately arrived from Van Dieman's Land, whose colonial experience will make their services twice as valuable.  The spokesman of these men was afterwards turned out of the barracks for disorderly conduct, and will probably be prepared to join any party of men whom he may find fonder of talking than working.

The Lyttelton Times 14 September1859
Arrived. - September 12, barque, Cresswell, 574 tons, Barnett, from London.
Cabin passengers. - Mr and Miss COTTERELL, Messrs WILSON, TUDOR, COTTERELL and SPENCER, Surgeon Superintendant James PARKER.

Government Immigrants

ATACK		 Wm		wife and two children	painter		Southampton 
BODE		 John		and wife		farm labourer	Middlesex
BOORMAN		 Henry		wife and child		farm labourer	Middlesex 
BROKER		 Edward		and wife		plaster		Middlesex
DUNCAN		 Alexander	and wife		farm labourer	Aberdeen 
ELVINES		 John		wife and three children	groom		Middlesex 
FERGUSON	 Daniel		wife and seven children	farm labourer	Perth
FERGUSON	 Robert		and wife		farm labourer	Down 
FULLER		 James		and wife		gardener	Sussex 
HARRISON	 Thos		wife and seven children	shepherd	Lincoln 
HOVVILL		 Wm		wife and two children	farm labourer	Worksop 
HUFFEY		 J. 		wife and child		bricklayer	Suffolk
LUCAS		 John		wife and two children	carpenter	Middlesex  
MCALPINE	 Archibald	wife and four children	ploughman	Lincoln
MCKAY		 Donald		wife and five children	agricultural labourer Sutherland  
MCLEOD		 John		24 and Cathe, wife 23	shepherd	Caithness 
MITCHELL	 Isaac		wife and two children	blacksmith	Yorkshire
NEILL		 Wm		and wife		farm labourer	Down
O'BRIEN		 Michael	and wife		labourer	Wicklow
OCTGEN		 Frederick	and wife		farm labourer	Hanover 
OSBORNE		 Geo		wife and child		farm labourer	Somerset
PLUNKETT	 John		wife and child		brassfounder	Dublin 
REILLY		 John		wife and seven children	schoolmaster	Hants 
RUXGE 		 George		and wife		farm labourer	Germany
SCHMIDT		 William	wife and four children	farm labourer	Germany 
SHAILER		 Thos		wife and child		farm labourer	Staffordshire
STEWART		 John		wife and five children	ploughman	Perth
TULLEY		 John		wife and three children	porter		London 
VESEY		 Frederick	wife and child		farm labourer	Suffolk 
WAINWRIGHT	 Charles	wife and child		labourer	Notts 

Single men -
BROKER 		 Edward		farm labourer		Caithness
CHILES		 Edward		farm labourer		Surrey 
EVANS		 John 		farm labourer 		Shropshire
FERGUSON	 Alex		farm labourer		Caithness
FERGUSON	 James		farm labourer		Caithness
GAFFENEY 	 Michael	farm labourer
HOBBS		 Wm 		carpenter		Middlesex 
McKAY		 George		labourer		Caithness
McKAY		 James 		farm labourer		Caithness
McWILLIAM	 Alexander	farm labourer
OSBORN		 Jobb 		labourer		Caithness
PONNEY(POUNEY?)  Wm					Middlesex 
SMITH		 Arthur 	labourer	 	Hants
STEWART		 John		farm labouer		Derbyshire
SUTHERLAND	 Alex		labourer		Caithness
WEBBER		 Preston	farm labourer
Single Women -

BROKER	 	Sarah 	 	domestic servant
COHN	 	Sarah Ann	domestic servant
FERGUSON  	Jessie		domestic servant
FERGUSON  	Mary	  	domestic servant
FERGUSON  	Catherine	domestic servant
HOVVILL 	Jane	 	domestic servant
KUNKELL   	Louise		cook
MCKAY	 	Betsy		domestic servant
PLUNKETT	Elizabeth	dressmaker
PLUNKETT	Margaret	milliner
PLUNKETT	Mary Ann	milliner
PONNEY	 	Mrs Hannah	laundress	and two children  Middlesex 
SMITH 	 	Charlotte 	domestic servant
SMITH 	 	Rose		domestic servant
STEWART 	Alice		dairymaid 
STEWART	 	Margaret	domestic servant
STEWART	 	Susan	 	milliner
TULLEY 	 	Emma	 	housemaid
WHEELER	 	Clara	 	housemaid
WHEELER	 	Rosetta	 	housemaid

Analysis of Trades
Farm labourers 21, general labourers 9, ploughmen 2, gardener 1, shepherds 2, groom 1, blacksmith 1, brassfounder 1, bricklayer 1, carpenters 3, painter 1, plasterer 1, schoolmaster 1
Single women - Cook 1, dairymaid 1, domestic servants 13, milliners 3, dressmaker 1, laundress 1
Total, 65.  Total number of souls, 161

Birth on Board - August 14 - Mrs William MILLS, of a daughter

Deaths during voyage -  five
 July  6th, Jane Hovvill, aged 17 years of phthsis.
        26th, Ed ward Elvines, aged 2 years.
Aug. 11th, Kate E. Atack, aged 2 years.
         14th, Donald McKay.-aged one year.
         25th John Elvines, aged 4 years.

The above information courtesy of Peter Dillon.  Peter has information re the Duncan family.  Alexander DUNCAN 22, farm labourer, wife Catherine 21, Aberdeenshire. Other members of Catherine's family arrived in NZ on the 'Matoaka' in 1860.  Lyttelton Shipping - Passenger Index [ Canterbury Museum Library, Christchurch ]

The 'Cresswell' , a Willis, Gann Co., wooden barque, made four trips out to New Zealand with this 1859 voyage being her last out to the colony. After she left Lyttelton she headed for Nelson with 42 passengers and arrived there on 24th September then on to New Plymouth with 24 passengers and arrived there on 1at November 1859.  There was another 'Cresswell'  built later in 1863 of 464 tons. Posted 31 July 2000.

"Lyttelton Times", 14 September, 1859  -  from W.H.R. Dale Album, p.46, Canterbury Museum, New Zealand.  Passenger list and account of voyage are from the newspaper "Lyttelton Times".
White Wings  Vol. II by Brett.

John REILLY his wife & 7 children came from Hastings, England on the "Cresswell" in 1859. He was a teacher and in 1860 was appointed master of the Anglican Church School in Timaru in succession to George Masterton Clark. The school was in Barnard St in the former woolshed of Rhodes Brothers of Levels Station. Reilly opened a reading room in his school house, which was the forerunner of the Mechanics Institute and public library. He was arrested "drunk and incapacitated" in Timaru in Dec 1864.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 10 February 1858, Page 2
The barque Cresswell, from London, occupied a period of 111 days from thence to this port. Only one death occurred on the passage, namely, Mr. Edwards, a brother of Mr. N. Edwards, merchant, of Nelson, who came on board in a very weak state of health, and died from rupturing a blood vessel. Entered Inwards February 8, barque Cresswell, 575, Barnett, from London.

Passengers  first-class 

Mr. and Mrs. George Hooper and daughter
Miss Dodson
Mr. and Miss Wright
Mr. Arthur Bamford
Messrs. Charles and Thomas Cottrell
Henry Albes
Mr Williams
Mr Willis
Mr Monro
Miss Glen
Master Wright, Misses Wright (2)

second and steerage

Katherine Jay, Ellen Jay
Thomas Ayers
Thomas Adey
John M'Lachlan wife and 2 children
William M'Call and wife
George Talbot and wife
Edwin Steed
Henry Blackett, wife and 4 children
George Lane and wife
Charles Hoffman and wife
Edward Gear and wife
G. Browning, wife and daughter
Ann Smith
Hannah Hornibrook
Edward Jones
William Hayward
Edward Dee
John Jackson
William and David Hodson

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 13 February 1858
Cleared Outwards. February 11, barque Cresswell, 575, Barnett, for Wellington.

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 7 April 1858, Page 2
Cleared Outwards. April 6, Cresswell, 370, Barnett, in ballast. Passenger � Mrs. Barnett.


Out on the ocean of life we sail
Battered by many a ragging gale
Yet we are sure that we shall prevail
No storm can His ship o'ver whelm
Billows may threaten and winds may blow
Courage and faith we shall always show.

He is the Master of the wind and tide
He rules tempest and tide. His vessel will ride
Safely the billows his ship will ride safely
Into the harbour at last it will glide
Where we shall be wondrously blest
And so with our Pilot we sail along
Safe from the storm and all things wrong
Singing enter the harbor of son
The haven of endless rest, joy and rest

Wrecks we are seeing from day to day
Poor broken vessels, along the way
No one to pilot their ships have they
And so they are sinking fast

True to our Pilots we all shall be
Whether a stormy or peaceful sea
Always so helpful and sweet is he, and
Blessing us evermore
Soon we shall meet Him up on the strand.

a hymn by James Rowe / J. Porter Thomasan
James D. Vaughan owner, 1927