The "Doric" London to Wellington 1894

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"R.M.S.S. Doric"

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The Star
, a Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand newspaper.

 The Star Friday 21st December 1894 page 3  

Dec. 21 - The SS Doric from London via ports of call and Wellington. National Mortgage Agency Company, agents. Passengers - Misses Jones, Galbraith, Rowlands, Miles, Mesdames Wilford, child and nurse, and Harrison, Hon. J.G. Ward, Professor Haslam, Messrs Stringer, Hyde, Crow, Watson, Miller, Cook, Longden, Jones, Turnbull, Graham, Harrison, Hallenstein, Harcourt, and McNeil.  The SS Doric was due in the colony December 17.

The Star Saturday 22nd December 1894 Saturday page 4
Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company's R.M.S.S. arrived in Port [Lyttelton] yesterday morning from Wellington. The Doric is now in command of Captain Sowden, late chief officer of the R.M.S.S. Gothic. The SS Doric, 4,784 gross tons, was built 1863 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast for White Star Line. Purchased by Shaw Savill & Albion. Sold to Pacific Line, 1906 and renamed Asia. Wrecked 1911. 

 The Star Wednesday 12th December 1894 page 3  

Shipping News 

Passengers by the Doric
The following is a list of passengers (211) per R.M.S.S. Doric, from London: -

Mr C.J. Barlow
Mr A.H. van Brunt
Mr C.W. Connell
Rev. E.M. Cowie
Mr J.A. Currie
Mr C. Elgar
Mrs Elgar and maid
Miss Elgar
Mr D.H. Evans
Mr H.E. Eyres
Miss Farrell
Mrs Fellowes
Misses D. and G. Fellowes
Mr R. Fellowes
Messrs G. Frost and maid
Mr R. Gamman
Mrs D. Glasgow
Misses Glasgow (2)
Mr J. Glasgow
Mr W.J. Graham
Mr and Mrs F.D. Harrison
Miss Helyar
Major Herrick
Mrs Herrick and maid
Misses Herrick (3)
Master E. Herrick
Miss C. Howell
Mr A.W. James
Mr F.W. Johnson
Mr and Mrs R. Keep
Mrs and Miss McHardy
Mr J.P. Miller
Mr Herret Milnes
Mr W. Nattle
Liententant O'Donel
Miss O'Donel
Mr H. Pantin
Mrs Pantin
Mr Pitney-Martin
Mr H. W. Rawlinson
Mr L. Rockley
Mr F. Scott
Mrs Short
Miss A.K. Strang
Mr J. Swanston
Miss M.K. Tucker





















Miss L. Battershall
Miss Baxter
Mr W.O. Burd
Miss Kate Colman
Mr C. Cummings
Mr Williams Davies
Mr F. Edwards
Miss Elderfield
Mr P. Elliot
Miss Galloway
Miss Mary Gill
Messrs F. and W. Grant
Mr John Hall
Miss J. Heath
Mr G. Higginbotham
Mr and Mrs Holt
Mr S.C. Huggins
Mr E. Kempe
Mrs and Miss Kondray
Miss Laidlaw
Mr H.S. MacNair
Mr and Mrs J. Maisey
Mr A. McCurrah
Mr Motherwell
Miss J. Newnham
Mr W.H. Oakes
Mr P.F. Pierson
Miss C.D. Pressley
Mrs C. Robinson
Mr and Mrs Robilliard
Miss N. Rowland
Mr W. Standley
Miss A. Taylor
Miss N. and Master Tritton
Mr H.T. Waller
Mrs Whittingham



























Mr J. Anderson
Mr W. Ball
Mr A. Bellamy
Mr Sydney Barnes
Mr W. Bate
Mr G. Beamish
Mr J. Bell
Miss J. Benton
Messrs W., J., and O., Biddick
Miss H. Bilham
Miss E. Boyd
Mr T. Bowen
Mr S.P. Brown
Miss E. Bunting
Mr R. Byne
Miss A. Byne
Mr John Carey
Mr and Mrs E. Cecil
Mr D. Conroy
Mr John COster
Mr and Mrs G. COx
Messrs S. and J. Cox
Miss and Master Cox
Mrs Cuthbert
Mr W. M. Dawes
Mrs K. Dawkes
Masters Dawkes (2)
Mr R. Dorrock
Mr E. Ewart
Mr and Mrs Fallon
Messrs M. and W. Fallon
Misses M. and B. Fallon
Mr C. Fell
Mr P. Fisker
Mrs and Misses M. and E. Finlayson
Mr J. Freeman
Mrs J. Galoway
Mr W. Garbutt
Messrs R. and E. German
Master A. Green
Mr H. Hamilton
Mr W. Hansen
Mr A. Harop
Mr C. Harrison
Mr F.E. Haselden
Mr H. Hobbs
Mr J. Hussey
Mr George Iffel
Mr R. Jones
Mr M. Kearns
Mr M. Lairg
Mrs Lillico
Miss and Master Lillico
Mr H. Kockwood
Mr J. Main
Mr Peter McCallum
Mr D. McKenzie
Mr J. McLaren
Mr Thomas McLennan
Mr and Mrs A. McLeod
Miss S.A. McKean
Mr A. McNickle
Mr T. Moffat
Mr John Moore
Mr F. Morrill
Mr J. Murdoch
Mrs McMorran
Misses McMorran (2)
Masters McMorran (3)
Mrs and Mrs McStay
Masters McStay (2)
Mr E. Murphy
Miss K. O'Connor
Miss H. Ormanby
Mr H.E. Passmore
Miss E. Rathgenb
Messrs J. Roberts (2)
Mr J. Somerville
Mr W. Stewart
Mr and Miss Sturn
Miss K. Thompson
Mr J. Warlow
Miss A and J. Wagnall
Messrs H.H. and A. Wilson
Miss Kate Wilson
Mr W. Witsey
Mr W. Wratten
Mrs A. Young

The Star Friday 4th January 1895 page 3 
Sailed from Lyttelton Jan. 2 - Doric, R.M.S.S., 4784 tons, Sowden, for Dunedin.

The Star Monday  7th January 1895 page 3 
Wellington, Jan. 7. Arrived - Doric, from Port Chalmers.
    Messrs Dalgety and Company, Limited have received the following cable advice:- Gothic left Rio on the afternoon of the 3rd inst.

Shipping Telegrams. Wellington. Feb. 4. 
    The Doric left Rio on Feb. 2 with her meat in good condition.

Timaru Herald Monday 17th December 1894 page 2

Arrival of the Doric (By Telegraph)
The Doric arrived from London at 5.30 p.m. Her dates are Plymouth 3rd November, Teneriffe 8th, Cape, 23rd, Hobart 11th December. She had a fine weather passage and an uneventful voyage. She comes under the command of Captain W. Sowden, who was for ten years chief officer of her, and latterly made two trips in the Gothic as chief officer. A pleasing incident of the voyage was the presentation of testimonials from all classes of passengers, and signed by every passenger on board, to Captain Sowden, congratulating him on his splendid run on the first voyage he has been in command of the Doric, and thanking him for his unfailing courtesy and kindness to all on board. The Doric brings to New Zealand 26 first class, 42 second class, and 97 third class passengers, besides 1450 tons of cargo, of which 615 are for Wellington, 550 for Lyttelton, and the remainder for transhipment. The Doric has had a particularly fine and pleasant voyage, this being by far the best voyage she has ever made during her eleven years running to New Zealand. Her daily average from Capetown was 329 miles per day, or 14 knots per hour; steaming time from Plymouth, 40 days 11 hours; detention, 1 day 4 hours' total days 41 days and 16 hours. Mr R. Ward is chief officer, Mr W.K. Earle chief engineer, Mr H. Cookson second officer, Mr C. Harris purser, Mr C.A. Bartlett third officer, Mr W.H. Borrie surgeon. Passengers for Timaru; Second saloon - Miss Taylor, Mrs S. and Miss Holt; steerage - Miss J. Burton, and Mr J. Anderson.

Jan 7th 1895 Port Chalmers, January 6
Sailed. Doric, for London, via Wellington, with 2000 bales of wool, 200 tons of cheese, and a quantity of sundries.

January 8th 1895
Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company (Limited)
will dispatch their vessels as under for London. Royal Mail steamers (with
superior accommodation for all classes of passengers)
Calling at Rio de Janeiro, Teneriffe and Plymouth.

Ship, tons reg, Port of Departure, Date
Doric, 4753, Kempson, Wellington, January 10
Ionic, 4784, Lindsay, Wellington, February 8
Tainui, 5031, Evans, Wellington, April 4
Gothic, 7730, Kidley, Wellington, May 2

Reduction in Passage Rates
1st Saloon 50 Guineas
2nd Saloon 30 Guineas
3rd Class 15 to 19 Guineas

Return Tickets
1st Class 85 Guineas
2nd Class 50 Guineas

For freight and Passage apply
National Mortgage and Agency Company of New Zealand, Ltd.